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Played several solo games yesterday, Castellion on the table (lost three games in 20 minutes. YOUCH.) and Ganz Schon Clever on my phone. I really like that game, but am loathe to admit it because of the hype factor. But it’s a fun solo challenge. That said, I can’t really see wanting to play it with other people.


Hmm… I’ve found that I have fallen into a strategy that seems to generally win or at least do well. I’m not necessarily playing ‘safe’ but playing in a way to maximise my score.

However, I think my main problem is that I find very little tension or excitement. Everybody is doing their own thing. I’m not interested enough to even look at what anybody else is doing. We get to the end of the game and then I can see someone went heavy on swimming pools or parks or whatever but there’s only a tiny bit that anyone else does that affects me. I might as well be playing solo (and I own some far better solo games than this!)

That said, I’m sure I’ll keep playing it - mainly because the fiancée still wants to!


Played my first game of Betrayal at the House on the Hill and thankfully it left a good impression though I can see how its randomness could go bad.

I ended the game with Professor Creeper stuck in a basement and debating between stealing a little boys dog so he could give it to ghost to avoid getting murdered.


I would agree that I don’t feel much tension or excitement in the game, but I actually really like that. It and Railroad Ink are games I pull out if I want to relax, because they’re thinky but not stressful, and it’s easy to get into a flow with them. The goal/agenda/whatever-they’re-called cards do add some tension, though, because (for me and my partner, at least) it ends up being a race to get one or two of them before the other player. It doesn’t have the depth of most other great solo games, true, but I love it for what it is.


First time we played that, it went over alright until the very end. Most of it was because we were trying to interpret the end-game…so everything happened, and I vanquished the mummy, but then people were just kinda like “so is it over?”
My buddy who was explaining it just kinda filled the ensuing silence with “yea it can be really hit or miss” and then everyone started talking about what else they could play…


I was gearing up for some player-on-player violence and instead it became a scavenger hunt / slash reveal the map. The mechanic for that items could be scavenged was cool but beyond that it was sort of lackluster.


My friend bought Binding of Isaac… Second worst game I’ve ever played (Euphoria will always be #1).

Take that game where there is so much take that that no one can score a point. DOESN’T THAT SOUND FUN???!

The box said 30-60mins. After 2 hours two players were halfway to winning (2 of 4 souls), but would probably come tumbling down from some BS card. It’s like that Japanese gameshow with slippery steps! We gave up

I like take that as much as the next person, but there comes a time when someone needs to progress the game. When there are three times as many ‘destroy what someone else has’ cards as there are ‘gain a nice thing’ cards, there’s going to be issues.


Oh noes! I may have a parcel of this slowly heading to the bottom of the world…


Oh no! I don’t want to be the destroyer of dreams!


That’s OK, one needs to swallow a bitter kickstarter pill from time to time as a bulwark against the excesses of that foul platform. 'Tis a salve to both soul and wallet.

What’s more, some things you just got to see for yourself. For example, you are speaking with somebody that freely and willingly purchased a copy of Duke Nukem Forever.


First time playing X-Com and it was a fun real-time game. The tutorial is a bti of a snooze though. Lots of reading. “Show; don’t tell” is a good mantra for tutorials, but to be fair, I doubt Fantasy Flight has enough experience making interactive app-based tutorials prior to X-Com. So, I’m fine with that. My issue with it though, is that sometimes the decisions are a bit obvious on each of our roles.

Played Seasons again. Yep. Still very very good. The clacking of the dice when rolling is a nice cream on top of this hot chocolate.

High Society


We played Ugg-tect and it was immensely hilarious!

Saboteur - still interesting, but I still find it flawed.

Dominion - Our random setup was lame and it wasn’t that fun.

Priest of Ra - omg! This game feels better than original Ra for me. It’s simpler (which is why I end up prefering Medici) and it’s on a smaller box than FFG’s Ra. With only one game of it so far, my impression is that I would prefer this over Ra.


