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Voodoo Prince is a very interesting trick taking game. You get out of a round when you have won 3 tricks. Then you score based on how many tricks OTHER players won. Unless you are the last player, in which you get nothing. So, you want to time when you get out of a round. Not too early and too late. Just right.

Played Marco Polo and… I had an okay game. Played as Matteo Polo. I get an additional die and get a free contract every round. It was fine. Maybe Im no longer in that honeymoon phase, or maybe Im just having a Euro burn out.

I won a game of The King is Dead, aka Lobbying: the game, 2 people went for the Welsh, so I hedge my bets between the Romans and the Scots. Midway, one went for the Saxon strategy but the Romans won in the end

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While not to this degree, I did make certain everyone watched a LtP video for TI4 before we met up and played. We had already picked out everyone’s races and stuff, all that was left was deciding where home systems went on the board, and everything else was already set up. Sped things up immensely.

A friend and I played Claim for the first time (and then another time…) during our lunch break today. The first game was obviously much slower (25 mins) as we kinda bumbled through a couple of rules (though there aren’t many…) Things were looking good for him, taking majorities in the Undead and Dwarves very quickly. I was in the unfortunate (or fortunate?) position of losing I think 9/13 tricks in the first round, so I knew most of what he had in his Follower deck. I told him I was gonna come surging back and take the remaining three factions, and that’s exactly what I did: the Goblins and Knights put aside their differences and were joined by the Doppelgangers (or maybe it was at their behest?) to give me the victory, 3 factions to 2, with some of the counts being very close.

We immediately shuffled and started up another game. This one was maybe 15 minutes, as we were now familiar with the flow and powers. We started thinking more strategically about which cards we burned into the discard pile and which cards the other person was winning (when possible). I guess my friend must’ve shown some negative side of himself to the factions, as my alliance held, and the Dwarves and Undead rushed to my side as well. I united the land and won all 5 factions’ support…none of the counts were even close either.

Regardless of result, we both had a lot of fun with it, and this one has definitely earned an extended spot in my collection.

Fascinating. I love me a good trick taking game. Is this played with a regular deck or a specialized deck for the sake of marketing?

The game comes in 14 cards from each suit. I forgot how many suits, but I think it’s 5, not 4. There are also 5 trump cards, in which a player chooses what will be the trump suit of the round.

But you can do a variant with your typical 52 card deck.

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I just posted my review of this little gem (Arboretum) today. I’ll be posting it in the “self-promotion” thread, but I can’t agree more with what you two have been saying.

The indecision can be so great!!!

But I love it.

And I forgot what I meant to post about my last played game.

Got 1960: The Making of a President to the table on Sunday. Wow, what a gem. I like it better than Twilight Struggle, even.

What a fabulous game!

Cool. Thanks! I might try this out with just a regular deck.

Just check the bgg forum, I think someone actually did a 52 card deck variant

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Played my first game of Cerebria last night. It was 2v2, and I played Anxiety and my team-mate played Misery, vs. Love and something else. After a lengthy “teach,” we dove right in (I was the only one who HADN’T played it before). This game reminds me of Spirit Island in a lot of ways, especially the individual player powers, the upgrade paths, and point salad strategies. It was fun as a team game, as “Misery” and I were able to put our heads together pretty well and eke out a win. I don’t know how much fun it would be as a 1v1. There’s a LOT of iconography in this game, and it’s one of those situations where the designers clearly tried to make it so that anyone could understand it, but ended up where no one could understand it. I had to resort to a cheat sheet pretty much any time I wanted to play a card. Like I said, we won, and while I think we pretty much had the win wrapped up before I took my last turn, it was interesting to me that only by taking advantage of my player power could I really lock down the win. The total play time was maybe just shy of 3 hours, so that’s a thing. It’s a dense, beautiful game, and I think for a certain category of gamer it would be a great investment. I don’t know that I’d buy it, but I’d definitely like to try it again.

We go to a brewery for our games night. The owner has made us a games table out of a crate!

(We’re playing Coimbra)


So I was in France and went leftfield. I bought the oink version. However, I have seen the korean one and it is gorgeous.

