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Our game group met up last night and played two games of Pandemic Legacy Season 1. We were doing our second try through for May which we won, and then a tight game for June which we won. I can’t say how much fun this game is. Our group is loving it and we are all already sad we are half way finished. But, it will be awhile before we meet again. June 19.


I’ve only got Teotihuacan to the table once for a two player game, but really enjoyed it. Can see it being far more dynamic in a four player game - it’s a bit too predictable to plan around the non-player pawns when they stay in the same place for a whole era.

Really good rulebook too. It takes a long time to explain really simple things - after reading through it the rules explanation can be easily boiled down from such a meaty length of text - but at least it leaves no room for ambiguity.


Cthulhu Wars definitely improves with more plays - it’s very easy for a player to hurt themselves with the wrong spellbook choice or leaving a gate vulnerable. CW is also an ecosystem, so if a new player makes a mistake, that makes someone else’s life easier. Once everyone has at least a little familiarity with their faction and basic strategies, it become a much tighter game


We finished our Journeys through Middle Earth campaign and it was awesome. We failed at the final hurdle but it was a great session nonetheless!

A ton of Welcome To (both regular and advanced) was then followed by an evening of Mechs and Minions, in which we desperately clawed our way through missions four and five, winning by the narrowest possible margin!

Finally an amazing day of D&D Waterdeep Heist rounded off the bank holiday weekend, which had me literally crying with laughter :rofl:


Yes. This is what I thought. Root was disappointing first game but became my fave since my 2nd game.


I agree completely, and I wish more manuals read like it. They managed that detail without getting bogged down in terminology or minutiae, too, which made for a very quick read. I did have to laugh when I realized I was 9 pages in and still on setup though!

Aside from the usual iconography hurdles, the board information is pretty darn comprehensive as well. But a few key items would have been really nice to have on a card: earn cocoa/worship/main action (and cost)/pass to unlock all, etc. There are a number of small and/or universal rules I’ve had to repeat/remind several times already and we didn’t even get to the first eclipse before we had to stop.

Not like it’s hard to make up a little player aid for ourselves, of course! But no matter how good the manual, it’s generally just the one person reading it and smaller things like the above can be tricky without a reminder for the ones who didn’t.

Anyway, not trying to be too hard on it, the game has been a really pleasant surprise and this is a nitpick for sure.


Saturday was the first game day in several weeks. There were three of us (A, J, and myself), and A wanted to play Pandemic. I had never played it, so that was fine by me. We played with five epidemic cards, which the game says is “standard” difficulty. I had set it up the night before, and so I just picked three random roles, only looking at the color of the piece for setup purposes. It turns out I picked some good ones (that medic…) - I’m sure it helped that the other two had played it before. We wiped out the red disease within a couple turns, cured the black disease a couple turns after that, and then we struggled a bit with the blue and yellow but eventually got them as well. I was the researcher, so I had all this stuff that I could give to my teammates, but the problem was getting to them when we had a couple of the epidemics hit within two cards of each other. I enjoyed it though. It played quickly (30-45 mins?), was pretty easy to grasp, and I can see how it would vary a lot with the different roles. I am hoping to break this out with my wife at some point, as I think the theme will really appeal to her.

We then played Campy Creatures, which went over really well. Everyone loved the artwork, and we all felt the choices each round were rarely no-brainers. One of my more AP-prone friends (J) was really struggling with some of the choices though. The first game ended with J beating me by one point (43 to 42 I think) in the final round, while A lagged way behind (he got inordinately screwed in the last couple rounds of the first game). Everyone immediately started setting up a second game after the first one. This time, I was hit hard in the first round and was pretty much out of it. So I embraced the “kingmaking” mantle. A played the card where he had to give what he captured to another player. With how everything panned out, he gave me the most valuable card to prevent J from getting it. Later on, I rewarded him for this action by throwing away my Beast card (which would have given me 3 points at the end of the round), knowing that it would wreck J’s chances to come back. Everyone had a lot of fun with this one and are excited that I backed the expansion on KS to add some more variety (not that we feel we need it yet). It’s quick, fun, and is a joy to look at.