Yea I was amazed that did so well on KS. I figured people were seeing something that I wasn’t…I haven’t really been burned too badly yet on KS, but I’m sure it will happen at some point.


We had board game night at the office the other night. Nothing new, just a round of Century: Golem Edition, followed by a game of Bargain Quest.

The more I play BQ the more I’m uncertain whether its balanced properly. It’s not like it’s massively out of whack, but the difficulty in defeating the bad guys seems too light to me. Although we had quite a few more deaths last night than normal, it’s otherwise kind of rare to lose more than one hero. It’s had me thinking about some house rules to drag it out and make the whole affair a bit less certain.

OTOH, I also have to keep reminding myself that this isn’t meant to be an exceptionally challenging slog. It’s not Pandemic Legacy or anything. So that has me wondering if its that my gluttony for punishment is the part that’s skewed. Plus, it also occurred to me in the game yesterday, that previously most of the folks I’d played with might not have viewed deliberately murdering one of the heroes as a possible positive. It might cost you some victory points in a given round, but if a hero that’s consistently a pain to sell to and that has very little money on hand can have a little accident then that could pay off… provided their replacement is more worthy, and that you can then attract them into your shop.

Or maybe I’m just the functional-alcoholic equivalent of being bloodthirsty. I think that’s called George RR Martin.


Got to play my first game of 1960: The Making of a President last night, and boy was it fun. As usual, I lost to my neighbor, with whom I play a lot of area control games and rarely win. I think my mom would be very mad that I let Nixon win. :yum:


It’s clear that there’s a game that could appeal in there. An aggressive Machi Koro/Munchkin style game can work. It’s just they created a lot of abilities and effects without thinking about the relative power of those or how they combine.

There was a monster that needed a 4+ roll to attack it, but a roll of 6 ended the turn. Then another strong monster came out that meant every monster required +1 difficulty to the roll. Each character only has 2 health, so you can only get it wrong once before you die (there are a few +1 health cards, but not many). So you needed to roll a 5 (and only a 5!!!) to hurt the monster, and do that 3 out of 4 times, without ever rolling a 6. I can’t remember the specifics of the +1 monster, but it was also ridiculously impossible to kill.

There are nowhere near enough dice mitigation cards to cope with the chances of rolling three 5s in a row. One player had an ability to raise or lower a roll by one once per turn, but even that is tiny odds for 3 rolls. We were stranded with no way of breaking through until someone happened to draw a card that Mulliganed all the monsters.

With a bit of play testing they could have increased the number of dice manipulation cards, and decreased the number of take that so if you get a good card you have a chance to use it before someone steals it or kills you or destroys your item. Some really strong items can be used once per turn (one person could hold a vote to destroy someone else’s item once per turn!!). Some ‘really weak but could have some use over the course of the game’ cards are one and done.


Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra. Scoring wasn’t as complicated as I thought from the reviews I had watched. It’s a very nice game, quite a bit different from the original flavour Azul.

My only complaint is the panes or boards. You have eight vertical panes, pressed up against a base. Were there a top piece, as well, they wouldn’t be so prone to drifting.

Otherwise, the production quality is top-notch.


Interesting. Well, it didn’t look like it was in my wheelhouse is all. Interesting to hear someone who has actually played it.



Tombstone Express

Guys! They’ve done it! Finally an Unlock game I really enjoyed. This has come so far from the first two boxes. There’s an emerging narrative, a dexterity game, even a mystery to solve. None of the puzzles were ridiculous. Every hint I asked for, I found myself realizing what I should have done, I was really close.

Didn’t solve the final cliffhanger question, because I missed one clue, but nothing seemed unfair, and it was all logical.

That’s a huge step up!


Serious question - not knocking you as I do the same with EXIT games - why do you keep playing them if you haven’t been enjoying them up till now?


<3 for also hating Euphoria.