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Just managed to get several games of NMBR 9, a game where you have to try and fit oddly shaped number pieces on top of other oddly shaped number pieces. It seemed like one of those games where you could get legitimately good at, because at the start we were only scoring 20 points a game but after a few matches we were consistently scoring in the forties (I even managed to get just over 70 points once) after we had learned some of the tricks of the trade.


A couple of my friends and I played our first game of Clans of Caledonia on Saturday and really enjoyed it. When reading the rules, we all agreed that it sounded like the most complicated game any of us had ever played, but like anything else, after getting the hang of it, we started really getting into it. I was the clan who has the trade advantage, and I realized about halfway through the game that I was focusing way too much on accumulating export contracts above all else. Despite my market advantage, I had not used it as much as I should’ve throughout the game, and so I ended up in a weird middle-ground where my engine was not particularly powerful, and the market prices were out of my range to do anything productive. So the other two who had built powerful engines both surged past me, and I got destroyed. The other two had a really close game (161 to 155), while I couldn’t even crack 100 (99 total). It took us quite a while with the setup/rules explanation, but by the end, it was really good. Definitely a keeper!


Today was the first official day of March break week with my boy, and it was a solid game day!

I won’t go into to much detail, but here’s what we played today:
Mechs vs Minions Tutorial and attempted mission 1. It did not go well, but it was a ton of fun. Obviously a few rules goofs, but nothing too bad.

Clank! In! Space! My son’s first play of this one, and he really liked it. I don’t remember the score but it was a difference of 2 vp’s.

Valeria Card Kingdoms Still enjoyed this one, but we played with the Dukes for the first time, and the score was not as close as last time. He was a little salty, but overall he handled it well.

After dinner (and some Mario Kart Deluxe) we got in a game of My Little Scythe. He was the first to 4 trophies, but I was able to tie it up. It was a true tie, as we were also matched on Friendship and Apples and gems. Everytime this hits the table, it makes we wonder if I would enjoy its big brother. I mean, that one has airships!

Tomorrow is a bit busier so we won’t get as much gaming in, but maybe Wednesday or Thursday afternoon.


Sunday we had a pretty good game day.

First, we played Blood Bowl: Team Manager for the first time in 2 years. It’s in my Top 20 but I just haven’t been able to get it to the table.

I was the Vampires while my friend was the Elves and our new player were the Dark Elves.

Sadly, I’m not good enough to play the Vampires and I lost, came in 3rd by 1 point but the winner was our newbie by 8!

Then five of us learned Carson City: the Card Game. I’ve never played the regular game, but this card game was pretty cool.


Played Sidereal Confluence with 5 players and it was really good. However, there’s something about the game that stops it from reaching my top level games. I guess it’s because you’re too fixated on the tableau due to how complex the game is, this prevents you from looking at other people and see their situation. You spend more time thinking of what you need to buy. What I think is needed as well is the ability of the player to also make a quickfire thinking as to what you can sell to other people. To know what do you need to produce to create supply for other people to make a lucrative deal. Because having knowledge of the market is crucial! That’s what I love about Brass, which I find absent in Sidereal.

Maybe that’s because it’s my first game and I’m just wrapping my head around the system, but I would need to play it the 2nd time to get a better feel.

EDIT: personally, I prefer this over Chinatown. But Pit is still the best trading game for me.

We also played Hellapagos(?) which is a coop game where you try to survive in an island, build a raft, have supplies for the journey, and off you go. However, it stops being a coop when people are starving and thirsty. It’s a pretty hilarious game, and I can be petty on this one. Being petty is a valid strategy.


I played My Little Scythe with 2 (adults) and an automountie ai player last night. I’ve only played Scythe once but this felt more like my bag. I tend to like gateway games and this felt right in that zone. Not sure what the replay-ability factor will be, but definitely one I can see being cracked out with non gamers.


How did you find the automountie? We haven’t used it yet, but I’ve heard it adds a bit to the 2 player experience

I’ve also heard of people doing 2v1 coop against the AI on a harder difficulty, but not sure how that works.


I really liked what it added but my girlfriend felt like it was an unnecessary element. It definitely gave us more options on our own turns which I’m all for. I was also impressed at how easy it was to run. I’m keen to try it out solo on the harder difficulties.


Played Kingdomino with 4 players during lunch, and it’s good! I’ve enjoyed it with 2 players as well, and it seems like a great gateway game for family and such. But maybe it’s a little too breezy? I’ve played seven or so games, and still don’t own it because it’s hard to commit to Kingdomino (because it feels a little thin already) but I haven’t played Queendomino and don’t know if it can still fill that gateway game category…

It’s also tempting to just make a variation of Kingdomino that works for two with my regular double-six domino set so I can excuse myself from buying it.


i bought Quest for El Dorado last week, then the site reviews it! Anyway, got three games in with board game savant who beat me by a clear board each time, on easy, moderate and difficult boards. It was a ruddy good time, though. Such fun. I bet it sings with 4.

Also took him on at Reykholt. I won by 5 lettuce. It’s good but oh so tight.


