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Your Next Played Game - Featuring Heartbreaking Failures!


A successful weekend of gaming on the whole! But still there’s a Catacombs heartbreaker:

My friend, new to the game, took a shot in the boss’ lair from waaaaaay back, and managed a ricochet bonanza for the ages: direct hit glancing into another enemy, ricochet off a pillar into another enemy, redirecting to a second pole and making a final ricochet into (you guessed it), an enemy. 4 minions wiped out in a single shot. It was a one in a million.

Heartbreaker: Forever a fisherman’s tale. If only we had the cameras rolling.


On the 30th, we will be having our first game of Twilight Imperium 4th edition. Full six players. I have sent out links to the RTFM video, the rulebooks, and the SU&SD playthrough (though I do not expect everyone to watch it all), and some of them are coming over this weekend so we can look at the components and get an idea of how everything fits together.

So I give even odds between a good game day experience for all and total disaster. :slight_smile:


I am hosting some Flamme Rouge action in a few weeks. I’m confident it’ll go off without a hitch, so why post here?

Because I’m just realizing we booked for Easter Sunday. Flop factor: eh, we’ll call this one a 5. Big group of heathens.


Tonight, instead of hosting just my neighbor, I have invited a coworker to join us and my neighbor has invited two newcomers as well… I have no idea what caliber of gamers to expect so I don’t know whether we’ll be playing Yahtzee or TI4 (certainly somewhere in the middle… ! …?)

My first move may be to suggest Flamme Rouge or perhaps Wingspan

Your Last Played Game

When in doubt, reach for the shortest ruleset. Both have great box art, I’d roll 'em out and see what they flock to.



Oh, lordy-loo, yess! Wisdom like that cannot be repeated enough.

I have very little familiarity with this, could you please provide a couple of links?

(yes, I know how to use Google, I’m just feeling particulary lazy today. Please find a place in your hearts to forgive me, everyone.

Or if you can’t, please feel my boot in your…wait, my son just told me I shouldn’t say stuff like that because you are all my friends (the wisdom of an 8-year-old). I will retract that unsaid statement. I’ve been playing a lot of Red Dead 2 and it’s been coloring my language.

I would still like a link to Wingspan).


I feel like I’m being punked. But I suppose that reflects well upon you that you are un-engaged from the hype-cycle of the “Cult of the New” in boardgame communities.

It even made several newspapers (with, probably, paywalls):

It’s a lovely little game. It’s not worth the $100+ (I think a copy sold for like $1000+ on eBay) people are scalping it for. I’m pretty happy that I got in on the pre-order direct from Stonemaier; some of my friends are certainly jealous.

[EDIT: advice!]

MSRP for the game is $55 and, in my opinion, that’s about what it’s worth. Okay, maybe $45 but that’s because I’m a cheapskate.


Why am I looking at this with my mouth open? I think I may have been even drooling. Yes, that is bonkers for the money. I still want it.


Stonemeier is scrambling to reprint it as fast as possible. I think last mention was that the next round of “availability” would be July-ish.

You really won’t appreciate the production quality of this game until you hold it. Is it the best card-based tableau-engine-builder-thing? No; but it’s thoroughly pleasant to play with an approachable theme that could appeal to anybody


The quote from BGG that really sold me:

Lay eggs using egg miniatures in a variety of colors

That is a sentence that makes no sense at all outside of the realm of board gaming. That sealed it.

Also it’s very, very pretty, which didn’t hurt. I’m a sucker for art and components. Your testimonial helps, too, I trust your opinion.


It is very, very pretty.

I’ve played it once and the gameplay left me feeling a bit meh.

But I’ve played a lot of games and I’m in the “what do I need to get rid of if I buy this new shiny” phase of collecting. If I were introducing someone to modern boardgames it would be high on my list. Shame about the price but at least you can see where the money’s gone.


I’ve enjoyed it but of the games I’ve been able to play, the setup takes longer than the gameplay itself. I come away feeling satisfied with the game I just had and not needing another immediate play through so it makes the tear down a bit of a pain. Especially since there is an order things need to follow when going back in the box.


That is the opposite of how I feel about it. I can setup, play, and tear down the game in 30 minutes. Setup and teardown take about 10 minutes combined. And it packs so nicely into the box that neither setup nor teardown is difficult or fiddly.


Well our Sunday game of Flamme Rouge has flopped, and I initiated it. One of my friends has been an incorrigible dickhead for some time now, and my tolerance ran out last night. Postponed!


Well played :clap::clap::clap:

As a manager in my workplace once said (actually I think it was me), sometimes you have to fire your customers.

Or at least let them cool off a bit. A “period of grace” (also known as “getting suspended from school”) can work well.


I am currently in my last year of high school. Previous years I had limited success in getting my friends playing boardgames, but the times I did we had fun.

But now (since I have problems with procrastination) its either study, study, study or “Parties and booze!”. Since I am not a fan of the second (or the first) my board game sessions are at an all time low, there simply isn’t the time for it anymore.

A shame to, since this is the last year we will spend together.

So instead I am putting my hopes in a another group of friends now that easter break has begun. This monday 22/4, I will try to continue a role playing game I ran once during the summer…but if the weather is good people might just go downhill sking instead…and all the other dates during the break someone was up to something.

Flop factor is high, verry high. Estimated 8/10. The whether has been so pleasant as of late, cant imagine it changing. :expressionless:
heavy groan


(what is the game Captain, if I might ask?
Also don’t worry too much about graduation, you keep the friends you had, and make a lot of new super-cool ones in uni/college. That’s how I eventually ended up here.
OK bad example, forget that, just you be you and it will all work out.)



It is the free introduction adventure to FFGs rpg Only war, Eleventh hour. We had fun, the last time we played it, even if it was my first time GM:ing

Also the weather for monday still looks great. That possible sking trip my friends where planing is definitely happening. Flopp factor upgraded to a 9/10. Danm you April and your pleasent spring weather! :triumph:




We were suppose to play Feast for Odin, but oh well, the sun is out today in London.