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Your Last Played Game


There was one shipped with collectors editions of the witcher 3 I think, I could be imagining it though.


Yes there was one


Aw dang! That said, even when the game released I would not have bought a Collector’s Edition as they are usually junk, so I would have missed it even had a know about it (also wasn’t really playing board games back then; I was single, and my son was too young for anything besides kids games).

Oh well, I’m sure something like it will hit KS one day, lol.


Did some gaming this weekend.

Saturday, my wife, brother-in-law, and I played Lords of Waterdeep. In an unusual method of playing, my wife actually jumped out into the lead quite early, leaving the two of us to play catch up. BiL managed to purchase all the buildings he could as a personal goal, despite not being the Lord that gives bonus points for buildings. I played a pretty good game overall, finishing with 165 points, but my lovely wife put that to shame with her 185 points. She admitted that she lucked out getting a high scoring quest right at the end of the game, as the two of us were pretty close throughout most of the game.

Then last night we went to a friend’s birthday celebration. We played a couple rounds of Resistance Avalon, both of which saw me as a Minion of Mordred (and I’m pretty certain I received the exact same card both rounds). We had nine players and I only knew my wife and our friend who’s birthday it was at the table, so I did not know how familiar my fellow Minions were with the game (and to be fair, it was only the fourth or fifth time I’d played). First game had the first two rounds going to the good guys, though we managed to sink the third. The fourth quest required two fails and remarkably all three of us Minions were sent on the quest with two good guys. Thinking we shouldn’t have three fails for this quest, I put in a Success card. Sadly, so did one of the other Minions, so Good won.

Second game had me and one of the previous Minions again, along with one more person I did not know. The King for the round managed to put all three of us on the first quest. Two of us played success, and the new guy played a fail, which worked out okay. Then he was King and put himself on the next quest and managed to fail it as well. Good won the third round. I was the only Minion on the fourth round, and knowing it would take two fails which was impossible to happen, I put in a Success. Yet, somehow, a Fail card got in anyway. Wish I had failed it as well and we actually would have won right there. No Minions were sent on the final mission, so Good won the day again.

After that, we played a full seven player game of Mysterium, with my wife as the ghost. One of the players zipped right through all three stages in just four turns. I took five, and all but one more managed in six. Since we were just playing on Easy, the last person knew which was the right weapon by process of elimination and got to the end with us just in time.

My wife dealt out three cards. After a bit of discussion, we ruled out three sets of cards, leaving three more. Looking some more, we discarded one more set. Then we voted. Myself and the birthday boy went for one, the other four for another. Majority ruled and…

…were mistaken.

The two of us had been correct. Ah well, the game went over well and everyone had a good time. That means we won in the end.


A very social deducty game session tonight:

Secret Hitler: it’s OK, but I sold my copy because I feel that if Hitler plays perfectly as a Liberal the end of the game comes down to chance every time. I’d rather play The Resistance.
Human Punishment: having a lot of fun with this, in spite of the player elimination.
One Night Ultimate Werewolf: I actually like it better in Tabletop Simulator but I guess it’s OK in meatspace too.


I’m at work at the moment and can’t check the link but…

If you can print and play, you’re half way there!


A bunch of new stuff for me! My bf and I started out with a learning game of Arkwright, which was thoroughly enjoyable. I’m looking forward to getting it to the group table, as well as jumping up to the waterframe version.

Next up was Chronicles of Crime and we worked out way through the first set of missions. It was a lot of fun, though it did at time feel a little bit Adventure Gamey. We did manage to solve the case in the end though, so maximum smug :smiley:

Continuing with the co-op, we cracked open Discover next. Again we had a great time, stomping around the map and punching crocodiles while building ourselves into overpowered super-explorers. The final confrontation was a bit trivial by that point but it was still satisfying to utterly crush our foes.

Next up was Exit: The Abandoned Cabin. We’re old hands at the Unlock games, so this wasn’t too difficult. We used a couple of clues early on while we were still wrapping our heads around how it worked, but then rattled through it at a nice pace, finishing in the expected hour.

Tired of being nice to each other, we moved on to Birdie Fight, a card laying game where the last card left in your hand determined the colour you will score. It was a fun game, and very pretty, but seemed a bit prone to ties in the two player game. It quickly becomes apparent what colour your opponent is trying to score, so if you just keep a card if that colour back until the last couple of turns, you can tie pretty easily if your own plans don’t work out. Might be more interesting with three or four players, where you have less control over what’s going on

Railroad Ink: Blue was a great way to wind down the evening and we played maybe four games in a row, slowly trying out the expansions and exploring the game. We both loved it and I can see this living in my game bag full time :slight_smile:

(also, a ton of Bloodbowl and D&D 5e, but they are hardly new!)


