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COINcidentally, the last time I drank a Cuba Libre, I also won!

In all seriousness, I’ve only recently become aware of COIN games (I think due to the popularity of Root). Some people say “Yay, COIN games!” and other people say, “Nooo! Play the other GMT games!” and yet more people say, “GMT? No, I’m UTC+6”


Went to a meetup. While everyone was disorganized and we were waiting for more people to come late, I got a couple players for Fleet. This time with the Gone Fishin mechanic from the expansion (replicated with stolen two-silver pieces from A Feast For Odin). I think that really improves the game, makes it easier for everyone to have close scores. One player got all the processing licenses and was swimming in cards the whole game, but he almost processed too much. Not actually too much, though, because he won, but only by three points, and third place was just one point behind second. Very close game and a lot of fun! I wish I had a better way of explaining the disconnect between a processing license and a processing vessel though, because that just confuses people.

After that we played Roll through the Ages, and I remain entirely unenthused about Roland Wright’s games. They never thrill me, even when I’m doing very well or very poorly. I did very well in this case, but it just never clicked into me liking the game. I liked the pegboard aspect though; made me feel like I was at a Cracker Barrel.

After a couple of failed games of Codenames Duet (how do you not guess Disk for Frisbee???), we finally got to a game that me and another guy were trying to play from the beginning of the night: Robo Rally (new version). This was, as always, a ton of fun, especially with the new players who had a tough time grasping how and when conveyor belts moved. We used the “advanced” rules where any cards you don’t play you keep for the next round, which meant there was a lot of Spam flying around (also a result of all the board lasers).


I bought Harry Potter - Hogwarts Battle for my wife’s birthday. Quite a simple game. We only played up to game 3 but it seemed to improve with each game. Some tactical advantage to be found from not just buying up every card which might be useful in the future but instead retaining some kind of purity to your deck and only adding what you really need. All in all, a pleasant experience. Wasn’t blown away but a nice theme that should draw in younger players to the hobby.


I’ll be interested to hear what you think after a few more games. I was originally quite interested but when my wife and I played with some friends who were on game 7, the game felt really flimsy and we ended up just acknowledging that victory wasn’t possible before everybody has even played their second turn.

I’ve never given it another chance since then… Our friends still love it, I think (haven’t talked to them in a while to see how much they still play; they are 6 months into their second child at the moment).


My family and I have recently managed to play Hogwarts Battle all the way through and quite enjoyed it as the first game we have played in this deck builder style of game, although the difficulty curve of the game felt completely out of balance (it took us 4-5 tries to get through year 5 but we managed to get through the last year in only one run through).

Also if you start losing at the start of the game there is really no way to pull yourself back to victory but if you are lucky and got some good cards at the start you could practically destroy any challenge the game put in your way in a matter of turns.

I think the amount of enjoyment you get out of the game depends on how much you like Harry Potter, as both my sister and Mum who love the franchise really loved Hogwarts Battle but as someone who hasn’t read the books in ages, I enjoyed it a bit less.


Attended a Japan night at our local board game cafe in Rochester. Played some Machi Koro, which I still enjoy for a quick 30 mins game every now and then, light, easy to teach and generally fun. Still never tried the expansions despite owning both of them! Next time!
Also a few games of Deep Sea Adventure and Love Letter, standard group favourites.


Had some friends over yesterday who were willing to brave the snow forecast. We started up Legacy Betrayal, playing two games of it as the prologue is rather short. I managed to survive the second game at least. So far I am liking it, as the number of tiles and cards slowly increases from game to game, and even those can start having different effects as players make items into heirlooms or other cards get intensified. I also like the Calling cards, which give your characters a special ability.

After that, our friends introduced us to the Portal board game. I had seen the game in stores, but was never sure if it would be any good, being based off an IP. Overall, I think it works. You try to get your test subjects to the “old” edge of the ever-moving sectional game board where GLaDOS destroys it and rewards you with whatever was printed in the tile, which is then flipped and placed on the “new” edge of the board. Game ends whenever any player is out of test subjects and the winner is the person with the most cake, which is one of the rewards. The trick is cake just gets placed on the board and can be destroyed if it reaches the end of the board, so you need to move it with your test subjects or try to end the game before it is threatened. The game feels a bit "take-that"y with cards which after having their effect make a change to the base rules until a new card is played and covers it up with its own rule change, so the game is constantly changing in a Fluxx-like way, though the win conditions never change.

