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Played another game of Ashes last night. It was a close one; I needed two power symbols to cast a spell and win it, but my son swarmed me and took out my Pheonixborn before I was able to get them.

Still really enjoying this game. My only issue, which I think is fairly common in this style of game (MtG, Pokemon, etc) is the extremely wide range of playtime. We’ve had matches last 20-30 minutes all the way up to 60-75. It just makes it had to get it to the table during the week.

Easter dinner is later today, so probably won’t have a chance to get a game to the table until tomorrow.


@MinuteWalt I’m also a great fan of the solo! Got a top 5 or something of recommendations?


Gloomhaven, quite a tricky level, we’d already failed it a few weeks ago. This time we did a trick (involving swapping two figures), which made it a bit easier – but we still lost one player. Frustrating, but happy we got it done.

Altiplano, first play. Easier to learn than I thought. It all looks very complex at first, you have islands, a player board, another storage board for each player. But in operation its not too bad. You can see the similarities with Orleans (not surprising, since its the same designer). Everyone seemed to struggle with the concept of carts at first, but I think we played it ok. Its a bag builder, so you draw tiles from your bag and fill in spaces on your board. But you need to move to the location to actually carry out the action. Its interesting that only coins are spent, resources are never used up (they go to a discard container, where they’ll go back to your bag when you run out of tiles. Its seemed to go on a bit long, we had one location with only 3 cards left (end game condition is when a location runs out of everything: tiles, cards, tokens, or when you cant put out more extension spaces). It can be a bit annoying when you produce tiles that have no purpose other than being worth points at the end. They can just clog up your planning spaces when drawn. I guess you can always sell them (although some cant be sold). Its also possible I just dont know how to play the game well, I finished a very distant last. Noone used their warehouses much – they were all full of corn.

Crusaders, really enjoying this one. Its not difficult to pick up, and its a decent contest. Ok, I’ll play any game with a roundel. The game has had a positive reaction from both the gaming groups I’ve played with.

Raxxon, first play. This is a zombie themed, cooperative card game. The object of the game is to evacuate healthy people. You have a crowd, which is a grid of random cards (some healthy, some infected). The action system is interesting. As you perform actions (like evacuating, or investigating cards by flipping them over), you place a marker on that action. When your turn comes around next, before you take a new action, you perform the consequences from your previous actions. These can include adding new cards to the crowd, adding more cards to the deck, or taking a Raxxon card, which is a conditional card describing aspects of the story. Raxxon is the evil corporation that has caused the whole zombie problem in the first place. We played the introductory level, and succeeded without too many problems. The game felt a bit random.

Doppelt So Clever, second game. I just cant quite get my head around this so far, scoring very badly. I enjoy Ganz Schon Clever a lot more, but maybe thats just because I understand it better.


There’s your problem. The warehouse gets stuff out of your bag, so it’s the perfect place to dump stuff you don’t want to draw. Especially rare stuff that can take up a low-scoring shelf, meaning you can put more common stuff (that’s more likely to fill a shelf) onto higher-scoring shelves.

Or some can go onto orders.


The problem was, some of the goods were worth points at the end, so putting them into the warehouse didnt get nearly as many points. For smaller value goods, I agree, warehouse would be good.

Most of the points came from orders cards, and I needed way more than I got.

Still, first game - learning experience!


Like I said, most co-ops are very solo-able. I’m a huge fan of Ghost Stories (good lord, what nice bits, the art is great, too), there’s also Forbidden Island, Pandemic, other Matt Leacock co-op games. There was an early SU&SD video of free PnP games that talked about a wargame solo game, as well as others, but for the life of me I can’t find it.


Is what you’re after. :grinning:


Yep, that’s the one!

I think this has come up here before (and I couldn’t find it back, then, either. Or, rather, I just couldn’t be arsed to, if I’m going to be honest).

Good on you @RossM!


You still score goods in your warehouse, you just get extra points for filling shelves.


Doh! Its stated a bit different in my rulebook, but it still says they are included. It starts by saying dont move anything from the warehouse or orders, so I read that to mean dont include warehouse items in the scoring.

Oh well. On the bright side, I probably would have lost by even more if we’d played properly.

Thanks Bruitist


Played some games over the Easter weekend - first up was a few rounds of Junk Art - I did terribly but it was fun!

Followed that up with Scoville, Archaeology and Arboretum - all were lots of fun. Scoville is an underlooked gem imo. Archaeology is always good and Arboretum plays quite differently with more than 2 players (which is how I’d played it till now) - less punishing but requires different play to do well - I’m keen to try it with 4 sometime!

And finally closed out the day with some Dominion over dinner - its been awhile but I still enjoy it a lot - I’ve been tossing up whether to hold onto it but I think I probably will, for the moment at least. The Quest for El Dorado might take its spot once I find a copy though.


Tonight we played our first group game of A Feast for Odin.

It went well for me, coming second by 3 points. There were definitely 2 different points totals. One got 24 points another got 36, I have 101, and first place had 104.

unfortunately you can’t see the excellent artwork on my black beer can. Its by Little Bang Brewery and its a pilsner called “Exoplanet” it has all this awesome exoplanet artwork taken from Real Science! ™. They have short descriptions of the actual exoplanets on there. Also, the beer is amazing.

AFter that we played Bloodborne the card game. it was described as a semi co-op fighting game.
it was fun but its a “take that” combat game. Fun and glad it only lasted as long as it did.


