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Had a game night, that I’m going to pretend to be a regular event in the future. My wife was at work so me and my 10 month old hosted.

Two very good friends came over, and we played the Mind until pizza arrived. Had a few good games, and made it to level 4 or 5 one game. I really enjoy playing this, but I’m still not sure the logic of it. I think we may need more of a willingness to use the shurikens when the time is right.

Around the time we finished the pizza, we set up Photosynthesis to play it for the first time. My daughter woke up from her nap, I brought her down stairs to hang out with us, and for the first time ever, she lost her mind when meeting new people. She was terrified, screamed her head off, crying. Eventually I got her calmed down, and we got the game going.

Photosynthesis is a neat simulation of the life cycle of the forest, trees rise and fall, the sun rises and sets, and your trees need to gather light, in order to proginate and reach maturity. Once a tree has grown old, choose the right time for it to end its life cycle, and it’s worth points.

I really enjoyed it. Afterwords I put my Daughter to bed with some struggles. Just too exciting with the new people. We intended to play Forbidden Sky, but the energy wasn’t there after the melt downs, so we played Smash Bros. until the group split up.


My daughter waited until she was about 13 months old before developing her “stranger danger” instinct… conveniently timed around this past Christmas when aunts, uncles, grandparents, great aunts and cousins were coming around to visit. “Sorry, great-grandma… you can’t hold her because she thinks you’re terrifying”

I’ve been very tempted to pick up a copy of the The Mind but 1) I don’t think it will be a smash hit with my group and 2) I have very real telepathy that really undermines the game design.

Photosynthesis is a game I outright skipped over due to how cutthroat it looks.


Yesterday my wife and I played a quick game of Arboretum. It was our closest game yet, both of us having one really good path, however I had a second really good path, so despite only scoring two paths, I managed to come out ahead 26-24. It was REALLY close and could have gone either way.

Then after getting the kids to bed, we played our second ever game of Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu, which we’ve owned for two years now. This game went very similar to our first game, as we managed to close two gates, but then the Old One that makes the players lose a collective amount of sanity came up. At two players, we needed to lose 3, and we each only had 1 sanity left, so we both went insane and lost the game. I intend to try again in the future. I’m wondering if we need a third investigator to give us a bit more help (and more sanity to work with).


I don’t think Photosynthesis would feel as cutthroat as your imagining. There is lots of tree placement as well as growth, and a Large tree, in a turn could very well prevent 3 trees from getting the light they need, but it is very likely not the only tree. Although the three of us were regularly playing and throwing down trees, I saw regular growth to the amount of light I gained, even though we were trying to overgrow each other, and block each others light. It is also fast paced, and while you feel the loss, the quick movement and changing landscape makes missing out on light points more of a challenging jab than a cutthroat loss.


Of the last three games we’ve played, the highest score was a 62 (my wife) and the lowest was a 35. The average score (one 4-player game, two 2-players, FWIW) was a 46, the average of winning scores was 54. So 58 is a great score, IMHO.


This past week we played our most recent kickstarter arrival: Herabaceous: Sprouts and another round of Quacks of Quidlenberg, which was the worst game of it that I’ve played (my wife felt bad for me when I was awarded THIRTEEN rat tails, LOL). I then played a solo game of K2, which I enjoyed quite a bit and look forward to trying with multiple opponents. One of my climbers died up there (and if the game had continued, my other climber would also have died on that cursed mountain…damned snowstorm).


This might be the worst card to flip at 2 players (which is what we usually play it at). I’m not sure if I want to try a 3rd (or even 4th) investigator when my son and I next play, or just ditch that GOO from the game. Unfortunately, while he/she/it is the worst, there are a couple that I feel are pretty harsh at that player count.


My gaming group is being unreliable at the moment so more Solo Terraforming Mars and Railroad Ink.

Railroad Ink.
60 points in Railroad Ink, and that includes 5 open ended connections… my longest road was quite large, will pop up a pic when I get home. only used 2 of the 3 specials as well.
After a few more games and I’ll add in the lakes expansion.

Terraforming Mars:
Played with Prelude again. This is just a no questions must have in the game now. It adds enough that its worth it and makes the game a generation or two shorter, and it requires so little extra in setup!

I had forgotten that my last Gloomhaven scenario unlocked more story in the Town Records book, so I sat down and read that, which unlocked a new scenario… and now I want to play more Gloomhaven…


Looking forward to seeing your Railroad Ink board, I find them strangely pleasing.

I had a go at Fox in the Forest which I enjoyed more than my opponent, possibly because of their unfamiliarity with trick-taking games. I’ll try to persuade them to give it another shot, otherwise I’ll have to wait till I see my dad to give it another go, who I’m sure will enjoy it. I was always on edge about not winning enough or winning too much, nervous that it would tip the balance and leave me with nothing! The scoring system is very clever and keeps every round feeling close. I think that’s because the boundaries between scoring high and low are only ever about 3 points apart, which is a very artificial way to make it a tight little balancing act (not necessarily a bad thing though).

