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Last night 3 of us played Champions of Midgard with both of the major expansions (I assume there’s a smattering of promo and KS exclusive items out there that I don’t have). I barely have the rules down for the base game, so there was a strong likelihood of tripping over “the learning curb,” as a friend of mine used to say, and sure enough we found that we had screwed up a couple of rules at the end, but not enough to break the game.

Anyway, I think CoM is really fun…just enough worker placement combined with just enough Ameritrash-style theme and combat to make it varied and interesting. I came up with a pretty good strategy of sending my guys on the Land Journeys to fight the Burger Czars (or whatever)–an addition from the “Dark Mountains” expansion–combined with storing up sacrifice tokens to buy the Epic Monster cards (from the “Valhalla” expansion) for big points at the final scoring… Still, it came down to a tie and the only way I won was because I had killed one more monster than my friend.

This is my first worker placement game–unless Concordia counts as one–and so take my opinion for what it’s worth (not much)–I really like the base game, and if I only bought one expansion for it, it would be the Valhalla expansion. There’s something very engaging about picking out your fighters for an upcoming conflict not only for how effective they might be but what they’ll be worth to you when they die…


PLayed Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails again and I think that I want this game. TTR is nice, but it’s too average for me to get it, but with the added complexity of rails and sails, this is the TTR that I gonna get. We played with the (not so) Great Lakes map this time and it was pretty brutal 5 player game. It was hilarious and frustrating. That Chicago harbour that I built which is the centre point for 4 of my tickets gave me 30 pts and won me the game.

I’ve seen Alhambra in Wil Wheaton’s show, but I have never played it until now. There’s something really satisfying with this game, despite the high randomness on a 5 player game. Me and a friend reminds us of Castles of Mad King Ludwig, which is probably why we love this one.

Ethnos - randomly picked races, but end up with the usual ones. I swear this game needs an expansion with more races. I just learn the existence of the Fairies promo cards, why are they just promos. CMON, c’mon!

Gunkimono - pretty brutal 5 player game. Early fortress is crucial, kids.


This game needs a retheme and and a stellar production overhaul. This game could be so much more than Wizards, Elves and Trolls. I’ve seen somebody on BGG retheme it with dinosaurs which doesn’t really do much more for me than the flimsy thin-yet-specific fantasy theme it has. I’m contemplating trying to retheme it myself as a international corporation economic simulation.


I like fantasy settings which made me choose Battlelore over Memoir 44, but yes, it’s really difficult pitch to show this to new people.


I’ve read David Turczi say the intent of Teotihuacan is for the board variability to change the focus each game. If you have the stone leading easily into pyramid building and the right technologies out, the game will be pyramid building focused (the default board is this way). But the order of tiles and different royalty/tech can make it so pyramid building is much more inefficient and other strategies become stronger.

Need to get more plays in to see if it works out in practice.


Plays this weekend:


Gloomhaven, onward and upward! We won, but I had a bad moment when I had a big attack, was invisible, target was poisoned (and wounded), played a card with extra attack for being invisible, and another card that doubled my attack value, only to draw the damn curse card. If we had lost, I would have been really pissed.

Boomerang, an Australian made roll and write. Except you don’t roll anything. Instead, you’ve got card drafting. Each card has a value, and a location (in Australia, obviously). It may also have an animal, a pastime, and a collection type. The game gets its name because the first card you choose is your “throw” card, and the last card you get is your “catch” card. The catch card needs to be equal to or higher than the throw card to get the points (the value on the throw card). You draft a hand of 7 cards, and then count up your icons. You get points for pairs of the same animal, green collection types just add up, as do your blue pastimes. The location is marked off on your sheet, and if you get all locations in a state, you get bonus points. Its all pretty light, but good fun. Would be a great present for any overseas friend.

