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Your Last Played Game

Last night my lady and I had another game of Raiders of the North Sea. It was fun as always, and as often happens, I was trounced!

I’ve had Hall of Heroes for awhile, but need to get it punched. Seems like it will add a nice additional element to the game. I can say the player boards are very nice!

Played my friend’s copy. It was good but eh, I have 3 games that can do better. Sold it while it was super hot in UKGE with a markup. No ragrets.

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My girlfriend and I spent about a half-hour last night learning Magic Maze. We just did a quick run through of scenario 1 and 2 to try it out, and we managed to fit it on our balcony table alright, so it was an especially nice, if brief, session.

I’m not even sure how much I like this one yet but I don’t think there’s any doubt in my mind that the game is a permanent add to the collection. The potential to just bust it out any time is far too high to ignore. In some ways I think the silly theme is a real boon, too - the artwork screams “kids game” so my rules-averse friends will feel too ashamed to bow out over perceived complexity. This is also very much in the “with beer” category, which is my preferred category.


I’m not always up for it, but I love that game when I’m in the mood for it.

Have you tried 5 Minute Dungeon? Another great real-time game, with fantastic art! I mean, you have to fight a Baby Barbarians and the Grime Reaper! Not to mention a Frick’en Dragon!!!

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I’ve actually kept a fairly casual lookout for that one for a while but have never managed to spot it in the wild (I only very rarely shop online - keeps me at least a little in check).

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It’s fun!

I buy almost exclusively online, because our local shops tend to be significantly more expensive (and I don’t game there so I feel no obligation to support them).

That said, if you like the theme, I’ve seen a few comments that 5 Minute Marvel may be better at 2. Not sure if that’s true or not.

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Agreed, glad I dropped the Kickstarter before it ended. Think it was one of the last ones before I simply stopped backing games.

It’s fine, wouldn’t say no to a game if it was the only thing on offer but never going to suggest it

Edit That’s just given me the push to delete my KS account. There’s so many excellent games out already I have absolutely no need to get into the Cult of the Future

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I played Keyforge. Not struck. Too much like M:TG for me. I may also have had rubbish decks, but that’s the weird thing - you never know the deck quality unlike CCGs. Glad I played it, but it left me a bit flat. A novelty.

Played Shipwreck Arcana which is a cooperative deduction game. And I was bored. Maybe because the cooperation side of it, which is why I highly prefer Cryptid.

Heckmeck is a push-your-luck game, where you can score by rolling the total and you get the respective tile (e.g. rolling a total of 25 gets you the 25 tile, giving you, say, 2 pts) but you can steal someone’s tile if you roll that total and someone owns that tile. It’s alright, had a laugh, but I prefer Diamant, Crossing, or other push-your-lucks

PIe Town is a hilarious game for a worker-placement game. You gather ingredients and you bake pies, sell them for points. Very Euro. But the other people’s secret recipes are just there for you to spy and discover. And it is so enticing trying to deduce them. We were disappointed that the bonus for knowing the recipe isn’t that rewarding. So we houseruled it. We also don’t like the way you can just hog the starting player space to keep the first player or stopping anyone from changing their recipe. But, we had a laugh at this game. Outing yourself to your friends, by giving that vital info on your secret recipe is hilarious. Spying on someone else by placing your worker with their worker is hilarious. I will play this again with the houserules we set. I don’t think I will own it myself, but I’m glad my best friend does!

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Monday afternoon we started a new campaign of Dark Heresy 2nd Edition.
I’m the only experienced player out of the 4 of us, with the GM having only slightly less experience than me.

I’m playing a Noble scholar and socialite. I have absolutely no combat ability whatsoever. It’s going to be an interesting session when we get into a fight and I just kind of hide behind cover and hope the others can deal with the threat.

And to see how insane we go as some of us already have 2 insanity form the first session.

My Last Played Game comes with a big thanks to everyone on here who recommended “family dexterity” games. Found Rhino Hero in Cardiff for £6.99 on Monday, which seemed too good to ignore. Played it tonight with my wife and 3 kids (15, 8 and 6). Everyone loved it. Definitely a take on holiday game and a great way of introducing my 2 youngest to board games…


Played Mombasa the entire game night. It’s an interesting game where you have your usual solitaire Euro where you advance on the Diamonds track and the Bookkeeping track, which scores you points. But you also get points for expanding companies through Africa (ahhh… the fun theme that is colonialism!) and you advance on company tracks to get more shares. Mombasa ends up then a speculative game where you have agency on how well or bad each company goes. It does what I love about Imperial/Imperial 2030 and Chicago Express: that mixture of cooperation and competition between players.

