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Your Next Played Game - Featuring Heartbreaking Failures!


I have a few people coming over for Easter tomorrow and I’m hoping to get some games going after lunch. With the number of people that will be there, Decrypto is a definite hopeful. I also wouldn’t be upset to get Century Spice Road, Welcome to…, and Cryptid out.


I’ve had Decrypto for months and still haven’t had the right opportunity to bust it out.


I’m currently waiting on an order of Treasure Island to arrive, it’s about two weeks late at the moment because something something publisher something courier something. I’m also waiting for the arrival of my first child, due in the next week or so. It’s a race!

I’d really like to get a game of Treasure Island in before the baby arrives, cause I suspect my ability to learn rules and focus will decrease shortly after. I’ve got friends who are keen to play, and have spare time now. I expect my partner will go into labour after I set up and finish explaining the rules. It seems par for the course so far.

Flop factor 10/10.


So tomorows roleplay is not happening, the weather is remaining nice. This is frustrating because my skinig competiton today had cloudy skies and a light drizzle. :triumph:

On the plus side some friends from up north showed up during the weekend and I got to play some Whitehall Mystery, Ticket to ride, Settlers of Catan and Love Letter. Beat my personall best in Ticket to ride to boat.

I also played some kind or viking chess. Hafnatafell? Most tense thing I ever played.


Our group’s next played game will probably be either Villainous (we played it last meet and it went over quite well, they really pulled out the stops on component quality and balancing the asymmetrical gameplay), The Quiet Year (also being played PBF, here), or Bazooka Ball (an incredibly bombastic paint-ball-like game with spongy soft golf-balls, lasers, and smoke machines).

Either that, or an escape room. We’re still in negotiation. (And yes, I know only two of those are table-top).

We still need to vote on it and figure out work schedules.


Race update?


Still waiting on both things to arrive. Woo, waiting!


I’m going to play Viticulture tomorrow for the first time with a friend, with a third person maybe joining. There’s no question we’ll actually play the game (with at least two), but I’m really hoping I enjoy the game as much as I think I will.


Going an hour across town with daughter in tow to try out Dropmix at a games cafe with an “adult pub” vibe.

Flop potential is high, but investment is low, relatively speaking.

Really hoping she likes it!

… but if she doesn’t, it will save me a considerable sum of money.


My copy just arrived today! I started reading the rule book and may try and get it to the table on Sunday.

I’m not sure what the expect. The “heaviest” game my gf and I have played is Raiders of the North Sea, though she really likes it (probably doesn’t hurt that she often wins).

Viticulture is a fair bit heavier though, and she can sometimes get frustrated if the rules aren’t clicking for her. Fortunately, the iconography is really well done. As long as it clicks by the end, we’re good. It could be a rough go though.

This is going to be one of those games I study the rule book and watch a playthrough multiple times, just so I can smooth out “the teach”.


I have a really hard time getting my partner to be interested in games that are supposed to be ‘female-friendly’. She doesn’t care for either the ‘wine’ nor the ‘birds game’, for example. :frowning:
Thankfully, she enjoyed the first scenario of Unlock:Exotic, although she is supposed to hate puzzles.
She really is enigmatic at times… :slight_smile:


Yeah this is definitely a kind of figure-out-the-rules thing before I bring it to my wife. I’ve gone through the rulebook a lot at this point, and it seems like a game that looks more complicated than it actually is. As long as the rules make sense in context of the theme (like, does the way this action is carried out on the board/in game make thematic sense or is it just moving pieces of wood around) I think it’ll go well.

I’ll report back tomorrow. I’d be interested to know what you and your gf think about after this weekend.


My wife is an enigma when it comes to games. Her favorite games are TIME Stories and Codenames, and she’s enjoyed Arboretum and Eldritch Horror, so I never know what’s going to click and what isn’t.


What?! That doesn’t make sense at all!!! :wink:

I’m fortunate in that my lady is up to try any type of game, with any theme. There are some themes that are more appealing (Piepmatz is a huge hit), but nothing I’ve shown her that really turns her away. The only game that she’s bounced off of, was Paper Tales. Though I’ve also played it with my son, and the result was it got moved to the sell/trade pile.

In the case of V: EE, I’ve mentioned it to her and she was really intrigued (big lover of wine). My hope is that the theme keeps pulls her in enough to get past and learning hiccups. Long term, I think it’ll be a hit, but it’s just getting to that point.


Well, this weekend I am away with our DofE groups. Evenings will be boardgames with the staff. Going to try Flamme Rouge. Probability of success is about 70%…


I have a friend who says she dislikes strategy and euro games, yet really likes Castles of Burgundy and Lords of Waterdeep. Sometimes people can’t quite pinpoint the exact reason they like or dislike something.


Dropmix was a mixed bag. First, my phone didn’t connect, so we used the owners tablet. Until we figure why, I can’t buy the game. Also, we were encouraged to play on the pub rooftop garden, which would have been great if it weren’t so damn windy, which meant she couldn’t spread the cards around. She mostly just picked some cards with pink pictures. Weakly positive impression, but she enjoyed other games in the pub more (the one with the 3d cardboard trains, because it had 3d cardboard trains).


The good thing is, Colt Express should be considerably cheaper! :wink:


We never got into Treasure Island today because there’s not enough of us. :frowning:

But we are gonna play something else.


I’ll be playing Songbirds as a warm-up game and my own game TADA - Transforming Demonic Adversaries this weekend.

I’m looking forward to Songbirds as Japanese designs tend to have minimalist components and rules.