Seems great at first impressions but I’d like to play it some more before passing judgement.


As promised my last game of Railroad ink and one game with the lakes expansion!

60 and 64 (!) points respectively :smiley:


I could be misunderstanding the rules, but I don’t think your first board is a score of 60. The bridge over a rail doesn’t count as connecting the road and the railroad, so you don’t have a single group of 10 connected exits; you have a group of 6 connected exits (20 points), a group of 3 connected exits (8 points), and a single connected exit (0 points), for a total of 28 points. It also looks like you have 7 dead ends, not 5, so your total score would be 50, not 60.

Can anyone confirm or deny this?


As much as I hate to kick a man while he’s down… ah, what the hey.

I concur with @acharlie1377’s assessment.


I think the second board is scored at 60 rather than 64


I’m not surprised I math’d wrong. I’m getting sick.
and thank you for point out what I’m doing wrong here!


First games night in a while last night, and in 3 hours we managed three games of Snow Tails and one game of The Glass Road, two games which are starkly different. I found the stepping up of brainpower (counting -> interconnected economy engines for points) tricky.

Snow Tails, for me, is better than Flamme Rouge. It’s more exciting, I feel. For example, weaving your way through trees is a lovely puzzle, and sometimes, after a lot of counting and subtracting, maybe just taking that dent by knocking the tree over is actually the better plan. I like that you can just say “bugger it” and make those kinds of decisions. In Flamme Rouge, it’s all about drift and keeping up with the pack, if you don’t manage it, the game becomes a bit of a damp squib (just my opinion, your mileage may vary, differing opinions make this world great, right?). We played the introductory track, which ended in a tie. We then played a track with all the ice (which board game savant won because my dogs slowed down to admire the scenery, apparently). The last game was the course with all of the trees and all of the bends with speed limits and I managed to get the win by a distance. Such good fun, and quite exhilarating when you get your cards just so. Two players is a bit lame in terms of total danger, so playing it with five would definitely make it my favourite race game.

The Glass Road saw me make a good opening move, but then I focused too much on the economy tiles (the blue ones with the arrow) rather than end game scoring. Board game savant lined up a point-per-sand card and that pipped me, as I put all my money on a point-per-used-glass card, and made poor choices with the economy. Final scores were 22-17. I’m not sure what constituted a good score, but I felt, bar a couple of bad building choices, I didn’t do too badly. Early game analysis and prediction is the way forward to hone your strategy. It’s a wonderful puzzle and it will hit the table repeatedly.


I agree with your assessment. The corners mean something in Snow Tails whereas in Flamme Rouge they are a convenient way to stop the track getting huge.

My favourite cycling game is the very under the radar no luck racer Breaking Away. Unfortunately the game is stuck with a design that is the worst of GeoCities and MySpace combined.


Yup, Snow Tails is better than Flamme Rouge, for sure


I own both and I definitely think there’s room for both in my collection. Snow Tails has really demanding decisions that you have to make consistently throughout the game. Flamme Rouge, on the other hand, only ever makes you decide between 2 or three things at a time, but ultimately just along for the ride…

Perhaps they should swap themes with each other…


Last night we played a few rounds of Junk Art. It was the first time i played using the “fans” scoring. I think I prefer just playing each city as a one-off. That goes better for my son as well.

We followed that up with a quick game of Century Golen Edition.

I woke up this morning to find that all the schools were closed duento severe freezing rain. I had no one that could watch him, so I called in for the day (first “sick” day in over a year but whatever).

This led to a few games getting played:
Wildlands - Out first game with the Unquiet Dead expansion. We used the rule that allows one of them to hit the board everytime a character dies. They didn’t get any actual play, as we each only lost 1 character (it was a crystal focused match).

Rum & Bones 2nd Tide - Our second game, and we used the Tide cards. I got an early lead where I knocked out two of his heroes in an early round, but he took the win 8-4 in the end.

Junk Art - Used the fans a bit more, and confirmed I prefer the game without them.

My Little Scythe - Our third play, and my first win. Still a fun little game. My son has the habit of focusing on Quests early on, even when there are not likely enough resources to complete it; I think it was a big factor in the results of the game. I pointed it out, so hopefully the next gane is more even.

Our last activity was starting on his LEGO Porg he recieved for Christmas. A surprise day off well spent :grin:.


Played Flamme Rouge again, this time with 5 players and we had a tie. Of course, the rider on the right wins the tiebreaker.

Got the Quacks of Quedlinburg fresh from the post on Tuesday and went straight to the table that night. It was intense and hilarious - even if I keep getting a series of cherry bombs in a row. I’ve never screamed and cheered pulling out a mandrake out of a bag before. :joy:


K2 is one of my favorites. You can math out as much as you want, but sometimes that darn risk token doesn’t go where you intend and upsets your best laid plans. And the winter side is way harder.

My only guff is that the game abruptly ends after a certain number of days, so some people decide to camp on the summit for the last 2-3 rounds so no one else can summit easily, and the game ends right before they would otherwise die.