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Last played Bohnanza: The Duel with my wife. If you exclude the fractions of coins and write the bean names on slips of paper, you can play with regular Bohnanza cards, and it’s so good!

The trading element is so clever. Basically, you offer a gift bean to your opponent, and they can accept or offer a bean that has not previously been offered this turn. You can lie about having the bean you’re offering and lose a point if called on it, and some beans would hinder you if you accepted, but the gifting goes on until someone accepts. It’s a devious little negotiation, which is surprising to find in a two player game.


Reef. This has had less popularity than Azul (also from plan b), but I think I prefer it. Firstly, each player builds a reef from 4 colours of chunky plastic pieces. I really enjoy this toy factor and there is a lot of tactile enjoyment. Secondly, the game serves up objectives through double purpose cards which allow both the building and scoring of the reef throughout the game. The pieces a card provides for building do not assist the scoring it generates, but building must occur first. Consequently I find playing a card creates a lovely tight decision. Thirdly, it is not immediately obvious how to plot a strategy for a game. It tends to evolve, solidifying slowly. This gradual narrowing of possibilities is something i find compelling.


I really like reef but it feels more like a “keep your head down” game than azuk did. In a way it mirrors century spice road/golem more in that sense (and there’s a few bits of overlap).

Placing bits down which are always the wrong kind for your current card is really fun, especially when taking into account having four cards to play in a row sometimes.


This keep your head down thing is interesting I think.

I feel, you are correct that it is similar to Century in that the pacing of my opponents’ play is most important, as opposed to the details of what they are likely to pursue. However, i have begun to pay attention more and I tjink it may be easier to frustrate others objectives in reef. I’m looking forward to finding out. [Grins slyly]

I wondered how much difference playing open handed would make in both these games.


Tried Blank Slate at a playtest group. Rather fun and fast party game.

At the same event, finally got to play Telestrations. Hilarious. The Games Club at my granddaughter’s school will love it next season.

Finally got Azul: Stained Glass of Sentra. The scoring was more involved than Original Flavour Azul, but not as bad as I’d feared. We enjoyed it and can’t wait to play it again.

And we finished Forgotten Age, the latest Arkham LCG campaign. Amazing how they maintain the quality of that game.


In my effort to buy more boardgames that feel like classic boardgames, I’ve bought Coimbra easy enough to explain in 5 minutes, but some strategy to it (and begging for an expansion to add further complexity?).


I cajoled my long-suffering wife into playing a round of Concordia with me last weekend. Man, I really love that game, but even with just two players, it is LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG. I really want to play this with 3-4 players, but, jeez, what’s that gonna take, 4 hours? Rome wasn’t built in a day, I guess…


I’m playing my new copy of Pandemic: Fall of Rome. I was pleased to discover that it has solitaire rules as well. It’s early going, but my team of: Consul (he adds legions and builds forts), Magister Militum (he kills barbarians), and Vestalis (she doesn’t fight well, but she can pay for Event Cards in an oracle deck); are holding their own. I doubt it will go so well for us in the end though. I put seven Revolt cards in the deck, so it’s going to get “sporting” pretty quickly.


Oof! That came down to the wire! I lost because the Vandals sacked Rome. Miserable ingrates were actually allied to me too!

It really was close! If the final Revolt card had been a single place lower in the deck, I would’ve been able to forge an alliance with the Huns and win the game on my next turn. But alas, the perfidious Vandals betrayed my generosity and hospitality. Dark Ages, here we come!

This is the best version of Pandemic I’ve yet played. I think the original game is…fine, but it doesn’t grab me. This does. The theme helps, but the tweaks and additions really add up to a more enjoyable experience for me. For example, the barbarian invasion routes mean that you won’t have baddies popping up in random places, but unlike curing a disease, concluding an alliance does not stop a faction from invading you, it just means you have the option to recruit allied tribes as legions in a city you both occupy. I always felt like I was getting a handle on things; right up until everything went all pear-shaped. The dice combat works very well, and the component quality and art design are superb.

This gets my Seal of Excellence If You’re Into This Sort of Thing. :+1:t3:


I think there is one although I don’t know how much it adds. I’m crossing my fingers for Coimbra as a Christmas gift. Hints were dropped.


Yeah there’s a mini expansion/promo type thing

The game has a set of cards where every card is used in each game. It seems an obvious thing to add more cards for more variable gameplay with a few extra tracks or something. As is it’s a fab light/medium euro though! I just love games that are lighter with just the base game and heavier with expansions. Let’s the game see more table time!


Added boldface to your quote for emphasis. Really? 5 minutes? I’ve only played once, but my memory is that there was an awful lot going on for a 5 minute teach.


Depends on your friends’ experience. I found it’s all pretty standard affair that’s self explanatory in how it’s displayed. So when playing with my boardgame group can explain in broad generic board game terms - buy cards to move the tracks, this is what the cards and dice mean, this is the round structure, go. The pilgrimage is the only part that takes more than a sentence to explain. I’m not sure how exact the 5 minute is, but it’s very brief.

I find similar when teaching games like Tyrants of the Underdark. If someone’s played a deck builder before all you need to explain is the basic 4 or 5 terms on the cards and it’s good to go.


