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This is why Targi exists. 2 player and 2 player only worker placement. Most other games like Viticulture, Agricola, etc don’t play well at lower player counts.


Played Wingspan and it’s soooo gorgeously pretty! And, it is also a satisfying engine building game. It’s quick enough that it doesn’t feel that it’s overstaying its welcome.

However, I don’t see myself buying it for £43 + with my 2019 goal of buying fewer games. I’m still happy with Seasons as my card tableau game of choice. I might get it in the future though!


I played Cave vs Cave with my wife in the pub to celebrate our 16th year together. I got more sheep, pigs and cows than she did, but she got more horses. The buildings were total stinkers, so I only managed to score 48. It’s a great brainburner for two players.


I’ve actually seen a lot of postive comments for Viticulture at 2. I haven’t played it myself but hope to get it soon for my GF and I to play. Yes, its probably “best” at more, but still seems well regarded at 2. Unlike CoM which seems to be in the realms of “do not play at 2”; though I have seen comments from those who enjoy it at 2.

I think a big factor is your experience; if you often play with 3+ players, you’re far more likely to notice the faults that appear when playing at only 2.

As 90% of my gaming is a 2p, I likely don’t notice a lot of the issues others would (as 2p is all I know). That said, I do generally try to avoid games that are actively considered bad at 2, unless I’m picking them up for the rare times we have more people (these are mostly party or very light games). CoM is just one of the games that I really want to try, but worry the experience will fall flat (given the player count).

To stay somewhat on topic, I didn’t get any games played this weekend, but I did read some rule books! Aristeia!, and My Little Scythe. Hoping to get them to the table soon-ish.


Been away at a con (https://www.bastionwales.com as you didn’t ask) and played, from memory, Fire in The Lake, Quacks of Quedlinburg, Brass: Lancashire, Conquest of Paradise, Silly Cow, Welcome to… (Knob End), Tikal, Cat Lady, Time of Crisis, 1906 San Francisco and probably some others.

Ask about any of that lot of you want


Which one was your favourite/surprisingly fun?


Fire in the Lake is incredible. Will definitely add a COIN to my collection. In fact all the GMT games I played were excellent and worth owning

Quacks is more fun that is should be. It’s a strategic push your luck game.


Viticulture is tighter with two players, since most of the action spaces are unique, while in COM there are more spaces that do similar things, so you can always use those.
There is the Grande Worker in Viticulture that mitigates that tightness a little, but not that much, so it feels more competitive than COM.
Then there’s the troll in COM that works well with 3 or 4 players, when the downsides of not fighting it aren’t that bad (as long as it’s not you that gets picked for the shame token all the time), but not in a two player game, where chosing to fight it is almost mandatory.


I played Detective: The Modern One on Saturday. I enjoyed it, and not just because I had the marker pens and was in charge of the flip chart. We projected the computer screen as well to make sure everyone was involved. I did feel the game didn’t respect our time at all, giving us so much information about a much more interesting case, but then preventing us from solving that case instead (the computer told us off at one point for taking the initiative, which is just wrong). That and the writing is terrible. The SUASD impression is spot on.

Then I played Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. Repeatedly. I think I said “One more game” about 12 times overall. We just got the expansion and it’s a lot of fun. My favourite move is still throwing in for a guess after just two clues have been given (AKA being DCI Gutfeel) and it paid off this time, for a Videogame Console killer leaving behind a bell (clues: Young adult and school).

Then Scythe. That game ticks all my logic effiency engine boxes, but I can see why so many became disillusioned with it. It’s almost purest Euro. Then Automania, fun little car building worker placement style game, with construction lines. Only because nobody still wanted to play Murder in Hong Kong with me.


I’m in a 4-player Vassal game of Fire in the Lake right now. Just resolving the third coup.


Quacks is shooting to the top of my next buy list. Choices between playing the odds, and raw gut feeling sound right up my street.


What does the expansion add? More generally, for anyone, is this recommended over mysterium?


