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Scythe is great though be prepared to get at least one of the expansions (Invaders from Afar) with it. I wouldn’t bother with the 2nd expansion (I own it but only played it once and was ‘meh’) but do consider Rise of Fenris.


Yeah, I fully expect to “get it all”.

What didn’t you like about Wind Gambit? Outside of the higher combat and coop modules from RoF, the Airships are probably the ones I’m most interested in. I’d love a bit more movement options (though I say that with no experience of the full game).


Mechanically they’re interesting but don’t really add much. Don’t get me wrong, you should get them ALL but if you’re on a budget maybe save that one for last.
Full disclosure I have:

  • All of the expansions.
  • The event cards add-on.
  • Metal Coins and Metal Resources.
  • The expanded board.

So I’m a bit of a super fan, or at least a whale purchaser.


That’s fair. I’m not sure when we’ll pick it up, but probably sometime early summer. I should take a break from purchases for a little bit, lol.

A bit off topic, but I’ve always found it strange that the factions all have the same airship, but I guess making 7 unique molds would have just increased the price.


Hey, just curious how often does your group use the discard action for resources in Res Arcana?


Ha my group is me and my partner :grinning:. I use it a fair bit because we play random and sometimes you just have to based on the cards. She said she’d use it more I think but she forgot the rule - I think it’s because you can mostly get away with not using it (or at least you could in the first couple of games we played).

It reminds me of the rule in key forge that means every card can do something even if in that deck a particular card is junk.


I roped a few co-workers into a game of Cryptid over lunch. Seems like everyone enjoyed it, and they all grasped it immediately. I love this game.


Interesting. I also played random and found the discard mechanic to be extremely efficient. The two rules hints in the manual “Tip: Do try not to place all of your artifacts. Instead, discard some of them to gain the essences needed to place the others” and “Tip: As artifacts can instead be discarded from hand for essences, there is still an implicit cost to place them” to be pretty understated. The key not quite intuitive rule that makes discarding almost all the viable is on pg 8 Passing “Then, draw 1 card (if possible). If you have no cards in your deck, reshuffle your discards to form a new deck”. This means there is not too much of a cost to abusing the discard action, as you are only trading the ability to card the card RIGHT NOW for +2 resources.

Discarding is efficient for a few key properties common to most engine building games. 1. Resources now are much more valuable than resources later. Discarding cards lets you get the +2 resources now versus playing the card to generate resources. Playing the card to generate resources will take at least a turn to back itself back, let alone generate resources. 2. The bursty-ness of the resource generation matters if there exists powerful expensive components that more efficiently generate resources. If you discard your starting hand you can get +6 resources any way you want, or +3 gold which is pretty silly.

For example, last random game I had 3 Dragons in my deck and I wanted to build “Dragon’s Lair”. I built “Dragon’s Lair” on Turn 1. “Dragon’s Liar” costs 12 resources. For the purposes of of buying “Dragon’s Lair” you start with 4 resources, then you discard your hand for +6 resources, and then I had the “Scholar” and “Research” power that both effectively translate to gain 1 wild resource each for +2 resources. 4+6+2 equals 12.

Cool! I abused this mechanic mechanic to buy a shiny end game item on turn 1. Do I like this mechanic? I hate it.

The discard mechanic breaks most of the puzzles that Res Arcana tries to setup. Don’t have the right colors of essences to play stuff. Who cares! Just discard to get 2 of anything you want. Should you build a draw engine or a resource engine? Who cares! They are almost functionally equivalent where a draw engine is specifically a wild resource generation engine. Having trouble converting essences into gold? Who cares! You can even discard to gain a gold. If you discard your starting hand for gold with the starting gold, you can turn 1 buy a monument. Want to play all 8 of the artifacts in your deck? Looping the final card over and over again for +2 resources a turn is more efficient than trying to play the card in good faith in most circumstances.

My platonic ideal for a card game is where you have to learn the individual nuances of every card in the game and that the each card is conditionally strong in certain situations. To me that means I play card games to read cards and dream of specific scenarios where I can apply my knowledge that card to great effect.

Res Arcana to me is flawed as a game, because it is a card game where you don’t have to read most of the cards. As most of the artifacts effects in Res Arcana are weaker than simply just discarding the cards for +2 resources.


My son and I got in a couple of rounds of Catacombs Conquest last night after dinner. Such a fun and quick little dexterity game.


What do you do on turn two though if you’ve binned everything?


You draw 1 card every time you pass. Turn Two with that setup is probably Discard the free drawn card for two resources. Activate Scholar to spend a resource to draw a card. Activate Research to spend a resource to draw a card. Make a plan based on the 2 drawn cards + “Dragon’s Lair”.


You could go monument route I suppose but it seems kind of slow because you’re into the third/fourth round and have zero points, no resources and two cards? Or maybe that’s the big money of dominion and the aim is to beat that par play?!

Imagine this looks like gobbledegook to most people. :slight_smile:


Wait. How does it seem slow? Turn 1 “Dragon’s Lair” means you can tap the Lair for 2 gold. You have 3 gold then. If you hit a dragon with +2 cards cards per turn you can play the Dragon cheaply with “Dragon’s Lair”. Once a dragon is out the 1 Dragon with Dragons lair earns 2 points a turn.

Zero essences and two cards effectively means 4 wild resources, but the resources would actually be 3 gold.

You obviously don’t buy “Dragon’s Lair” Turn 1 without multiple dragons. In general, you discard to play whatever resource generation that will be the most efficient for your deck.


Might be time to get a separate thread going. :wink:


I’m headed over to a games-friendly pizzeria to teach War Chest to a group of 3 folks (two strangers, one acquaintance). This will mark the first time(!) I’ll be playing in the 4P team game. Super excited.


Last Sunday, I got a third play (so I could do the review) in for Embark, and then played a game I haven’t played in quite a while: Suburbia!

Nice to get that to the table again.

This week we haven’t played anything at work. We might be doing Conquest of Paradise at Sunday’s get-together again. We’ll have to see.


Love to hear your thoughts on CoP.


Wednesday night, an early bird and I went straight on playing Cousins’ War and it’s such a delightful 2 player game. One of the best I have. I have the mini first edition and it’s just tiny and adorable, but it punches above its weight. The final victory at Round 5 came down to the wire and I lost gloriously.

Then we played Skull. Still works. Still cause a ruckus!

Followed by Tybor the Builder, which is a nice set-collecting drafting game. I really enjoyed it on our first game, but I’m sceptic that I will continue enjoying this after repeated plays.

5 player Root with the base factions + Otters!! Those blasted Otters with their silver-tongue player. They sold themselves well to all of us, and manage to put their engine at overdrive. I was the Arbiter because I like being a 3 sword carrying trooper, but my (sole) effort to stop the Otters was not enough. GOSHDARNIT, OTTERS!!!


Yup, how I feel about every small box Pfister I’ve played. Slightly too complex for a filler and not complex enough for something meaty. Essentially most things that are 2-2.5 complexity on BGG


Possibly the only one I enjoy is Isle of Skye because the buying/selling between players improves replayability.