Keyforge Lost two games straight and didn’t enjoy it at all, the balance was way off. May have to try swopping decks - could be just me being rubbish!


Today, we played

A couple of 2p games of Drop It while we waited for another friend to arrive. It’s a seemingly simple game of dropping various coloured shapes into an upright game board. You score points for the highest level your shape reaches, but get no points if you’re touching another piece of the same colour or shape. And they sometimes settle in unexpected (and usually bad) ways. Very entertaining for a quick 10 or 15 minutes.

Then we played Arraial, which apparently is the name for a Portuguese street celebration. The gameplay is basically Tetris. 3 different pieces are available each turn. You have 3 action points, and it costs 1 point to use a piece and drop it on your board. It also costs a point to spin all three pieces around, so you can get the shape you want. If you touch two pieces of the same colour, you get a meeple. If you have the most of one colour (in a single area), then you get a double meeple. If you fill in a line, the bar on the top of your playing board moves up, and you get a white meeple. At the end of rounds 1 and 2 (there are 3 rounds), the bar drops down 2 places, making it harder. Anytime the bar catches up with your played pieces – you lose the bar, plus any meeples that were on it. It’s fairly light, good fun.

Next was Crown of Emara, a game with not one, but two rondels. You have two boards (that a randomly made up). The countryside has collection of 4 resources: grain, stone, cloth, and wood. The other board is the town, which also has 4 sections: Castle, Cathedral, Construction, and Market. You have a deck of 9 cards, and you draw 3 each turn. Half the cards gain you a resource, the other are special abilities. You have a mini board with 3 spaces, so you place a card in one of the slots, which also allows you to move 1, 2 or 3 spaces. You can take the movement on either the countryside board, or the town board.

Its a pretty quick game (relatively speaking), you go thru your cards twice (so 3 turns in a round, and 6 rounds). The scoring is interesting – you have 2 score markers. And your final score is the less of the two. I screwed up my game totally, was doing a move I wasn’t able to, and I know I did it more than once before it was pointed out. Doh!

Then we played another game of Teotihuacan


Played Coimbra at 2 players. Not so sure it scales well. With 12 card options in 2 player (plus 4 favours), and each player only claiming 3 actions, it’s far too open. It was clear what cards were being aimed for, and almost always more efficient to go elsewhere rather than beating them to the punch. The automata dice was an interesting touch, but we found we always either bid high to beat them, or bid low comfortable in the knowledge they won’t interfere with our plans (I think maybe once there was a case of me screwing the other player over by outbidding the automata, leaving them with rubbish). The favours seemed to be completely useless at that player count, and I think the other player wasted far too many actions using them. The favours seem to be more of a way of mitigating overcrowding at higher player counts (with a tiny bit of screw you), but with such an open board at 2P they’re hugely inefficient for the most part (the voyage favour is quite good).

In the end I beat the other player by a huuuge number. It was fun as a breezy game, but I much prefer 4 player. Drafting games need overcrowding to really shine, otherwise you get what you want almost every time… which defeats the point of drafting. If I was to play 2 player again I’d be tempted to remove the favours entirely, and possibly even reduce the number of cards in each level to three (adjusting the automata dice to the 3 player layout to correlate with this). Or maybe only have 2 levels of cards? I don’t know which out of 3x3 or 2x4 would be more balanced.

Also played the best game of Fox in the Forest yet. Came down to the very last card to play. Both down to our last card. I had a 2 of a suit that wasn’t the trump suit. The other player was leading. I had a 3% chance of winning. I thought I was screwed. The other player led with the 1 of the same suit. It was a beautiful moment!


Been home to my Family for Christmas, which means games with my mum. We played…


Interesting drafting/set collection game. Pick a row column of 3 and try to collect cats, food to feed cats, costumes, cat nip and toys. Each scores differently.

7/10 keeper


Played three times today…

Once with my nephew (13) and daughter (6). My son (2) added an extra element of peril. Twice with my mum (60 today).

Very good emergent gameplay. Advanced level is great where you play to block other players.

8/10 great example of what a game can be

QUEST FOR EL DORADO (or The Hill My Mum Will Die On)

Knizia does deck building. Build your hand and use it to race to the end. As with most Knizia games the theme could also be racing to the centre of the galaxy or something. Still it fires neurons in my Mum’s brain meaning thats even though she’s now 7-0 down in the series she still wants to beat me.

(Makes up for losing to a 6 year old at Cat Lady earlier)


Played Barenpark yesterday, was fun! Played without the achievements, will probably add that later.

Also, we tried Galaxy Trucker (at last!). I’ve had this game for over a year, and only played one full game. Managed to convince the whole family to play which was a massive mistake. My wife was drunk and just said it was boring after one round. Not counting that as “played” to be honest.

Consequence; this game may never see the light of day again… Darnit.



Tough break when that happens to good game, but some (wrong) people just never warm to Galaxy Trucker. It’s a fine balance between enjoying the real-time scramble, or feeling stressed by it, or even feeling bored by it at too slow a pace. The resolution phase has to be clicked through at a good pace too…


So the solo rules are good?