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Oh boy, Saturday was our first play of the full version of Arkwright! After nearly an hour of setup and rules explanation (two players hadn’t played the simpler version either) we got stuck in and it was awesome! I tried to make shipping work but was late transitioning out of it so suffered from low stock price in the final tally.

My boyfriend went for a more intermediate three factory set up with heavy machine use - while that was smart (we totally deleted the labour pool so wages were astronomical), he was competing with my factories and since I was frequently determining the start player, I undercut his sales quite badly. The two new players went for a generalist four-factory approach (got screwed by wages) and a focused two-factory approach (our eventual winner).

We immediately booked a second game, now that we’re all familiar with the rules!

Our palate cleanser after that was Ivor the Engine, a light-weight take-that game of sheep collection. As the fourth player I had a natural advantage which I used to betray my bf once again, stealing the win from him in the final turn

I played my 3rd game of Root, the first with my own copy. I played the Woodland Alliance while I used the Better Bot Project bots for the other 3 factions. I won, but it didn’t feel like I won since both Marquise and Eyrie reached 29 VP on their last turn while I came behind with an 11 VP turn. Which I totally planned for, but it feels like I didn’t deserve to win. First, it was by happenstance that Marquise and Eyrie ended at 29 VP, not my own doing; I was just training soldiers to stay alive. Second, my 11 VP turn left me in a poor defensive position. Sure, I had sympathy all over the forest, but my last base would be overrun next turn. I know I’m late to the party, but first to 30 VPs doesn’t feel like a satisfying win condition, especially when players are getting a handful of VPs each turn or there’s some end-of-the-world effect like dismantling your engine to cross the finish line. Are there any good alternate victory conditions?

I don’t understand the contradiction between “Sure, I had sympathy all over the forest, but my last base would be overrun next turn.”

If you had sympathy all over the forest, the post-game military attempt to quell the uprising woul be the last spark to unite the forest in uprising.

Your other concern, that you barely scraped a win because of luck, seems a lot more significant to me, but that’s what playing all by yourself is like in a nutshell.

If you really can’t get over VP as a win condition, then it would seem like asymmetric war with some less militaristic factions isn’t going to be a design that will work for you.

Not to get political, but countries like Syria tell me that a popular uprising doesn’t necessarily end well for the people.

It may be a function of playing the Woodland Alliance that you don’t have the much muscle to rein in a leader. Maybe I’ll feel more agency playing another faction.

My son and I had another game of Warhammer Underworlds. The Stormcast got their first win, by one glory point.

Still enjoying the game, but we need to grab a couple more Warbands. It will start to feel stale fairly soon otherwise.


Yeah, it seems to me the WA is a “timer” faction. The military faction(s) either devote enough resources to stamping them out, or the WA win. It sounds like Eyrie/Marquise would be more up your street, and military factions might be the only ones worth playing when there isn’t another player around.

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Games club last night.

Power Grid, 6 player, Benelux map. Fantastic game as always. Very definitely in my 20 is plenty collection. Came second after the money tiebreaker and a last round power plant purchase.

Magic Maze 6 and 5 player. It’s OK, needs the right group to truly shine though.

Second Chance. 5 player. It’s not going to set the world alight but it’s a decent flip and write. The titular second chance adds some great tension.

The VP generation part of the game is what I dont like about Root. If you want thematic win conditions, then the COIN series are better in this regard (imo)

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True, but I don’t get to be bunnies in COIN games. :slight_smile:

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Our old gaming group met up and we played Escape The Dark Castle. I’ve run this a few times with different player counts and it’s been fun at each count from 2-4. I was the 5th player, so I sat out and guided them through any rules questions (not that many) and they seemed to enjoy their time with it.

In it’s favour it’s really quick to setup, has enough cards to keep it fresh, and is simple enough that new players get it right away. My partner invested in all the expansion packs and I just love it. It’s fun and silly and you can even play the soundtrack from YT should you want to. There are times you don’t want to setup Descent…everyone is a bit tired, it’s late in the day, and this fills the gap nicely.

Gloomhaven! We got the band back together, and oh boy 2 turns and we were all right back into the swing of things, people were grateful for the break but yeah a couple of warmup scenarios, then into Forgotten circles it is!

I’ll be Retiring my Eclipse character to take on the Diviner, which will give us a fairly balanced party still.

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Played Blueprints - this is a game I am disappointed at. Because it has potential. The nice tactile feel of stacking dice is just so good to me, but the game play is a lacking.

3x - High Society

Chinatown - I enjoyed this game. I went 2nd with 1M Dollars. But I found that it’s a game that you enjoy if you’re winning and have a bad time if you’re losing. Thanks to the perfect open information of the game, it sucks when you see a player win loads of money and you struggle to catch up. Still has the same problem I had before with the perfect open information where you’re basically mathematically haggling on how much can you squeeze from their profits. I guess this is why I love speculation games like Modern Art. . Or auction games like Medici and Estates. Or games where the items have no inherent value like High Society and Ponzi Scheme.

Skull King - still never won. Still love it to bits!

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Played some Container this evening. What a fun game this is. Played on Sunday too and it’s just funny and engaging. For all it’s depth and somewhat strategic decision space so much mirth and sillyness follows. Accesible despite the theme, price tag and total dryness of concept. Plus enormous boats.

Followed it up with Cosmic Encounter and 6 Nimmt!. Chaos ensued.

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Games Club!

Just one game tonight, thanks to two of my fellow players needing an early exit.

1889: insert subtitle here My first 18XX. I’m glad I’ve played one now and wouldn’t say no again but I think I prefer Power Grid overall.

Played Billionaires, which is just a re-implementation of Pit. Still a brilliant filler game.

Played an obscure Japanese game called Age of Assasssins. A drafting game where you draft 7 cards, but you can put 3 cards facedown at the back. Effect of the cards depends on whether you place them face up at the front or face down at the back. Very hilarious game where you kill someone or get killed depending on what cards you draft and how. Searched online and I can’t find it at all!

Mai-Star is a game about being a geisha and you entertain guests by playing cards in your hand - each card as it’s requirement and VPs, but to attract better guests (e.g. Daimyo or the Shogun himself) you need to put the cards as advertisers which allows you to met higher requirements. Simple engine building, but has funny take-thats. Decent game. But some geishas’ special abilities feel more overpowered.

Battle for Rokugan has been sitting in my shelf of shame for quite a long time now, but I have played it. And it smashed my expectations of it. It’s is basically a dudes-on-the-map game, but with no dudes. It’s Game of Thrones but condense into 1-2 hour game and streamlined rules. Easy to pick up, but oh so difficult to play. It has a layer of bluffing that I find more prominent than Game of Thrones. It has shinobi, boat, and raid tokens that allows you to strike anywhere, making the board state more fluid than GOT. It’s very minimalist too - which is great in an era of almost-gimmicky mini-fest are-control games (sometimes, they’re not even area-control). Yet, I’d rather keep and play this than the Birth of America series, Small World, or even Cyclades! I have the excessive Cthulhu Wars at one end and this at the other. And I’m very happy to keep both!

I am seriously impressed that Fantasy Flight Games is actually capable of releasing a minimalist and elegant game.

2x Tempel Des Schreckens

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Went to a meetup and met a couple who were looking for word games. We played a couple games of Bananagrams, and I introduced them to Dixit, which they loved.

Not played anything for ages! then, yesterday, we had back-to-back games of gloomhaven and Batman: Gotham City Chronicles.

Gloomhaven was great - I’d forgotten how thrilling it could be!

Batman… less so. The balance of the game seems to be way off on the scenarios we have tried - toward the villain. We are thinking of home ruling that when you attempt a Complex Manipulation you can keep some successes from one turn to the next.


Last game was Race for the Galaxy - Gathering Storm. Got it to try the solo experience. Great fun.

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In regards to Batman, I’ve heard that before regarding the balance. I’m hoping that’s not the case for every scenario.

I still have hopes for the reprint; the system is SO good!!! I haven’t written it off yet, lol.

Have you tried the VS Mode yet?

No, sadly I haven’t had a lot of game play time…

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