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The family got back to our campaign in Legacy of Dragonholt again a few days ago. We’re late into day 5 now.

I really kind of adore this thing. If anyone hasn’t read up on it yet it’s sort of a family friendly group readthrough of a choose your own adventure, with a little light gaming to go with. It’s very… I guess ‘gentle’ is the right word, it doesn’t punish you for anything. But you may miss out on this or that of a lovely story. It does a nice job of world building and some characterization, which will definitely be noticeable when your family/group starts spending most of their time visiting one or two particular people.

Also, I note that Fantasy Flight has it listed as ages 14+ (wtf?), and BGG says 10+, but its perfectly fine for kindergartners, at least so far. The violence is extremely mild, it’s careful to point out that the baddies slink away defeated, and the closest thing to an adult theme is that there’s a (positively adorable) gay wedding that had me slightly teary-eyed. But for families with young’ns, or maybe for couples where one partner isn’t so much into board games yet doesn’t mind a good story, this is fantastic stuff. I’m somewhat disappointed that there’s not a followup yet.


Last night my family pulled out Chameleon (a party/ social deduction game) where everyone has to say one word that describes the secret word that all the players know apart from the chameleon who has to try blend in and pretend that they know the word. If the chameleon is caught by being chosen in a vote, then they get to guess what the word was, and win if they get it right.

It was a lot of fun but I was pretty bad (I forced everyone to play a second game after I scored 0 points in the first).


I think I agree with her. The art doesnt do much for me, its not charming


Had a very mixed run of gaming this weekend.

Yesterday, we had the first get together of the year of my long-time friend gaming group, who don’t get together often enough (which includes Alex, who I regularly play 2p stuff against). I started off by losing a couple of games of Hive while waiting for other people to arrive.

Friends arrived and we tried out Guardian’s Call, which one of them had brought. It won me over initially, as I got to play a character called Raven :stuck_out_tongue: But then I managed to fail miserably at the bluffing/deduction side of things and ended the game with 31 points, compared to everyone else having 49, 50, 51, and 69.

Then we played Altiplano, which I’d brought. It took time for people to get the hang of it, so ended up being quite slow at times, but I think people enjoyed it. Unfortunately for me, my role tile just gave me the ability to sell food, giving me no obvious strategy. Because of this, it took me a while to get up to speed and I ended up with 55 points, compared to the winning score of 110, and the others being on 92, 76, and 74.

We finished up with Codenames: Marvel, where I did much better and my team won both games. Despite various confusion about what was actually going on in a lot of the pictures.

Today was much better. It was the (sort of) monthly D&D game I’m part of, where I’m playing a tiefling bard. Her backstory is that she’s a librarian and was tricked into coming along with the wizard in our party as he was fleeing noble family drama. So now she’s reluctantly adventuring and getting into fights and usually being quite bad at it.

Today, we ended up in a fight on an airship at a dwarf pirate’s 250th birthday. There was an assassination attempt against him, which I managed to warn him against, but not stop. Then it all went to hell. Lots of different agendas between the various guests, and a lack of communication among the party meant it turned into a complete mess :smiley:

I had a lot of fun trying out my newly acquired spells (we got to level 4 at the end of the last session). Fighting off some dwarves with Dissonant Whispers and an effective use of my Hellish Rebuke meant I made the first kill of the battle.

Then I turned my attention to the warforged (apparently) attacking the dwarf pirate and used Shatter a couple of times. Then the wizard dropped his Web spell, which was holding the deck together, and the fall killed them all. And I finished off another by using Dissonant Whispers and causing him to run away. Meaning he took some heavy damage from opportunity attacks by our dwarf and half-orc fighters.

Which somewhat distressed the warforged member of our party, who’d been trying to ally us with them (unbeknown to the rest of us) :neutral_face:


Thats fair. I enjoy it, but I can see why it wouldn’t appeal to everyone. I was just surprised she didn’t like it at all.


