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Today got another play of Clank in Space in (with expansion). This is my third play with the expansion, so I’ll be able to do a review of it soon.

Then a quick dice filler game called Age of War, which is always a lot of fun!

Rolling dice to take over Japanese castles.

You can’t beat it!


I got a really excellent game of Gaia Project in this afternoon with 3 friends from my gaming group. The four of us totally blundered our way through in terms of strategy (all of us still new to GP and none of us familiar with Terra Mystica), but things ran smoothly throughout aside from having to stay on top of passive charging (one of the more esoteric, hanging constants in the game). This was refreshing as it marked the first time I was able to play a full 4-player game without pulling double duty as a GM or otherwise under the pretenses of a learning game.

Things wrapped up in about three hours, and I convinced them to stick around for a quick game of Tiny Towns, which was taught and played in 35 minutes. Hysterically, we all played like our chairs were on fire for some reason, and the blistering pace was catching everyone off guard. This ensured constant mistakes and amazing reactions once the boards started getting crowded and it dawned on everyone that this game is a real bastard of a puzzle. I got skunked, totally caught pants-down trying to be tricky, and the game ended in a proper shared victory tie per the rulebook, with the two leaders at 22 points.

I remain convinced Tiny Towns is going to be absolutely massive if AEG play their cards right. And Gaia Project just gets better every game. Really great Sunday, just wish we were on a patio to enjoy the beautiful warm weather.


Not a ton of gaming today.

In the morning we had a game of Aeon’s End. 2 players against Crooked Mask (on easy as always, lol). We were so close it was painful…if we had 2 more player turns we would have won, but it just wasn’t to be.

After dinner we had a quick game of Pandemic, which we won. If we have a few more solid wins, maybe we’ll up the difficulty. It made me realize I think I’m going to breakdown and grab Fall of Rome. It’s on Amazon for the same price as everywhere else, but free shipping!


Gloomhaven , replayed the scenario we failed last week, and succeeded this time, without any major dramas. I think we just got a bit unlucky last time.

Fuji , first play of this, which is a cooperative dice rolling game, by Wolfgang Warsch, who has designed some very well known and popular games (The Mind, Quacks of Quedlingburg, Ganz Schon Clever). The players are trying to escape the volcano of Mt Fuji. The board is made up by laying out land cards according to a random setup card. Then players can move one, two, or three spaces on their turn. It seems straightforward enough, and easy enough to reach safety before the lava catches up with you. But each space has a dice requirement. And you need to have a higher total then both of your neighbours, or you’ll fail to move, and lose stamina. And you can only communicate in general terms, you cant say “I have 3 fives” or anything. Its pretty quick to play, and theres a fair bit of luck involved (its dice rolling after all). Good fun tho.

Lost Cities Rivals , first play. Dead easy to play, you have 2 choices: draw a card, or start an auction. You’re trying to layout cards in ascending order, and there are special offering cards that will double, triple, quadruple etc the value of your other cards for that expedition. Its easy to learn, simple to play, and good fun. I had a bit of trouble remembering which cards had been thrown out (when you win an auction, you can take any number of cards, leave any number in the display, and remove just one from the game). Maybe next time we’ll keep the discard showing somewhere.

Oaxaca: Crafts of a Culture , first play. Its another dice rolling game. You take handicraft cards and put them in your workshop, along with craft cubes. Then you use the same symbol to remove cubes from any cards of that type. Once all the cubes are removed, the card is built, and can provide a power or symbol (depending on the craft type). Its a pretty quick game, only 3 rounds, and you have five dice. Its all over a bit quick really. It wasnt a terrible game, but it didnt really grip me.

Quacks of Quedlingburg , always fun.


I played Quacks of Quedlinburg last night. It’s a good, quick, fun push-your-luck game, with a lot of vaiants and replayability. I’ll definitely reach for it to scratch my “are you feeling lucky” itch. My pot exploded three times, as I failed to learn counting. Nice and easy to pick up, he iconography makes sense, which is a very good thing in game design. Looking forward to playing it at a higher player count, where I think it may come alive a bit more, not that it wasn’t alive this play.


Sometimes you can’t. Which is my problem with the game.


We had plans for plenty of gaming this weekend and had discussed playing 6 different games. Anyways, we only played three.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig, This was a lot of fun, and we were surprised over an hour had passed when we finished.

Clank, which I absolutely love. I can’t say enough about this game.

Aeon’s End, It was our first play through for this one and it seemed a little easy but we were playing our first game so we were playing with the easiest boss. Looking forward to playing this one again.


