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My gaming group gathered on Wednesday to send off one of our own towards his future in Colorado. We are normally a Tuesday-night group but, due to weather and other mystical factors, we decided to meet on Monday and Wednesday in order to maximize our gaming before D would leave. We, again, converged upon B’s house and sat down with a plethora of games at our disposal.

First on the menu would be Yokohama. As B was explaining it to us, I could really only focus on how much it felt like Istanbul in reverse. I don’t think, after having played it once, that it’s entirely fair to say it’s a backwards-Istanbul, but they certainly have several parallels. B had played solo before and quickly set off to execute his own strategy. D, apparently, had analyzed the random layout and the order cards on offer during the rules explanation and, before we even began, had developed a strategy for efficiently collecting Silk, Fish, and Mustaches Tobacco. I, under the impression that I could meander around and build up some efficiencies, proceeded to… meander around trying to build up efficiencies.

D was completing orders at an incredible pace and B’s solo-developed strategies kept him in the running. My random wandering at the beginning of the game turned into desperate random wandering by late game; at one point I declared that my new objective was to not come in 4th place of our 3-player game- at the time, we weren’t positive I could pull it off. D finished strong, pulling down two orders to trigger the game-end and completing them both before finishing his turn. I was hamstrung in my last turn due to my two opponents being on the only two spaces that could actually do me any good and B, in his usual way, grabbed up a handful of points as though he had calculated D would end the game and had planned his last turn appropriately. In the end, D scored 124, B: 117 and yours truly: 72.

Yokohama had taken most of our time for the evening. We had about 50 minutes left before the night was over so I pulled out ICECOOL which I had picked up on sale at Target the week before. With Monday’s experience with Men At Work being so positive, I was eager to get another dexterity game to the table- this time one that I might stand a chance at with flicking instead of stacking. ICECOOL is super easy to explain and after everybody had taken a dozen practice shots or so, I became our first Catcher and we began our penguin-flicking. During the rules explanation, I had demonstrated the 3 basic techniques and, somehow, had succeeded on my first attempt for each of them. All of that was gone under the pressure of actually playing and for everybody’s first turn, our penguins ran face-first into walls and corners. Both B and D got some good shots in and before long the first round ended and I had caught none of them. After that, I finally got to flick my way under some fish (what? Yes, that’s the goal of the game); I don’t like to brag so I won’t tell you how amazing I am, apparently, at flicking games. I quickly collected all three of my fish, first against B as the Catcher and then again with D trying to hunt me down. Now, granted, I gave up my hall-pass both times but at the end of the game, B and I both had 16 points across 7 cards which mean that we “shared the victory”. ICECOOL is quick to play and the game/round reset is minimal. We setup another game of it and the second game went quicker and smoother than the first. I scored another 16 points to B’s 8 and D’s 13, thus claiming the title of “Best Wednesday Penguin”

I left ICECOOL with B so that he could try it out with his 6 year old son whom, I’m certain, will love it. The success of ICECOOL leaves me even more excited for the Catacombs 3E (Playmat Version) Kickstarter that, hopefully, will be delivered in the next few months.


My son and I got Aristeia! to the table agian, but we used the Tactics cards for the first time. The game went fairly long, as my son had some AP (due to the cards) and was getting tired.

It was my first win if the game, which had a sour note as he got a little sulky (he is 10). I also think a big part was that he was more tired than he let on. Maybe we should have saved it for tomorrow, and played something lighter tonight.

Oh well. We might play again tomorrow, but I really want to get Claustraphobia 1643 to the table. I think I’ll let him be the demons for the first game.

Sunday will have a big focus on getting back into our Imperial Assault campaign in a real way. They added yet another campaign to the app, so we need to get moving!


Thursday night, 3 of us played Nemesis.

Man that game is good. Its $270AUD in stores and Im sorely tempted to grab myself a copy as it was a kickstarter game i completely missed.
I did have some concerns initially with the game but oh lordy is it tense and fun.
I played the Scout this time and I really love that class, very good special abilities to move from one room to another without generating noise to prevent monsters popping up so often, and with others following your lead you can really guide the game. I imagine with the “betrayer” style mechanics, its more corporate objectives than betrayer, it would make playing that class pretty intense and fun.
Really, really fun.
Also, as a kick starter the minis are amazing. a really nice mash up of popular IP styles, (Alien, WH40k Tyranids, etc) the characters all feel unique, the game is not easy, its tense, its surprisingly deep as a co-operative experience.


Glad to hear you liked it. I’ve been hearing some really mixed opinions on it.

Maybe Ill try and give it a go at some point.

FWIW, I do believe that the base game is going to retail in the semi-near future. This War of Mine and Lords of Hellas both did, and AR has ssid they want it in retail. Notbsure if you want to risk waiting, but thought I wpuld mention it.


So i know my FLGS got them from the kickstarter, so I’m not sure what would be missing if they do decide to go retail.
So, I’m weighing up now whether I want to splurge on a game that costs more than Gloomhaven (!), or, if I just hold out until a possible retail version. Knowing that I have my friends copy we can play.