Played Gaia Project last night, and I have to say, I really liked it! It’s been a while since I played Terra Mystica. So I can’t tell which one I prefer. But Jay-Z, the improvements were what I wanted on Terra! Learning the game wasn’t a big deal though since most of the rules explanation to me, I was like “yep. Just like in Terra Mystica”

I still prefer Terra’s art and theme for me, but I have grown to like Gaia’s art.

If you point a gun at me and choose one, I would still choose Terra for it’s simpler design and cheaper cost, but Gaia is for people who really likes Terra and wants more of it, me thinks.


I’m sort of interested in Gaia, but just as I got to the point with Terra where I think I could competitively choose a race at game start, everyone switched to Gaia. I imagine it would take even longer to get to the same level of competence with Gaia, and I’m not sure I can be bothered!


This is true with many games


Normally I get up to speed very quickly. Terra Mystica took much longer. I think it can be played casually well enough without worrying about competitive faction selection, but because it is so deterministic, the faction selection is very important, and it seems to me that it demands a pretty comprehensive understanding before you can really choose a faction based on all the opening setup information and be confident with that choice.

But yeah, I also recognise that many other people don’t approach games the same way I do, which might be one reason why so many people seem happy to switch over to Gaia Project - modular setup probably means that there’s an even higher skill ceiling to faction selection, so I’m guessing many people just pick whatever to see what happens, or go with simpler selection criteria (this is pure speculation though, as I haven’t played it).


I see where you’re going. There’s also an official rules variant for Terra where the factions now have their starting VPs - which is a much needed change. Need to play it with that at some point


Well how long a Gloomhaven scenario takes is always a question of how much your group likes to discuss tactics. We never needed 4h for a scenario though I can imagine it happening.


Good game night tonight.

Started with a 2 player Rhino Hero Super Battle while we waited for our third to arrive. Honest stupid fun. Scratches a similar itch to Jenga, but better.

Next was Galaxy Trucker, which I love. I was teaching the others their first game, so won pretty comfortably, but the next game should be much closer now that they have a handle on things.

Last up was Letters From Whitechapel. When I bought this I got mixed up with Whitehall Mystery, but am still happy with the purchase. A bit fiddlier in the setup, but the core gameplay is the same. I was Jack, and was captured in the third night. Rats!


I’ve played two games of Fireball island. One with no expansions and one with all the expansions.

I enjoyed it both ways, but I’m not a fan of the snakes. They’re too small and fiddly. I don’t think the Pirate island is worth it. Just not enough of a reason to go there.

I want to convert It From The Pit into an expansion for Fireball Island. What do you think?


Hansa Teutonica is something that I would most likely like, but I end up “not getting it”. I need to play it again. I had a bad night of teaching, but peeps told me afterwards that they enjoyed the game, so that’s great.

Mint Delivery has a terrible manual. So terrible it doesn’t state that you can only hold 3 active orders at a time. Only discovered it through an online errata on BGG. Atrocious.

I’m starting to love Coup again


Games night last night…

Played High Society (3 player). Both myself and another player eliminated ourselves with least money leaving the third the victor

The Estates (4 player). Fantastic closed economy auction game. Winner had 21, I was in second with 4 followed by -2 and -18. Simpler to teach than Modern Art (an auction game with similar playtime) and visually a treat

Riverboat. It’s alright. A second play is needed thanks to the way scoring works. It’s a deck of cards that you collect a subset of and choose when to score so knowledge of the deck is key


I played Targi last night, with its clever lines and interesting actions. The game itself is quite neat, but it’s a puzzle I felt I solved fairly early on. There are plenty of opportunities to stop your opponent as all information is open, and playing that way could make the game very frustrating. That said, it’s a neat puzzle, a bit different and worth a look. Not sure if it’s going to hit the table again with my wife and I though. Final score 33-26 to me.


Was going to play Root and Pandemic Legacy Season 2 last night.

Wife was exhausted from baby, and overslept on her nap by an hour.

Baby feeding took a while.

Delivery took a half hour longer than expected.

Board game night didn’t happen.



Played Isle of Skye with coworkers during lunch. There is so much to love in the game, from the round-to-round scoring changing your focus, to setting prices, to making sure you get to buy a tile and keep a tile, lest your land be too small… Total Carcassonne killer, and the rules aren’t much more complicated.

I missed winning by 2 points (on my board, one more sheep or one more barrel of wiskey). It’s a win in my book though, as the winner pretty much wins all our lunchtime games by a very large margin, so keeping up made me feel really good.