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Your Next Played Game - Featuring Heartbreaking Failures!


I feel for you with Pandemic Legacy. I play with my wife and kids (11&10). We flew through Jan to May and then got smashed in our first attempt at June. Finally managed to get it back to the table after a 6 month gap and we just about crawled home with a victory (yay). Good luck finishing it.

My bad luck tale is with Crossroads: Dead of Winter. I find it very hard to get to the table, the kids are a bit too young for the hidden betrayer mechanic atm. Got friends over on my birthday to play it, one guy got really drunk and fell asleep at the table!


Got friends over on my birthday to play it, one guy got really drunk and fell asleep at the table!

I would be Unhappy At This Turn Of Events.


Next Thursday, March 7 a foursome will play our first month of Pandemic Legacy Season 1.

My girlfriend made up a challenge and wants to try and play 24 games in a 24 hour period. One day we will give it a shot…perhaps this summer.


Very jealous. Playing Pandemic for the first time is one of this hobby’s greatest moments.

24 games in 24 hours? Not going for Twilight Imperium then?


Ha ya I wish. We are trying to get a list together of the games we own which are less than 90 minute play time. With games like Welcome To and Railroad Ink there will be minimal set up time and quick play time. But she has already says she wants to play Mice & Mystics and Hogwarts Battle so the games may not all be short. Wouldn’t mind suggestions and closer to the actual challenge date I’ll post a list of games we own in order to get suggestions.


A lot will depend on player count. Is it just going to be you and your girlfriend, or do you plan to have other people involved?

At 2-4 players, I will strongly recommend Splendor and Azul as both set up and play in a relatively short amount of time, say 20 minutes or so. With no expansions, 7 Wonders can usually be played in 30-45 minutes at 3-7 players, and the two player version 7 Wonders: Duel is also pretty quick. Arboretum is a great little card game for 2-4 players that would probably take 30 minutes or so. Tsuro is also a fun little game that plays in minutes but can handle 2-8 players

Real time games can be your friend for this challenge too. Things like Magic Maze, Escape the Curse of the Temple, Space Alert, or Fuse only take a few minutes to play a round.

Managing a bunch of small, quick games should give you the time to play some bigger, more involved games and still accomplish your goal.


I think most of the games will be 2 people, I would like to add a section of 4 hours or so with more people but I doubt my girlfriend would enjoy the pressure and stress of other people not playing fast enough or arriving on time etc.

I have been trying to find Escape: The Curse of the Temple for a while now, I can’t wait to find it to play it.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh igeddit


I played through Pandemic Legacy with a couple I had met at a monthly boardgaming meet, I’ll call them A and B. We got together once or twice a month at their apartment. The thirteenth game was a bit weird - A was backseat driving B too much, as usual, but I actually enjoy a good debate about what to do, and so when I disagreed with A, B always got the tiebreaking vote. The fourteenth and final game was really tense and weird. A was really courteous and not backseat driving, but something was very definitely off. Anyway, we finished the game, and the campaign, and I packed up and left.

Afterwards, B got in touch to tell me that A had dumped her shortly before the game, but they had agreed to finish up the campaign! A moved out, pretty much never saw him again. B eventually moved to another country and ended up marrying a soldier.

Sorry, not a heartbreaking failure story. Very close to being one though!


Definitely a heartbreaking failure though. Ouch! They were troopers for sticking out that last game, must’ve been rough.


Fog of Love didn’t hit the table, as expected. Not heartbreaking, we watched some Green Wing instead.

We did play a few rounds of Skull with 4 players, which was great fun. It’s a really easy game to play while chatting with some food and drink.

@Benkyo that is almost a heartbreaking failure story, sounds like a strange couple of plays at the end.


I managed to get Container played tonight! Full 5-players, but no table space for the broker (this was a meetup I go to most Fridays at a mall food court - hardly ideal). It was awesome, and I am in love with this game.

This provides a handy disappointment buffer for next weekend’s scheduled Container session. This afternoon one couple preloaded an out (a common strategy I’ve noticed), my buddy waffled a bit (but finally committed after some frantic rescheduling), and now my girlfriend has work related stuff Sunday afternoon.

Reassessed flop factor: 7/10, holding strong with only a week to go. Full flop around 3/10, partial flop I’m calling a 9/10.