Had a real good game night. Started off with a couple games of FUSE while waiting for everyone to arrive. This game is just too damn easy with five players, even on higher difficulties. Still fun though. I’m thinking of adding in some 6-level bombs to spice it up.

Next, with our full seven, we played Sushi Go Party! Always beloved. We never play with fruit so we chose a premade menu with fruit in it. It ended up not being our favorite; Temaki is too mean, and the other resources were too tight. Still a good game; I got every fruit card I could and came in a three-way tie for second, while the winner got sashimi every round so was comfortably ahead.

We split up, so while the other group played Bunny Kingdom, I got to try out 3P Mottainai.It was good! I think I like 2P better, because it’s easier to tell what will be beneficial vs not for your opponent, and this game benefits highly from that kind of playing. A combination of Doll and Chopsticks got me some hot metal sales, so I was able to clinch the win with a back order. Final scores: 21-20-19.

We finished up at the same time as the other group, so a couple people left, and we had a few rounds of KnitWit, which was hilarious as always. Two separate people, amazingly, put down Furby for something curved, fuzzy, and light. And three people put down Boomerang for curved and light!


We were able to get in a couple of games today (after some Smash Bros. Ultimate).
Aeon’s End (on easy) against Ragebourne. One of our two mages was a first try (Xaxos or something :thinking:), and the market was somewhat custom, but based on one in the manuel. It was tough, but we pulled it off despite my mage becoming exhausted, and my son’s being down to 4 health at the end. It does feel like we are slowly getting better at the game, which is nice.

Before he went to bed we got in another game of Valeria Card Kingdom (he’s really loving it). It was a gold focused layout, and ended after the last Domain was grabbed. We tied at 89 points, which was fun. Surprising since we had extremely different Dukes.

I really need some expansions for both of these, and they are both the type of games that seem to thrive with a lot of variety.


Played Root as the Vagabond. Now that I’ve played all of the factions, I think I stand by my judgement on the first game that the vagabond is a solitaire faction and I’m not a fan of it after playing. Yes, the vagabond interacts with the factions by giving gifts and trading, but I never felt that I received attention from the other players, nor am I giving them much either.

the Quest for El Dorado - I’m glad I manage to grab an English edition from the geek market in January, because it’s really hard to find. We played 3 times last night and it was intense! So far, it’s my favourite deck building game. Deck builders don’t usually work for me, but this one does.

Piepmatz - So beautiful, but I’d just play El Dorado as an appetiser or Arboretum, Spirits of the Forest, Illusions, Startup, etc… if I want to bring a small box game.


What was your player count? We were two and the cartographer adventurer strategy was strong. That and board game savant got the rush on scientists and travel logs, thus had a very effective 8 card deck. I’d love to play it at 3 and 4, it would probably be very blocky.


3 or 4 players. Never had the chance with 2.


Office board game night! We only had 4 people which is less than usual, but on the upside we got to play some 4 player games that we might otherwise have skipped with 6 people or so around.

Started off with Tiki Topple, which is probably best described as a much less grim-themed, kid-friendly edition of Guillotine. It’s also a little more directly competitive in that you know what cards are in the other players’ hands, and you may be fighting for the same resources, or to eliminate them.

Next up was a proper 4 player game of Fire Tower. Last time around we did a 3 player one and we wondered if that limited the way the game came out. Players start at each corner of the board, and with one corner empty it felt like a 2 vs 1 game at times. But with 4 players we all sort of alternated who was being ganged up on due to the wind mechanic and it felt a bit less coordinated, a bit more manic and unfocused. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it was a surprise.

And then a couple of rounds of Century Golem, which is as far as our group is concerned the best of the Century games, to the point where we legit don’t get why spice road is higher in the BGG rankings (granted, only by like 40 places) because it’s the exact same game with a desperately more beautiful, fun theme. We played it once many months ago when someone brought it in, and afters I’m pretty sure all but one of our regulars bought their own copies and play regularly.


Get all the swords, and go aggressive. Then you will get some attention.


Last night I got a new group together at a Boston Pizza, 4 people.

They were fairly green in terms of how many games they’ve played. One spoke of only Monopoly and Risk, and the other had played Catan twice and Ticket to Ride: Europe once.

Neither had ever played a cooperative game. I thought of starting with Pandemic, but I have just started Season 1 so I wanted something still easy but different.

We started with Forbidden Island we lost but all of us were standing on Fool’s Landing just hoping for a Helicopter card to take us away as the island sank all around us.

The second game we played was Sheriff of Nottingham and that went over really well. I finished third but should have won, I balked at a bribe of 20 coins when I only wanted to pay 16 and when I finally agreed he just opened it. and I lost 4 contraband cards and would have won had I paid the extra 4 coins straight up.

We were going to play Isle of Skye as well but one of the guys had to wake up today at 5am so we disbanded.


Spice Road is higher solely because of the larger number of ratings (~11k to ~3k) and the way the BGG system works.
And the higher number of ratings are due to Golem not being widely available (e.g. not in German).


I specifically avoided Century: Spice Golem because they said when they published it that it wouldn’t get the sequels (and the subsequent Voltron mode) that Spice Road had planned. I would have picked up Golem if it weren’t for that.