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Your Next Played Game - Featuring Heartbreaking Failures!


Among my core group of friends, only a few are interested in board games, and even then only casually so. I need to initiate game sessions and it can be like pulling teeth making it happen sometimes. In their defense, organizing a trip to the pub is an agonizing affair, so they are consistent.

At any rate, I find myself planning even light game sessions with the kind of advance notice and care needed to coordinate an event, and I’m curious if anyone else does the same.

This will be a thread to post upcoming gaming sessions you’re excited about… and, since the Last Played Game has it’s own space, this is the dumping ground for flops and failures.

Friend tossed on hockey and things fell apart? Friend tossed after a few too many? Share your sorrows here too.

This will be a thread of highs and lows. Of boxes leaving full of hope and possibilities, returning unused or unfinished, for whatever reason.

Share your pain.


I’ll go ahead with the next hopeful:

On the weekend of March 9th I’ll be playing a 4 (or maybe 5) player game of Container, which I expect, perhaps naively, to go off like gangbusters.

Flopfactor: 8/10 (anticipated 5/10 closer to the date)


Is this a euphemism?


A little OT, but aside from my school-era friends, who took to board game like fish to water, I have never had much success introducing friends to games. I’m now approaching 40, and after moving to a new city, I just find people playing games I like, and they become my friends.


Not OT at all! In fact, I can’t think of a more ON topic reply. This is a thread for the deepest kind of gaming anguish. Let it all out. Also, tell us how cool next Saturday might be.


At one of the office game nights I brought in Arkham Horror 3e. It was a little outside of our usual wheelhouse but not as complex or involved as the regularly played games. At any rate it went rather, and by rather I mean extremely, poorly. Of the 6 people playing only 3 were engaged while the rest checked out early on. Playing / chatting one their phones? Check. Half-heartily rolling dice and actively trying to finish their turn as quickly as possible? Check. Getting up and leaving and not coming back for 15 minutes with no reason? Check.
Good time.


I’ve never played AH, but from what I understand, it sounds like you were playing it absolutely correctly.


I’m planning on playing some Fog of Love on Wednesday with my partner. We’ve been trying to get a session in for weeks now but so far we have always been lacking in either time or energy. Usually we end up going with something with something lighter and faster, or not playing at all. This time though it might just work. Chances of failure: 8/10.

We’re also meeting up with friends on Thursday for some fun. We’ll almost definitely play some games. Chances of success: 8/10!


Bears v Babies - I know it’s not the best game in the world, but it’s light and fast. We’ve been playing board games for hours, and we brake out BvB, and I explain it to the group, and we start. Suddenly everyone is a freaking pro-strat euro gamer, who is too grown up for this. After the longest 10 minutes in my life we complete the game, and everyone is still giving me dissapointed faces. I didn’t like Dogs of War, but I didn’t make them feel miserable about it for two hours while we played that game of big hats. It would’ve been nice to get through my little game without everyone looking miserable.

I’m hoping to play Root soon.


Aw, man. On the one hand I’d probably prefer it if my group favoured heavy stuff over fluff and filler, but I LOVE my dumb filler games. I have the same problem with Battle Wizards. Yes, it’s dumb and gross. Yes, it kinda sucks. But it’s dumb fun!


Hubby n I have a monthly game night with some friends. We are all parents of ASD kiddos so general chit chat during can game feels more natural (ie less a vent-more just this is our life).
But this Saturday we couldn’t make it because plague.
My friends hubby had said he wanted to play Splendor and that game is my jam! I was going to be all modest, then BOOM ALL THE GEMS!
Till next month.


Saturday March 3: Four friends coming over to my house to play Champions of Midgard with both expansions, Faroe-Island Viking Metal Band TYR as the soundtrack, and plenty of meat and ale. Two friends have played it with me before, one friend has never played it but gave me one of the expansions for my birthday, and the fourth friend is his wife, who doesn’t play a lot of games but is generally pretty open to things.

What is the likelihood of a flop? Well, that depends. Basically, if everyone SHOWS UP then I believe there is a north-of-80% chance that a good time will be had by all. It’s a fun game where you get to place workers AND kill things, and it looks really great.
However, this is Southern California, and the fear of committing to an actual event seems to be epidemic among people here.

I don’t know if this is just a SoCal thing or a thing that has started to happen everywhere as more and more people are constantly being bombarded with info about cool things to do via their phones (etc.), but it is really hard to be able to count on people’s politeness instincts ensuring they will actually be where they have said they are going to be. Or maybe I’m just old and cranky. It’s probably both.


West Coast Wafflers ®. It’s a thing up here too.


3e is very much better than 2nd. I think its due a re-review actually. It shares a lot more DNA with the LCG than 2nd edition.


I have absolutely no idea what “friend tossed on hockey” means and I suspect I’m not the only one.

Would somebody care to enlighten me/us?


“Tossed on hockey” meaning “threw on the hockey game (on TV)”.


meaning “threw on the hockey game (on TV)”

I love it when the translation is nearly as indecipherable as the original text : )

The “(on TV)” made the difference, but I’ve never heard of a TV programme being “thrown” or “tossed” or otherwise propelled as a metaphor for switching it on. Dialects, eh?


Ha! Indeed. I’ll admit I used “tossed” in the first place just so I could use it two ways in the original post, but “throwing” on the game is just what we do! Now I’m wondering just how regional that may be though… I’m displaced about 4000km from “home”.


A moment’s silence please for the TWO copies of Pandemic Legacy season 1 in my house, both reached month 5 and players just checked out. Too many changing rules, a bit too much quarterbacking (not from me, heaven forfend!), and I’m basically committing to finishing one solo, playing two characters, if nothing else. I’m not letting my husband choose people to come play games again :wink:

We do have a regular small gaming session at our place about once a month or so with another couple, and sometimes our kids will join depending on the game, but I’ve decided to get my regular fix at local board game group or two.


Rootbeer, that right there encapsulates perfectly why I was inspired to make this thread. Very close to my own recent experiences, including branching out to play with strangers. Heartbreaking! At least Pandemic is reasonably fun as a solo experience.