The stakes have been raised for me on next week’s episode of “Flop Factor.” There was a fairly regular game night held at a brewpub some distance from me (but still manageable) for a few years that has gone on hiatus. One of the founders/regulars expressed a desire to form a game group a LOT closer to where I live so I piped up. Anyway, TMALSS, next week I am hosting 7 or more people I have either not met or met very briefly (I only ever managed to get to two of those game nights) at my house. Never hosted a public or semi-public game night so we’ll see how it goes! Worst case scenario is no one shows up, I guess. Flop Factor? UNKNOWN.


“Throw on the TV” is definitely something people in Ontario say too. Weird dialects indeed. I have a friend from Montreal, who doesn’t speak French, who says “close the lights” instead of “turn off the light”, because that’s the literal translation specifically from Canadian French “ferme les lumières” (I think European French uses “éteindre les lumières”).


Heheh, I’m an Ontario kid, so I’m sure some of my “isms” get noticed here in BC. Yepper!

My entire family is from (Anglo-) Quebec. Close the lights is something I’ve heard a lot. :smile:


Following up on my Saturday 3/3 Event: 3/5 people made it to the game. Champions of Midgard, Scandinavian Heavy Metal, and cocktail hot dogs were enjoyed by all. Hmmmm… So, two people called in sick and the people who were there had a pretty good time, so I’d tentatively pencil it in as a win.


Ohh, I can contribute here. I’ve a group of friends who’ve been meeting to play gloomhaven every Thursday for a year and a half. Our last session will be this Thursday before one of us goes over to the UK for three months to study. (Something something grumble stupid PhD grants free travel back in my day grumble grumble.) I’m also expecting my first child to be born smack bang in the middy of those three months.

Chances we manage to re establish this weekly meeting to play through the expansion when he gets back?
2 out of 10.

We’re also all very keen to continue catching up to play… Something while he’s away. Can we agree on what to play? No. Chances anything happens?
1 out of 10.

I look forward to forgetting about this post due to baby brain and leaving you all in suspense.


Not so much a flop, but Container won’t be happening on (what is now going to be) Saturday afternoon. A friend has to leave relatively early, and our 5th won’t be making it, so we’ve opted to go with another game.

Which will let me segue into a heartbreaker and a (flip-) flop. Looks like Catacombs is the popular choice for Saturday’s replacement. My first game of Catacombs with my girlfriend was a bonafide disaster. First, a little background: she was allowed to pursue creative and academic interests growing up at the expense of all others. This is a woman who doesn’t know how to ride a bike or throw a ball. And she is intensely embarrassed about this—dont go telling all yer mates, eh? Despite my best efforts, our first game resulted in hurt feelings and frustration, and I was certain my new game was turning out to be an $80 stickering exercise.

Unexpectedly, however, my friends are eager to try it, which causes a bit of a problem. So yesterday I suggested (to my partner) that we try again and while she was out to high tea with another (geek) friend, I constructed a nice, easy dungeon, laid out all characters with their starting gear to tantalize with choice a little (rather than the suggested “easy” characters in the base set). This part seemed to help, as that extra bit of agency seemed to have piqued her interest.

A bit of a pep talk and some practice shots later, and we were playing… and having a great time!! I even beefed up the challenge on the fly for her, since she was doing too well! We’re finishing up the dungeon tonight.


Sorry for the double-post but it’s a packed weekend! I bailed on tonight’s usual mall session as a friend will be in town, but tomorrow’s a biggie. I’ve got Catacombs all set up, with a branching path in the dungeon leading to greater perils and rewards. Drinky-poos will be consumed, hematomas on the index fingers are assured! And the Gelatinous Cube will be making its debut!!

I finally got into a very popular local meetup group and will be going for the first time on Sunday, where I’ll be hosting a game of Space Base. As a newbie to the group, hosting should provide a bit of a foot in. Plus it’s Space Base, and I Looooves me some Space Base.

Today’s flop factor: 10/10
Saturday’s flop factor: 5/10
Sunday’s flop factor: 1/10


I’m loving the score out of 10 business we’ve got going on here. Here’s mine: Chances of anyone playing the Estates more than one time with me: 1/10. I’m not really competitive, but for some reason this game turns me into a MONSTER