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OK, but then what use is “economic game” as a category? Are you just using it as a descriptor of theme? Production and distribution, without a market, can be applied very very broadly, and doesn’t seem like a mechanical distinction to me.


Yep, at least on bgg, category is used more as a means of thematical distinction, while they have separate tags for mechanisms.

I’d argue that there is a market of sorts in TM or Agricola, albeit not necessarily one that is defined by player interaction.


It’s been a while since I’ve properly contributed to this topic. I won’t give a full rundown - just some recent “greatest hits”.

Thanks to regularly going to a board game cafe, I’ve had the chance to try out some new stuff. As I’m usually there with my cat-obsessed friend, Cat Lady had to be tried out and there’s more to it than I expected. Obviously it’s still a light game, but there’s a decent amount of thinking to do. Perfect as a relaxing filler.

I taught the same friend to play Splendor and she proceeded to beat me soundly the next time we played. I definitely took that well … :unamused:

Another game I introduced her to was Inis. It went really well as her and her boyfriend both grasped the point of the game really easily (Matt’s tale of the bleak, drawn out game he had with some friends had me worried). After a while, I was nowhere close to winning, so I went for the strategy of just causing trouble, regardless of whether it benefitted me.

Much more successful for me was a game of Castles of Burgundy against a different friend. I broke 200 points! I thought I’d only made it to 199, but I realised we hadn’t counted leftover resources, which took me to 213.

And then tonight there was the complete disaster of an attempted game of Pandemic with a couple of people at the cafe’s social night. An epidemic card came out on the first turn, which resulted in chain outbreaks every time we drew infection cards, which rapidly resulted in our defeat. Not the best first impression for the other two who hadn’t played it before :stuck_out_tongue:


“Market defined by player interaction” - thanks, that might be my new all-in-one definition of an economic game =)

A bit broader than my old definition, and I’m not really sure if it’s useful for the definition to be broad enough to arguably include games like Catan and Monopoly, but it’s more accurate than “simulate financial markets”, because even most economic games don’t really come close to that. Perhaps if I consider “defined” as being pretty strict (Monopoly and Catan don’t really give players enough leeway to “define” the market).

Anyway, thanks for the discussion. Now back to the usual people-reporting-games-played schedule.


Played a game of Sagrada with my fiancée and some of her family members, using the private dice pools in the five-six player expansion we picked up recently. It’s great but nail-biting to see 10 of the dice you’re going to be using and trying to plan out where they’ll all go and changing those plans as the draft dice don’t go your way.

I managed to win by one point when I used a tool to reroll my last private die. I needed a 2 or a 5, got the latter, and was able to slot it into my final box and complete all four rows’ shade variety, and four out of five columbs’ shade variety.


Last year around this time I was only a couple of months past having discovered SUSD, and I’d bought the first of many games on their recommendation, Mysterium. It went with me to my family’s place for Thanksgiving and a great time was had by all (including some great photos of my long-late uncle’s urn playing as the ghost… he’d have absolutely loved that). I decided to make this a regular thing.

This year, my copy of Champion of the Wild arrived just in time, and we had a couple of rounds tonight. Everyone at the table, and a few spectators, laughed themselves to tears, repeatedly.

It was always going to be funny trying to explain why, yeah, I know I’m not going to be able to carry my blue whale anywhere but it’s going to completely nail that singing contest. But when the family is taking the time to bring up the songs they’re going to sing on their cell phones and paint a vivid scene better than the best Eurovision performances, and suddenly mom’s explaining why a hummingbird would be perfect for playing Chuck Mangione’s Feels So Good, all while my other uncle is getting an animal soundboard app downloaded to annoy the crap out of us… oh my god. It’s just pure family comedy gold.

And way better than letting that same uncle start down the road of the political discussions.

(other good ones include trying to explain how an Albatross is going to ice skate;; why a bear wearing a Walter Payton jersey is going to make it to the top of Everest first because of course we’re fans of DA BEARS who won today… a Bear who would go on to perform the Super Bowl Shuffle for its ice skating competition obviously; how far one could sprint while holding a meerkat in a chokehold; how the fable of Jonah and the Whale proves that a Blue Whale would absolutely slaughter those balloons in the warehouse…).

Man I hope an expansion is in the works.


As I don’t get to play games often, semantic discussions is all I have! Don’t take that away from me! :pleading_face:

Actually, there’s a game night planned for tomorrow night, so I’ll finally get to add something useful again. :grinning:


They’re planning a second Kickstarter which will include more cards. They’ve said that people who bought the original game will be able to pledge for just the new cards.


