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The trick with my wife is that even if I know the game and could teach her, reading through the manual with her makes her much more interested in trying a new game.

Though new game fatigue is a very real thing.


Under normal circumstances, my wife can handle about 1 new game per week.

Under pregnant circumstances, per week, it’s approximately two less.


My wife does not enjoy learning new games when she’s tired.

We have two ASD kids.

She’s always tired. :frowning:


For being a game I knew almost nothing about (except for the high BGG rating) prior to getting in a trade Welcome to the Dungeon is a hit at lunch with coworkers. Most of our lunch games are much dryer “multiplayer solitaire” types games, but WttD brings out taunts, laughter and cries of frustration with such a compact rule set, and I love it.


Interesting. Pity because the productions looked fantastic and small box’s were less so, in my opiniin.

I looked at neolithic and decided I didnt want another two player game, but I it was a tough one to pass on.

I think its the map which makes haven distinctive. It gives an area majority/enclosure aspect which leads to some real tough choices.


On Tuesday night, we played Startup, defo one of those that are thinkier than the usual fillers

Mascarade is a chaotic mess, but the art of the game is very charming to me. I think I might prefer Secrets.

I finally played Race for the Galaxy! Woohoo! I only played it on the app so far, but it is really good. I still need to learn how to use the simultaneous action-selection to my advantage.

Quest for El Dorado - I caught up at 2nd place on the final region tile, but the guy at first manage to zoom all the way to victory. Gah! Love this game.

Last night, we played Brass: Birmingham. I manage to specialise on Cotton Mills, but it only got me to 2nd place. But man, once you have players who can just play the game without the rules explanation, then it’s seriously fun.


Usual boardgame group last night.

Played The Mind for the first time. I don’t think a couple of people in the group really enjoyed it but I thought it was a fun little game. We made it to Level 5 with 4 players but ultimately we obviously weren’t of one mind! Looking forward to playing with my family - I think it will work better.

Next up was Puerto Rico - I had never played this before and we had three experienced players and another newbie so both he and I were expecting a kicking. And a kicking we got! Not sure if I enjoyed it so much as possibly saw the potential for enjoyment now I get the basic premise. Maybe need to play it a few more times before really getting into it? Not sure if I’ll buy it - don’t think I’d get it to the table very often with my family, and many of the group members already have it.

Finished off with a couple of rounds of Guillotine. Usually I really enjoy this light game but it felt a bit flat last night, not sure why. Still can’t believe I’ve played this game for a few years and only recently realised the insert acts as the Guillotine…


We were down a member of our RPG group for The Strange this evening so we had some potion making games played: Potion Explosion and Quacks.

Potion Explosion was silly fun - I did better than normal.

Quacks was pretty great - one of the players got a head start early and I was wondering if we could even catch up but lo and behold a few strong later turns and I ended up only a single point behind! The rat tails worked really well as a catch-up mechanism. I’m not sure about the simultaneous drawing for the final round though - feels a bit fiddly for not a lot of benefit, we may omit that next time


Played Costa Rica tonight with the six year old and three year old. Three year old had lots of enthusiasm and didn’t get the rules (not surprised at all). Had fun but needs a replay in better circumstances.

Then played Can’t Stop with just the six year old. Really classic push your luck game. Better than Deep Sea Adventure for sure


Last night my son and I got Pandemic The Cure to the table again.

It was going smoothly at first, but started getting bad after we cured two diseases. With basically one turn left, my son was able to grab one additional sample, and rolled and successful found the final cure!

It was a really tense game, especially near the end.


Yeah, we found everyone runs at about the same overall speed give or take anyway. As long as one person isn’t purposefully sitting back and point counting everyone else it really doesn’t make any difference.


After having great success with “Escape without a timer”, “Flamme Rouge without decisions”, and “Incan Gold”, a stripped-down Pandemic also proved to be a big hit with my 4-year-old daughter.

First game:
No events.
No research stations.
No fast travel.
No hand limit.
Only 3 epidemics.
Her scientist was also a medic.

I’m enjoying these forays into “adult” gaming, although the babies don’t make it easy for us.


Last night at the boardgame café:

Big Book of Madness: a bit athematic for my taste, but quite fun, and losing by one card is reasonable for a first try at a coop game. Perhaps random, or we weren’t doing enough deck destruction.

Eaten by Zombies!: if this had been the 20-40 minutes it had promised, I’d have enjoyed it, but nearly two hours later it had got very samey and we gave up. Even once we spotted the rule we’d been getting wrong it didn’t seem to make much difference. I’m afraid I’m going to have to file this with Munchkin and Fluxx as “too long to stay fun throughout the game”.


Tried out my new copy of Tikal last night. I was worried it would be too similar to Mexica to justify owning both, but it’s different enough to be worth it. I’d say Mexica’s more simple/elegant, but Tikal offers a lot more variety in your strategic options.

The movement rules are a bit fiddly (there were lots of instances of us forgetting how many actions it took to move to a certain space), but they offer some neat options for blocking other players by placing a tile that’s practically inaccessible to them.


I am totally going to do stuff like this when I have little kids. I hadn’t even thought of this until I saw a BGG post about introducing small children to trick taking games slowly with “Trick It!” (trick taking with no trump, bidding, etc, and 1 point per trick), “Trump It!” (adding in a trump suit), and “Guess It!” (adding in bonus points if you correctly guess how many tricks you will win), which basically got his kids up to speed on Oh Hell / Up And Down The River over time.


Went to meetup.

First game up was one I was itching to play again: Sleuth. This is basically just a logic puzzle where the answers are held by the other players. Out of 36 cards, one is taken out, the rest are dealt to the players (or the middle of the table for all to see, if there isn’t an even split), and you have to ask limited questions to other players to try and deduce what’s in their hand based on the answers they give, with the ultimate goal of deducing the one missing card. It’s a lot of fun. The first game I played (months ago) I was still figuring it out, and the second game was void because another player gave wrong information which ended up hindering me severely. So I was desperate to win, and I decided to make a guess when it came down to two cards that I knew four out of five people could not have. I eliminated one possibility and liked my odds for the second, so I guessed it and it turned out to be correct. I was fucking elated let me tell you.

We moved on to Bunny Kingdom. A fun and surprisingly quick game, not a lot of dawdling about which cards to choose. I remain undefeated.

After that was a quick game of Codenames, a modern classic, in which I depended on the locals’ knowledge of Paul Revere and it paid off well.

Finally, one of the big highlights of the night was Factory Fun. It’s hard to describe this game; I guess it’s like Pipe Mania, but instead of a time crunch, you’ve got a huge space crunch. You grab machines that take different colors as input and spit out some color goop as output, and you’re trying to make your factory efficient so that a machine’s output goes into another machine’s input. But you’ve got to get everything from the appropriate color goop vats, so obviously you’re going to have to place them strategically on your floor so they can feed the appropriate machines. To help you, you can build pretty much all the pipe tiles you want, but they each have a cost and you can quickly find yourself (as I did) filling up your floor with pipe and not having enough room for other machines which will get you points if you put their input into other machines’ output! What a nightmare! I had a TON of pipe laid down, but I got some lucky machines that let me replace it with actual point generating, which meant, amazingly, I came in 2nd. It’s a very solitary game- I basically didn’t know what anyone else’s factories were doing, and it’s pretty difficult to see at a glance. It was pretty fun though. A huge stressful spatial puzzle.


Multiple goes of increasingly chaotic 2 Rooms and a Boom. That’s a belter.


I taught myself Spirit Island this morning, using Shadows Flicker Like Flame and Lightning’s Swift Strike. Not the best 2-spirit combo for a first timer, methinks. Completely forgetting each spirit’s innate powers (in particular Lightning’s speed booster) ensured a particularly brutal loss, though I did manage to get the terror level up to III just before the last blight went out, so, you know, that’s something?

Looking forward to playing this properly and with my girl to help share the thinky load.


A quiet weekend for gaming, but did manage a play of Ghost Stories, which ended in defeat, although we did get up to the boss. The board was just too crowded by that point, so the end was nigh. We had one attempt to exorcise Wu-Feng, but would have need to roll 3 dice with the same colour, so not much chance of that.

Also had a quick player of Ganz Schon Clever, still preferring it over Doppelt


Better than my learning game: I played only one spirit for each invader phase, because pandemic. Destruction and Confusion.

Initially I found it laborious playing 2 spirits myself and learnt the processes more effectively playing one.

It is an excellent 2 player game I think. It is harder to work synergistically with all players at higher player counts. I played several 2p games before introducing a third and that game benefitted.