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That’s fair. And my apologies.

But then again, I hadn’t posted in this thread in years. I was just excited that it was a very good gaming holiday for us!


Oh! I’m sorry. I very much meant that tongue in cheek and I would only want to encourage people to tell their stories. Such is the good will to others on this forum, that I felt I could safely indulge in tersely delivered irony and it be taken for gentle ribbing on the length of your post. However irony is not best conveyed in such forums, so to speak.

I think its fantastic the opportunities you’ve been able to facilitate for your neighbours, friends and family. It is telling I read your whole post before replying and I wish you only goodwill and lots and lots of fun.


In other words:

*Show off :stuck_out_tongue:



Gloomhaven, as usual. Second game using the Bear Tyrant, which seems to be a pretty good class

Everdell, first play of this. Visually its awesome, very nice art, a tree that holds your workers and cards. It felt a bit random tho, its just luck if you get the cards that synergise well. I don’t like games where every card has its own rules you have to read, and this game has a huge deck of cards. Mostly it played ok, but never felt like i was making any meaningful decisions. Not a lot of interaction either, just a few cards where you give resources/cards to other players and gain a bonus for doing it.


Rat-a-tat cat

Now Boarding, we won at this, and only cheated a tiny bit (we used the longer timer)


That’s how I read it!

Games I have played over the last few days;



I just got home form a 4 player game of Nemesis and damn its a tricky game. really nicely thematic, dice chucking combat, that is pretty hard. I think the dice are weighted. We certainly rolled well below average for the entire game. 3 of the 4 of us managed to “survive”. The game is hard. Really hard. even in Full Co-op mode. We willed 11 a̶l̶i̶e̶n̶s̶ Intruders. 7 of them adults, and we killed the Queen. well I say we… The soldier killed the Queen solo, but only cause I gave him my energy cache to reload his prototype assault rifle.

It’s basically Aliens the board game for those of you unaware of it. Really nice minis, my mate painted them amazingly as well. I meant to get some close ups.

After that we played Root for the first time. Damn that game was fun. I played the Vagabond in a 3 player game with the other 2 factions being the Cats and Birds. As is usual for my gaming group the person owning my game lost quite badly. I came second while Cats ran away with an 8 point lead to victory.
Looking forward to playing it again.


Just finished a solo game of Elder Sign, looked at the log and realised I’ve had the game for 4 years! Won, and it was as fun as I remembered.

Playing Pandemic Legacy season 1 later… Wish us luck with October!

Edit:We won! And on the last turn too…


So I’ve played like 40 games of Hungry Hungry Hippos since Christmas Day

It’s brilliant and on a Super Rhino level of fun. I wouldn’t normally say I’ve played it but a recent blog post from one of my favourite bloggers which esposued the need to have fun whilst playing games really resonated with me


Down visiting my family for more Christmas and my mum suggested trying out the new game I’d received. So after a bit of Champion of the Wild (where my step-dad decided a hummingbird was a better choice for climbing Everest than an Ibex), we got stuck in to Pandemic: Fall of Rome.

It went down well, considering it was their first time playing anything like it. We were doing well, with barely any decline happening and four tribes allied, and then a chain of sackings happened and we ran out of cubes :frowning:️ And we realised we were doomed anyway, as we would have run out of player cards before we could make the last alliance.

Your Board Gaming Year in Review- 2018

At long last, my family finished our campaign of Charterstone. I not only won the last game but the campaign as well.

The last game was a nailbiter between my wife and myself where I ended up with one more VP than her, thanks to using Gauntlet of Death to pull persona that let me trigger income for myself once per game.


Holy cow! My wife played Barenpark and enjoyed it! YES!

I have found a versus game she enjoys! You have no idea how happy this makes me!


Last night my wife and I played game three of our 12 Games of Christmas: Black Gold. It started out as a blowout, with my wife managing to win some auctions to sell oil while a bunch of mine got lost as overflow, but I managed to make a couple big sales near the end of the game to at least make things competitive. She still pulled off the win, beating me by $20,500.

We’ll see what game four is in the near future.


Got a chance to play Herbalism this evening, a snappy little deduction game in just 26 cards and some tokens. Players are trying to determine which two cards were left out (like Clue / Cluedo), by exchanging cards with certain actions. It’s much more dynamic and strategic than Clue, and a mechanic of scrambling to grab bonus tokens before you’re certain of what’s going on gave me a great Alchemists vibe in a much smaller package.

Only plays with 3+ though, so I may have to pass, despite what a solid game it was.

Also introduced my family to Codenames and The Metagame, which were both enjoyed very much. No more Apples to Apples over the holidays is a great win in my book.


Huge few days of gaming, thank goodness!

NYE saw games of Jamaica, Flamme Rouge (both firsts) Junk Art and Mysterium.

Today was Battle of Five Armies (first time!), Galaxy Trucker and some of the Space Alert simulations. Lovely fun.


Played Toc Toc Woodman for the first time at our NYE Party and it was hilarious.



We set off a bunch of really questionably legal fireworks (safely!), and then introduced new players to Love Letter, Exploding Kittens, and Boss Monster.

And then it degraded to all the players you can have in Smash Bros on the Switch.


My family took Concept (Xmas gift) on our post-Xmas trip to Death Valley and environs (which is considerably less deathly in winter, FYI). Anyway, we played it twice with the kids and we all enjoyed it more than I thought we would, to be honest. What I like is that both kids and adults find it challenging and rewarding to the same degree, which I guess is the definition of a good family game. However, neither game lasted very long as we were too tired from the day’s excursions for a prolonged game.

When we returned, I forced (sorta) my wife to play two games of Azul with me (also Xmas gift, of course). I feel like the scoring in this game is unnecessarily tricky, or perhaps just not well explained, and I’m still not entirely sure what the 1st player token is supposed to do… Like, if you draw tiles from the factory floor first and suffer the 1st player token in your penalty row (or whatever) does that mean at least you get to go first on the next round? Not clear to me.
Anyway, in spite of that, we both quite like it and I’m eager to see how it plays with 3-4. I won the first time, my wife won the second, and I feel safe in predicting that I will NEVER win against her again (see: Splendor, Skull, and every other game we’ve ever played against each other). Well, that’s the price I have to pay for a willing in-house games partner, I guess.

Happy New Year, everyone. It may be an odd number year but it can’t possibly be odder than 2018.


Yes. The penalty for being able to first next round is an extra tile on the penalty track.


I don’t really get the complaints about Azul’s scoring.
Check if your newly put-in tile forms a line horizontally or vertically:

  • if no, you get only one point
  • if yes, count all tiles that form the line horizontally, and count all tiles that form the line vertically, then add these together.


Right… but because it says “Score one point immediately” in the manual I struggled with the idea that you were supposed to score one point as soon as you move the tile over and then do a count of horizontal and vertical lines and RE-score it. I have determined that this is not the case but I found my initial read-through to be somewhat ambiguous. And re: the First Player token, does it SAY that now you are the First Player in the next round somewhere in the manual? Because I assumed that was the case but was not entirely sure. My wife and I just went back and forth anyway. But if I ever play it with more people I’ll want to be sure.