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I did talk about it a little in my “New to Me Boardgames - April” post.

Suffice to say that it’s a pretty fun game, a bit random in the exploration aspect of it but still lots of fun. And I want to play it again with some proper rules (we got a bunch of little rules wrong).


How I play Isle of Skye, my thoughts italicized:

Sally definitely needs this piece. It has boats and she needs boats and it will finish her lake which is scored this round, so $5? Er, maybe $7? It’s worth so many points, maybe $8?

"Everyone ready?" someone asks, causing me to panic.

Ah, um… um… $10 - no $15!

Prices are revealed, and Sally snorts, "Who would pay $15 for that crap tile?"

Me I guess. :confounded:


This is the best part of Isle of Skye. Be Greedy! But… whoa, not that greedy!

Isle of Skye is definitely a favorite of mine, my partner and my game group. It has basically replaced both Carcassonne and Alhambra for me (though I keep both because both are very sentimental as some of the first games I played when getting into the hobby; I’ll play both here and there for nostalgia alone)


Haha, funny that you say it replaced Carcassonne - I pitch it to gamers as “Carcassonne, but better!”

And it’s pretty much a hit every time it gets on the table. The rules are light, but have depth, and there’s such nuance to the game… And such screw ups when you get too greedy. I love it so much.


That’s the way I feel about it too. (For the same thing in another direction, Cacao, which I didn’t like enough to buy, but which I wouldn’t mind playing again some time.)


I think it’s a very different game to Carcassonne (I get that it’s tile placement but not on the same scale) so I don’t feel that’s a fair comparison. Not to me anyway.


Boardgaming day today, so we played some Modern Art (which I won by mostly focusing on just selling pricey art) and Potion Explosion (which is a bit of a novelty in my collection but its breezy and charming enough that I’ve held onto it)

Then had a few players leave to enjoy the afternoon sunshine, so we, the sunlight averse who were left, played some ORC (which is a nice 2 player filler), Summoner Wars (which I won by virtue of leaping Lioneer - it was super close though - both our summoners were on 1 health by the end!) and finally a game of Hive (which went a touch longer than usual - not too long, but long enough for the strategy to unfold a bit more than usual)

Afterward we had some evening reinforcements and played RUM (a fairly simple little rummy game) then a match of Splendor (which I love less now than I used to but its so easy to teach and people get the game so quickly that its lasted ages in my collection) and then finally a round of Welcome To (which is terrific)


Played my first game of Museum the other day. I like the theme, but it wasn’t a good time for me to be trying to get to grips with some of the finer strategy points of it all. It’s a set collection game that’s reminiscent of Ex Libris, but a lot less complex. Unfortunately I was also suffering a cold (still am, but by now on the long tail of sniffles) and not thinking as clearly as I’d have liked.

When I picked it up I also got the People’s Choice expansion which adds a fifth player slot and the additional mechanic for the people’s choice stuff. A fifth spot is great, helps fit more people in if I drag it to the office’s board game night. Opening that box you get the fifth player stuff (one tiny cardboard token and one more player mat), the people’s choice stuff (a larger cardboard token and a small deck of cards with a bonus on them), but also what appears to be cardboard components for some of the other small expansions, of no use to me without them. I’m weirded out that they seem to have added an expansion that’s required for all the other expansions.

Oh and the tray insert in the main box is ridiculously oversized and wasteful on space. Like seriously, this is now possibly the biggest box game I own other than Pandemic Legacy, but ultimately it only has to fit a board and five or six decks of cards. The whole thing could probably be like half its current thickness. In fact, I might go measure with/without it…


JUST AS I THOUGHT. Got the tape measure and put in some work. With the insert, the main box fills to the brim. Without it, I can fit it all (including the components for the other expansions that I don’t need yet) into the way, way slimmer People’s Choice box. And here’s a gallery showing the highly scientific data.


