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Played 2 player Terraforming Mars as our third player was flying in from Halifax and had a bad flight so he just went home.

With two players it was rather large and our first time through so we were buying cards at the beginning we thought were good but we wouldn’t be able to use for ages. I ended up winning but had enough fun with it I would have been just as happy if I hadn’t won. Definitely will pull that one out again.

Then last night met some friends at a pub (4 players) and pulled out Cockroach Poker and later Skull. We enjoyed Cockroach poker far more than skull as it produced many laughs. Skull seemed a lot more serious when comparing to CP. It was our first time for both and I think my friends were challenging far too early with skull so we didn’t really get into a bluffing situation. We will try both again in the furture.


I managed to sit down and play some of the classics with my family over the weekend, as we cracked out Settlers of Catan. It was a pretty close game, but I managed to clutch the victory with a circle of towns and cities surrounding a sheep producing tile, resulting in about five sheep whenever the number 5 was rolled (which was surprisingly often). This was combined with a port where I could exchange all my sheep with other resources to create a society based on sheep.

The city was not built on Rock and Roll… It was built on sheep.


It’s been a couple weeks, now, but got a couple games of Quantum in, along with a game of Alien Frontiers.

I actually managed to win both games of Quantum, which is rare. I don’t usually win games, but at this point I think I’ve won more games of Quantum than any game I own. Something about it just clicks with my brain and I don’t get distracted like I do in bigger games, like TI.

I really want to play Alien Frontiers more, I think that was my fourth time getting it to the table and it’s always enjoyable. I’ve never played it with more than three players, though, and really want to see what happens with four or five.


For my birthday, we finally got Alchemists on the table. Or as we call it: Postdoc Simulator. We had 5 people, all of who are in, graduated from, or dropped out of PhD programs. So that everyone understood how the alchemical system worked and to learn about what experiments are useful to run, I set everyone else the task of figuring out all the elements in the demo while I reviewed the rules (because I had been too busy cleaning and cooking and playing Gloomhaven to do it earlier). Since Alchemists only takes 4 players, I teamed up with J, who had tried to be too clever and applied some CS thing and got a contradiction in her logic. I half played the game and half was making sure we were following the rules and half communicated with lots of pronouns and gestures to not give away information.

It says something about a game when it only teaches you half the actions before suggesting maybe you should play your first round before reading the rest of the rules. The actions available on the first round are actually fairly straightforward. There were chuckles at experimenting on naive freshmen and publishing with sketchy information.

Explaining how to sell to adventurers (see, we bid again for order, then there are these four levels you can sell at, and you don’t get to know the exact outcome of the potions, just some information the adventurer reports back…) and how to debunk a theory (to be honest, it’s easiest to just read the 8 item sequence out of the rulebook) was complicated. And most of the intricacies didn’t come up, but I still had to explain them so people weren’t caught off-guard.

And there was the question of when to introduce all the systems not mentioned during the first round. Oh, by the way, we’re competing for grants. Oh, yeah, high reputation affects selling potions to adventurers and amplifies reputation penalties. Oh, I should mention we’re going to a conference after the third and fifth rounds; make sure you’ve published by then. Oh, at the end of the sixth round, there’s an exhibition with yet another set of ways to earn prestige. Luckily, everyone was happy to treat this as a learning game. We actually stopped the game after the fifth round because it was getting late.

All in all, I had fun. People tried different strategies. There was fighting over turn order. We went from scatterings of uncertain information to racing to see who could publish/endorse everything. For S and I, it was great to poke fun at the academia life we left behind. For J, who’s halfway through her PhD and is having doubts, it was more, “To laugh that we may not weep.”


Last night we played “Suburbia” for the first time at our board game meet up group. We had never played before but we learned quickly with a good explanation. I finished second and absolutely loved it. Less than ten hours later I have now backed Suburbia on kickstarter. Metal Coins! (Kickstarter only) I wish there were metal coins one could buy for all games. The cardboard ones just are not nice to hold.

What a great time we had. Absolutely loved it.


I have a set of metal coins that I use with any game they are compatible with. Some games you just can’t sub out the coins for a number of reasons. The ones I have I bought from Amazon but they were from the original version of Brass: Lancashire (called Brass at the time). I think Quinns talks about them briefly and I know they are shown in the Brass review video.

