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Won a Recruit game of Flash Point: Fire Rescue with the boy. Now to move up difficulty levels!


Impressive it was done with only one hand! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Gloomhaven – things weren’t looking the best for us. We lost a very useful pet early on, and I was exhausted towards the end. I gave us no chance, but somehow we made it thru. Go us!

Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar, a strange game, with roll and move mechanics (ok, you have cards instead of dice) and some dexterity elements. You wander around the island, picking up treasure at selected points, and sometimes get to roll marbles – either from Vul-Kars head, or from various positions. It was a bit of fun rolling marbles around, even if we never (directly) managed to knock anyone else over. A couple of times a character was knock over when he/she was nowhere near the marble. Or the marble would hit them and fail to knock them over. I never played this as a kid, so I have no fond memories of it. It was a bit of fun, but I really can’t see us playing this again.

Queendomino, like Kingdomino, but with a few extra bits. You’re building up your kingdom (queendom?) by selecting tiles with up to 2 different colours on them. You want crowns, and territories of the same colour, because this is a multiplier at the end of the game. Each round you select a double tile you will build on, and the “worse” a tile is, the earlier your choice for the next set of tiles. So if you are forced to take some rubbish, at least you’ll get first crack at the new tiles. Its fairly easy to see what people may want, so you can grab stuff before them.

So far, this is just Kingdomino. Queendomino has knights (which allow you to tax a territory and get money), towers (allow you to take the Queen piece, which is an extra crown at the end), and red tiles, which can be built on. You have a line of buildings that can be made, starting from 0 money and going up to 5. At the end of a round the buildings all move along to fill any gaps, so you might be able to grab one cheaper. Some buildings are just points, some give you points for separate territories of a colour, or give you towers/knights.

If you liked Kingdomino (I do), and want just a bit more of a game, this is a great choice.

Ganz schön Clever, I was little shocked when i downloaded the english rules and it was 4 pages long. But we decided to give it a crack and jumped in. It wasn’t too hard to pickup. The action player rolls all the dice and select one to use. Any other dice with a value less than the one chosen are moved to another area, where the other players can use. The active player does this 3 times, and then the other players can take their turn. So, you’ll get something to do each turn, you’re not just waiting until its your go again. There are five coloured areas, which you either enter the die number, or cross off a value in a row/column. Like a lot of roll n writes, it’s easy enough at the beginning, but then you start needing specific dice and it’s all harder. You can accumulate rerolls and extra die actions, which help out a bit. Lots of fun, I might even pick up the app.

Downforce – I won the race, but my other car finished last, doh

For Sale, classic filler/light game where you have auctions for properties, then buy money with the properties

Rat-a-Tat Cat


Thursday was the tenth wedding anniversary for me and @superjaz. The two of us went to a family pizza parlor nearby, as they give you a free small heart-shaped pizza, two salads and two drinks for free. We brought along a couple of our usual two player suspects, Jaipur and Patchwork, as well as newcomer Arboretum. As we waited for our order, we played our third ever game of Arboretum.

I was dealt a good number of maples and drew more as we played, so I had that locked. As we continued, I had a good chance at scoring a couple more species and knew I would be denying her at least one species.

As luck would have it, I scored three species, two of which were at least four cards and all the same species for the double score bonus and my wife was only able to score one path. Ouch. Final score 27-9.

Our food had arrived and bonus! Full size pizza instead of the personal one it usually is. We played Jaipur as we ate (being careful with the cards). It took all three rounds to determine a winner. I won the first round by just a few points. My wife won the second in what can only be called a blowout, with something like 20 points separating us. I managed to pull off the win in the third round though.

It was a nice evening and good way to celebrate our anniversary.


I also played a $1 in tokens and got these dinos that look ridiculously like me n @COMaestro.
(I’m the blue one)
Also a Christian music performance was going on in the other half of the pizza place. On a Thursday night, in an arcade pizza place, in the suburbs, who would think.


“Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!”


I said those exact words!


I expected nothing less.


Aye he’s an… unusual child. Takes after his dad!


Had a really satisfying session of 2-player gaming today. All new stuff from Christmas, etc.

Started off with Pandemic: Fall of Rome. Randomly selected Mercator and Consul, which turned out to be a great team. There were a couple of hairy moments (particularly when we had a revolt in the first turn), but we managed to pull off a win :smiley:

I did Ok with Azul, but Alex had various opportunities to do things that were good for him, but bad for me. After all my losses to him at Hive, maybe he just has a special power that lets him control chunky plastic tiles …

Much better was Condottiere, where we played the 2-player version (doesn’t use the board, each player has a deck of the same 23 cards). It was good and I won both games, but I’d rather play the full version.