Cockroach Poker Royal

Fae - I was steaming ahead. Then they figure out blue was me and they sabotage the blue druids on the map! I lost horribly and it was fun.

Lowlands - I enjoy the interaction but the Euro side of the game didnt feel satisfying enough for me, despite making it to the tie-breaker. Overall, I enjoyed the game but not enough to be in my top 100. :frowning:

Tournament at Camelot - a trick taking game with Arthurian theme and each character has a game breaking rule. I love the art but it was meh.

Mombasa - colonialism ahoy! A game of investing on companies, buying commodities, developing diamond mines, and errrr…collecting books??? The Mombasa company ends up on top and one guy have invested heavily on this which end up as the one big KO punch during scoring phase - a scoring result that I end up liking, even if Im not the one who won.

I end up liking this Euro game despite the rocky rules-heavy start. I like the area-control and share mechanics of the companies, on an otherwise bland run-of-the-mill Euro game. The unsteadiness of map gives a gambling vibe that injects tension and uncertainty. But I would need another game or two to confirm my feelings.

Cthulhu Wars - played as the mighty Great Cthulhu himself! The game is ridiculous and decadent as it is intended. It feels like a combination of some elements of Root and Kemet. The asymmetry is wild on all factions that you need a different playstyle to do well (but not as crazy as Root). The gameplay machanics is simple and straightforward. The game escalates quickly which I love. The spellbooks reminds me of Kemet power tiles and you need to accomplish certain requirements to unlock 1 of them. The combat is straight forward too with rolling a bunch of dice (I’m one of the peeps who loves dice rolls!).

It was a very satisfying game. I won confortably, but maybe because of that, it didnt feel like I went through significant difficulty that made the victory satisfying. I want to play this again very soon to see how it goes. But for now, I would prefer Root and Kemet over this, with a first game under my belt.


First time user, this seems like a good place to start. Had a holiday with the family and a brother with his family and brought a load of games, of which approximately half were played.

Fireball Island
So good for kids, my 5-year old loves flicking the things. My 8-year old trashed everybody with a score about 3 times as high as her 10-year old niece who came in second.

King of Tokyo
Also a hit with the kids, smashing each other and trying new tactics, it was fun to watch. Also a good game to learn not to be a sore loser, player elimination does that.

Easy to teach and doesn’t overstay its welcome. This I played with my girlfriend, my brother and his 13-year old son, and it was a close call. Oh I just love the bird that moves from row to row…

Bought two of these in a shop that went broke, so a good bargain. My girlfriend loves this for the patterns it makes, while my 8-year old can really get into it with some good strategy, getting a 9 on that third level.

Castles of Burgundy
Played this with 8, 10 and 13 year olds, and they took to it like a duck to water. The absence of theme didn’t bother them and we were all outscored by my girl, who admitted had played it before, while her nephew and niece hadn’t.

Viticulture + Tuscany EE
A new favourite of my girlfriend and me, after months of Terraforming Mars with the two of us. We played one 5p game, which lasted two evenings, and after that a couple of 2p games. Added everything in the last game, except the special workers, but that will happen.

On the whole a fine varied list, I love it that my kids start to play games that I enjoy as well.


I played games both Saturday and Sunday.


Neat. Easy to teach and fast. Probably more of a gift game than a keep in the collection game. I like the graphic design of the cards.

Quacks of Quedlingburg

I ran this game for a group newer to board games. I did not play. I find the game fairly easy for my personal tastes. Game is fast and easy to teach. My partner played riskier than I expected.

Fast and easy to teach. I won the game. Rules are clean. I buy every bird themed game I can because my partner likes birds.

TADA - Transforming Demonic Adversaries
Played my own game both days. I lost all of my games. Nahash “Serpent of Temptation” works as intended where Nahash is a quietly powerful unit. Most interesting interaction from the playtest was Judas + Satan.



Didn’t think of buying 2 to play it with more than 4 people :thinking:


You can even cut down the insert and fit two copies in one box:


Just had a bank holiday trip to the game cafe. Money well spent to get first time plays of

Everything I hoped for and more. I loved this straight out the box. Big rules learn up front but played very quickly. Really similar to Great Western Trail in that way for me. Got utterly destroyed by my wife (‘The Dream Crusher’) whilst me and the kids duked it out for second. I will be buying this at some point.

Heard about this on Board Game Barrage. Could have done with a bit more rule explanation and a few more examples initially but oh my! What an utterly infuriating little [email protected]&rd of a game (in a very good way). Really beautiful, high quality cards. Very quick but so many big decisions.