A common refrain from male gamers is that their WAGs only likes light or cooperative games and my partner Sarah is no different, so I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when she absolutely LOVED Troyes. Turns out she was a euro gamer in disguise all along! I’m living the dream.


To be fair, Matt described it as, “As refreshing as someone pouring a nice glass of elderberry cordial down your shirt.” And the review calls out it’s vicious tendencies quite frequently - it’s just easy to forget that part of the review when looking at how pretty and chill it looks…


Not a criticism of the game at all. I thought it was excellent. I just don’t think I’ve ever played a game before that made me whimper with indecision during every turn!


Just caught myself thinking of this and decided to post again: the dummy pawns could be further simulated using 3d6. Use the normal starting token method for setting them at game start/on eclipse, then roll the 3d6 each round to move them. 1-2 for one space, 3-4 for 2 spaces, and 5-6 for 3.


Someone asked me why I liked games this weekend. I told them because I get to see my partner be ruthless - something I find completely unsurprising in her and anyone else finds totally shocking.


Haven (2 plays). 2 player area control done well. Location Grabber. ‘Princess Mononoke’ echoes in the theme. City v Forest. Omen comparisons in gameplay. Hanamikoji, but heavier than that. Choose your fights carefully. Bide your time. Tip the games careful balance between assymmetric opponents. Enjoy the beautiful artwork. 30-40 mins. Recommended. Weight: Heavy Family game (Arboretum, Isle of Skye). Excellent player aids.


I’ve checked this game out a few times. I’ll have to give it a deeper look.

I also want to try out Omen at some point.


My lady and I got in a game of Ethnos which we both thoroughly enjoyed as always. Shockingly, I actually won! Probably won’t happen again for awhile, lol.


Space-Biff review swung me (also the comments).

Im intrigued by the support its getting from kolossal games.


Had a great game night. While people were rolling in we put on the latest episode of the 2019 Maryblelympics, the relay race, which was popular as everybody who came to game night had also been at our Marblelympics watching party on Friday. Since we had six and we wanted a break from our six-player games, we split into three and three.

My first game was Bunny Kingdom. I just love this game (with more than 2). I think it has something to do with the extravagance of drafting two cards at a time. You feel like you’re getting a huge bounty from each hand, but since you usually want pretty much everything, you still get the tense feeling of not being able to get everything. I remain undefeated.

The other group finished their game of Meeple Circus at the same time so we switched up who was playing with who a bit. I was reminded that Suburbia is a great 3-player game, so I got that set up with someone who had played a few times before, and a newbie (while the other group played Alien Frontiers, another great game at 3). I played a terrible game of Suburbia; I wasn’t able to get my income up very high at the beginning, so I decided to ignore it and just switch to reputation and greens early, with the occasional income windfall from waterfront realty-bumped lakes. Unfortunately it was not nearly enough, I ended at -5 income and no money and wasn’t able to buy hardly any C-stack tiles. Meanwhile the other two players were fighting for first, but the veteran got all three public goals, so that was sewn up.


I know a new game in the Omen line was supposed to hit KS this summer, but I’m not sure what’s going to happen now.

Fortunately, one of the online stores I frequent has added all of the previous games to their catalogue, so those will hopefully be available soon.


John Clowdus appears to have split from Kolossal and is going back to Small Box Games. Not sure what that was all about. I hopped on the Neolithic reprint (excellent two player card based worked placement), so I hope his split was amicable.

Omen and Hanamakoji are two of my favourite games, so I now have to look into Haven!


Games/date night with the wife this evening - Arboretum and Kingdom Builder. I thought about trying out Quacks but my wife doesn’t really enjoy learning new games and Kingdom builder is still new-ish for her so maybe next time :slight_smile: