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Your Next Played Game - Featuring Heartbreaking Failures!


I taught what will likely end up being my last game of Scythe yesterday. Not really a heartbreaker, per se, but I’ll be selling my complete copy this evening and that includes an unplayed copy of The Rise of Fenris.

I really hoped I had enough fondness for the game left to grind out the campaign, but yesterday was kind of the final confirmation for me that I just don’t have any interest anymore. If only Fenris has released a year sooner… ah well.

Silver linings: getting rid of this behemoth will free up significant storage space for other games. Won’t be one-in-one-out for a little while. :yum:

[EDIT to add:] I’m hoping to get my girl to the table for our first round(s) of Getaway Driver tonight. Maybe/maybe not, no sweat if we postpone. But boy oh boy did I manage to let my hopes run out of control with this game, so when we do get a play or two in, I’m hoping I’m not left disappointed.


Did you just play it to extensively, or did it never really grab you?


No, I played it fairly extensively (25 or so times), a good portion of those with Automa(s). Honestly though I think it’s less about times played and more about time passed. Nearly everything in my collection will get taken out ahead of it.


That makes sense. I pulled a couple of games off my self, because I never saw myself choosing them over other games in my collection.


It’s happened before, will surely happen again. Ticket to Ride and Pandemic have only survived because my regular group of friends will actually play them, otherwise they’d be candidates for the axe too. All beloved games, good memories, but if I have the choice, I always reach for something else.

Meanwhile, our game of Getaway Driver went smooth as silk and we’re both looking forward to playing again. I was a wholly ineffectual police player, and yet we both always felt like we were on each others’ heels. Great first run and I am really looking forward to all the ways to get tricky with this one.


I realized I never updated re: Viticulture. The games with the friend went well, it’s a very simple game to learn and a nice puzzle. I managed to convince my wife to play a game of it with me the next day and she liked it, as well. Success!

Edit: oh my goodness I’m sorry, I didn’t realize this was the heartbreaking failure thread! In order to bring balance back to the world, I’ll share my most recent heartbreaking failure:

I’ve tried to get Hardback to the table with friends so many times now. I never really get further than the rules explanation, and I can see confusion and fear start to spread over people’s faces. I’ve tried to change how I teach the rules a few times now, and nothing seems to work. I love the game too much to get rid of it, but it’s so disappointing knowing I likely won’t ever get it to the table with a group larger than two ever again :frowning:


:heart: I dig what you’re putting down.


So sorry! Edited my post, still finding my way around


Have you considered showing them via the app? I believe it has pass-and-play (definitely has asymmetric online). Might be easier for them to grasp if they see it in action. I love Hardback too.


Further race update, and ladies and gentlemen we have a winner. Bubs arrived two days ago. I assume I’ll get an email telling me treasure island has arrived on Monday which I will promptly forgot about until after it’s sold to the general public.

We’ll count this as a failure, but not heartbreaking.