I’ve had a mixed weekend of games with 3 different groups.

Saturday early afternoon saw Agra hit the table again after a big hiatus and it was a slog. Still really like the game and it’s fascinating, but it was a brain burn and I wasn’t sharp. Looking forward to my next game of it though. Next we played Expedition: Northwest Passage Finally caved and bought a copy and I am so glad I did. It’s a joy to play. Nice tension, crunchy decisions, race elements and a different feel to almost everything else in my collection. Marvellous stuff.

First 2 opponents disappeared off and an hour later a new group arrived. As there were 6 of us I got to make use of my specially for Saturday night copy of Captain Sonar. 4 games later we all agreed just how excellent the game is. SOOOOOOOO GGGOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!! (if you have enough people in the right mood, probably) Then 2 games of Cosmic Encounter, still great fun and much merciless back stabbing and doing bad stuff for amusement’s sake left us all chuckling in to our cups as we stumbled our seperate ways.

Today after a full day at school on a course, I joined in an intense game of Terra Mystica, much merciless maths and efficiency calculations ensued and when the dust settled just 7 points separated first from last. It was in many ways more cutthroat than Cosmic and reminds me just how much I love a good euro.

What a joyous weekend of games. Thoroughly looking forward to the next one.


So today as planned, my son and I continued our campaign in Imperial Assault - Legends of the Alliance. We played on and off from about 930 until 5, for about 3 full missions (plus the stuff in between). We could have gotten more game in, but I haven’t worked out a solid storage solution yet (which is also why the box expansions are all still packed up).

Yes, it’s a dice chucking luck fest, but it’s a lot of fun. Though we did have some mixed results in some ways. We barely scrapped by the first mission, and basically lost the next 2. The game is HARD for us! I think part of it is a lack of skill/experience with the game; for example, I don’t think we take advantage of our hero’s skill cards nearly often enough. It was only the second time its hit the table, and last time was during the Christmas holidays. Anyway, this led to frustration for both of us for various reasons.

Fortunately, we still had an overall good time, and probably would have tried a 4th mission if I didn’t need to make dinner. We discussed that we really need to use the skills more, and to work together (or split up) as needed more effectibely.
Getting a storage solution amd adding in extra content will up the variety which will be nice…because I want more random spawns of creatures in Imperial bases, or bounty hunters in the jungle! Can’t wait for snow creatures to spawn in Jabba’s palace! :rofl:

Despite the hiccups, I think we’re both looking forward to one day during March break being a Star Wars day!:grinning:

Edit: One other thing, is I’m trying to find out if its best to use 1 Legendary hero each (as we have been) or controlling 2 stabdard heros. 1 each is more impersive, but 2 each gives us access to a wider variety of abilities (while also having more “book keeping”).


Today was game day, and I finally got Welcome to Centerville (from GMT Games) to the table. It’s been way too long, and it was a lot of fun!

Then my first ever play of First Class. Played with the A & B modules and I managed to win it. 139-119-119 (from what I’ve seen on BGG, those scores are kind of low, but oh well…).

Really enjoyed both of them.


Independently of SU&SD streaming Twilight Imperium 4, someone wanted to play Eclipse this Sunday. 6-player game, 3 experienced players, 3 new players. Going around clockwise: experience player playing blue science aliens, experienced player playing white borg aliens, experienced player (me) playing red humans, new player (S) playing yellow ancient-friendly aliens, new player playing green plant aliens, new player playing black humans.

Green got off to a bad start, which pretty much scuppered their game. They blocked off their routes for expansion and built another fighter on round 1. They tried to stop yellow from taking their ring-1 sector through canny placement of wormholes, but yellow made a path and swiped it on round 2. They fruitlessly threw fighters against ancients before being wiped off the map on round 4.

White only got 3 sectors he wanted to keep. While trying to take an ancient sector, he lost a discovery cruiser and his starting fighter on round 2; then a dreadnought and fighter on round 3; then a dreadnought on round 4. With a poor economy, he was basically out of the running.

