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I’ve always assumed that was supposed to be the horrifying end-game state almost all of the time. (It never makes it less fun, though!)


haha yes! Writing that one sentence is succinct enough for me. This is why it’s my fave coop, other than Escape: Curse of the Temple


Last night was my friend’s bday, and gave him a copy of Keyflower because it’s his fave.

We played Condottiere (new Z-Man edition) with the old rules. I played on the British side of the 1775: Rebellion and we dominated the Americans and their silly little rebellion in the end with an ending score of 8 - 2.

We played Tempel des Schreckens 3x - I was the native guardians on all plays and I/we kept triggering the firetraps. Hilarious bluffing game. We added a house rule of not allowing the current player to select a card from the player that chosen them on the last turn. So that the key card doesn’t ping pong back and forth between 2 players and make the game more interesting.


I do like Conquest of Paradise. I think you’re right but it also feels like exploration should be.


We played Galaxy Trucker, last night and I had a great couple of rounds finishing with $93. We then played Splendor and I got a little frustrated as I couldn’t seem to get the cards I want, and when I either spent a huge amount to get a card or took one to get a gold, the next card out was ridiculously easy and my girlfriend just took the next card. She ended up destroying me :slight_smile:


Was it just the two of you playing Splendor? I’ve noticed with 3-4 you have to get lucky with the draws a lot more than with just 2 players, because there’s such a high turnover in the market.


It was just two of us. There were three cards that you needed 4 of the same gem which I couldn’t get and the fourth card was just something I couldn’t buy because of lack of gems. I love splendor, I think it was just a one off, or maybe I was hungry or tired or both. She beat me soundly though and that is always a good thing.


Ah yeah, getting those bottom tier cards that require four of a kind is tough with two…


Played Citadels with a group on Saturday. I’d played it but they had never played anything like it and all loved it. So it’s being added to the rotation. Then a quick round of Barenpark and finished up with Dinosaur Island.

Try to mix up game types so nobody gets bored.


How does your group like Dinosaur Island? I sold my copy + expansion recently because we found it a bit awkward in terms of finding a reason to play. Too big and long for too little.


They like it. My group are fairly new to gaming. So we’ve been slowly moving genre by genre seeing what they like and don’t like. We aren’t to the point where we can hit a big difficult euro game yet so dinosaur island takes that spot. They like it. I think it’s a bit clunky and i’d rather play something else to be honest. But they like it and it (and elterich horror) takes the spot for our “big long games”


My usual fortnightly group last night and mainly played lighter games.

We started off with the few rounds of Guillotine as we waited to see if any more players would show. I like this game - easy to learn, some nice little decisions to make and easy to knock off a few rounds.

Then we played Sagrada, a new one for me. I really liked this game, although that might be because I won… I went for my usual tactic when looking at new games of going for a hardish play (I think I had 5 tokens) because I feel l learn more, trying to do that than just coasting on easy. Anyway, it paid off. It is such a pretty game although some of the colours (difference between red and purple dice and between blue and green squares on the board) can be tricky in not very good light!

Mysterium was up next - as ghost, I don’t think I knew well enough how my group thinks to be able to really get things going. One player came up with some really esoteric reasonings behind why he thought I’d given him those dream cards, WAY more complex than any thought processes I had! I struggled with some of the cards so we didn’t win - people got stuck on weapons. Always good fun, although out of the 7-8 times i’ve played, I’ve been ghost all but one times so I’d like to play more as a player!

Finally, we finished off with a quick play of Ticket to Ride: New York. A neat quick (15 mins including set up or thereabouts!) version of the Ticket to Ride franchise. I should have won by a country mile but apparently I can’t tell the difference between Times Square and Empire State and went to the wrong place…


Played a game of Hanamikoji - the guy I introduced to said it’s better than Battleline/Schotten Totten, an interesting comparison that never entered my mind! I’m glad I got the promo cards because this is such a joy to play.

Meeple War is my underrated game of 2019 so far. Went online and was glad that Tom Vasel really love it.

Taluva gorgeous light abstract game!

Cryptid 2x - a very good deduction game. It is quicker and cleaner than Treasure Island, but I feel like I prefer the latter’s complexity. But I only played it once as Long John Silver.


I Played Clank, for the first time last night, and I absolutely loved it. I mean I won so that could have something to do with it, but I went to bed wanting to play again, and then I woke up still wanting to play so that says something.

Pandemic Legacy Season 1 - March, later tonight!


I haven’t played the original, but we have Clank! In! Space! and it’s a lot of fun, even at 2.


I think of Battle Line and Hanamikoji as being in the same family of card games, where two players compete over several columns. Magnate is another great one, blending in resource management and Catan elements, while Lost Cities doesn’t quite make it, as you’re not competing with the other player, scoring separately.


Mysterium is one of my favorite games. I do have, and play with, both expansions. I think they are great and highly recommend them. I probably played the base game 15 times before picking up an expansion. By that point I had seen pretty much every card. Now with both expansions I have played another 15 times or so and with the extra dream cards and the extra people/places/weapons/motives cards the variety is enormous and I am still seeing new cards.

TL;DR - Mysterium is excellent, if the cards are getting repetive add one or both expansions; they are great.


I’ve not played it enough to feel that way yet but I can see it coming, especially if you play it with the same people.


I played Pandemic Legacy Season 1 last night for our second meet up. The last time we played we won on our first play for both January and February. Then last night we won in March and April on our first try. Then May happened…The World is Burning! We lost.

But we had a blast, next meet up isn’t 7 weeks in between this time. We save the world again on May 6.

Love this game! Strongly recommend.


My absolute best game experience of that year (2016?). Knowing that people are passing on it purely because it’s a legacy game and has a limited number of plays causes me physical pain :crying_cat_face: