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Got two and a half games played today

Had a quick game of Ganz Schon Clever with 3p, while we waited for our fourth

Then we played Newton. Interesting game, I guess you’d call it hand management. Each round you play five cards from your hand, each has a basic action, and sometimes a special effect. The main actions are work (move along a work track, getting money and special actions), technology (move your students along various technology paths), travel (move your scientist around a map), lessons (take a new action card), and study (move bookshelf tiles onto your player board to get bonuses). The value of an action is the number of times that symbol appears on your player board, which allow you to move more, or get better cards. After each round, you can move one of your played cards underneath your player board, so you get that symbol to use in the future. As you move around, you get bonus tiles, and if you end your movement on a special space, you get to use that action.

It played pretty smoothly, and it was a close (ish) game. The winner pulled out a huge number of points in end games bonuses. You really have to plan to get most out of your actions, and in the right order.

We ended with half a game of Brass; Birmingham. I really just wasnt getting this game, so we called it early.


Just finished a game of Mansions of Madness, doing the Murder on the Stargazer Majestic scenario with my good lady wife.

It was a good one! Lots of investigation, and only a little combat, with a bit of a mystery to solve.


Brilliant, Thank you!


Just finished up two games of King of Tokyo, using the cultists from the Cthulhu expansion. My brother-in-law won both games, the first through points, the second through a double elimination of my wife and me. I was really close the second game, but my wife used a card to change one of my dice, making me get no points rather than 2 and the win.


Just managed to play Snow Tails a racing game, at a boardgame convention. It was pretty good, even when I ended up repeatedly ramming my snow dog sled into walls and careening through trees (safe to say I didn’t come first).


I played as Overlord in Catacombs vs. 3 friends and a Chicken Champion yesterday, and learned a valuable lesson in game length. This was a first game for two of them, so I had laid out a branching path - one longer with greater rewards, plus a “short” one to be taken depending on timing, how folks were liking it, etc.

Happy to report that everyone had a great time, and it looks like at least one of my friends is hungry to play again. But boy did I underestimate how long the game can get with just a few extra cards. Now that they’ve all gotten a taste, future games will be much shorter, but harder.


I’ve taught quite a lot of people Welcome To recently. Pretty sure everyone loves it. As you say it starts of with most people just thinking ‘ok this is simple enough, nothing major here’ then suddenly it becomes a nice little brain burner and the head scratching starts. Looking forward to the expansions!


We were able to get in a handful of games this weekend.

Friday I introduced my gf to My Little Scythe. She was the first to 4 trophies, but I tied it up in the final round. Technically she should have won though, as she missed that her upgraded Move ability gave her 1 Friendship each time she used it, so she should have gotten her last trophy a turn earlier, at which point I would not have been able to tie her.

Saturday we played another game of Ethnos and she crushed me; 112 to 70ish. We had been playing wrong for awhile; I thought your band had to be larger than the total number of tokens in a region, not just yours! Lol.

Today we had a quick game of Piepmatz. I took the win 90 to 73, my best game yet. I thought it was fair after our game of Ethnos! Lol.

I booked March break off with my son, so we should get in a fair amount of gaming this week. Including our first Con on Friday! :grin:


That’s the rule when you’re playing with just 2.



I finally got the opportunity to play a (stunted) game of Power Grid today. A few social hurdles at the table made getting started a bit of a drag and meant we had to cut things short (I was hosting a game later), which was unfortunate. We did get enough turns in for me to really start to grasp the gameplay, and I’m pretty eager to try it again. Great harmony/interplay with the individual mechanics.

Later, I hosted a game of Space Base and got Space Basted by everyone at the table. Wow did I lose. However, there was a really tight race between two players and it came down to my final roll for them. The woman who triggered the end game cleared 43 points. The runner up had 27 points on his roll, bought the 12 point colony. On my my roll he got exactly what he needed from me, but it sadly wasn’t enough… 3 more VP to him for a final score of 42. So close.

Space Base is an exceptional game for what it attempts to do. I’m really happy it seems to have been reasonably successful.


Goomhaven with all the oozes. Fun.

Innovation: two games wildly different from any games we’ve ever played before. Again. The game never ceases to amaze.

Incan Gold: daughter kept bailing early and sitting smugly at camp while we ran into rockfalls, fire traps and mummies and returning stony broke.

Forbidden Desert: not a great game, and too complex for my daughter, but it seems to have fired up her imagination. Fiddled it a bit to escape the desert once, 2-player, and the next day I gave away too much water only to die of thirst four-player.


Barenpark with 2 players

Plums - finally played it! Been in my shame list for a while and I really enjoy this card game. Not as good as Arboretum, but I will play it more than Archaeology, Tea Dragon Society, or Parade.

