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YouTube channels to tide us over?


Hello! I was just wondering if anyone had any recommended YouTube channels in the same vein as Cool Ghosts and Shut Up and Sit Down? Something to watch while waiting excitedly for the next episode?


As I wrote that I immediately thought of Chris Bratt and Anni Sayers new channel People Make Games. They are telling such great stories about video games, backed up excellent journalism and pretty art.

Well worth a look here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZB6V9fUov0Mx_us3MWWILg

But I’d love to hear other recommendations too!


Preface: I feel stupid recommending such an obvious choice, but hey maybe some haven’t seen him.

I’d say Jim Sterling (particularly The Jimquisition) is the most similar in approach (very different on outlook and opinions). A lot more acerbic, but with a similar used-to-be-in-games-media-but-now-hates-the-system background to Matt. Really good critiques on wider gaming culture and publishing business models.

Writing on Games is really good too. Much more about the art of video games, with a few bits and pieces about gaming culture. Sometimes a bit too think-piece-y - such as emotivrly over-explaining subtext as if it’s a profound observation - but it’s a refreshing change.


Great suggestions Kir, thanks! Especially Writing on Games - can’t believe I’d never encountered them before :slight_smile:


DiceTower seems to be the biggest one in the Genre.
If you happen to speak German, I really enjoy Hunter and Cron



Innuendo Studios - This guy, Ian Danskin, tends to jump between a few things, mainly video games and politics. It’s all good though! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJcJevvWGP8

Blame soceity flim - These guys have a couple of shows on their channel. Beer and Board games is a show about them getting drunk and playing board games, and the other show I like more is Welcome to the basement. Not about video games or board games, but they do some excellent movie analysis straight after watching a film they haven’t seen before. It’s good!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKWLAOu7MMs

Errant Signal - For more chin stroking, you can’t say no to Errant Signal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjZTA1ikJIo

Lidsay Ellis - Doesn’t do games, but she’s pretty great so like whatever. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTRUQ-RKfUs


If we’re stretching into cinematography channels, Folding Ideas is the greatest (his takes on 50 Shades of Grey and Suicide Squad are brilliant), and Patrick (H) Willems is a fun watch, especially when he breaks down franchises like Fast & The Furious and Mission Impossible (his podcast We Heart Hartnett is worth a listen too).

(If anyone was further recommendations, let me know. Finding decent language of film channels is really difficult on YouTube!)


Going to second Lindsey Ellis, Errant Signal, and Jim Sterling

If you are interested in Cool Ghost’s snippets of insight into video game design check out Matthewmatosis or Game Makers Toolkit.

If you like the thought put into the political aspects of games check out Waypoint or Spawn On Me.


I’ll chip in and really recommend Big Joel, who creates video essays mainly about movies but also occasionally games. (His video on the new Lorax movie is really quite great.)

I also really like Noah Caldwell-Gervais, who does video essays on game series that are pretty huge in scope.

HBomberguy does a bunch of leftywefty political content that is great, but he also does essays on games, movies/series and the culture surrounding these mediums. His video on the CTRL+ALT+DEL web comic really is a great reflection on “games culture.”

Cuck Philosophy sometimes uses games and movies to explore philosophical concepts.


I’d like to plug some smaller channels that make amazing content that looks incredible.

For video games, these focus on in depth analysis:
Codex entry
Design doc
Joseph Anderson

One of my favourite board game related channels is Take your chits.
I don’t know many board game channels that look as well produced as su&sdapart from dice tower of course.


So many good recommendations :star_struck:

Wanted to add in Super Bunnyhop mainly because his video essays are always thought provoking and well researched, but also because his occasional deep dives into the Japanese game industry are really interesting.

If anyone has missed Nerdwriter his occasional gaming stuff is fantastic, but he also does videos on art, music, pop culture, politics and everything in between that are consistently thought provoking.

Finally, the other channel I remembered that really needs including here is Door Monster. They have a whole playlist’s worth of stuff that feels like it comes from an alternate universe where SUSD and Cool Ghosts only ever made the sketch part of their reviews and didn’t bother with the rest! :sweat_smile: