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Over the long weekend, we played Keyforge (my wife is slowly learning card games), more Arkham LCG (finished the campaign, now trying to figure out who to play with next), Catch the Moon (I finally won one).

And we finally got Dicetopia to the table. Turns out it’s a really nice filler game with more complexity than I originally thought.


The Climbers was a good physical game. I don’t feel like calling it dexterity game because it doesn’t really rely on the skill of your hand. But players keep messing with each other as they climb up the mountain/tower/whatever. It has good progression - starts with lots of possibilities, and slowly restricts your freedom until you have a few. I don’t think it’s worth the price tag it comes in, but it’s the production that you’re paying it for.

Even more laughing and scowling in Colt Express after we play the Climbers.

Played Isle of Skye after such a long time, and I’m still keeping this light game.

5 player Power Grid on Germany map was electrifying (not sorry).

Nyctophobia was interesting and tense. The fear of the unknown is real. However, I found that the game depends on its success with the vibe. Playing this in the pub wasn’t that good, but playing it within my mate’s flat with all of us quiet was very good.


Thanks for the props, but I think her daycare, and by extension the parents of the children she spends ~8 hours a day, 5 days a week, with have to take a large portion of the credit. I’m acutely aware that the areas of development I think we’re letting her down in are also largely down to that same environment, despite our best efforts (for example, the other day she said she doesn’t like English :sob:)

As a cooperative game we’ve been playing Outfoxed a lot too, and she really gets into it. The deduction is perhaps a little beyond her, but she understands the process perfectly.

Getting to a competitive level in any game requires losing and learning from your losses, I’d be very proud if any child of mine became genuinely skilled at a high skill ceiling game.

Right now my daughter (correctly!) thinks the results are mostly out of her control - which rider is faster on the day, or whether the fox is caught or not is mostly down to chance. I’m sure that as she starts to perceive more control over outcomes, she’ll get more upset over losing. The realisation that you only have control over your own decisions and not actual outcomes will come even later (hopefully). I’m not expecting to avoid tantrums over this!


Ooh, I’ll have to check it out. If only there were some sort of gift giving occasion coming up as an excuse for a purchase. :innocent:


I’m tempted to get one of those just for the bits. They both look great, the designs are so colorful and well done.

Although I dislike the term “Ameritrash” they may qualify (especially with the 3-D elements, and Lion Guard has those cool figures). I also like that my son’s little cousins and his grandparents could play together with the family in a co-op game.

Man, very tempting for a holiday gift.


I’m looking for something light and funny to play with the family on Christmas day once everyone is slumped on chairs and sofas.
Mr Lister’s looks like it could be good - I’m a bit worried that the questions are American so some of the cultural references might miss an British audience?
Anyone played it enough to help?
Or could suggest an alternative. :wink:
Cheers, Ben


I think the designers are actually British so there is a British version. Looks like amazon.co.uk has it. Just make sure the seller specifies somewhere which version it is.


Played Tavarua (a surfer-themed game) and it was totally rad, bro! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Finally, played Teotihuacan: City of the Gods, since I’m a big fan of T’zolkin, and I was disappointed by it. It doesn’t have the charm and gimmick of Tzolkin’s gears, nor the crazy ingenuity from the gears where you have to timing everything properly, forcing you to think several turns ahead. I’d rather play Voyage of Marco Polo or, of course, T’zolkin.

For Sale was alright. Decent filler.

EDIT: Surfer dude


I have heard this about Teotihuacan as well. Tzolk’in is in my top 5 so I am concerned. I’m willing to give it a go though!


That’s a great looking game! Love the meeples on the surfboards! :grinning:


Gaming group. I haz one.

Age of War Dice Placement, Set Collecting and I won! Not bad at all.
Timeline: Historical Events Well, that was interesting! Lost though…
Flamme Rouge God, I love this game. Lost, don’t care.
Burgle Bros. Not played for ages, really enjoyed.

Great evening!


Played Cosmic Encounter for the first time in a pub. It was a triumph. I made sure I learnt all the rules and taught someone else before we got properly started - everyone said how much they liked it.

I also played the new version of Condottiere which has proven a hit. I haven’t played the classic version so I came into new (apart from played Gwent in The Witcher) and that was a triumph too.

I’ve also recently played Conquest of Paradise the GMT game about Polynesia which is just a lovely game. I wish it was a bit more accessible in terms of the components (it being GMT it is quite wargamey looking), but it really is a simple and innovative game with really strong historical and cultural flavor.


You have my interest. Is Condottiere like Gwent?


Yes its the game Gwent was based on. Has a lot of the same rules, but with area control of Italy thrown in.


Yes, you could say that. Gwent is a 2-player retheme of Condottiere game “inspired by” Condottiere.

Gwent kept:
Core gameplay
Doubling effect

Gwent added
Melee/ranged/siege distinction
Leader powers
Individual decks
More card effects

Gwent lost
Ability to play with 3-6 players.
3 Contiguous regions on map needed to win (selecting regions to fight over)
Bid-ending cards (Bishop no-one wins, (city) Surrender the current leader wins)
Most of what makes Condottiere great, because Gwent is 2-player only (but, conversely, if you are looking for a 2-player game like Gwent, Condottiere is not it).


Eminent Domain – hadn’t played that for ages, took a few minutes to refresh the rules

Downforce – really didnt work well for me. My car (my only car) was coming second, and on the last corner before the finish. Unfortunately, I was out of Green cards. I got a couple of spaces from other players, but finished 1 space before the line, and in 6th place. Dammit.

Fast Forward:Fortress , we reset the deck to play from the beginning (for a new person)


Catch the Moon

Gingerbread House


Ah, that’s exactly what I was looking for! Thanks Benkyo.


Happy to help. Although Condottiere says 2-6 on (some editions of) the box, the 2 is a lie. 4-6 is best, 3 is OK.


Played Scythe with the two expansions. Definitely went better than my first game. The Invaders from Afar adds in new factions which is very cool, but the Wind Gambit was a big plastic meh. I can see now why people love this game, because I had a good time. But it’s that sort of Euro game that is totally not my thing.

Also, didn’t like the game with 6 players. Will only play it with 4 max.


Now I just wish they procuded a physical version of Gwent :disappointed: