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Got a whole day of gaming in yesterday. Glorious.
Started off with a classic game of Battlestar, 6 players, all of the expansion characters to choose from, Pegasus board but only jump destination of Kobol.
I played Doc Cottle, others were Cain, Zarek, Starbuck, Kat and Cally.
We were smashing it pre-sympathiser phase, so when I inevitably got a ‘You are a cylon’ card I thought that’s it. Dang.
However they managed to lose due to Cain’s FTL jump which gave them 3 destination but they didn’t have enough fuel! Out of nowhere we won, having had no right to even get close.
Ah, sweet injustice.

Next we played Rising Sun. I was Sun Clan. Others were Moon, Dragonfly, Koi, Lotus and Bonsai.
Very interesting, very pretty game. The map on mouse pad material is gorgeous as are the miniatures.
The game is pretty fluid and very much like Rage, in that you don’t need to control areas, just win them long enough to score (or seppuku and get points).
I allied with Lotus the entire game as I wanted to stay high on Honour.
He eventually won, and I came 2nd so that was pretty sweet.

After that we had a 7th join us and we chilled out with a bunch of games of Jackbox party. Much merriment ensued. Good times.

A second game of Too Many Bones this time at 2. More rules learnt and more merriment had. Really liking this one. Re wracked the first fight after some mistakes in set up and losing in 2 turns with only 1 Gearloc action taken, so maybe an asterisk on the eventual tyrant killing. Lost 3 fights we got in to, squeaked it to the Tyrant in day 10 unless I misread and the last day on the card if first day of failure :man_shrugging:t3:. However the story really does seem to be emergent from the game play as well as lots of tense moments, terrifying maulings and massive bursts of sweet successes invariably snatched from the jaws of ignominy. Currently not regretting the expense. Let’s see how long that lasts :thinking:


My wife suggested we play a game of Arboretum, which I think was a kindness to me, as I think I like it more than she does. She wrecked me, managing to keep me from scoring my best path, and managing to get enough to score one of hers that I thought I had blocked.

Later, her brother joined us for a game of Lords of Waterdeep. In a rare twist of fate, I won, managing 10 quests that counted for my lord bonus.


Had my first multplayer game of Cthulhu: Death May Die with my son. He played as Rasputin, and I was “The Kid” (I think she’s inspired by the girl from Firestarter). Scenario 1 with Cthulhu.

It was a tense game. We stopped the ritual, and started to bring the pain to Cthulhu and his Star Spawn. Rasputin went mad, taking him out of the game, with Cthulhu at about half health. At the start of my second last turn, I was in position to hit him for each of my 3 actions. Some lucky roles (with 8 dice!!!) brought him down one turn later.

The game isn’t for everyone, but we had a blast. It’s full on “Pulp Cthulhu” (which works for me as I don’t care about the mythos), with a mix of Pandemic meets the Arkham games.

It’s just a ton of fun, and one of the rare CMON games that I miss backing the KS, if only for the extra Old One, Stories, and dashboard trays.

Up next was Champions of Midgard. It was a bit of a lopsided game, as my son had a couple of poor turns. Still fun, but I need to grab the expansions to take the sting off those full wipes.

Not sure what will happen tomorrow. Hoping for a game or two at least, between decorating for Christmas.

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Marrakech, a light little abstract. You turn the figure 90 degrees, and then roll the die, moving the figure in that direction. Then you get to lay one of your little rugs next to the figure. What you want is for other players to land on your rug, then they have to pay you for each rug you have connected. It starts off easy enough, plenty of room, but very quickly the board is filled with rugs. Light, but fun, and pretty quick.

Western Legends, a light Ameritrash game of the Old West. Each player chooses a character from history, like Wild Bill Hickok, or Annie Oakley. On your turn, you get three actions. You can move, take an action from a card, or do a location specific action. At the various locations, you can play poker, sell gold nuggets, rob the bank, buy items (like weapons and mounts), get cattle and prospect for gold. This is a “sandbox” game, so you’re not pushed into any particular activity. You can be a good guy (and arrest bad guys, fight bandits), or a bad guy (rob people, hold up the bank). Once you’re good, you cant become a bad guy. But if you’re a bad guy, you can do a “good” action and become a good guy. but wheres the fun in that. Its a fairly light, easy game of running over the board and having a good time. Fights are decided by poker cards, but the poker cards can also have actions, reactions, and bonus abilities for specific things (like being in a fight). Its good fun.

Horrified, finally, WE WON! And we had a terrible special come up for the Wolfman, where he attacks everyone in the space, which killed 4 villagers in one go. We thought we were toast after that, but came back for the win. Woooooooo.

Civilisation – A New Dawn, first play of this. Went ok, but lots of rules, and some arent clear on the first game. Your main abilities are five cards on your “focus bar”, which is marked from 1 to 5. As the number goes up, the ability becomes more powerful. But when you use a card, it moves to the start of the list, and everything else moves up. There are interesting decisions to make with your use of cards. As your tech level rises, you can replace your basic cards by better versions. But you’ll have to decide which abilities to upgrade. There are goal cards, and you win if you achieve 1 goal on each of 3 cards (each card has two goals). It was good fun, definitely want to play again.

Chronicles of Crime, another go at the first of the Redview expansion cases, involving some strange goings on at the local high school. We did a little better than time, 60/100, but still missed some big questions.

Madeira, well, this took us most of the day. It was hard work, and took us a while to get going, but we got there, and it was a close game at the end, only a few points separating us. Our teacher had only played once before, quite a while ago, so we had to look up a few things. Not sure if I’d be keen to play again, that play time is a bit hard to get past. And I feel there are other games that offer the same sort of weight in half the time. Even 2 of the other games from the same publisher, Signorie and Zhanguo. I was looking at the deluxe kickstarter for this, but I really dont think it would get played much.

Western Legends, a quick game of this to finish off. After the brain burning of Madeira, it was nice to relax with this for a bit of fun.


Got this to the table with a couple of work colleagues yesterday. Neither off them had played before and this was my first game this millennium.

We didn’t quite have time to play to the very end but that didn’t matter as we all had an absolute blast.

This is an object lesson in game design. Simple mechanics, introduced piecemeal as the game progresses which work together to produce an experience far greater than the sum of its parts. Like the very best games, Civilization creates a memorable narrative which stays with you long after the components are packed back into the box. The fact that Mr. Tresham’s creation is an iconic part of the history of our hobby adds an extra small frisson to the experience.

The fact that by the time we had to finish it was clear that I had got my nose far enough in front that I would have eventually won was frankly immaterial, my colleagues are both eager to give it another go and are already badgering other friends to join in when we play it again. It works well at a 3 player count although the all important resources trading is a lot better with a couple more.

Honestly, there really is no excuse not to play this at least once in your life.


I keep forgetting how much space you need (not just physically, mentally, too). A bunch of easy rules, on an easy board, but all on top of each other and then things get crazy.


Citadels - too slow for a light card game nowadays. I prefer San Juan as for an easy to teach but deep card game

San Juan - 3 players, teaching two newbies, and it went lightning fast. Seriously, I dislike this notion that you’ll “graduate out of gateway games”. Nah, mate. You’re just playing shitty gateway games.

Race for the Galaxy with Gathering Storm and Rebel V Imperium - Always always always a pleasure to play. Sure; it’s a solitaire engine building game. But the simultaneous action selection gives us laughs “Oh c’mon! No one went settling” and then next round everyone went settling. Plus, it only took us 45mins with 5 players with 3 newbies. Puts a lot of recent card tableau games to shame. Only included goals but not takeovers. Any Race fans here? What’s your fave settings? I’m very keen on going deep on Race with its expansion modules

Red 7

Doppelt So Clever

Uxmal - I’ve played this last night at Coiled Spring Games’ HQ in Hampton Hill/Fulwell. Was keen on it on Essen and I’m glad that the nice peeps at Coiled Spring showed it to me. Classic designed Euro game. Easy rules where you have 4 simple actions, but the player interaction is just sweet. The board looks nice too as you plop down pyramid tiles a la Teotihuacan (still crying that Teo didn’t work with me). I might get it myself, as a potential buy!

Welcome to the Dungeon - very good push your luck, but the early player elimination is still a bummer.

Played Gentes recently. It’s a good light Euro game. The Deluxified edition looks really nice. The engine building is nice. The game feels thematic enough. Scoring is very focused. But I didn’t like it that much in the end. The game is separated into 3 “Eras” with 2 rounds each (6 rounds total). Was bored by Third Era because you have lots to do and you’re pretty much points-mongering. Would be better if it’s 1 round less. Also, no player interaction, other than the usual blocking and “oohh I took it before you do!”. It’s a pleasant Euro and I won’t say no to a game of it. But I wont own it nor will I suggest it.


RPG night and we did play an RPG! Well we did character creation, folks turned up a bit late so we didn’t get to kick off our adventuring. I’m thrilled to be a PC rather than GM this time around! One of our group has put a fair amount of thought into an original subterranean setting so I’m looking forward to exploring that.

I’m playing as a Tabaxi (cat person) trickster cleric who loves pocketing interesting trinkets, sometimes liberating them from their current owner in the process…


I love Race. I learned the game playing the first arc, but really didn’t like the 3rd expansion - the deck got too bloated, so it needed the “prestige search”, and prestige was too important. The first arc with first two expansions is pretty good though.

When I bought Race myself, I bought the 2nd and 3rd arcs. I think for now, my favourite way to play is with the 2nd arc, but without the orb. I really enjoy the orb and the invasion, but I don’t have enough skilled Race players around to really get deep into them, and they both shake up the game so much that you need to play them a lot.

So, in order:
2nd arc, no orb
1st arc, two expansions
3rd arc, with invasion
2nd arc, with orb
3rd arc, no invasion
1st arc, one expansion
Base only
1st arc, all expansions

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Good to hear about the 3rd one. I read the rules for it and didn’t like the idea of including it in the game on our games night.

I’m also reluctant on getting the other ones, since they are incompatible with the first arc. It means I have to do cleaning and setup if I want to switch arcs. But it’s encouraging to hear that the 2nd arc sounds excellent. I might get into it once I’ve played the 1st arc with the goals and takeover from the first two expansions several times. Or if 2nd arc gets another expansion.

2nd and 3rd arcs will never be further expanded, they are complete and individually much bigger than one expansion from the first arc. I like them because he learned from his experience making the first arc, and knew exactly how to make a balanced self-contained set, and how not to bloat the deck. The only disadvantage with the 3rd arc is all the invasion-specific symbols, while the 2nd arc only has a few orb-specific symbols that are easy to ignore for non-orb games. Also, I just love idea of exploring an alien orb, and repelling a xeno invasion, but most particularly the orb - good sci-fi material.

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I got Bus to the table last night, a 3 player game after a last minute drop-out. It was a pretty high scoring game, with our victor at 15 points, me with 2nd place at 12, and thanks to a particularly nasty final round block by yours truly, 3rd place ended with 11.

I’m not going to say that 3 is a bad count for this game, but it’s definitely not ideal for new players. I was neck and neck, in direct competition with one player while our leader essentially managed a nice little closed network all to himself. If we had more experience I suspect this would have never happened. All things considered though, we were able to keep things fairly close (and I might have even caught up if not for a tactical error on my part in the second last round), so I suspect it’s a fine player count for the game, but trickier to manage runaways.

I bloody love this game, I’m looking forward to playing at 4 (feels like the ideal).

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Get. Out. Of. MY MIND!

Not a common choice, and not in the Handbook, but that combo is amazing. They’d get along with my charlatan fighter, and possibly my paladin who’s happy about everything and everyone, and only speaks one language (and it isn’t Common).

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Actually there is a XI sequel in the making, Xeno Counter Strike, which will complete the third arc.

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Ooh, well that is surprising. I do note that Tom said he is aware that simply adding more cards to the deck could be a problem, and it tells of a counter strike that presumably happens after the invasion, so I don’t think it will be another set of cards to shuffle in with XI.

Thanks for the link!

In the linked thread Tom Lehmann says that XI will be required to play. However, having not played XI, I don’t know how they might interact.

In the game I DM, the party has a tabaxi bard and a tabaxi warlock. At one point, they were hired by a tabaxi dancer (mechanically a monk) to rescue her sister (a rogue). Then our cleric disguised himself as another tabaxi.

So, to the kidnapper, it seemed like a gang of four tabaxi (and a few non-tabaxi friends) had broken into her home :laughing:


I got to play Bus for the first time last night and it was amazing! We had 4 players, all new to the game. It was brutal (in a good way). Highly interactive and super fun. The game is really clean with simple rules, but players have so much they can do with those simple rules, and everything you do has a significant impact on the other players, and vice versa.


Game day today, we played:

Morels, won this one with a big batch of butter basted chanterelles. Nice and tense, clever 2 player game.

Eight Minute Empire:Legends, terribly inaccurate title but a nice quick area majority game.

Lords of Vegas, always lots of fun, some lucky rolling and claiming a large casino early gave me a fair lead by the end.

Trapwords, finally got this one played. I really liked it, delightfully tense clue-giving with a few interesting twists - some of the curses seemed a bit hit or miss but we had fun with it! Tight game - the other team nabbed the win with their final guess out of five!

Hey That’s My Fish, this one was quite chaotic with 4, I normally play it with 2 or 3. Still good fun and scores were quite close.

Roll for the Galaxy, I really like this one, probably a touch more than Race, although Race is quite good too (though I mostly play it online as I don’t own a physical copy). It’s wonderfully pacey and the ebb and flow of gameplay is quite satisfying to me.

Above and Below, one of my faves, I won this one with a focus on exploration over another player who focused on above ground building and not exploring much at all. I’ve still yet to try Near and Far - I’m not sure the campaign structure of that one would work as well for us as the contained games of Above and Below, but I would love to give it a shot!