Our friends left to get ahead of any ice forming on the roads. After we put the kids to bed, my wife and I introduced her brother to Azul. I did horribly, but it was still fun, and her brother liked the game, so it is another one we can pull out for the three of us.


Had another game night, just one returning friend this time and my baby. We played 3 games, Arkham Horror Card Game, Ticket to Ride: New York, and Azul.

Azul was my favorite of the three. It’s just such a fast and entertaining, beautiful game. It’s simplicity hides house complicated the game can be. We played one game, our first, and it was very close. We both look forward to playing it again.

Ticket to Ride: New York was another good one. Basically the same rules as ticket to ride, but a much faster game. The small board ensures a real fight over mutually needed routes. I think both of us were shocked by how quickly the game ended. My friend drew two more tickets, which cost him the game.

Arkham Horror Card Game was another good one. We played the introductory mission was the recommended decks. I’m surprised at how little of the encounter deck we got through, and how easy this seemed to be until the final creature attacked. We both intend to play the next mission, and I may pick up a second starter so we can add people to the game.


Played Pandemic: Fall of Rome for the third time on Thursday. Still really enjoying it - much more than I’ve enjoyed vanilla Pandemic. We got the last alliance on my turn, just before I’d need to draw from the empty player deck. And we were one step away from maxing out the decline track as well.

We followed it up with some Monikers, which I’ve played a lot of recently since receiving More Monikers and the two expansions I didn’t have. I got to introduce it to new people on Thursday, so I once again delighted in having them pick cards before revealing they’d have to act them out :smiley:

Today I did some more 2-player gaming with my friend Alex and we managed to alternate winning somehow.

Started off with Dead & Breakfast, which is a lot more thinky than the theme/adorable art suggests. Alex won that one.

Then we were both itching for another try of Great Western Trail. We went with a randomised setup this time, including the more advanced buildings. I came out with a score of 143, about double what either of us got last time. Mostly thanks to clearing lots of hazards and grabbing a station tile that gave me a bonus for doing so.

Unfortunately, a post-game check on BGG reveals we misinterpreted a rule about discarding objectives, meaning we used some of them multiple times, so our scores should probably be lower (but we both misused them, so I don’t think it made the game unfair).

Then we also played Ticket to Ride: New York and Azul :smiley: I enjoyed New York, but I think it’s a bit too quick. In Azul, I managed to force Alex to take a pile of tiles he couldn’t place at all, losing him 8 points and giving me the win.

We finished up with Okiya which is like a more complicated Noughts and Crosses. Our first game ended in a draw, which might be a loss for the first player? The rulebook doesn’t make it clear (Ah, Bruno Cathala’s specified it’s a tie in a thread on BGG). Alex won the second game.


Yesterday my group sat down for our second game of Twilight Imperium 4th Ed this year… and one of them brought a surprise…


(It says “TI 2019” on the cup itself)

Anyway! We were down to only 5 players due to some memory-issues one the behalf of Player 6 (Sam, who was going to play the Nekro Virus, and who won the previous game). Race selections and seating arrangements were:
Marc (me!) playing Xxcha (I randomly got the worst spot and the 4-trade-good benefit from it… which, to be honest, actually made the game pretty balanced)
Karan playing Yssaril
Will playing Saar
Chris playing Sol
and Graham playing Arborec.

Early game was interesting: Will drove his entire migrant-fleet towards Chris but abandoned every planet behind himself, until his fleet was wedged between the armadas of Sol and Arborec with nowhere left to go. At one point, Will was down to 3 planets and an asteroid field.
Meanwhile, Karan and I shared a peaceful border for the majority of the game, with Karan’s other flank “protected” by the fact that the Saar buggered their entire fleet off in a different direction.

By mid-game, we had several tech-focused objectives that we were all struggling with and the Tech strategy was taken every single turn by the speaker, whoever they were. My racial “Diplomacy” ability was used a grand total of once the entire game (Diplomacy was only taken twice). Will and his Saar jumped to an early lead (6 points while most of us were at 1-3 points), but it cost him as his fleet was surrounded and isolated. The Arborec had an extremely slow start to scoring, but then swooped in and nabbed Mecatol Rex for a strong mid-game rush of points.

