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No, I don’t but I have heard of it - worth going to? I’m very much a “secret” board game lover (i.e. I only play board games with the family, at home), but I do ike the idea of somewhere to go and play games with or without family. I regularly drag them into Rules of Play to stare at games I’d like to buy… really like the sound of Chance & Counters…

It’s pretty good. Only us and one other family have kids. I enjoy playing new games, but I would rather play an old game with family/ friends than a new game with strangers.

Chance & Counters is good. £5pp cover charge for 4 hours, plus the food is pretty good. We’ve been twice. First time we tried out Teotihuacan (which I’m going to buy), Welcome To (which I’m probably going to buy) and Arboretum. Today was Spirit Island, and after our brains had melted Kings and Assassins.

Where in Cardiff are you? Me and my wife keep talking about setting up a monthly game night.


We’re in Bridgend, but do come into Cardiff a fair bit…

Yesterday evening we played this year’s Spiel des Jahres nominee Just One, 2003 Spiel des Jahres winner Alhambra, and hugely overproduced engine-builder Wingspan.

It’s really interesting to see the change in the type of games considered by the Spiel judges. I like both Alhambra and Just One, but the latter is something I’d break out in the pub with my colleagues, and Alhambra is definitely not (the graphic design of Alhambra is also terrible :wink:). I’m guessing this is most likely a result of the huge number of good, accessible, games available now, which is definitely a positive!

Everyone seemed to enjoy Wingspan, although we ditched the card holder and dice tower as being too fiddly. Even my husband, who has an aversion to pastel colour palettes and games they try and sneakily teach him things, grudgingly agreed that it was “quite good” :slight_smile:.

Alhambra was awarded in 2003, and like many of the winners from that time would now likely be eligible for the Kennerspiel award they started in 2011, not the regular SdJ which goes to simpler games since that year.
Wingspan is a nominee this year.

It says ‘Your Last Played Game’ but I will put here a game that I will play tonight: the first match of London on Board’s Concordia tournament. :grin:


Finally picked up and played Cockroach Poker Royal last night, and we had an absolute blast. Everybody had a ton of fun lying to each other and coming up with their own ridiculous ways to obfuscate their bluffs. I found that entering the bug type into song lyrics was especially effective at throwing them off the scent.


That makes sense - I hadn’t realised that the Kennerspiel started that much later.

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Today/Tonight we started Gloomhaven’s expansion, Forgotten Circles.

My brain hurts.

You really need to get your deck right with the Diviner class. Limited hand size, rarely going to be attacking, mostly just doing your own thing.

The first two scenarios are super focused on getting her abilities working and making sure you build her deck for each scenario a bit more carefully.

Spoilers in the link below for Sun, Music Note and Three Spears. and obviously the campaign itself.
Link to my Instagram for photos


A couple of games played yesterday

Gloomhaven, boss fight, relatively easy. Although I think I’ve been screwing up one of my characters attacks, oops.

Mechs vs Minions, first play of this. First impressions are amazing, its a huge box, full of figures (mostly minions). You have your choice of 4 mechs to play, all very well painted. You could paint the minions as well, but it would be a big job. This a programming game. You lay out command cards, and then each player takes one and slots it into their command line, with room for 6 cards. The card drafting is timed, so you cant spend too much time thinking about it. Then, each player executes their command line, and hopefully manages to stomp on or otherwise kill minions.

We played the tutorial, and then mission 1. Tutorial was easy enough (you dont even have minions at the beginning), but the first mission was more challenging – too challenging for us, we failed both of our attempts at it. In the minion phase, they all move, then spawn new minions at spawn points, and finally, they attack any mech they are adjacent to.

When a mech is damaged, they get a random damage card, which can be a one off random effect, an ongoing effect, or a slotted damage (which goes over one of your command cards).

Its good fun, but a bit chaotic. You cant seem to do much to stop the minions respawning, and once you get close to them, they’ll respawn next to you and deal damage immediately.

Underwater Cities, 2nd play, this time at 3p. The rules explanation went a bit long (I really couldnt remember much about it from the last play). But we got into it, and things keep moving along. Its simple in a way – you’ll always have 3 cards, and you’ll take an action and play a card with it. If you match the card colour with the action slot colour, you’ll get to perform the cards ability as well. Game was fun, but we did have some AP issues (not from me, surprisingly).