It’s been a fun vacation so far (holiday week in the states). At the family gathering yesterday we played:

  • Werewords x3
  • One NIght Werewolf x4
  • Linkee
  • Santo Domingo

My kids were bummed we didn’t get to play secret voldemort but the rest of the crowd was social-deduction’ed out.


Azul Sintra is pretty damn good.


Played Critical Mass with a friend last night. He caught on that I was missing the damage types. I had seen them on the cards and in the manual but I glossed over them. I wanna blame the concept of starting a sentence with an icon but there were other clearer examples I missed. Oh well. Now some of the cards I thought were over-powered apply to fewer situations. In my defense I feel it safe to say the manual buries the winning conditions.

We like it. It is a bit fiddly at first but it would be too simple if it wasn’t. My mind is not great at remembering that I’m not allowed to do something next turn. And the grappling claws override the rule about something else but then again YOU HAVE GRAPPLING CLAWS ON YOUR MECH. I’m sure I’ll get better and it will be less a checklist and more a game.

Critical Mass is discussed in podcast 84 (and briefly in 85). Maybe I didn’t watch as much mecha anime as Quinns but I like the game for the reasons he does. Pew pew.


Not really a game, but we finally finished our Thanksgiving puzzle after three days. :grinning:


Gloomhaven – went pretty well. We had a big guy to defeat in the last room, who had a whopping 45 points of health. Although, strangely enough, he wasn’t a boss (which pissed off one of our players, because his objective is to defeat bosses). Anyway, I thought we had zero chance of winning, but we stuck at it, hit it with everything we had, used poison and wounds, and we got him down. It was pretty amazing.

Catch the Moon x2 – a very cool little dexterity game of stacking ladders

Gingerbread House – new one from Phil Walker Harding, really really good. Similar to Barenpark, in that you cover up symbols from your player board and get tokens/abilities for those. But you need to plan carefully. We really enjoyed this – it looks great too. Looking forward to many more games of it.

Fast Forward: FLEE – After the success of Fast Forward: Fortress, I thought this would be a hit. Its a cooperative game, where you have various characters (always four, if you have less actual players you have multiple characters each). Theres a monster chasing you, and if, at the start of your turn you have the monster in your play area, you all lose. Each card you draw has a different ability, like skipping a turn, reversing the order of the play, or maybe moving cards around. So its a puzzle to play the correct cards to avoid the monster. Unfortunately, this really fell flat with us. We found it exhausting. So you play cards until you lose, and then have to restart and try a different order of cards. There are several chapters, each one is like a save point. I can see some groups loving this, but we did not.

Fast Forward: FEAR – We had a lot more fun with this one. It’s a competitive game, where you have cards with values. On your turn you can either draw a card, or play a card to the middle. Your hand limit is only 3 cards, so once you hit that, you have to play a card to the middle. If playing a card would increase the sum of the cards in the middle to over 15, then you lose. The other players would then compare the total of their hands, highest wins. So, you’re trying to have high cards in your hand, but you don’t want just high cards, because then you’ll probably lose straight away. Special cards can come out with specific rules (like, if you play a card to the middle, you can discard another card with a value one more than yours). Only one special rules card can be active at any time. This was a lot of fun, although its a bit hard to see the strategy. One guy one most of our games, so he either figured a strategy, or was just lucky. Good fun anyway.

Gizmos – second game of this. I think it took a bit longer than our first game, because we knew the game and were thinking a bit more about our choices. Its still a relatively quick game, maybe an hour.

The Mind – WE WON! We were just on fire that night, I think we only lost one or two lives even. This was at 3p, so 10 rounds. Cool way to finish off the night.


With random strangers on TTS:

Human Punishment – yeah, the English rulebook suffers from not being written by a native speaker, but the more I play this game the more I enjoy it. It effectively combines a three-sided deduction phase with a timing game of when to act against whom.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf – it was a good group of people, but I’m still not a huge fan of this.


Good news everyone! Uncle Rob won’t be coming to thanksgiving anymore! In “unrelated” news, the roast is ready!


… do you game with a guy who goes by Agent Cooper? I saw a very similar game day recorded elsewhere earlier today!


Yup! You must be in his Slack chat group?


Hehe, yep that’s the one. I think you missed Rat a Tat Cat :wink:


Crap! You’re right!


Not long got back from a NOT Gloomhaven gaming session!

We actually did some character generation and initial sessiony stuff for an RPG called Dungeon Fantasy which is a GURPS based RPG. It uses 3d6 as its skill check/attacks etc

I learned that my Thief is very much NOT a combat character, but our Half Ogre and the Holy Warrior are combatants.

But the game gives much more player agency in combat, with active and passive defences and the likes. we are all learning it so mistakes where made, bits replayed while we figured stuff out etc. in all a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.