Deception: Undercover Allies adds:

  • a bunch of new clue and method cards;
  • 9 scene tiles, including an event tile which IMO you should NEVER use (it potentially turns the Forensic Scientist into a member of Team Murderer, which to me is just not fun), and a single “location of crime” tile which replaces the standard four in case you’re finding it too easy;
  • three new roles: the Protective Detail (Percival in The Resistance: Avalon terms), the Lab Technician (can check one card to see if it’s part of the solution), and the Inside Man (who can take away someone’s badge - generally not fun).

If I really had to have just one of these games, I’d go for Mysterium, but I like them both – and The Resistance too.


Terraforming Mars Solo play. It just kicked my ass, I got my money and heat engines really going, but I never got Plants or Ocean tiles out to get anywhere near completing the game. But going to continue on in any case just because I want to complete this engine and see the end game board state.

it was my first time with the Prelude cards and I really like it. I can see this just being the Standard game for me from now on. there isn’t that much more to add to the rules explanation or setup.


Just as rogerbw says. Really the extra tiles and cards make it. The base game comes with loads, but then with 6 players you’re cycling through 24 evidence and weapons each round. In a game like this that means you start to see the same things. The expansion just changes things up slightly. Also we always give 2 location cards and choose 1. It started as a misinterpretation of the rules, but we found it more fun than the actual rules.

As for that vs mysterium, I find them too different to directly compare. Deception can take 10 minutes a round, play as many as you want. Mysterium (which is excellent as well), is your full fat hour+ game. Deception is more comparable to Spyfall and Cockroach poker.


So many times we were on the bust limit or near it but still had a really good token we could draw out the bag but still had a token that would bust us in. That choice was fantastic.

The best bit is that busting just makes you ineligible for a couple of phases rather than taking you out the game entirely. Still crucial phases but you still have something to do.


Had a pretty busy gaming weekend.

5ish games of Keyforge 1 to teach my dad had to play. The other 4 were part of a tournament, I lost two and then won two. I didn’t place but I’m happy with how it went.

I also played my dad’s copy of Thunderbirds by Matt Leacock. I enjoyed it. I feel like it was an interesting variation on his usual Forbidden / Pandemic style. I think I would appreciate it more if I knew more about the series, but I think my dad enjoyed it.


I played my first game of 2-player Love Letter last night. I think it’s definitely stronger mechanically with 4 because a lot of the decisions come from who you target but I enjoyed the lighter 2-player game as well. It felt more competitive, every now and again it was quite tense. Not too intense all the way through though, which gave it a good sense of pace.

I found that with 2 players there are far more instances of funny reveals, partly due to the nature of not having to keep a poker face in front of others. It also helped that there were a lot more chances to get knocked out, which led to more nerves and more laughter!

Probably not my favourite 2-player game but it’s nice to know it’s enjoyable with the lower player count


My wife and I actually played quite a few games this weekend. Started off Saturday with a game of Arboretum. Our lowest scoring game yet as neither of us were able to score our better paths because the other held enough cards to deny it. So we each only managed to score two paths, mine just happened to be worth a little more, final score 15 - 8. I think she’s worked out the strategy now. :slight_smile:

We followed that up with a game of Jaipur. I won in two rounds, one of which may have been my highest score yet for the game at 90. We played again the next day and again I won in two rounds, scoring 89 in one of them. However, it feels more and more like luck of the draw is having a lot more to do with my wins here than any actual strategy. Yes, knowing when to sell cards or hold out for more of one good is important, but when the deck keeps flipping up a ruby or gold to replace the silk my wife takes, I feel like I’m just getting lucky.

Also played three games of Azul, one of my Christmas presents. I described everything for the first game except the 10 point scoring bonus at the end for having all of a color covered, so it’s only fair to add that caveat for our scoring. I had 80 points to my wife’s 54, getting lucky with two vertical columns and one horizontal, along with generally good placement throughout the game. Our next game was much closer at 51-47, both of us doing pretty well. My wife got hit with some bad negatives on the last game though, only managing 34 to my 49. I’m really liking this game so far and am interested how different it will be with more players.


Had a game of Century Golem with my son this evening. I haven’t played it in awhile, even longer for him. I didn’t try and get a perfect little engine going, as he was getting back in the groove. He ended up winning by 5 points (78 to 73) with 6 golems (to my 5). Still a fun little game, with gorgeous artwork.