Finished off with Welcome To…
Played Railroad Ink last week which we enjoyed, but this blew it out of the water IMO. Thought I was doing well but the end was crushingly poor. Loved the graphics, preferred using a pencil instead of a Sharpie. Eldest son (11) destroyed us with a left field tactic. The Dream Crusher trailed in last, which I don’t think has ever happened in a new game before; she picks up new games so much faster than anyone I know. I can see this accidentally falling into a shopping basket as well (pulling Arboretum with it!!)


We started our first game yesterday (just had an hour so I did the teach and we played a few rounds before pausing). I have to admit there is a serious case for a player aid here, but I was also impressed with 1) how well/smoothly it got rolling, and 2) just how much damn fun it is. The decision space seems really excellent in this one and I’m looking forward to playing the rest of our game out (hopefully tonight).


I have no idea what a good strategy is. We took 2.5 hours including rules, set up and tear down. We generally play games quite fast.

Heavy Cardboard were pretty scathing about the lack of a player aid in their review, but when the game costs £40-45 and the board is massive I suppose you can’t have everything. Enjoy your game.


Several rounds of Pepper (AKA Bid Euchre) with another couple last night. It’s an excellent little trick taking game, but it needs more spiciness, so I’m looking at this variation where the team that didn’t get the bid is at risk if they don’t take any tricks whatsoever and thus can concede to avoid this, and no trump is allowed.

Basically, my problem is that the team that wins the bid only gets 1 point per trick if they meet or exceed their bid, and the losers of the bid always get 1 point per trick, so with a 6 card hand, a lot of rounds boil down to someone bidding 3, both sides get 3, and the game gets closer to ending without changing much. Putting more risk on the team that didn’t get the bid could help change this up, and conceding to avoid losing points means you could bluff a high bid. And a lot of hands are just bad because you lack Jacks, so no trump could help with that.

Then I broke out The Lady and the Tiger at lunch with a coworker. Labyrinth is still an excellent abstract game with room for clever plays that you don’t see coming, and Doors was a comical asymmetrical bluffing / deduction game for two, where you can do a lot of speculation and analysis, but ultimately you’ve got to read your opponent and call their bluff (if they’re bluffing). The scoring is a bit complex, but it weights your decisions and gambles quite nicely.


I visited a friend on Saturday and played some games with him and his gf.

We started with Strike, which is discussed a lot by various board game media people, largely because they fall into Civil War-style factions of “gladiators in an arena” (it’s a fun thematic game) or “dice in a bowl” (it’s nonsense dice chucking). After having played it, I fall more into the former category, but I’d play it only occasionally, and wouldn’t play more than once in a game day.

Then we played Unlock: The House on the Hill. I do like puzzles and enjoy these escape room-inspired games, but I like the Exit series more than Unlock. This one was pretty good, but at the very end we couldn’t find a hidden number in a card, despite looking specifically for it on that location, and didn’t get the crucial clue for the final puzzle. It was still fun, though!

He has tons of games, but heavier euros aren’t his gf’s favorite, and she enjoys coops, so we played Legendary: Predator. It was still in shrink, so I helped guide them on sorting the cards, which is a pain the ass for this game. :stuck_out_tongue: The game we played was really fun! It was very close, and we were so injured at one point that it seemed there was no way to win. In the end, it came down to the final player having to draw an enemy strike (with only 2 HP left) and hoping that it would be at most 1 damage… and it was!!! There was much rejoicing.

Then his gf went to walk the dog so we played Lost Cities. I generally don’t like light games, but this gives you a nice balance of thinking and taking calculated risks without being overwhelming. We were definitely both grumbling about painful decisions on our turns. :laughing:


Having played 7-8 games now, I’m not surprised you won the first game with Cthulhu. It’s not the most powerful, but it’s the faction easiest to work out enough to winner a beginner game of. They seem to even out a bit over time, but Cthulhu I’d hazard has the best win rate of 4 equally smart new people playing the game. The Red Shub Niggurath faction is maybe the most obscure play style of the base factions.

Any way, today I played a game of Food Chain Magnate. Tense and interesting game with everyone having fun. I’m particularly stoked as it was one of my newer gamer friend’s first game of FCM and they loved it, so hopefully it can get back in rotation.

Followed up with the ever silly, swingy and surprisingly strategic Quacks of Quedlinburg. Huzzah!


I won playing with Shub Niggurath in my first game vs. Cthulhu(also new player) and Hastur (experienced player). I think it was because Hastur considered Cthulhu a more immediate threat and would launch attacks against them, while I was more or less left alone to spread all over the world. By the time they recognized the threat and ganged up on me it was too late and I hung on to win by 1 point.


Should be on a sticker on the box…