Keep your eyes open and you’ll find some (possibly even in your own couch)


Thanks I just checked them out. Far more than I thought there would be. Especially enjoyed the pirate booty gold coins.


Had a 2 player game of Ethnos last night. We were 1 point apart at the end of the first age, but I had a run away lead after the second. Still a great game.


I’ve only ever played this at four players, how is it with two?


Funny thing, there was recently a geeklist posted on BGG that covered various metal coins. Check this out:


Still haven’t found suitable metal coins for Bargain Quest…


I bought a number of sets of Artana coins. This got me 5 denominations in a variety of styles, though turns out we rarely need all 5 denominations. Artana were relatively inexpensive per unit (not sure how they stack up now) but don’t feel cheap when you play with them. My friends (who admittedly aren’t hardcore gamers) just enjoy the novelty of playing with metal coins instead of cardboard. Nor do they really care that I have a grab bag of ancient Greek, medieval, etc. styles, even if we’re playing a modern or sci-fi game; some like digging through the bag and looking at all the styles.


We enjoy it a lot, but as I’ve only played it at 2, I can’t make any comparisons to higher player counts.

There does seem to be a fairly large chance of a runaway leader, but I’m not sure if that’s the game or us.


Last night for the monthly office game night we played Cockroach Poker for the first time and Betrayal at the House on the Hill.
Cockroach Poker: near the end, we ended up creating narratives for all the cards (“This is a sexually suggestive frog that is legally obligated to tell you that it’s moving into the neighbourhood and isn’t allowed near schools or malls.”).
BatHotH: The actual betrayal was so so mainly because the betrayer was at a huge disadvantage based on location. I choose to remember the good times, like when my left hand became possessed and I decided to cut it off and replace it with a bell. Not the boomstick I had already but a bell.


My girlfriend and I played our first game of Piepmatz. We both really enjoyed it, and will probably play it again this weekend. The artwork is great, and she loved the theme. Maybe I will need to grab Wingspan


My girlfriend and I got some practice flicking in last night as a warm up to a learning game of Catacombs, happening shortly. I’ve played a ton of Crokinole (though not for a long time), but she hasn’t flicked a thing in her life, so I’m prepping for a heavy DM role tonight, rather than that of a competitor.

Easy, short dungeon all prepped; tokens and cards all lined up and hidden for smooth play and surprise factor; nice basic-but-helpful draw lined up for her trip to the shop… I’m really stoked for this!


We get that problem less in higher count games as there’s more competition for regions and sets. When someone dumps a bunch of cards into the market, each player is only likely to get one or two that they want. I’d guess in a two player it’s easier to build up larger sets, but I would have expected that to work both ways


Board game night at the office!

We started off with a game of Chickapig. I’m not sure how to describe it really. You’re trying to bounce your pigs off of hay bales and possibly a cow to ricochet them out your goal, preferably without sliding through cow poop. It sort of feels like a video game puzzler, except with other players blocking you. Amusing, would be a good family thing.

We then split into groups. One group played a long round of Bargain Quest (always popular), and I and a couple others played Fire Tower. I quite liked this, it’s a competitive one where you’re trying to blow an ever-expanding forest fire in the direction of your rival towers and keep it away from yourself. It’s an interesting theme and simple to learn, but you’re massively at the mercy of the cards you draw when everyone else teams up and the fire starts heading your way.

Oh, and followed up with a round of Christmas Lights for a couple of us. I’ve never done this 2 player before, and I think I prefer the 3+ rounds.


Illusion x1

Played Fae and it was an interesting design, but I don’t like it enough to stay in my collection.

Our game of Chicago Express went fast with BRR (Red) Company went straight to Chicago, and the only one that made it there. I used Blue to blocked Red’s path through the Appalachians, but I failed. Yellow and Green didn’t expand and developed enough for me to get more money.

The game is relatively quick and with interesting choices for you. Post-game analysis made me even more enamoured with the game.

We played Reef as our last game of the night. It was just fine. the corrals are a nice set of components, but that’s it.


That makes sense. While it seems more likely to happen at 2p, I feel like its more us than the game. Maybe a few more plays and it will balance out. I think we’ve only played it 4 or 5 times, and that was the first since early January.


I also really enjoy this game for similar reasons. Being newish to ‘stock’ games I’m finding the learning curve refreshing too. Plus the pieces are nice which always helps me enjoy a game.