We finished off by initially only planning to learn Great Western Trail and play it at another time (we’d tried watching an instructional video, but that just left us with a lot of questions).

After an hour spent thoroughly learning the rules (which gave me a bit of a headache thanks to the small text in the hastily printed rulebook because Alex accidentally got the German version), we decided to have a practice turn. Which turned into a full game as we enjoyed it so much.

I went heavy on a rosettes/train stations strategy that meant it almost didn’t matter what cows I delivered (I only actually bought two by the end) and managed to come out on top :sunglasses:


Read that last sentence totally without context.

In fact, say it out loud in a room full of strangers, I guarantee laughter (even if it’s just you).


Haven’t posted here in months, so I’ll skip to this weekend (I might do a catchup post later).

We played a few games of Wildlands (one Friday, and one tonight). Taking out about 10-14 location cards really helped it feel better at 2 players.

Finished of Story 4 in Stuffed Fables; still loving every thing about the game, except the core dice mechanics :confused: . I wish I could love it more, but it is what It is (my son likes it so we’ll finish it one day).

Played a round of Aeon’s End last night; easy vs Ragebourne and we won. Based on the gamestate, we probably could have won on normal which was a nice feeling.

Today was a big one; my son and I played through all 3 tutorial missions on the Legends of the Alliance app for Imperial Assault!!! Going to try the campaign a bit with the core set, but I really need some kind of sorting system. We have most of the big box expansions waiting, but I can’t imagine dealing with all of that without it being sorted better. I’ve looked online and have a few ideas; tackle box and file folder seem to be the best ideas so far (and far cheaper than buying inserts). It was a lot of fun, though a bit long for how much actual game we played, with all of the rules explanations amd such.


Interesting - the dice bag pulling is the big improvement over Mice and Mystics. Finally some meaningful decision to make!


My problem is that you end up with multiple turns where it feels like you can’t actually do anything worthwhile, except store dice and encourage your friends.

Edit: I should say, I haven’t played M&M, so I don’t know how it compares. I’ve tried to like Stufffed Fables, and I frequently enjoy myself, but those turns happen so often they just kill it for me. I don’t hate the game, but I’m pretty far from loving it.


Yeah, I don’t love it either - but it’s STILL a mechanical improvement over Mice and Mystics which is a dice-chucking horror show!


Fair enough.


Played Han (formerly known as China and Web of Power) and I was seriously impressed by it. 3 of us had serious fun playing it. I’m eager to play it again.

High Society

Night Clan - interesting 1st game, but I need more plays of it.

Blue Lagoon - after an underwhelming 1st game, I am seriously impressed with Blue Lagoon. With this and the Quest for El Dorado, Reiner Knizia is back.

Medici: the Card Game - pretty cool, but I might prefer big Medici. Though I won’t say no to this one.


Yesterday my wife and I had another go at Arboretum. There was no active denial of path scoring (meaning no one won the right to score a species without having a path of that species in their arboretum), and we ended up each scoring three species. However, I ended up having more valuable paths and won the game 30-20. She told me that she is struggling to grasp the strategy involved, so I am thinking of going over my train of thought as I play with her at some point to see if that helps.

Then, later, we went out to dinner and brought a couple of games with us to play as we waited for our food. First we played one of our souvenirs from SHUX, Timeline: Canada.

We know very little of Canadian history, so it was quite the challenge. Some more recent events were easy, and some others we had ballpark estimates. Other things we just did not even know what they were (like the Grey Cup). I won the first game we played, then my wife wiped the floor with me for the next four or so. I managed to win one more before we had gotten through the deck of cards. Fun, slightly educational (I would love bigger cards that detailed the event on the side of the card that has the year), and quick.

Then we started a game of The Fox in the Forest, but after a brief explanation we only managed to play one trick before our food arrived. She is not very familiar with trick taking games, so if we are going to play it, we might need to go over the concept a bit.


The CFL is such a weird and beautiful thing that doesn’t get as much respect as it deserves, even here in Canada. My favourite is that one year in the playoffs two teams named ‘Roughriders’ competed against each other. Or that for 4 years the league had 5 teams from the US, one of whom won the cup.


Over the weekend i was pleasently surprised that The Mind arrived two days early. I had the pleasure to play it a couple of times with my wife. We both thought it was interesting but that it worked with two but would be better with more. The next day while my wife was asleep (night shift nurse), I went to lunch with some other parent / nerd friends of mine and while our babies babbeled and I digested hotwings we played a few games of the Mind three player. I think it was a lot more exciting with the bigger group, and I look forward to playing it with four.

I don’t like games where I feel like I’m playing by myself, but I’m tempted to get a Roll and Write game. Railroad Ink looks so pretty, but then there is Welcome to . . . What do you think I should get? which would fit my needs?