A Study in Emerald, first play, a bit of an odd game. Based on a short story by Neil Gaiman, the Old Ones from Lovecraft are rulers of the world. There are 2 factions, the loyalists, who are ok with their monstrous rulers, and the Restorationists, who are trying to overthrow the leaders. No one knows what anyone else is, but it seems like as soon as you take points for one side or another, people will figure it out. You and your agents move around cities, taking cards, and killing off other agents or Old Ones. Its a pretty short game, so you’re doing well if you make use of a card from your decks more than once or twice. The game was…interesting, although we all (3p) ended up being on the same side. Maybe there would have been more interaction if we had a mix.

Mysterium, an old favourite! Even tho we only had 3p, not ideal, we pushed on, and it was good fun. Although I missed that there are special rules for 2/3 player games. Which probably made the end a bit anticlimactic (only 2 options for the psychics).

The Quacks of Quedlinburg, a very very close game. Though I had just won (by a point), but another player had 4 rubes, which are worth 2 points at the end, so she just pipped me. Not sure if I’ve won this game. I see the expansion is out, at least in the UK.

Ganz Schon Clever, we all did pretty well (over 200), winning score (not mine) was 254, second was 253 (also not me).

Qwingo X 2, ok its basic, but still good fun


Coimbra, first play, and a bit rough. We had one player who had played before (once), but we mostly just went thru the rulebook. Did I mention the icons? This game has a bumload of icons. The cards have icons, the castle pieces have icons, the map tiles have icons. I can’t remember another game where there was so much looking up the icons in the book. And that includes Gloomhaven. The game has the usual pointless theme, you’re the head of one of the major houses in the city of Coimbra (as you always are). Its a dice drafting game, so on your turn you pick a die and place it on one of the four city spaces. Dice are always arranged in order, the castle area is from low to high, and the other city areas (upper, middle, lower) are from high down to low.

Once everyone has placed a dice, you retrieve them from each location, from left to right. When you remove a die, you get a castle pieces (if its the castle area), or a card (any other location). Cards are paid for by either coins or guards, which are tracked on your player board. The cost is the value of the die used. So, if you really desperately want a certain card, you can place a 6 (well, if one of the dice are a 6), but you’ll be paying 6 for it. Cards are in 4 colours, each corresponding to a track on the main board. The further up a track you get, the better the reward (and the more end game points).

Now you have the income phase, where you select each of your dice you used that turn, and take the reward from its coloured track. Tracks gives you coin, guards, VP, and movement. Movement allows you to move your piece on the main board, visiting monasteries which also give you abilities, or resources.

Its a lot to take in, and the icons are a major pain. That said, I did like the game, and would like to try it again.

A Study in Emerald, another go of this, but with a different group of players. I knew it now, so easy to teach. Its not a difficult game to learn. We had a mix of factions this time at least. Game still seems to lack any tension. We all went to different cities, picked up cards, until one player bump up the scoring track to the end (one of the end game triggers).


Not much gaming this weekend.

Today we had a quick game of Pandemic the Cure. It was going well for a bit, keeping a handle on infections while curibg two diseases…than it went out of control, and we had multiple turns in a row wifh outbreaks. It did not end well!!!

Later in the day we played Raiders of the North Sea. After it was all send and done, I took the win by about 5 points! It was a strange game, in that the board still had a fair amount of raid spots with plunder, though I think it was due to the amoint of valkyries in them.


Are you playing the Eclipse class?

Thats where I left off at the end of last year to wait it out until the expansion came out.
I had so much fun with that class, even more than I expected as I was playing Angry Face before and was like a wrecking ball.


Thats the one


The other strategies are complementary; focus on the building, but if you have a worker about and some spare wood (easy to get by climbing up the temple track that gives you resources) then you can start moving to the top of the avenue of the dead which gives you some lovely multipliers. Combo it with the temple scoring tile at end game for even more points. It’s a game that seems one-dimensional in its strategies, but it’s how you play the others that separate the good from the great.