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Went to Meetup, specifically to play Factory Fun again, which we did. My fiancee had a huge improvement due to actually knowing how the game worked from the beginning this time, and she had a majorly efficient factory with 85 bonus points, which rocketed her into an easy first place at the end. The game owner said that was a new record on bonus points. On the other hand, I was much more confident about my factory this go-round, and I didn’t feel like I was fighting an uphill battle, but I think a part of that was because I was taking lower-valued machines, which meant that although I got more bonus points than last week, I actually ended up three points lower than my first score, which was a little disappointing. But it was still a very fun game. And I remembered to snap a pic! (This was after all the bonus tokens had been taken off though.)

Isn’t that nice? Look at all those wonderful machines feeding each other.

Then I played a game of Bohnanza where nothing went my way and the cards were incredibly mean to me, a trait that was thankfully not mirrored by the other players whose pity was all that kept me from coming dead last, so instead I merely tied for last. It was a rough game for me.


My son and I got in our first game of Warhammer Underworlds Nightvault, and it was good.

It’s an interesting game. It doesn’t (yet) feel as deep as games like Aristeia or Claustrophobia 1643, but with only 12 activations, each move is important.

We need a few more plays before I can really form an opinion, but so far we like it. I definitely think I’ll need to grab at least a few more Warbands for added variety (like every skirmish game we own) but I knew that going in.

I don’t see it topping the games mentioned above (or even Rum & Bones), but it’s still really fun, and plays faster than any of them (even Aristeia!). That alone will get it to the table frequently.

On a side note, I’d love to see Corvus Belli make a game like this in the Infinity universe. Aristeia is a fairly different thing imo.

In the afternoon we got in a couple games of Pokemon (my son was itching to play). The first was a blow out and we called it early, and the second game came down to a single turn difference.

While I think the game is fun, it still has the same problem as MTG; if only one player draws a good hand, it’s extremely lopsided. I don’t find this to be as much of an issue with Ashes. I think it’s mostly to the restrictive tempo of the game.

Played Flipships. Still one of the worst rulebooks Ive ever read. We had fun at least, but got a lot wrong, after check bgg for the designer and their partner’s responses. Seriously. An avoidable issue, but oh well.

2nd game of Cthulhu Wars. Was randomly given thr Great Cthulhu and Im loving it now. Im sold. Everyone picked it up quickly and it was pretty dynamic. Has very good depth for its relatively simple rules (compare to Root and Kemet). I cant stop thinking about it.

Something different: we played Chinese Open-Hand Poker. And Im smashing it lol.

Finally played Tiny Towns and I really like it! It reminds me of Welcome To where you start with a blank canvas and your decisions get tighter and more restricted as the game goes on! I end with 4 points :joy:

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That’s awesome! Really glad to hear Cthulhu Wars is going well.

It’s been on my wishlist for a long time, but I’d almost written it off. I think I’ll have to try and save up and get a copy of it myself, or maybe even Glorantha the Gods War, when it becomes available (if it turns out as good as CW).

Board Game Barrage and SVWAG both speak really highly of it (I think all of the guys on BGB had it fairly high on their top 50).

The idea of a large scale DoaM game that is (relatively) easy to play sounds perfect for us. It means I might actually get it to the table!!!

It was actually SVWAG that made me interested at it. I also echo Mark that Kemet and/or Root would be a more sensible option.

Also, Im only planning to get the High Priests and faction expansions (except the Tcho-Tcho). Maybe on the 6-8 player Earth Map. Everything else I can ignore

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The faction expansions seem to be the important parts.

Sure, Root would be more sensible, but who wants to be sensible??? Also, I feel like Root would be significantly more difficult to teach, and a bit harder to get to the table for me. Though I could be way off on the ‘teach’ part.

Not to mention the table presence isn’t even comparable!

Either way, for the time being it’s just a dream. Until retail copies become available around here or a future KS campaign.

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Played Glory to Rome on Friday night, spur of the moment thing. I had a new game with me (it arrived that day), but we took one look at it and thought “nup” (game was Underwater Cities). And I won GtR – got a Forum win (you win if you have one of each card type as clientele). My mate loves GtR, but spends most of his time in NSW, so we dont get many chances to play anything. He likes the ridiculous combos in GtR, more than actually winning.

Saturday, we had our usual game of Gloomhaven , but it was an epic game. We had a scenario where you have to protect prisoners from the enemy. We lost one of our characters about 75% of the way thru, and lost an ally that the scenario gives you. We figured we would never make it thru, but got to the last room, and the last enemy. Who then killed a prisoner, which would fail the mission. But then realised we could give up a card to negate the damage, and killed the enemy in the same turn. And there was much rejoicing.

Also played Tiny Towns , twice. I can see why its got such a good buzz already. Its very quick, easy to learn, but a good challenge. I did awfully on my first game (finished with 4 points), then played a bit better to win the second game. Unused cubes on your board are removed at the end of the game, and each empty space then counts as a negative point. It gets pretty tense in the last rounds.

Played Res Arcana , first play. Another quick game, you get dealt 8 cards, and the choice of 2 mages to build some sort of an engine to create points, first to 10 points wins. There are five different resources to gather and turn into points. Each card has a resource cost to play, but then gives you powers to use. You can also take Places of Power, which have their own abilities and VP value (most give you VP for certain resources) , and monument cards. We played the recommended first time rules, where you get a mage and matching cards for your initial hand. So you go around, playing actions, playing cards, tapping cards, until someone has 10 points. I didnt like it as much as I thought I would.

Last game of the night was Songbirds, and we played this twice too. Very very quick game. You put out random point values into 5 columns and 5 rows, then draw a card for the middle position. Each player gets a hand of cards (for 3p you get 9 cards). And all you do is play a card from your hand next to an existing card. Each card can be one of 4 different bird colours, with values from 1 thru 7. When a row or column is filled, the type of bird with the highest value gets the points token. You will be left with a single card, and you add its total to the points token for that bird type. So, if you last card was a Blue 4, and Blue had tokens for 10 and 12 points, your total would be 26. Very very easy to play, but you have to think, and try and keep your options open for as long as possible. Its now my third game about birds (with Wingspan and Pietmatz). The artwork is just beautiful.


Played Yellow & Yangtze again. While the new implementation seems to fix my issue with T&E, Y&Y feels tame and lacks the wildness and the level of malevolence that T&E have. I sold T&E, so Im selling Y&Y too.

Ponzi Scheme is one of the most clever, most unique, and funniest games I have ever played. Exploring the game as we play it for the first time was very interesting for its depth to simplicity ratio and how hilarious it is, as we keep grabbing money and engaging in difficult tradings - oh, that massive dividents I have to pay? Bah! Thats a problem for tomorrow!

Another rowdy game of Skull King

Yesterday, my wife and I played a game of Jaipur. Since neither of us was feeling very good, we figured something short and not requiring a lot of concentration would be good.

I blew her out of the water in the first round, 80 - 52. Strangely enough, I only had a small amount of precious goods, but two 5 bonuses and 2 four bonuses, which helped a lot.

The second round was much closer. In fact, we tied for the first time ever at 57. I had to look up the tie breaker rules which turned out to be who had the most bonus tokens. She had two, I had three. Squeaked put the win.

Then, today, I broke out my new copy of Batman: Gotham City Chronicles to give it a whirl solo. Set up is a bit of a chore on your own, and there is not a good, built-in storage solution for the components other than the miniatures. Going to need to figure something out.

The game is pretty good, though thoroughly luck based due to everything depending on die rolls, and it felt like the heroes never had enough energy cubes. It also didn’t help that I was rolling amazing for the Villain team and lousy for the Heroes. Doing the “To Sink a City” scenario, I activated four of the five bombs on the first turn!

I had to pack it up before I could finish, but it was the middle of the Villain’s 5th round, all bombs were primed, none defused, Nightwing was incapacitated, Batman surrounded by guys, and Catwoman could not defuse a bomb to save her life.

Admittedly, I missed some things. There are so many skills to keep track of on each character, good and bad, that it really is too much for one person. Nightwing missed a number of counterattacks, I forgot to combo with Batman at least once, and I forgot some free rerolls on the first turn, but really the heroes’ downfall was my poor rolling for them (so many blanks, even when rolling the red die that only has one blank face!) and my wonderful rolls for the villains (lots of four successes rolled on black dice).

Eager to try again with more players.