Orleans - oh man. Another game in my shame list. This is seriously good. So many tough choices. You know I will play both this and Altiplano, but Orleans is better. I feel more statisfied with my decisions in Orleans. So Quinns is so obviously wrong! :rofl:

The Trade expansion also made it great

Another two games of Quest for El Dorado. Still havent played Trains or Clank or Aeon’s End, but it’s my fave deckbuilder right now.

Treasure Island - played as Long John Silver and it was an amazing game!! Gah. It gives me the same vibe as playing Fury of Dracula but way shorter!


Interesting. I found Orleans to be somewhat of a single-note. I feel like by my third game of it I had figured out the best options available to me and it was just a matter of executing the plan (some people complain about Dominion suffering from this, but I never have). I really need to give it another shot or two; I was hoping somebody I know would pick up the expansions so I could try it with those to see if it ‘fixed’ it for me.


Aww dang, we were playing it right! I was wondering where I got that idea in my head. For some reason when I double checked last night, I missed that. D’oh!


A light 40 min game whichh is already available in an only marginally different guise. (Assuming after four iterations there isn’t much else left to change). Word.


I played Reykholt with my 7yo. I was very surprised at how quickly he picked up the rules, and he managed to get to the 5 veg tables. I had to ditch greenhouses at the end to move ahead. I must introduce him to board game savant. It’s a really neat game, by the way, a 1 hour brain burner, if that’s your thing. I’ve played it 4 or 5 times now, and feel ready to move on to the different service cards.


That might be the case, as I only played it once so far - the honeymoon phase. Would love to play it again to get a better feel of it.

EDIT: also, I played with the Trade expansion. I don’t know whether which is expansion stuff or base. Which gave my Orleans game a boost.


I played Memoir '44 on Friday night.
My buddy and I got it out after dinner and played it for the first time. We started at the beginning of the book with the first mission, Pegasus Bridge. We had decided who would play the Nazis and who would play the Allies and I am glad we did because the entire scenario did not seem balanced at all. The Allies had 9 infantry plus 6 cards to start, and the Nazis only start with 6 infantry and 2 cards, later a maximum of 4. And the winning conditions were easier on the Allies. We read and re-read that a few times. Nazis win if they destroy 4 units, Allies win if they destroy 4 units or take over the two bridges with each bridge counting as one destroyed unit as long as they are standing on the bridge. I assumed we got that wrong because the entire point of the actual mission during wwII was to surprise the Germans on the bridge by gliding in and “crash landing” a few metres from the bridges. Then take the bridges by surprise so the Germans don’t have time to blow them up. I thought a more even winning condition was the Allies have to hold both bridges.
I ended up winning after killing 3 nazi units and holding the closer bridge. I only had one of my units destroyed so I am sure I could have completed that, but we both decided the scenario was not balanced.

Mice & Mystics - played the second scenario and successfully rescued Lily. We did have a few questions regarding what Lily was allowed to do in this scenario. The rules say she is not part of the group until she is rescued from the trap and we had to rescue her before the roaches kill her. But can she attack the roach? When you get to that tile can she attack anything. Is she allowed to defend herself? We went online and visited two sites and decided, she wasn’t allowed to move but she could defend and attack. I don’t know if we would have had a chance if she just let the roach attack her. We had a surge on both of the first two tiles so there would have been four roaches attacking Lily and she would have been captured after three successful attacks. This would have happened if she couldn’t defend and attack before we even got the tile prior to her being on. So, the rules could have been more clear.

Mysterium - Played a two player game just to learn it so when we play with 6-7 hopefully in a week or two we would be able to teach it more effectively. We won and had a pretty good time, although with two people it is a little boring because the ghost can’t talk and I didn’t have anyone to talk to in order to discuss my guesses. Also after a few guesses with two different people it was difficult to keep in mind which guess I had done with which psychic. Definitely need 4+ to have a good time. We still liked it though.

Galaxy Trucker - So much fun playing this game. It is always funny to watch yours or other ships blow up and float away.

Flash Point - We learned this game as we played. Played with the wrong rules and made it quite difficult. Then adjusted the rules and made it far easier than it should have been. Then played it a third time on “Rookie” and won in a fair game, still not following all the rules correctly. Then on Sunday we played again this time on Veteran and played it slightly too difficult and it was fun. Then we clarified the rules again, and believe we played on Veteran with the absolute correct rules and had a grand time. We had things well under control and thought okay we can do this, then within a few turns it seemed like the whole place was on fire and ultimately the building collapsed on us with only one more victim needed to be saved. A lot of fun and we will probably try again later this week.


I could be wrong, it’s been a while since I played Memoir, but I think the games are supposed to be unbalanced as they reflect the real history, and the idea is to play both sides.


If we had time we would have switched sides and played again. I like the thought of the campaign where you play the scenario and then read about what happened in actual history. But, if the games are skewed in one direction because of history then I think the game won’t be as much fun for me. We shall see.