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We got in our second game of Warhammer Underworlds today. My son and I switched Warbands, and the Stormcast still lost. It’s a hard fight with them, as it’s 3 units to 7. Even if the ghosts are weaker, they can swarm the SC.

So we’re enjoying it. One thing is that it needs expansion factions even more so than other skirmish games we have. I’ll have to look into that, as it might start to feel stale fairly quickly.

Up next was our first game of Pandemic Fall of Rome. We love Pandemic, and this was no different. The changes they made give it a fairly different feel, especially the invasion paths.

We won on the last possible turn. My son was able to make the last alliance with an empty player deck. We had a fair amount of luck (and event card that let us trade player cards from across the map), and a couple of small errors, but I think we played well overall.

We’ll probably get another game in soon. Tomorrow is a holiday here, so we’ll be having a father and son day. Planning on restarting our Imperial Assault campaign, and hopefully a game of Aristeia! (I’ve been itching to get it to the table again for awhile).


We had a blast at Memoir 44 yesterday. Really enjoy this but hasn’t been to the table much recently.

For the first time ever I actually played strategically and won, despite some ridiculous dice rolls from my son. Hiding in hedgerows, who knew?

I got an engraved wooden dice tower for my 40th last year so any game that requires the use of it goes up 20% in enjoyment automatically!!


That seems a fairly common refrain from people playing Pandemic games!!

Had a lovely go at Shadows over Camelot yesterday. Died very quickly, and several frustrating quests happened… but it was fun to have another go. Bit of a classic.

Trick taking games with my wife and another couple. Pfeffer (Pepper) (I.E. Bid Euchre) was good, as usual, and we tried this standard deck variant of Voodoo Prince under the name Take Three, because the theme was a major drawback that will prevent me ever buying a copy.

It was a pretty darn good game, with the right amount of unique feel (so it’s not just a variation of Hearts, Euchre, Oh Hell / Up and Down the River, etc), and the vibes of a classic game that was invented long ago. The twist is simple: when you take your third trick, you drop out of the round, quit playing that hand, and score a point per trick that each other player has taken. So you want to delay that third trick as long as you can, with your score rising over time, without being the last player left in the round, as they score nothing. What this means is that you can almost never be sure taking the trick is a good idea, and there’s constant second guessing.

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One of the best moves of that game was done against me. Only 2 players left, me and player 2. P2 has 1 trick and I have 2 - easy, I have better chances.

Nope. He won the trick by using 7 to win, allowing him to win a double trick. Smuggy McSmugface won lots of points. I scored nothing.

Yeah, the trick splitting cards were my hope of salvation when I was feeling behind on tricks, but if I was feeling like I was on track to take my three tricks, those cards always created a sense of impending dread, as I might score too quickly.

The Ace / 2 interaction was also great, as people were often denied tricks they though were a sure thing and took tricks they thought they couldn’t take. Took a bit for the habits of leading a 2 to bail on the lead or leading an Ace to keep said lead to wear off.

I think I skipped last week (this week was just a game of Terraforming Mars which was great but nothing to write home about).

Last week, I got to play 1960: The Making of a President, and oh my god this is a wonderful game. I love Twilight Struggle (only played it on the app, though), but this game fixes the only thing that I don’t really like about that one.

In this game, if you play a card for the Campaign Points, your opponent can play the event if they want to (especially if it’s one that helps them), but it’s not automatic like it is in Twilight Struggle. You have to spend a Momentum token to do it, and those can be rare.

You have to decide: do I want to use it here, or maybe my opponent will play an even better card that I’ll want to take advantage of?

Or maybe I have two tokens and it doesn’t matter as much.

I love this game after one play.

Played a game of Ethnos with my friend recently acquiring the Fairies promo. They are pretty good cards. Very nice combo with the Skeletons. I feel like we had a bad combo of races - I didn’t like the Elves and the Centaurs being in the same game. We are pretty much top decking it…

Another brilliant game of Race for the Galaxy. I really love this one. In this game, I manage to make an engine, however, one player noticed that he can’t find any consumer planets and so rushed the game by developing and settling, before I could exploit my engine.


I won another game of Quacks. Amazing, because I remain undefeated and was against board game savant’s novel weenie rush strategy (he bought a whole ton of 1-chip and 2-chip mandrakes to get rid of his white chips).

We also played Gizmos where I came last because none of my combos worked when the power marble dispenser thing had the wrong colours in it for two thirds of the game. It’s a lot of fun, but not sure it’ll hit the table ahead of any heavy Euros.

A two week break. and then we’re breaking out Hansa Teutonica again.

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Monday night was the regular boardgame meetup, and one of our number is going back to Germany, so I brought along Mysterium (which she loved on a previous occasion) and encouraged her to be the ghost. And she did a great job! I’ve never seen a unanimous vote on the endgame before.


We were light 2 members of our RPG group this evening so we played some Fox in the Forest where I fared better than I do against my wife but still lost and Galaxy Trucker where we were pretty close until round 3 when my opponent’s ship completely fell to pieces due to one unfortunate meteor, which was unfortunate and hilarious.