My wife somehow, amazingly, has recently caught the boardgaming bug. She even said to me “I think i am understnding why you love this so much.” Her “gateway game” this weekend with me: Gloomhaven! Beat the first scenario on the second try in a marathon of learning sessions on Saturday into Sunday. We know scenario 2 will have new “challenges” but she is totally up for the try. Now she just cant stop thinking about it and is willing to try other games (I asked, and wargaming isnt on that list…yet) :wink:


woah, it’s been awhile since my last post.

Anyways this weekend was a unfortunately rare alignment of all the planets of schedules this winter and we had a game night.

We Played:

Railroad Ink - Played the Blue edition but not with the expansion dice. Great Roland Wright game that everyone enjoyed. Nice warmup!

Skull - Second warm up game. Enjoyed by all, they loved the art of the discs and of course trying to psyche out your friends is a lot of fun!

Deep Sea Adventure Cool little game from Japan. Emphasis on the little; great game to take on the road, as the box is about the size of a tetra pak juice box. Game play is pretty simple leading to some strange strategies the first two rounds people were grabbing the tokens too soon which ended up with people grabbing as much as possible and intentionally dying. In the third and final round it was a game of chicken to see who turned around first. Thus the game ended up only one person making it back to the sub and the rest of the players drowning making them the automatic winner.

Treasure Island - Great looking game but the instruction manual leaves something to be desired. As mentioned in many reviews get some normal primary color dry erase markers as the included ones are so faint you might as well not even include them. Our playthrough was really short as the person playing Charlotte who gets two extra hints used her special right at the start and figured out where the treasure was the day after LJS was imprisoned. Not sure if our LJS did a bad job at picking the hiding spot or it was just blind luck. Keen to try this again and see if we can have a longer game.


Forum Trajanum If you like Feld you’ll like this otherwise move along.

Byzanz Cool little auction and set collection game where you bid on sets of goods to make sets of three goos to score points


My son and I played a quick game of Pandemic the Cure using roles fron the Experimetal Meds expansion. I have yet to read any of the new rules, so we couldn’t add the other new elements.

Despite 5 epidemics, we won! That said, a lot of the new roles (inclduing the two we used) seem over powered if used in the base game. I’m going to try and read the instructions for the other new content soon.

I also like that everything fits in one box!


I played A Feast for Odin: The Norwegians with board game savant. He won 119 to 117. It was an incredibly tight game, so much trickier than the original, and awash with ways to never fill up your home board. I did fill it up, but only with the income in the last round. It’s still very, very fun but I don’t know why I’m quite so terrible at it.


Played Wingspan again. I like it, but I decide not to get it, now that the honeymoon phase is over. Seasons is easy to explain and it’s more up my alley (read: more strategic). Im glad Wingspan exists tho, because it has such a cool theme and it works as a game to introduce people to board gaming.


Do you find Seaons to be heavier overall? I’ve heard its fairly “mathy”.


Just finished introducing my son to Valeria Card Kingdoms amd he loved it. Between the art, and the whole tableau building mechanic, he had a great time. Also he beat me 49 to 41, so there is that! :joy:


Recognising the honeymoon phase for what it is can be so important. I usually have the opposite problem though, in that I only start enjoying a game on my nth play, and n is almost never 1.


This past Saturday we had our usual couple over for games. We started with their copy of Spoils of War, a more rulesy version of Liar’s Dice, but it is good fun. I started out strong, going five rounds or so without betting on the losing party, but then I started guessing wrong, when the more valuable treasures were available. Had a good score but got blown out of the water by the first place player.

We followed with our third game of Betrayal Legacy. The Haunt started rather quickly and the traitor ended up winning. He is also the only person to have survived both of the previous games, using the same character for all of them. He is debating if he should stick with him or make a new character.

We finished by introducing them to Azul which went over well, to the point one of them won with just under 100 points. I trailed him by about 5 points, my wife not too far behind me and our other friend bringing up the rear.