The last turn started with me at 5 points and everyone else either at 7 or 8 points, with the Arborec and Sol both perched at the precipice of victory but Will only 1 solid Secret Objective away from a win. I sent the majority of my fleet (a War Sun, 4 Dreadnaughts, my Flagship, and 6 fighters) to take Rex, but my bombardment left 5 of the Arborec ground troops alive, and Graham’s “Magen Defence Grid” technology meant that he got a single round of shot on my 4 ground troops before I could fire… he ended up with 1 soldier left, and I with none, and held the throne world.

I had taken Leadership and was able to score 2 points (my 2nd Secret Objective, to have both of my Racial Techs, plus 2 Unit Upgrades), bringing me to 7, and then Graham scored his last public objective and a Secret Objective (hold 3 Wormhole systems) for the win.

Final Scores:
Arborec: 10
Sol: 8
Saar: 8
Yssaril: 7
Xxcha: 7

A solid game… took us about 5 hours, start to finish (including setting up the galaxy). I started focusing on Victory Points a turn too late, and didn’t start leveraging my huge fleet advantage until turn 5, and I should’ve been bullying Graham and his Arborec by Turn 3 or 4 at the latest. There was a MASSIVE swing in fortunes due to a “Wormhole Technolgy” card, which saw Graham, Chris and I all receiving a free Tech in exchange for losing all our ships on Wormhole systems… I lost a Destroyer, Graham lost his flagship, 2 Cruisers, a carrier, and a dozen fighters, and Chris lost 2 Dreadnaughts, his Flagship, and easily two dozen fighters. That alone let the Saar back into the game, this migrant fleet, previously squashed between the Alpha and Beta wormholes suddenly freed to roam once more.

Such an amazing game! We are already scheduling our next match… I think I am going to try the Naalu, since they haven’t been selected since we started playing TI:4.

Some useless stats: The Arborec are the most popular faction (3 out of the last 4 games they were selected, with the Mentak, Sol, Jol-Nar, and Ghost each selected twice), the Jol-Nar are the most point-heavy (they average 8.5 points/game they are selected), and the only 2 races that haven’t been selected are the Nekro and the Naalu.


Played Caverna, and actually really enjoyed it!! Always looked too dry for me to bother with before, but my friend had it set up for when we arrived. I did alright blindly stumbling through it - came third, 7 points behind first place (53 and 60). As with most Uwe’s, it’s “nice”. Think I prefer Feast for Odin more, but surprised how similar they played all told.

Then Brass Birmingham. WOW WHAT A GAME!!! So much more fun and interactive than I thought it would be, and the rules aren’t that bad in practice. We played 3 player and I was proper screwed over by focusing early up in the North West of the board… And no one joined me. So ended up wasting so many actions connecting my industries just to pull some points, and even that probably wasn’t worthwhile. Ended up 16 points behind the winner so didn’t lose too badly, but probably should have worked on competing for spaces with others to battle the point delta. Definitely would play it again.

So a lot of surprised and destroyed expectations!


My son brought round Binding of Isaac and it was… fine. Kinda like a game of Munchkin, but with a bit more meat on its bones. RNG out the wazoo, and with a run of bad luck I could see it being miserable. But, still fun!

Flash Point: Fire Rescue Played at veteran level, and barely won.

Arkham Horror:LCG Misread the act deck and played the whole damn investigation incorrectly. Now I’ll have to DO IT ALL AGAIN. This sucks…


Quacks of Quedlinburg X 2, first games of this. Enjoyed it, but I seemed to have pretty bad luck, often drawing the white chips at the start of my turn, and then having no choice really but to push my luck (and usually failing). Its a fun mechanic, and I like the variety of the potion books. We had 2 games, and the same player won each one, and basically admitted he didnt have any real strategy, he just drew well. So he gets more points, and more money, which lets him buy more chips. I know, I know, its a push your luck game, and there are ways to mitigate bad luck (using your flask). Its obviously not a game you play if you want real strategy or anything.

Ganz Schon Clever X 2, still lots of fun. We had one new player, but its a pretty easy game to pick up

Starship Samurai, I’d seen this in shops, and I thought it was an epic space game, something like Forbidden Stars. But its a lot simpler (and quicker) than that. You have 4 chips, and can take 4 actions in a round. You can move your ships/mechs around, get money, move an influence cube (which gives VP), and draw cards - which can be either Orders (which are played on your turn), and Battle cards, which are played in a battle. Each round you fight over 3 planet cards, which you take if you are victorious. You’re trying to get sets of different types. This turned out to be a very quick game. For 3 players, there are 9 cards to put out, so you have 3 rounds, so that gives you 12 actions in the entire game. And there isn’t an amazing number of choices each turn. Everyone gets the chance to be the start player, basically. With so few options, it seemed the only course was to go in hard on every battle, and hope you had the numbers, or a good Battle card.

Isle of Skye, had my worst ever game of this, nothing seemed to work for me


My son and I got in a fair amount of gaming this weekend.

Forbidden Dessert First time in awhile for this one. We won despite needing to excavate every tile to find all of the parts. Those tiles were all grouped together on the opposite side of the map from our starting position.

Gaslands Played a super simple race; 1 car each, no weapons, etc. We just did it as a learning experience. Our next game will probably be the recommended scenario from the book. Despite that, it was pretty fun for what it was.

My Little Scythe He had a fortunate combination of his starting bonus, and his first move upgrade. Led to him stomping me 4-0.

Century Golem Edition he was first player, but left me a couple of good cards, which got me a nice little engine. I was worried I was going to run away, but he raced to 6 Golems (I was a turn away from my 5th) and won 73-63.

One Deck Dungeon Fun game but I always forget how long a full run can take! He got to the Yeti on Novice but we both had horrible rolls and lost on the first turn!!!

Aristeia! I’ve been wanting to play this for ages. We played without any tactics cards, or even points, just to get anfeel for the mechanics. Goibg to play an actual game next time, without the Tactics cards, and introduce them in game 3 or 4.

Took a break to do some other stuff; primed his first started set of 40k from Christmas, played some Donky Kong, he did some homework.

Played another game of Aristeia! (King of the Hill) and he beat me 9-0. I feel like one of the teams is at a severe disadvage without the tactics cards.

Edit: For some reason spell check isnt working on the foruns for me, so my posts have a ton of errors. Sorry?! :thinking:


Not a great deal of recent gaming. But santa brought us Junk Art for Christmas and we have played it a couple of times now. It’s ok. A little bit Meh, for me.
Also managed a first couple of games of Railroad Ink: Blue. I liked it. A charming, quick little bit of fun, with absolutely spot on design. My daughter found it a bit underwhelming, but conceded it was a useful small box game ot have in the collection, because it will travel well.


We’ve been playing a tonne of doppelt so Clever. It obviously doesn’t have the surprising thrill of original clever but it is surprising how moreish this format is after playing so much. I can’t for sure pin down what it is that makes it more attractive than other games of the roll and write but I think one is it’s because you can always have a super go. You anticipate a go not because you might be able to get something just fine enough but you should expect to get something fine enough but anticipate fantastic.


I played with 4 and 5 (which isn’t in the rules but works fine) over the weekend, so I feel like I can compare them properly now.

I really enjoyed it with 2, it still had some moments of excitement but it’s more of a meditative experience. It’s also a more intense relationship that you have with someone else, like the end of a round with more players but all the time: you’re always staring at the other person (who’s always staring back) and trying to decide whether you’re turn is next. With more players there are a lot more varied glances around the table with more people to consider.

I’d recommend it with 2 for sure, it’s a cool way to get inside each others heads a bit (or at least feel like it). It feels equally good when you’re down to your last life and manage to finish another level without messing up. The other nice thing is that you never feel like a failure is someone’s fault - it’s always due to both of you being out of sync. With a higher player count it can sometimes be frustrating when a player goes out of turn, since there are often only two players who are out of turn, and it’s easier to assign blame when the other players don’t have low enough cards to be involved in the current cards.


Adding to this Azul TTR NY coincidence: My name is Alex




Another game of Ticket to Ride: New York and Illusion. I feel like Illusion doesn’t have a stay power for me, but I love showing it off to people due to how simple and intense it is.

Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails is probably the best TTR for me due to its complexity. I still love TTR, and this one just amps up its game. Will be eager to play this again.

Played The Quest for El Dorado with the basic map to teach it to peeps. Still works and I’m eager to buy the expansion.

Boss Monster went better than I thought. I enjoyed it and it’s fun, but I won’t own it myself.

Played Railroad Ink 3x and it’s defo the best roll & write due to how agonising it is and how easy it is to show to people. Better than Welcome To.

Quacks of Quedlinburg is a game that keeps getting better whenever I play it. It was alright at first, but now I’m eager for the expansion and try out the advance variant of this game.