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I’ve never bounced harder off of a game than I did with Knitwit (ok, Factory Fun but that was because it requires fast thinking and spatial reasoning, which is not something I can combine).

I’m glad it has a fan, though! :slight_smile:


Yep. I was the Arbiter on that game, so I have 3 swords late game and won.

But I did it with the knowledge that raising relations with factions (as I need 3 cards for an alliance) is now difficult.

I’ll try it next time as the Arbiter again with just combat when I got my 3rd sword.


We don’t have an Arbiter. We only have a Ranger, but he can be lethal and (back to your original point) very much gets attention from the others. Players tend to attack rather than allow him to be too friendly, for instance. The rules have actually recently been adjusted to nerf a super-aggressive Vagabond strategy because it’s (maybe) a bit too powerful if he’s allowed to score infamy points on other people’s turns and can refresh items by using the repair action.


That is interesting. I guess my friends (and I) didn’t know much about the faction. And they thought breaking my items would be a waste of their actions.

I would say that playing as the Vagabond, it showed me how important it is to attack the Vagabond player.

Also the Arbiter is amazing in combat. Starting with 2 swords, you can easily get the 3rd one through exploring. 3 swords, in theory, means you can attack 3 times and your dmg can go up to 3 with the dice rolls


It’s certainly not for everyone. I love it at the end of the night for a very quick game that gives you an opportunity to be very creative, and it always ends up with hilarious arguments about whether Chernobyl is free and pancakes are powerful.


Another great day of gaming.

Started with our first game of vanilla Pandemic. We got the win, with a couple of small rules goofs. Nothing major which was good.

Replayed the first mission of Mechs vs Minions. It was a long fight, but we got there in the end, with one little hiccup. I had 2 moves all planned out, but blanked on one of my programs, which would have cost us the game. As we were one move away, and my plan would have otherwise worked, I placed my final program (which I had just placed) over it, and kept going like nothing happened. I couldn’t handle losing because of such a small oversight so far into the mission. My son was ok with it too!

After lunch and some errands (and a bit of Kirby Star Allies), we played Scenario 2 of Claustrophobia 1643. I was the humans again, and my son dogged me with Trogs for most of the game. That was until near end. I took down his demon with one attack, but than I had both Hellhounds and a bunch of Trogs on me. It did not go well after that! I was one tile away from the Win!!! Such is life in New Jerusalem…

After dinner we had another quick game of My Little Scythe in which my son won again. I got my forth trophy on the final round, but he broke the tie with friendship.

After some ice cream, we had a game of King of Tokyo, with Cthulhu (my son) vs Anubis (me). It was a long war, and Anubis fell one turn before Cthulhu would have achieved 20 VP’s.

March Break is going by way too fast, but I’m loving all this time together, doing things we love! We have a few things tomorrow, but probably some games in the afternoon/evening. Maybe Aristeia! or Imperial Assault.


Out of curiosity, what does the Anubis expansion offer in gameplay changes to KoT? I have Cthilhu and King Kong, but not Anubis.


As well as Pandemic Legacy season 2 (It’s taken my group nearly a year to get to September) with a shock win after a rotten start in August followed by a shock loss after a promising start in September, I finally got Istanbul to the table. Fiddly set up, lots of symbols all over the place, all of which will take time to get used to - but all disguising an engaging but straightforward little game that I think is pretty accessible in terms of what you can actually do. I got the big box (at basically the same price as the base game, which made it irresistible) but I don’t feel I’ll rush to use either expansion yet.


Actually - what does King Kong do? I’ve only got Cthulu! Keep wondering if getting the others is entirely worthwhile.


It offers a new deck of cards and a 4 sided die.

The cards have an ongoing effect, as well positive/negative effects. The four sides of the die; passive, flip a new card, positive effect, negative effect. You roll it with your normal dice, and it can be re-rolled up to 3 times as well.

Overall it’s nothing ground breaking, but adds a bit more to the game without much overhead. Plus that giant 4 sided die!


This is assuming you are playing with the power up rules?


We were, but I don’t think it’s a requirement. I don’t recall any of the cards having an impact on evolution cards.


So are the cards used by all Monsters, or only the new ones from the expansion?


Last night was Blood Bowl night. My regular league was gathering, and in this 9th game of the season, my Skaven team loss to an Undead one 2-1. A great match, undecisive till the end, like they all should be (not the case, unfortunately). As I wrote this, it appears to me that I’ve played this game more than half of my life … Going to the 2/3 now ^^.


Courtier is a game set in the Love Letter universe. Classic area-control game. But it’s just fine. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the jostling and struggling for control is too chaotic for my taste. The game was just fine.

Coup - classic filler game. We played with the Japanese edition and the Polish edition. The JP version follows the renaissance theme. But the Polish is a modern day theme set in Ukraine. There are cards like Russia, protesters, police, media, the EU. They are just reskins of the game, but it was still pretty interesting.

Fields of Green a fast drafting game, but it’s a card tableau game like Race where you build up synergies. It was pretty cool. I like this. My mind was melting because it was so late in the night, but I really enjoyed it. The expansion feels so tacked on, though.


They are not exactly “used” by the monsters. The have a constant state that impacts everyone, plus the positive/negative effects.

For example, one of the cards has something like the following:
Constant effect - no monster can gain HP
On your turn, depending on what you roll with the new die;
Positive effect - gain 2 HP
Negative effect - lose 2 HP

Or you could roll the neutral symbol, and nothing happens, or the symbol to flip a new card.


Bleh Skaven are the team I struggle most against :frowning: even with only a few players left on the pitch, they’re still more than capable of sniping the ball out from beneath the noses of my players :cry: :football::mouse:


I managed to win 2-1 against Chaos Dwarves in the previous game, scoring the second touchdown with two players on the field (starting the action with 5). Opponent kinda feel like you way :grin:


Out of context, this sounds like the most heartwarming thing.


I always thought the KoT expansions just offer new monsters with their own power up cards. Good to know they also shake up the gameplay a bit.