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Played two player Taluva and it’s still pretty good, as a lot of games are lame with 2. I’m keeping Taluva. It’s pretty and satisfying light abstract game.

We played Jane Austen’s Matchmaker is a light but hilarious card game. The game play is funny because you’re sending your bachelors with terribad VPs to marry off to ladies with higher VPs (since it results in an exchange, the player sending the bachelor leaves relatively well-off). There are other rules and factors like charm, which helps with courting; wealth and rank. The theme is also amusing - disclaimer: I have never read any Jane Austen novels - I play my ladies and my gentlemen with an introduction like as if I’m their poshy wingman “Mr. [dude] is a wealthy man of good standing, and he is rather smitten at you, Ms. [dudette]. He is keen on asking for you hand in marriage.” and I just giggle quietly.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig - a very nice tile-laying game. I really enjoyed the game. And if you take the time to examine your castle closely, every castle you build has its own personality. I would love to keep it, but I am very serious with my space limit. I found that I’m basically point counting most of the time and I don’t get the same satisfaction that I get with my favourite games. It was fun while it last, but I can’t have everything. At least I can play with someone else’s copy!

Fake Artist Goes to New York - it’s a funny drawing game and I had a really good time with it. But, it suffers the same problem with Spyfall, where an early fake artist turn will definitely screw them over. Not to mention, you don’t need to pay 20 quid to play this game.

Madame Ching - absolutely love the unique theme of being a Chinese pirate, one of Madame Ching’s underlings. You play cards to push your boat as far as possible. The gameplay was interesting enough, but aren’t stellar. the production is pretty good and Vincent Dutrait’s art is always lovely to me. Definitely work a tenner.


Gaming day today. We got in a quick game of ORC while waiting for folks to turn up - it packs some interesting decisions into a very short playtime.

Then followed up with a super close game of Catacombs, which was great fun - came down to Phoshar the Dragon vs a sorceress almost entirely devoid of spells- 1hp in it in the end (But the Dragon prevailed!)

Afterward we played Catan by request. I still don’t mind a game of it every so often - we played with the fishermen expansion and the event deck as usual but left out the characters expansion for the sake of simplicity. It was a fairly quick game - I had some good starting settlements and managed to take both Longest Road and Largest Army for the win with only a couple of cities. Its not a terribly deep game but as a fairly quick light euro I think it still works.

Finally wrapped up with a game of Jaipur which is still a very fun 2-player game

Played a couple of games of Tiny Towns. That game is a really deceptive spatial and temporal puzzle. You have to wrestle the ideas of collapsing spaces that are used up and that will leave room to do another thing. I think it’s really good.


I had a good time playing Cards against humanity yesterday. It feels like we had a good game not necessarily because of the game but more because we were in a good mood.

It’s kind of got a really interesting strategy layer where you attempt to be moderately and fittingly offensive but with a psychological element where you try and figure out the person who’s judging. Really it’s a game less about trying to make the best jokes you like but more one about constructing jokes that one person to like. Oddly cold.

Big weekend of gaming


Gloomhaven – didnt think we would make it thru the scenario, and we didnt. It was a boss level, where the boss would appear and disappear whenever he made a melee attack. So most of the time we couldnt even hit him. And there were a few others (including elites) to worry about as well.

Chronicles of Crime – first play. This game is completely app driven, so if you dont like apps, this is not going to work for you. You’re trying to solve various crimes by using the app to scan locations, people, and evidence. Its completely cooperative too, so you discuss the case and where to go next. We played the tutorial, which is very basic (its not a “case”, its just to get you familiar with scanning things). We played the (easy) first campaign, and did quite well. When you think you have all the details, you go to Scotland Yard and answer questions about the crime. It was a lot of fun, looking forward to more cases.

Fuji X 2, more unsuccessful attempts to complete this. Its a bit luck based, but still good fun as you try and communicate without too much information. Sometimes you just get screwed and cant do much about it.

Tiny Towns, such a great little game, almost a filler. I agree with mistercrayon, its a deceptively simple game.

Carpe Diem – good fun. I hope this wins the Kennerspiel.

Quacks of Quedlingburg, very close game


Fuji again, but this time we pulled out the win!

Chronicles of Crime, a medium case this time. We got thru it, but were punished for trying to finish it too early (and getting it wrong).

The Godfather, good fun

Tiny Towns to finish off the day, at 2p. Lost, but it was close


That one was rough. I think Cragheart creating a wall across the middle of the map is the only reason we got it, and it’s the only scenario so far we missed out on the chest.

That mission was infuriating for out melee party, fortunately I was Angry Face and was able to make that bosses life hell.

I should be getting the Gloomhaven game going again this week, looking forward to it and seeing what the diviner class can do!

We played a pleasant game of Fungi - a set collecting game whereby we collect mushrooms and cook them. Nothing spectacular, but Im fond of this game.

Played Android: Netrunner for the first time ever. And I love it. I love the hidden information and asymmetry of the game.

Lord of the Rings: the Card Game despite the theme which I love to bits, I just thought the game is just average. Being a co-op game doesnt help.

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