One thing I really like about Mombasa than GWT though, is Mombasa’s simple reading of the board and its icons compare to GWT’s hieroglyphics.

I love this and GWT. I have enough peeps who owns Great Western Trail, but I think I’m the only one in the group who has Mombasa, so I’m keeping it.

I’ve got no history of CCGs so Keyforge was an interesting experiment for me. Since then I’ve had a go at some Android: Netrunner but as someone who just doesn’t have the time, patience or the finances to deep dive into the CCG scene Keyforge is as close as I’ll ever get.

I totally dig that. It’s possible I’m being a bit harsh, and I will probably give it a second chance.

I had unpleasant experiences and NPEs playing M:TG, and the game is similar (Garfield designed both). I also think I’ve had my fill of CCGs, I played Raw Deal for years, play tested Game of Thrones v1 and got stuck into Wow and UFS a bit too. Then someone showed me Agricola and 2-3 hour brain burners became my CCG substitute!

Office board game night a few nights back consisted of just one game of Museum with the regulars. It was good to get a totally different group playing it, and everyone had fun. One of the other guys and I have taken to viewing it as Ex Libris but far less fiddly. Another of our players who hadn’t seen it before got to the end and felt sufficiently overwhelmed by the museum arrangement stuff that he offered to just concede and give… and then we helped him out with it and it turned out he’d stomped everyone.

(We found out afterwards that we’d used one of the bonus cards wrong: the text on the card gives it a lot of latitude, but it got clarified online that it’s meant to be far more limited than it seems, so he would probably not quite have gotten away with it like that)

Just got home from playing scenario #3 of my second Gloomhaven campaign.

it came down to the wire for the Tinkerer, we got some very low hit points 2 of us got down to 1 at least once and I got to 2 twice, great heals by the Tinkerer though.

We also had soups for this wintry night. This group, I dunno, just seems so much more chilled out than my other group. I mean I’m good friends with them all but yeah, different.

Scoundrel is proving to be adept at picking up loads of coins.

Speaking of which the viticulture metal coins are soooo lovely! I much prefer using them to handle than the Scythe metal coins.

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We played a really great round of Space Base Tuesday night. My partner was pursuing a cheap ships strategy, paired with opportunities for multiple purchases per round. This also meant she got some points-bearing ships early on and so the clock was ticking.

I had been building an income engine and was up to 5 gold per turn with a nice, small-but-consistent spread for off-turn earning. The point spread was getting dire, however, and I kept falling short of being able to afford the ship (the only one in the whole game) that would have allowed me to claw back a few points from her and buy time. In a desperate attempt to stay within reach, I bought a fat 7-pointer for slot 10, which was already built up with a few shuffle options around it and slot 9.

I roll a 10 on my first turn with the new ship, and 5 rolls later (3 turns) and I’m at 35 points with enough gold reserve to buy victory from the shipyard and steal the whole game on my next turn. Talk about a jackpot.

This sort of encapsulates precisely why Space Base simply won’t ever sit right with some gamers. With a big gamble I was able to “steal” victory from someone with a healthy (though not insurmountable) lead and a focused strategy that was working. But it’s important to remember that she gambled as well. We had both cast a wide net over a high probability spread initially, but when hers started to run away, I had to switch gears.

And what can I say? I built a nice little combo setup around a bit fat payday and the dice gods shined their light upon me and it was good. We both laughed about it, I kind of just sat there and “wowwed” for a couple of minutes. She didn’t feel cheated, I didn’t feel like I had just won an unearned victory… it was awesome.

It’s been about a year, it’s time to call it. Space Base is an evergreen for me.


We’ve been back to the board game cafe in Cardiff for my wife’s birthday while the kids were in school.

We played Spirit Island, which I’ve had my eye on for a while. Good game, with the usual stop start issues of a first play. I’d happily play it again but am now much less keen to buy it. I do like a co op and Pandemic, Forbidden Island and Burgle Bros all grabbed me immediately, but this didn’t.

She got Just One - hope to get that going with some non gamers on Saturday night.


I cannot believe I didn’t know there was a board game cafe in Cardiff. I’m going to have to think of an excuse for the whole family to head into town, now…


It’s called Chance & Counters. Top of St Mary’s Street. They link up with Rules of Play as it’s just round the corner.

Do you ever go to Chapter on a Sunday afternoon?