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4hrs and you have to do it again?!?!?! I could never deal with that. All the more reason this game is not for me. I’m glad others love it so much, but I’m not in that audience.


It’s a fair criticism. One thing mitigating that is you could probably play 40 hours of other scenarios before returning to one you failed.



Cant say I’m overjoyed with the idea


@Benkyo that’s fair. I didn’t realize you could go off in another direction before completing a scenario.

@bortmonkey sorry, didn’t mean to rub salt in the wound.


Catch the Moon

Lovely little dexterity game involving stacking interlaced ladders. You roll a (wooden) die. Will either get 1 ladder, 2 ladders, or a moon. You have to either touch only 1 ladder, only 2 ladders, or be the highest ladder after the round.

If you fail, you get a tear of the moon. Game ends when you run out of ladders or, more likely, use all seven tears. Fewest tears wins.

We had great fun with my granddaughter (7) and will be using this as the next game at our games club at her school.


Gloomhaven Welp, we finally killed [REDACTED] using. Now we get to begin a whole new quest chain! And, my Spellweaver can begin to work toward retirement now she has [REDACTED]. Hoo boy!


No worries :wink:


Outfoxed aka “the fox game” continues to be requested by my daughter, which makes me happy.


Wheeled out Agricola: all creatures again after a very long time again. The things that struck me: it’s super fun and the production is great for a mini two player game.

Fortunately we kept our scores from previous games and it turns out we did pretty similarly to the past which was a bit of a surprise (I would have assumed more rustiness). Really like it.


Played Twilight Struggle as the Soviets and lost via Wargames card. My friend is pretty good playing as the US.

Abyss was interesting but I had issues with it - it’s a good game, but that’s it.

Player Power Grid with 3 players and it’s still funny and tense.

Also, Knizia’s Samurai went way beyond my expectations. It’s amazing. With 1 play of each, I think I prefer this over Blue Lagoon.


Is anyone playing KeyForge? We played some over the weekend and really enjoyed it - I’ll pick up a couple more decks this week I think


Yep, terrible at it but enjoying it. Trying to work out when to play more cards or use the ones I have out is a far tougher issue than I thought! First few games I realised I barely had any cards out long enough to use.


Played the penultimate game in our family campaign of Charterstone last night. I suffered a heartbreaking loss to my wife but if I’m doing my maths right I think I’m a lock to win the campaign.

hashtag teamangryking


Played a few games, can see a few nice synergies in some of my decks, not so much in a couple of them yet. Pulled off a sick double key turn last game with “Blayne X, Lionaestus, the Fourth”, that felt real good.


That looks like a great deck! Not seen rock throwing giant before, crazy card!


I’ve been googling but I can’t find it, is there a way to see a deck and what’s in it from the name?


I’m using the keyforge master vault app, any deck someone has reigstered with the QR code is searchable on there, everythng should also be available at https://www.keyforgegame.com/


Yesterday I went to visit a friend I don’t see very often, and we played Renegade – my first multiplayer game of it. Still works, and it feels surprisingly similar to the solo.

Last night at the boardgames club:

NMBR 9, using two boxes for 8 players. Frustrating and great fun.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf: I’m not really a fan of the app-driven approach but it was quite fun. I still prefer One Night Revolution though.

Human Punishment: possibly runs a little long, and we were playing slowly because it was new to all of us, but my word there’s a lot of depth here. Yes, it has player elimination which isn’t ideal, but this is definitely one I want to get to the table again. (Excellent art, too.)


Yeah same - I was playing Hortense “Jeeves” Garminum against a super aggressive and damaging Exologic, the Bogus Prison Surgeon. In my first game I got utterly crushed and just couldn’t keep anything in the board. Then I realised that trying to ‘win’ board control didn’t actually help me anyway, so in the second game I played a stall and theft heavy game. Foggify was amazing at shutting down the Brobnar engine and Shadows kept nickel-and-diming them. It was still incredibly close but really helped highlight that each deck has its own gameplan


My mother-in-law is visiting and we had a bunch of free time yesterday, so I got to play a few games over the last couple days:

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle - Game 7 completed! During the winter holiday, we’ll start the monstrous monsters expansion.
Welcome To… - Each time I play this game, I like it more. Beat my wife by two points. Victory tastes so sweet!
Bring out Yer Dead - I always enjoy this little area-control push-your-luck game with the quirky theme of burying your family in the best plots. It’s always fun to say “you have to throw someone in the river!”
Dropmix - I found a complete, working copy of this game for $5 at the local Goodwill charity shop. It’s more of a toy than a game, but my son and I enjoyed the competitive song-mixing game a bit.

Big Book of Madness - we need to start using the rules to make it extra hard, as this game is way too easy.
Favor of the Pharaoh - a nice little dice-rolling engine builder. Over pretty quickly, fun.
Space Hulk: Death Angel - one of my favorite solo games. Almost won!