Broke out my copy of Planetarium last night and played it with two friends. My plan was to start with that and then move onto Concordia or Champions of Midgard for the main event. But my friends showed up late and we got into a heated debate about “Avengers: Endgame” while we were playing and it ended up being the only game we played.
Planetarium was the first game I ever backed on Kickstarter and I was super-excited when it showed up and wanted to play it all the time. I even replaced the cardboard matter tokens with matching glass disks from a craft store to “pimp it out” a bit. But then other games started coming in and I have actually only played it maybe 6 times over the past 2-3 years.So, I was glad to play it again and see if I still liked it enough to try to get it back in rotation.
Anyway, it’s fine. There’s just enough strategic decision-making to take it out of the “filler” category, mostly having to do with which cards you keep and general hand-management-type things. None of us were good enough at the game to have any kind of ability to block other players from doing what they wanted to do, so it was basically three-player solitaire until the last turn of the game.
So, I’ll be breaking it out from time to time, and I’m hoping that when my kids get a little older they will be interested enough in the science aspect (each card has a little astronomy fact on it) to want to try it. If you can find a cheap copy somewhere I recommend it as a sort of “heavier filler” game if you know what I mean. And if you like it, you can spend another $8 bucks or so to make it look a little classier, like I did.


I’ve played a few solo and 2-player games of Tiny Towns since getting it last night, and I gotta say I’m just thrilled with this one. 2-player is vastly preferred to solitaire, and I’m really excited to show this one to people as it’ll only get better with more folks involved.


Played some naga raja last night - a two player duelling map making game. You race to create paths towards initially hidden scoring perimeter tiles on your personal board so that you score 25 points. The catch is if you uncover the three highest scoring tiles (6 points) you lose. The way you win map pieces is through a sort of bidding - you play cards which allocate these four sided dice to yourself and then roll them - the highest pips wins - but your remaining cards are used to modify that score or do other effects (for example sneaky peak at the hidden tiles so you can zone in on or avoid certain tiles, or perhaps move your opponents tiles).

I feel like it’s a game where if you played it 2-3 times you would assume it’s more random than it is but the more a pair of players plays the richer it becomes but also the plateau for that is not that high and the randomness influence starts kicking in again.


Last night my son wanted to play a quick game before bed, so we dusted off Exploding Kittens. It was fine. It’s short and we were playing together so whatever.

I promised him we’d get Bears vs Babies to the table for the first time in months, so that happened this morning. I actually don’t mind the game for what it is, accept we don’t play as fast as I’d like (he tries to plan it out too much), and the ‘take that’ can really sour him sometimes.

Later in the afternoon we played our first game of Heroes of Terrinoth. Co-op card game, built on the same structure as Warhammer Quest: Adventure Card Game. It was pretty fun, though the first mission felt way too easy.

After dinner we played another game of Ashes. I started strong, but after a couple of set backs, I couldn’t do anything while he built up his forces and eventually crushed me. I’m really glad I grabbed the additional decks, as it’s still seeing a fair amount of play.


My wife and I got Arboretum to the table again after quite a while. Still good, but probably a bit too thinky while are kids were constantly trying to get on the table or climb over us. I pulled off a win at 30 - 28.

The kids calmed down a bit so we had a go at Azul. We ended up getting distracted again, though not to the degree as before, but still we aren’t 100% certain of our scoring, but what we ended up with gave her the win at 96 - 94.


A slightly struggly go at Twilight Struggle yesterday - as with the previous times I’ve played, lots of fiddly rules leading to some mistakes - the game does its best to remind you, to be fair. But none of it is intuitive yet! Still a fascinating brain burner though.


The app might help ye. x


I usually wait til the apps are cheap if I’ve got the game - so looked, and it’s an insanely reduced 2.99. That’s a straight purchase!


I want to love TS but I think it needs repeat plays with the same person. It’s such a time hog and if you learn the game (and importantly the deck) better than your opponent I imagine it would lead to a very imbalanced game.


Finally got Scythe to the table again. I want to love it, I really want to love it but I’m not getting the hook yet. Only had 3 plays but I’m bumbling around lost. Not enjoying the theme too much either. I think we’ll try s couple of plays again soon and maybe look to sell if it hasn’t grabbed us by then.

Quacks went down a storm with a new group. Really enjoy this one.


This is practically my definition of games that interest me!

Oh, and if anyone wants a game on the app, I’m Benkyo there too.