Underwater Cities

Absolutely loved the first play. Really great ramping engine builder that leaves tight decision making to the very end. We messed up the rules slightly forgetting about the different production when there are two upgraded buildings, so ended up ignoring it for balance, but still very much enjoyed it. Hit all the right levels of agonising, worker placement blocking and excitement of pulling off a plan.

Only criticism are the buildings. Upgraded cities are a different colour. Tunnels flip over to show a point symbol. Buildings stack to show theyre upgraded. They’re small acrylic cylinders that are stacked, but they’re not completely flat to stack well, are too small to stack well even if they were, are prone to being knocked over during play, and aren’t very obvious as to which buildings are upgraded when you look down at your play mat! I found myself pulling my head back to get a more isometric angle!! They could have easily been flippable tiles like the tunnels, so why not???


So I tried a basic lunar landing mission in Apollo and used my new LEGO Saturn V as a backdrop/game piece.

Launch was relatively uneventful, but excess vibration did wreak havoc on the LM electrical system. S-IC booster separation was nominal, and S-II start up and burn were 5x5.

S-II separation and S-IVB burn were in the green with stable parking orbit established and smooth transition to TLI (Trans Lunar Injection).

T&D (Transposition & Docking) of the CSM (Command-Service Module) and LM (Lunar Module) went smoothly, and was accomplished on the first attempt. Once docked, the crew were able to make necessary repairs to the LM electrical systems. The Grumman boys over at Bethpage need to harden the system against shock for any future missions!

LOI (Lunar Orbit Insertion) went well, but the LM pilot developed an illness. This precipitated a GO/NO GO poll of the crew and Houston with regards to a landing attempt. Unsurprisingly, they decided to GO. Possibly due to the pilot’s illness, the LM went slightly off course and used more fuel than was planned, but achieved touchdown two steps away from BINGO FUEL.

The crew were able to do most of the planned EVA, however they weren’t able to set up live TV cameras successfully. Oh well, you’ll have to take our word for it; we landed on the Moon!

LM launch and rendezvous with the CSM was not perfect, but within the flight envelope. The LM was ejected and preparations for the return trip initiated.

Disaster! A fault during a routine O2 tank stir caused an explosion that severely damaged both the CSM propulsion and life support systems! (This is actually what happened during Apollo 13, but en route to the Moon, not on the way back)

Quick thinking by Houston was able to restore some of the life support system, but extensive damage to the Service Module, and possibly the heat shield on the Command Module, made re-entry a risky prospect. Luckily, the shield was undamaged, the chutes opened as planned, and the crew made a safe splashdown in the warm waters off Hawaii. This was lots of fun, especially the nearly catastrophic failure of the O2 system, and the ginormous Saturn V model made the game seem truly EPIC!

Last game you bought?

Last game my group actually went through: Arkham Horror 2nd Edition and Blood Rage.

Lunchtime games with my cowokers: Love Letter and Cockroach Poker.


My son will be away for a little over a week with his mom (Florida, the lucky bugger :wink:), so we wanted a day of quality time together. Of course, this involved much board and video gaming.

First game of the was Ashes. It was a longer game, as we were nothing using characters that focused on a larger number of weaker units. Led to a bit of a stalemate where neither of use had an opening. I took the win as I was eventually able to overwhelm him, but it was close.

After that we played some Smash Bros. Ultimate!

Next game was Aeon’s End. It was our first game against a level 5 Nemesis (Glutton of Punishment I believe), and we came really close… got him down to about 15 before the city fell (on easy). We’re getting better at the game as a whole.

This was followed by lunch and more Smash.

Next up was two scenarios of Claustrophobia 1643. I was the Infernal player first, and I lost. Though to be fair, I made a mistake and the tile deck was 3 tiles smaller than it should have been; we counted it as a win on “easy mode”, lol. Second game I was the humans on the 3rd Scenario, and I lost. I possibly could have won (got to the final objective) but I made some poor decisions.

Last game before dinner was about 3 (or 4?) rounds of Catacombs Conquest. This one has been a big hit for both of us!

After he went for Easter with his mom’s family, the gf and I got in a couple of games. Raiders of the North Sea and Piepmatz. I lost both of them, but at least Raiders was close (3 points behind), as Piepmatz was not (10-12 points behind).


@Boydesian That is absolutely fantastic.


My gaming seems meaningless in comparison to yours. Great set up, totally love it!


We played Dice Forge which I liked better as a 2nd game, than the first one.

Played Fields of Green again with the Grand Fair expansion and omg this might be the best engine building card game Im looking for! (I still love Seasons, and still havent played Race for the Galaxy).

Space Base is just phenominal. I finishes with 45 pts. and then the very last player of the round rolled an 8 - a number he cant get every single turn - which allowed him to charge up the “You Win” card and snatched victory from my hands. :sob:

Architects of the West Kingdom - one of my fave Euros. Not as good as Keyflower, Tzolkin, or Feast for Odin, but I really like it.

Samurai - Blue Lagoon is more compact game, aesthetically pleasing, and more satisfying game.

The Game first time playing this. I think I would rather play the Mind

Lorenzo il Magnifico - oh man. It’s perhaps the tightest Euro I have ever played since Agricola. This game is heartbreaking. I really like it but I dont think I’m getting it myself.

Go Cuckoo - Easter themed dexterity game


What does, if you happen to know, Grand Fair add to the mix for Fields of Green? I played FoG and thought it was a pleasant game but I didn’t get the “OMG, I can’t wait to play this again” vibe I usually get from engine-builders. I read Grand Fair was a good expansion but no details really.