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Because they are short, are easy to play solo, and love the idea of them. (And it works out at £8 an hour)

In addition, I can see them improving. The Nautilus adventure in the second box was pretty good, the puzzles are becoming easier to parse. Maybe I’m getting better, maybe it’s them.


Last night I got to play A Game of Thrones the Board Game for the first time. Someone on BGG organized a game in my area. We ended up with five players, but none of us had played before. I ended up being House Tyrell.

Everyone ended up liking the game. I came very close to winning after the Lannister player violated our agreement to keep the space between our home regions unoccupied. Using the Loras Tyrell leader card I was able to push back the force that invaded the neutral zone and then continue on into Lannisport, taking it and eliminating the forces that had been routed. This put me at 6 points of the 7 needed to win. However, I was overextended with no viable way to take another castle or stronghold on the next turn.

Meanwhile, Greyjoy had been beaten back to Pike by the Starks and Lannisters, and Baratheon and I were clashing in the south and the areas west of King’s Landing. Lannister was unable to recover from the loss of their home base, but this meant that I was the only person who could counter Baratheon as they grabbed more victory points.

On round 10, we had to bid for influence and were unable to use support order tokens. With 6 points and a bunch of power tokens, Baratheon ensured he got the Iron Throne token and went first and was able to obliterate my lone footman defending a castle in the south, giving him the win. Great game, and I hope to play it again soon.
Then, this morning, my wife @superjaz and I played 7 Wonders Duel which she won by forcing me to take military cards at the end of Age 3 to prevent her getting a military victory, giving her two blue cards for 12 points. Final score was 64 - 56. Very well done by her.

We followed that with a game of Patchwork. By the end, both of us had covered out boards pretty well, but she had more buttons and the 7x7 bonus, giving her another win at 24 - 6.


Friday night, we played Teotihuacan: City of Gods . I’d watched a tutorial from JonGets Games, and was confident about teaching it. And I thoroughly recommend Jons video, top marks. The game looks a bit complicated at first, but its actually relatively easy to comprehend. Each area of the board is an action space, and you’ll move your dice (workers) around to take the action, and powerup (increase the die face). There’s the usual resource gathering places (for wood, gold and stone), a technology space, two spaces that build up the pyramid, and another to move up one of the (4) tracks. Most of the actions are better with multiple dice, so you have to plan carefully. Most spaces also have a worship space, which gives variable rewards, but also locks the die in place. You can spent a turn and unlock all of your locked dice for free, or pay 3 cocoa (which is the currency). Cocoa is importantly because when you move onto a space, you have to spend 1 cocoa for each die of a different colour already there. Its a pretty solid game, not a great deal of luck involved. There are multiple tracks (just like Tzolkin). Good replayability too, as there are a set of random tiles that are placed in worship positions, and along the tracks. Glad I picked this up, its really good.

Saturday, and we kicked off with a second play of Teotihuacan
Also, first game of Welcome To… , a roll and write (except you don’t roll anything).
Fast Forward: FORTUNE
Rat-a-Tat Cat
Gingerbread House
Men At Work

Then on Sunday, first play of Forum Trajanum . I’d had a couple of runs at learning it, but wasn’t getting far (needed a JonGetsGames video…). But we wanted to play it, so we just sat down and figured it out. Went ok, bit longer of course. You’re building on your own board, and sending envoys to a central board, trying to finish areas and hopefully making a single group of your own people. It wasn’t bad, needs another game to really get into it now that we know how to play.

3rd game of Teotihuacan , went pretty well. Two of us had played before, and teaching only took 15 minutes or so. And the new player didn’t seem to have any trouble picking it up. Not many rules checks (sometimes just to check the icons on a tile).


Last night at the last games club meeting before Christmas:

Not Alone, where I did a terrible job as the Creature but it was still an enjoyably close game and I think some of the players may buy it.
Secret Hitler, which went down the rabbit hole it always goes down with good players.
Flamme Rouge, which did the impressive thing it does of keeping the pack together nearly till the end.


Tak: University Edition is still a mind-melting game - especially if you play with the rule where you say “Tak!” once you’re one move away from winning. I don’t know if I prefer this over Hive, but I’m leaning on this one.

Played Seasons 2 player with the advanced and expansion cards. So far, this is still my fave card tableau game. I still haven’t played Race for the Galaxy and Everdell. The former is unforgivable since this game existed since 1958 :sweat_smile::joy:

Played Twilight Struggle with a first timer. In all of my games, this was the first time I lost domination of Asia. It sucked and I lost, but it was close. We both had a great time.

We ended our 2 player sesh with Kingdomino. Man, I don’t know why I still don’t have this game.

Yesterday, we played Kemet with 4 players - all first timers except for me. Have the Ta-Seti Black tiles and DI cadrs. It was knife-edge close and the lady who kept winning, won again :joy:


Had a couple of mushroomy games last night.

First up was a game of Indian Summer. I thought I was a shoo-in, since I had so much more red on my board than my fiancee, and hardly any green, whereas she had green all over. But she had been using all those versatile green pieces to line up holes all over, which allowed her to use animals to increase her stock of treasures quite a bit. That ended up being enough for her to squirrel-blast her board at the end with one nut left over, while I had to spend the last of my treasures to fill up mine.

Then we played Morels (I have won one game of this by now), in which I stupidly let her get all three morels right at the end of the game, which obviously pushed her into first place. I’m way too greedy in that game. I’ll have mushrooms that I should cook, but then I’ll see another one up ahead and wait to pick that up. But then by the time that happens there’s another one ahead, and I wait some more!


I have played this a bunch, and taught it several times. Am I the only one who finds this strangely hard to teach? I am having a lot of trouble getting people to understand the housing developments (blocks), the real estate pricing thing, and the “bis” cards. Even the Temp Agency action causes a lot of consternation.

I’m playing it with people who have played plenty of games of similar (or in my mind, higher) complexity, but it just is like slogging through mud.


When this was taught to me the teacher didn’t explain how the blocks of houses were referred to as estates and that the fences split estates into smaller estates. This lead to a lot of confusion when the goal cards were being explained!

My only advice is to make sure players ‘get’ fences and understand that a continuous row of properties with numbers between two fences constitute an estate. Once they’ve understood that then everything else should just flow.


I recently acquired The Estates and have had a couple of two player games with my fiancée, Sarah, so we can be sure of the rules before showing the game to some friends. Ye gods it is a brutal game!

Our first play was friendly enough but (as is common with these types of games) the true nature of the game doesn’t become apparent until scoring up at the end. At the point we understood the problem with owning buildings in an incomplete row.

Our second game uncovered a layer of play we hadn’t realised was there. Sarah had only got two company certificates leaving me with the other four. I had played so that most of the buildings were under my control. This being a learning game (and Sarah showing some frustration) we talked through what could be done by her. We realised she could engineer the game state so it was impossible for me to finish the rows I’d built in using the building permits. She succeeded in doing this by always having much more money (and therefore control) than me. Our final scores were something like Sarah: 22 pts, me: -28 pts!

Brutal game! Lots of fun and so much depth!


On Saturday we had couple over as we are hoping to expand our circle of friends. After a delicious dinner cooked by my wife, we played a game of Sheriff of Nottingham. My wife started paying out bribes to smuggle contraband pretty early, but it was not enough to fend off one of our guests who managed to get a ton of apples and bread through, getting the king bonuses for both. She won, with my wife in second, our other guest in third and me bringing up the rear. Good fun, and a game we haven’t played in a while.


The first time I sat down to learn it, it just wasn’t sinking in. But I wanted to get it played, so I tried again and it was fine. It was hard to explain the bis cards, the others weren’t too bad.