You can check out the KS page for guaranteed exclusives. I know some of the sculpts were exclusive, as was the expansion that the backers voted on; I don’t know the specifics, just that there were votes on different elements during the campaign.

I’m curious about the full coop mode, and whether or not that will see retail. Just a preferance, as I’m not a fan of semi-coop/hidden traitor.

I get you on the cost though, especially when you have access to a copy.


Got SO close to busting Container out tonight already (got it yesterday)… with a surprising amount of interest from the group. Sadly today’s weather made for a slow trickle in tonight and by the time we were about ready to go, we had an awkward number and would have left a few folks out with nothing much else to do. Happy to know there’s a “next time” though, as it should be a pretty easy one to teach.

Didn’t end up doing much more than a round of Onitama and chewing the fat, but such is life sometimes.


Yeah I’ve had a look at the KS page and the “base” game is 5 characters.
in the KS box my mate got there are 6
its 1-5 player game.

But I think playing a 3p double handed game (2 characters each) on the hard mode might be fun.


Before I left for my holiday, we played Great Western Trail. For a heavy game, it is a pretty chill one! If I havent sold my copy, I would keep it. But now: I dont think I love it enough to buy it into my collection. I probably need more plays to appreciate it better though.


Played Arkham Horror the Card Game for the first time last night. I played solo with the suggested Roland start deck. I lost, but it was a close thing, coming down to one draw from the chaos bag to determine if I would win or lose.

I know I only put one -4 token in, and verified it after the game. But I am convinced a portal was opened in the cup I was using leading to a dimension full of -4 tokens, as I drew it more than any other token!


The game seems to be working as designed. :squid:


Sticking with the Lovecraft theme, when a friend was visiting today we all played Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu. We actually won this one, pretty easily too, as the Hunter, Doctor, and Driver. While I was down to one sanity, no one went insane, and we closed the last gate shortly after revealing the fourth GOO. Our first win of this game. Having a third player seemed to help a lot.


My girlfriend was a trooper this afternoon and spent the day playing Container with me in a “4-player” (2 players each) learning game. We included the Broker expansion as recommended in the manual, and I’m glad we did. Bidding was naturally a little stilted, but we both basically concluded that more auctions is a good thing. I’ll be curious to see how much tighter the game is without the added cash infusions though.

Anyway, we were surprised by how enjoyable the experience was, despite going into it knowing we were cutting out some of the best parts of the game. And knowing better now how it all comes together (or falls apart!), we’re even more excited to try to get a few friends in for a game.

This is a long one though. I could see a first game going 4-5 hours easily depending on how liberal you are with breaks, but I’m guessing this one’s still 2-2.5 hours in the best circumstances. Although it feels like game length could be manipulated easily enough by adjusting the starting inventory.


My son and I were able to get Clastrophobia 1643 to the table. We played Scenario 1 twice (switching sides after game 1); which is a 10 round scenario in which the humans are trying to find their way out by following a “faint breeze” or something.

Teaching it took a bit, as I talked him through the Infernal and Human side. I tried to cover as much of the basics as possible, but there are a lot of little rules and symbols.

Game 1 he was the Infernal player. I had an easy-ish start, as the tiles coming up were not letting him spawn near me…that is until 2 “hole” tiles that let him get his Trogs in front of me in Round 7. He than spawned his demon and his last hell hound behind me. I went from “I can do it!” to “We’re all dead!” in a round!

Game two (I was Infernal) started good for me, and I was slowly bleeding a couple of his characters. I spawned both hounds on a tile (using the ability to ignore the “empty tiles rule”), and they put a hurting on two of his guys, but couldn’t finish them. Near round 7 he took down pooch number 1, and got the second in 8 or 9. I spawned the demon late (Hunter), and some Trogs.

Round 9, and he had 2 left. Next round he flips the final tile, and just needs to get 2 fuys there for the win (1 is a tie). My 3 trogs only get 1 hit, so I send the Hunter in hopibg for at least one kill…and he whiffs an attack of 4!!! Thay ends my turn and the Western Warriors find the exit and live to tell the tale!

I stupidly moved all my trogs so the Hunter could hit the tile, when one would have been enough. Not sure it would have helped though, as his last 2 guys were scouts and are Evasive (can leave a tile even when out numbered).

I also could have played more aggresively, maybe, but I don’t care. We had so much fun! He said his heart was racing those last 2 rounds. He even noted that we weren’t really talking as we put the game away, like we normally do. I think we were both just catching out breath. So. Far, I’m really digging this game. Though skirmish games seem to be a thing for us! Hopefully it will hit the table during March Break.

Side note, it really is a table destroyer!!!

Edit: We ended the night with a few rounds of Junk Art after dinner :slightly_smiling_face:


After our friend left, my wife and I played a few games of Azul. I took the first game, winning by almost 20 points. Not to be outdone, my wife won the second game by over 40 points, and also my worst score ever. We had a tie breaker round where we finished just 3 points apart, but resulting in me as the victor. Such a great game, for as simple and quick as it is to play.




Gloomhaven – I think we’re actually getting to the end now, at least story wise. I know, you can keep doing random scenarios. Looks like we’ll be getting the expansion, so we can continue with that.

Paper Tales, first play. This is a pretty light, extremely quick card drafting game. You get a hand of five cards, then keep one, give the others to the next player, until you end up with five cards. Of these, you can deploy up to four in your tableau – two in the front and two in the back. Each unit has a deployment cost, a fighting value, an ability (which usually has a effect in a particular phase), and resources they generate. After your cards are deployed, you have a war between the players next to you and gain points for any victory. Then, you have an income phase, a construction phase (you have a choice from five buildings), and finally, you age your units. Any unit already aged will die off, then aging tokens are added to each unit. So most of the time your units will only be used for 2 rounds. Which is fine, because there are only four rounds to the entire games. Before you know it, its game over. It feels a little random. But if you like your games short, and you like drafting, this is great.

Quebec, first play. This is an area control game, played over four rounds (representing centuries). All tiles are placed at the start of the game, but you’ll only be able to build on the tiles for the current round. Tiles come in four different colours, representing religion, politics, economy, and culture. Each colour has three different abilities, allowing you to move cubes (workers) around, gain VP, get more workers from your supply etc. Each tile can take three contributions, which can be from one to three workers. if you contribute to another players building, you’ll get to take an additional action, according to the colour of the tiles. When a tile is completed, you’ll get to place a victory point marker on it, either one, two, or three stars (one star for each contribution, regardless of who actually own the workers).

When a building is complete, all the worker cubes get put onto the zone for the colour of the tile. Then, at the end of the century, you start with a particular colour (varies by century), and you get VPs for the worker cubes there. Whoever has the majority gets to send half of their workers onto the next area, which means you score again, and so on until you’ve done all the areas. Its a cool feature, and you’ll be carefully counting cubes while you play.

Then you have the leaders, which give special abilities for that century only. You can have an extra architect (for building), the ability to send your cubes to any area (not just the area matching the tile colour), bonus VP when you complete a building, or being able to put three workers into a special area, the Citadelle (which doesnt have a matching colour, so its harder to get workers in there).

Its a pretty cool game, not much luck involved. There is a random arrangement of tiles to change things up each game, and a choice of event cards that come out each century. I complained that Paper Tales was a bit too quick, I think this goes the other way, it feels a bit long.


Qwingo X 2, ok, this is on the light side of roll and write games (which is already pretty light). Its very easy to play. You have 5 columns where you’ll fill in numbers in order. All you do is call out a number, then roll the dice and put that number in the indicated column (the 6th face of the die is a wildcard). Very simple, but we had fun with it.


Dungeon Fighter, this is a very silly dexterity game. You’re going thru a dungeon, fighting monsters until to get to the boss. To damage a monster, you have to throw a dice at the target, but it has to bounce on the table first. Thats a normal throw, but some monsters have special (and very silly) ways to throw the dice. Like doing it blindfolded, or having to jump and release the die while you’re in the air. It was still a lot of fun.

Quebec, taught the game again to new players (who then beat me…).

Qwingo X 2, its hard to play this just once.

Paper Tales again, had a shocker of a game


Guilds of London hasn’t fared that badly. An expansion is on the way this year!


Paper Tales is pretty fun. I’m hoping to grab the expansion. It adds a larger number of buildings to increase the variety.

The only downside for us, was my gf didn’t care for the art, which surprised me. She said she found it to simple and plain. Oh well, I think she still liked the game play at least.


Had the crew of the Rocinante (unofficial name) over for a redo of our last mission of Space Cadets. Whereas last time we had terrible luck (taking a full six damage from a rift to a side that got a continued battering), this time things seemed to go pretty much in our favor. We got lucky on the tractor beam and picked up the crystal, and most of the damage we took just made the tractor beam less and less functional, which we didn’t care about at that point. The enemies had relatively low rolls, and we were always going fast enough to knock off damage. We never had a core breach (except for a damage card that was an automatic core breach), and we never even saw a shift change! Relatively smooth sailing and we escaped that ambush.

After that we had a good game of Pictomania that was marred by someone knocking over a glass of water, which we cleaned up, and then almost immediately after someone knocked a ceramic bowl of chips off the table with their elbow and it shattered. Note to self: clear the table during the wild fun of Pictomania.

Also early in the day my fiancee and I played a few games of the newly-arrived Mottainai.As a fan of multi-use card games, and a fond impression of the very short Glory to Rome game I played one time, I was very excited for this. The game is a heck of a thinker, and I tend to rush my turns in games, so I’m going to have to learn to slow it down if I want to win this one (I lost the two games we played).


Yes, I’m excited for that. :grinning: