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I’ve played 3 games of Pandemic: the Cure in the last 6 weeks. We’ve always done the randomization of roles (get 2, pick 1) and we’ve always lost with 4-5 players.

The last two times, I picked the roles and tried to maximize the roles.

We won both times, including the second time with the Hot Zones (which never really came into play because we won so quickly).

It’s a pretty good game.


Heavier, yes. In Wingspan, you dont need card synergy. You just need to put them in the action row and get activated when you play that action. In Seasons, there’s the need to find combos and there’s the initial drafting that decides your plan for the entire game.

It’s not mathsy, imo, except for the end game scoring. You can only hold 7 energy tokens max. The most expensive cards are usually 4 energy tokens worth.

EDIT: also I’m not joking when I say it’s very strategic. Newcomers will likely find themselves stream-rolled even against someone who only played the game once. Card synergies is vital in this game, I found. I have invented home-brew variants so it’s more newbie friendly


Honeymoon phase usually happens with games that I can grok without breaking a mental sweat and if its nice to look at.


Thanks for the feedback.

Fortunately, I tend to play with the same people all the time, so we would (mostly) learn the game togethet. I’ve been looking at Seasons for awhile, but never pulled the trigger. Partially because I still have 51st State Master Set waiting to be played; not the exact same thing, but I feel they may fill a similar roll (I say despite playing neither, lol). I may still check it out if I see it drop down on Amazon again (they’ve had it down from $60 to $40 a few times).

One criticism that seems to pop a lot for Wingspan, is that there seems to be an ideal endgame strategy for the final round (or more in some cases); use every action to produce eggs. I believe you need birds in a certain row (not sure), but it seems to be the most point producing strategy. Did you find that at all in your plays?


I was wondering about A Feast for Odin strategies, and wanted to get this board’s thoughts on it, but then I thought is there a thread for that? If anyone wants to start a strategy discussion for celebrating Vikings and their love of rocks, send me a message!


If you build up your ‘Lay Eggs (For a Good Friend)’ action, then you can generate 4 or even 5 points per turn, provided that you have the space to store eggs. But that means you’ll have less focus on the other two actions which is getting food and getting cards.

I didn’t maths it out because that would just ruin the magic for me. But the main scorers, in my eyes (that requires correction glass), are the eggs and playing bird cards - so I feel that getting cards action isn’t really that hot, unless you play ‘put a card until this bird strategy’, which aren’t main scorers for me. I won’t go out and say it’s broken because I am not paying that much attention with the intricacies of my game’s strategy.

EDIT: Ah. I just misunderstood your post. Yes. If your ‘Lay Eggs (For a Good Friend)’ action is built up on the last round, then producing 3, 4, or 5 eggs per turn is ridiculous. I’ll only play bird cards if I have enough food to play AND the points I’m getting is better than Lay Eggs. Without food, it takes at least 2 turns to play a single bird card, when you can just lay eggs.


I just got back from a game of Robinson Crusoe.
Did the castaways scenario as we have a new player and it had been a while. made it slightly easier as well.
We did well, figured some rules out, made the game easier than it needed to be, but in the end we nearly got wrecked due to a series of 6, SIX! event cards (GreyGreen/Brown) that came out in a row and helped a lot, then really beat us down hard. but we managed to scrape through and win on the 10 round.
I really do enjoy getting so into this game. It makes me wonder if First Martians is worth it for $45 DollaryDoos. But then why double up on mechanically similar games (with added fiddly apps).


Reprint on ks as Iwari I believe


Saw it in Kickstarter. But the prices are utterly ridiculous tho. 42 quid* for retail, and 54* for deluxe?? For a light 40-60min game? Flip me sideways, mate!

*I’ve added in shipping cost


Last night my group started Pandemic Legacy Season 1 and all I can say is we are all hooked. I have received texts from two of the players already this morning saying, I can’t get back to sleep because I keep thinking about what is next! We won January and February both on our first tries. Our group won’t meet again until April 25th though mostly because of vacations.


Don’t do it! I did, and regretted it. First Martians just doesn’t have anything like the same feel.


Oh god, it gets SO GOOD. No spoilers, obviously, but take a lot of care with the rules early on! There is a really good spoiler free FAQ on BGG at https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1470601/compiled-faq-spoilers-hidden-each-month-hidden-sep

We made a couple of errors - one made it easier, the other harder, so after that I read the FAQ before each mission. Meant I had a little foreknowledge, but nothing to bad.


Which one would you get Robinson, or Martian?


I love Robinson Crusoe. It’s complicated, it’s fiddly, it’s ridiculously difficult, but the theme just shines through.
I found First Martians to be soulless, like a spreadsheet masquerading as a game. The app is rubbish too (I’m not against it on principle, but the way they’ve done it, it brings nothing to the party. I was so disappointed - I was expecting the game to be brilliant, and it fell so flat.
If you can cope with learning fiddly rules, and with the fact that you will often lose pitifully through no fault of your own, I can’t recommend Robinson enough. And if you ever do master it, or get bored, there are expansions and additional scenarios to throw into the mix.


While @BertFill is advising you against First Martians for $45, I will say that it is on sale on CoolStuffInc for $14.99 right now. Maybe it would be worth it for that. I can’t say as I’ve never played it or Robinson Crusoe.


Well at that price, if you think you might like it, it’s worth a go! Although the fact that it’s available at that price suggests something…


I am enjoying first Martians as a solo game, but the manual isn’t great… Lots of faq stuff on Bgg


Had a friend round last night for games.

Tash Kalar: Arena of Legends Fantastic abstract game about summoning creatures to do your bidding. Really nice pattern builder just could do with feeling a little more dynamic.

Quacks of Quedlinburg with the Herb Witches. Makes a great game better. The Herb Witches give you options on a bad turn.

First Class Still need to play this more. Wonderful card drafter game. Moves at a quick pace, couple of hate drafts makes the game great.


Got Wingspan on Thursday and since I’ve played it twice, once as a two player and then with three and we all enjoyed it. Such a nice pleasant game that is easy to teach and so rewarding to engage with. After two wary comments by susd and npi my excitement for the game had been somewhat stifled but I’m happy to say that we’re loving it and it’s really lovely to read on this thread that we’re not alone in that appreciation. It’s just so beautiful to play with.

However I think there is a misprint on one of the bonus cards: the photographer card states that for 2-3 cards you get 2 points and for 6+ cards you get 6 points… suggesting that if you get 4 or 5 cards you get nothing (?!) and that can’t be right. None of the other bonus cards are like that. It would be good to hear from other wingspanners if their copy is the same. In the meantime I’ll contact stonemaier games about it.


There’s an official statement about a few misprints on cards: