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Your Last Played Game


Played En Garde - a 2 player card game by Knizia, and also Cartel by the same guy.

But the main course for me was Brass: Birmingham. I went for the Pottery and Manufacturing strategy, and end up winning by 3 points - which something I didn’t expected at all. The fact that I manage to plop and flip a level 3 pottery on the Canal Era was insane as it allowed me to score 11 points on both eras. Also, managed to plop and flip level 5 which gave me 20 points. This game is insane on how everyone gives and steals opportunities to everybody, and I love it. Definitely up there on my top Euros.


Managed to get Escape from the Aliens In Outer Space to the table. It’s been a while since I’ve laughed that hard during a game.

One of the human players accidentally bluffed so hard that his clues led one alien to eating another alien. After the initial outburst died out, the next player (an alien) drew a card and announced “There is an awkward silence in all sectors.”

We lost it again.


Gloomhaven Wooo! ABout to retire my Angry Face for Eclipse. curious to see what that character is like.

Gaming has really taken a backseat lately due to my apartment trying to recreate Waterworld within its walls.

Thankfully Gloomhaven has been a great distraction from that. Should be back to normal shortly though, huzzah!


What’s wrong with Monopoly?

(And yes, Small World is a great game!)



See also: What’s wrong with Risk, Munchkin, Cards Against Humanity, and the Star Wars prequels?


Monopoly: Munchkin Against Humanity Edition anyone?


I’d say all of them are mediocre games being sustained by something quite flimsy (nostalgia, niche references, edgy humour, etc).

Except for the prequels, the problem there was raw, unfiltered George Lucas.


I’ve had good times with Risk, Munchkin and Cards Against Humanity! I wouldn’t want to play any of them any more, but at a certain point in my life and with a certain group of friends, they were a perfect fit :smiley: and my dad likes monopoly bless him, so even though it’s like pulling teeth for me, I’ll happily play it with him at Christmas :stuck_out_tongue:


I have had several enjoyable games of Risk and Munchkin is ok when I’m in the right mood. I feel like I want to play Monopoly more, being sure to play by the proper rules. The last time I played it like that it was ok.

New mind the Star Wars prequels; let’s discuss what’s wrong with Star Wars! It’s rubbish!


Dem’s fight’n werds boi!!!

I kid, I kid. To each their own as they say (but you’re still wrong).


Like the original Star Wars trilogy?



Oh my god! I thought I was the odd one out for disliking munchkin! This is awesome! :clap:


People who like Munchkin tend not to be people who join online forums about boardgames.


Ah yes, I guess that’s a fair point.


Eh, Munchkin has it’s place. It just tends to be a worse and worse place the more people become accustomed to modern board games and the flaws of Munchkin become more and more apparent. It’s okay for a lark now and then.


Cosmic Encounter: The socially acceptable Munchkin.


I occasionally dream of building a game that can use Munchkin cards, but has more interesting decision-making and a more reliable length.




Played Conquest of Paradise solo last night.

Yup, still don’t find solo games fun


Arkham Horror: 3rd Edition Two player “Approach of Azathoth”. Sure we got a couple of rules wrong, but was a lot of fun. The end felt a little anticlimactic, but was a satisfying story. It’s different enough from 2nd edition that we’ll probably still play that as well (my wife loves it).