After my game, I totalled up my score, sat back, feeling satisfied because I thought I’d done ok. Nope, the winner had about 30 more points than me, and the 2nd placed had about 20. Le sigh.


That just means you were focusing too hard on teaching to do well in the game yourself. Just keep telling yourself that. :slight_smile:


Yep same here!

I’ve taught it 2 different groups so far and in each one there has been 1 person in each that just doesn’t seem to get it. 1 of those had it down by the end of the first game we played but I’m not convinced the other totally understands now after about 3 plays.

I’m not sure if my teaching needs work or if it’s one of those games that some people have trouble with.


Went over to some friends’ place for dinner and games.

First up was their new copy of Mysterium. The ghost was a first-time ghost (although a second-time player), and she was absolutely spot on with her clue cards. I got all three of mine in a row, and the other two psychics were only wrong once, which meant we all had access to two (and I had three) cards in the final. Unfortunately, the clues for the final question were not at all obvious, and only one psychic got the answer correct. Sorry ghost! Another hundred years of slumber and unrest for you.

Then we broke out the game we got at PAX Unplugged, Bunny Kingdom. So far I really like this drafting game. There’s a good balance of decisions about what you’re going to draft and, even more importantly, where you’re going to build all the buildings you were overzealous in drafting. Surely you’ll get enough mountain spaces to build a level 3 city and and jewel mine and a gold mine, right? Surely. It worked out very well for me this game; I staked out a territory in the corner near some mountains, and it seemed like every time I needed to expand, the exact right cards came to me and gave me room to build the luxury resources and cities I was drafting. And getting a sky tower to connect to another far-flung fief with its own space for buildings was the icing on the cake. I ended up breaking 200 points (my fief gave me 60 and 70 in the third and fourth rounds respectively).


I lose this game to my daughter because I am always tempted by the land cards and she grabs all the bonus cards, then shoots ahead at the end. ARGH. So good.

BTW - I thought I got this pretty early, so when I heard they’d released a bigger board for it, I ordered it without checking, and it turned out the board I had was already the bigger board. So now I have two. Doh.


Both viable routes! The first game of this I played, the points from my fiefs were piddling, but I had enough parchments (and played to their strengths) that I tied for first with someone with a lot better land game. But this game my fiefs were obviously the big uncatchable scorers.

When we got this I went on the BGG forums and I saw some posts about the small board, but ours is a pretty good size, so I have to assume that we have the new edition with the larger board.


Played Keyflower and it remains the best Euro for me that continues to puzzle us and makes us laugh at the same time. I didn’t got the coveted Keythedral during the winter season and also didn’t win the game either. But this game remains a winner for me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Munchkin was alright at the start then I got bored when it drags on. :sob:

Blueprints was a fun filler for me, just building your own buidling with dice. I don’t think I need Sagrada, when I have this smol boi!


Got a copy of Reef as it was less than 20 quid at firestorm games. I was slightly worried that it would be rubbish and a bit too hard but actually it’s essentially a game about adapting and flexibility to create the best series of cards.


Work is slowing down before Xmas, so got a couple of games played at lunch. We played Rummikub (never played it before), then Men at Work, and then I got annihilated at 2p Azul


We had our other-office board game night last night. Found out from one of our returning regulars (who started the group that I took over after she’d transferred out) that she’s starting up a third board game night in one of our other locations, which is super cool.

But then we went on to play a round of holiday-themed Fluxx, followed by Space Park which I quite liked and the art is amazing, and then Slide Blast.

I’ve mentioned before that the one guy that runs this particular event is a small publisher that’s gotten some stuff done via Kickstarter. We followed up with a long discussion of his whole process which was neat, and got a preview of some of the art for a couple he’s going to Kickstart soon. He also told us about some of new designs he’s bought and will be looking to get pushed soon, two of which sound freaking amazing if the art turns out well. Kind of wish I had the energy (and attention span) to do something like that.