Not as many games played because we were playing my new Oculus Quest…


More Space Base for us this afternoon, this round coming down to a super tight race where my final roll meant victory or crushing defeat. This time I tasted defeat. 42 to 39.

Then a round of War Chest where I suffered another close defeat in a grueling tug-of-war and a rare case of losing (in this case conceding) by attrition.

A lovely afternoon on our balcony, cranking tunes and having one or two more than a few. We’ll see what happens after dinner, but The Ancient World is all set up inside, looking alluring. We’ll see if we can avoid the food coma.


We absolutely love Mechs vs Minions!!! Yes, it’s extremely chaotic, it can be tough to get your mech to do what you want, it can go completely sideways quickly, but it’s so much fun!!!

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So my son and I had our first go at the Imperial Assault Skirmish.

My son was expecting a slightly different game; he thought we would down units as the game went on, like a minis based MtG/Ashes (which sounds awesome!). Not sure why he thought that.

After the initial hiccup, it went well. We played the recommended intro setup, and he (as the Rebels) whooped me 40 to 19!!! He eliminated every unit except Vadar, but he was half way down too.

I want to give it a few more tries, maybe another match tomorrow (but it’s a busy day, so it may not happen). Overall I enjoyed it.

I don’t think it will ever be my number 1 skirmish game, but it’s a lot of fun and we have a lot of variety for it.

If we do get into it more, I may break down and grab some of the unit expansions. We have most of the big box stuff, but they mostly add squads for the Imperials and Mercenaries, and heroes for the Rebels. I wouldn’t mind some Rebel squads, and a few heroes for the Imperials and Mercs (I need Boba! Lol).

Edit: We also played a quick game of Tiny Epic Defenders before he went to bed. We lost in the final round, with one card needed to win!

We’ve had a couple of plays of Just One since we got it for my wife for her birthday last week. Really enjoyed it, think it’s going to usurp Codenames as our party/ non-gamer game for a while. We only played 4 players, but the couple of times when all 3 gave the same clue were hilarious.

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I’m definitely taking it to the next pub games session with my colleagues, and probably any other games session where something lighter might be required tbh.

My father’s day present was Rails to the North, the expansion for Great Western Trail which is probably my favourite game.

Had the first play today and it seemed to make delivering cows much more difficult, with lower deliveries being heavily punished along the standard track. Only my youngest really branched North. In the end it meant my eldest who went builders and got the 8b:10b combo plus a 25 VP building came third due to -18 on deliveries. I went cows and somehow won by a point when I was pootling along from halfway because I thought I was getting destroyed!! Looking forward to playing it again, but this was very much a treat because for some reason the rest of the family don’t enjoy it as much as I do.

Dominion has hit the table again over the last few days. We got a weird combo of cards from the base game, Intrigue and Prosperity today and the game took about 20 minutes.

So my son and I spent a good chunk of our day play Imperial Assault Legends of the Alliance. We played one mission before brunch, and one after (the second much longer).

This campiagn has been going much better. The missions have been close, but we’ve won all three so far! I’m still not sure how we’ll win the final one, but it’s still a nice change over our last attempt.

Got a good round of Catacombs in with the nephews and the fathers this afternoon. We’re about to sit down to dinner and then we’ll heal up and tackle Thaggu.

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For Father’s Day, I got to pick any of our games to play with my wife and brother-in-law. While I was tempted to try out Batman: GCC with them, I instead opted for Quacks of Quedlinberg, which all of us really enjoyed. My wife managed to win with a 5 point lead over me, with BiL trailing 7 or so points behind me. I am glad I picked it up as a Father’s Day gift. Hoping we might play again tonight, but our kids have been running us ragged so we may be too tired for another game.

To escape the insanity for a bit, my wife and I went to a McDonald’s for a half hour or so and played Jaipur, which I won in two rounds. Second round was a lot closer than the first.


If this doesn’t perfectly encapsulate gaming as a parent, I don’t know what does :laughing:

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