Black formed an alliance with blue, which we warned him was only playing into blue’s strategy. He seemed to take this to heart and invaded blue’s very attractive sectors. Problem was this was round 2, so he only invaded with a few fighters (that had received the +3 hull discovery upgrade and plasma cannons), which promptly ran into newly constructed starbases.

I had below average luck exploring. On round 1, when it came to exploring my ring-1 sector, there was a 3-in-4 chance of getting an ancient, which yellow would then just influence away from me. So I concentrated on exploring outward but got low quality sectors. Because yellow was my only neighbor and ally, while she was busy invading elsewhere, I bought orbitals then spent a couple rounds turning my 6 mostly meh sectors into a decent economy, but I did keep open the option of building starbases with gauss shields.

Blue did what blue does: turtle for science. While the invasion by black slowed her ramp up, she still had the second best economy, especially she could absorb black’s territory. By round 4, she had all three advanced economy techs.

Yellow had a great start, absorbing 2 ring-1 sectors on round 1 (as mentioned above, I let her have mine) and stealing green’s on round 2 by forging and path and influencing it. She also found some decent sectors further out. By round 3, she had taken over green’s home sector, and so was sitting on a very nice economy. On round 4, she wiped out the last of green, claiming it was to save the ancients green had been bullying. (In retrospect, it was lucky of me to not have drawn good sectors guarded by ancients, or she might have turned on me.)

At this point, it was 7pm. The first green player had already left to catch a bus. Yellow declared she was satisfied with wiping out green and needed to crash because of sleep-related issues. I wasn’t feeling great because I had woken up early to watch the Twilight Imperium livestream (which was worth it) and had been kept up with digestive issues (not worth it). So we called it after 4 rounds.

Projecting how the game might play out, the only person who could contend with yellow was blue. Blue had very economic techs (all 3 advanced economy techs, the +1 disc tech) as well as some basic defensive techs, so she could focus on consolidating and gearing up for the eventual fight. As I finally had a decent economy and my only way out was through yellow, it’s possible that I could play spoiler and at least make yellow worry about a second front; we had two border sectors that needed defending. But the initiative was with yellow, who could have gone for the galactic center and a border with blue, or she could have invaded my orbital-enriched sectors.


Tried the first scenario of Arkham Horror TCG last night, and got just about as far as I did the previous attempt. However, this time, I got swarmed with enemies. While I still had a slim chance to pull off a win, using all my actions to try to defeat the boss of the scenario, I missed with all three actions and got dead on the enemies turn.

Had really rotten luck early on though, as I went to the Cellar to get clues, which has a shroud of 4, drew the Cover Up weakness, meaning I needed to successfully get three clues before I could discard it and get actual clues, then drew the card that adds 2 to the shroud of my current location. Luckily that goes away after a successful Investigate action, but it’s 6 to my (at the time) 5 with no helpful cards in hand sucked!


Eclipse with 3 new players is pretty optimistic. Did you at least use the two simultaneous players rule?


Nope, we didn’t think about that. Having never played the expansion, I had forgotten about that variant until you mentioned it. Since all the experienced players sat opposite a new player, I guess the two others could be answering new player rules questions while the other took their turn. Thanks.


I tried Takenoko last night at the board game meet up and really enjoyed it.

This weekend though we finally figured out we were playing Mice & Mystics incorrectly. We read the rules wrong and were adding cheese to the wheel after every round instead of after every round with no minions on the board. We had tried four previous times playing with incorrect rules and just felt deflated. How can kids play this game? It was stressful from the first go. When we played the game as it was intended it was far superior and we actually had fun with it.

We also taught Welcome To to seven new people and everyone loved it and wanted to play again. Everyone was skeptical until about 2/3 of the way through their first game and the smiles came out and the Oh I like this started happening. Some funny moments too, my girlfriend left houses between a 4 and a 5 which she still gets upset about as it cost her the win. And my sister who put a 3 on the 5th house in a row. She won the next game and her comment “I did a lot better after I learned to count” got a lot of laughs.


"Thunderbirds" by Matt Leacock. A definite replacement for Pandemic for me. I’ve played Pandemic to death (including the first Season of Pandemic Legacy) and while I think it’s a brilliantly designed game I’ve come to realize that it plays out pretty much the same way every time and the choices are very samey (for vanilla Pandemic at least).

Thunderbirds provides a refreshing challenge and it definitely helps that I have a huge nostalgia crush on the show from watching re-runs as a kid in the early 90’s.


Bit late to the party here but…

For race games, there’s two gems which i think are frequently overlooked.

Breaking Away is like Flamme Rouge but (arguably) less faffy because you use pen and paper to keep track of your movement options instead of cards. Otherwise it’s very similar except it’s still being sold homemade from the designer’s attic using the same clip-art-tastic artwork from when it was first made in 1991. But don’t let that put you off because it’s a wonderful game. The slipstreaming is possibly a little bit more closely matched to an actual road race too.

Then there’s the chit-erific Thunder Alley which is nowhere near as complex as it looks. I don’t think it gets anywhere near as much love as it deserves. Mind you I haven’t played it in almost 3 years. I’ve suddenly got a real hankering to play it again.


Omgomgomg I got to play Die Säulen von Venedig again for the first time in a kajillion years which is my candidate for the Michael G Award for Obscure German Game From About 10 Years Ago That Looks Like Poop But Plays Like Nothing Else.

I’m sure I raved about it the last time I played it too. It’s a game about building foundations, speculating as to which foundations players are going to build on, acquiring bits of the city, and then plopping them on the foundations, scoring tons of points but giving points away to the players who bet that you were going to build on certain foundations. It’s terrific. In spite of its crappy artwork and slightly rough-around-the-edges mechanics. Scores tend to bob around with the lead changing hands all the time, and the trick is to time the end of the game so that you happen to be in the lead when the curtain falls. Great stuff.


More games need to be like this


So Teotihuacan comes alive with four players. The cocoa is tight, and because there are no static workers, each decision is meaningful and junk turns are more common. Of course, board game savant scored 230+ and I managed a second place with 192. The temple tracks are key, but the pyramid strategy, while dominant, does need to be backed up with other things. I don’t think I’d play it at a lower player count.

I’ve noticed the expansion is due - very interested to see what the orange temple track brings.


Last couple of nights have consisted of quite a few family games of Ravine. Everyone is (for now) amused at the madnesses and whatnot. The fact that we can cycle through a couple of rounds so quickly is nice.

I got the expansion too but we haven’t gotten into it yet.


Taught a coworker Patchwork - my favorite game - and he picked it up fast enough to beat me on the second round. This is one of those great games where I actively promote it to all my gaming friends, especially the ones with significant others who aren’t totally sold on games. Sewing a quilt is such a novel theme.

Also, a friend and I beat the last mission in the Lord of the Rings: The Card Game starter box! I used Lore and Tactics to focus on dealing and healing damage, and he used Leadership and Spirit to focus on versatility (Aragorn simply does everything), dealing with locations, and questing. Our first play was a train wreck, with one hero captured at the start (part of the scenario) and another disabled via Caught in a Web (the worst treachery card), and basically one hero dying per turn. Our second run at it we had another hero caught in a web, but freed him via an ally, drew lots of locations (that my friend dealt with without us traveling to), fought off one of the Ring Wraiths, freed Glorfindel from prison, and sprinted past a hoard of orcs to finish at 49 threat out of the 50 it takes to lose. Not one hero died, though the Wraith ate several allies.

This game is simply marvelous, and the higher difficulty than say, Pandemic (my other co-op), makes every victory feel earned and desperately fought for.