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After breaking this scandalous news with my gaming group, we collectively decided to ignore that rule.

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Apologies everyone. Looks like I created a variant.

You receive dice, roll and then pick


Played Witless Wizards - it was alright. Attacking one another with magic items until one left standing.

Cat Cafe is yet another roll and write game. It’s good, but not sure if it’s as good as the ones I love. Will keep it for now, but might sell it soon.

Jaipur - both of us are experienced with Jaipur and it’s the quickest play I’ve ever had, and it’s great.

Another pretty swell game of Skull King. It’s simplistic, bit it’s just works for me for some unknown reason.

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Finally caught up to the hype train and played Teotihuacan, which was entirely pleasant. It felt like a nice chunky combination of Tzolkein and Iki and I had a good time. I don’t feel a need to own it, but I’d be perfectly happy to play it again.

Tomorrow is our second play of Arkwright (full version) and I’m getting excited! I’m determined to make a shipping strategy work but couldn’t quite get the right balance in our first game. Tomorrow though!

Also picked up Sidereal Confluence which I’m hoping to get to the table on Sunday as a nice counterpoint to Arkwright :blush:

Had another couple over for dinner this evening and we played Libertalia - such a good game. It was remarked that it’s quite deep for how simple it is to play. My wife said she found it a bit too complex for her, though she fared better than I did! I think in a smaller collection, where it was played more often it would really shine. But i’m happy enough to play it a few times a year :slight_smile:


Gloomhaven, much easier this time, no major problems.

Slide Quest, a cooperative dexterity game, imported thru Philbert. The board is placed in the bottom of the box, and then you insert the 4 levers, one of each side. You push a lever down to tilt the board up on that side. The object of the game is to roll, the knight piece, which has a ball bearing under it, around the level. Obviously its designed for exactly 4 players, but its not bad with 3. There are 20 different boards, which can be played one by one, or you can play a mini-quest of 5 levels. Each level has a few holes, which of course you try and avoid. Some levels are just about following the path around, others have dynamite which can explode (by falling over), or guards which have to be pushed into the traps. And of course theres a boss which has to be dropped into his own trap to win. Its pretty good fun, we played thru all 20 levels. Tried it briefly with the timer (supplied via an app), but even on easy its tough. Without a timer, you can take your time to nudge the knight around. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Die Tavernen im Tiefen Thal, aka The Tavern of the Deep Valley. There are 5 modules for the game, we played the first module (recommended for first time play). Each player begins with a starting deck of 7 basic guests, plus 3 tavern cards (a waitress, an extra table, and a beer supplier. The currency in the game is doubloons (to get tavern cards), and beer (for guests). To start, you draw cards from your deck, and keep drawing until all of your tables are occupied. You begin with 3, tables, but can draw more. Tavern cards can be waitresses (which give extra dice),dishwashers (allow you to modify a die face by 1), tables (increase your tables, allowing more guests to come out), beer suppliers, and beer merchants.

After you’ve filled up your tables, you take the 4 white dice (as well as any extra dice you may have taken), and roll them. You take a die, then move the other dice onto the next player. Then you plan your actions by placing dice on the various cards on your board. Once done, you take your dice back from the spaces, which generates money and beer. There are no resource tokens, you use them up as you go, and can only save a couple of beer/money for your next round.

Each area on your board can be upgraded. For example, your beer supplier tile gives you 1 beer per die. If you pay money, you can change it to the other side, which gives you 2 beer per die. Each upgrade offers a discount, where you can discard cards (from the game) instead of paying money. Upgrading also gives you royal guests, which give you the most VPs on a guest card (10 VPs).

Its a fairly short game (just 8 rounds), and can be a little swingy, but its still pretty good fun. I’m looking forward to trying out the other modules.

LAMA, very light, but still fun

Just One, thought this might not play very well at 3p, and thats probably true, but we still had fun. With 3p you take two stands each, and so use two cards. This would be awesome with a few more people.

Quacks of Quedlinburg, we tried the german copy of the expansion (Herb Witches), but we were having trouble remembering the translations, so just played the base game. Despite having awful luck with rubies (only ever had 2), I pulled out the win.


Last night for Family Fun Game night we played Gloom, which I’ve owned for ages but never played (it was a gift). The game has some interesting mechanics and strategy but playing with my step-daughter, who holds grudges and is sort of a poor sport, sort of ruined it for me. In the 2 games we played it was less 1 v 1 v 1 and more 2 v 1 with her sort of gloating when I came in last each game.

Blood on the Clocktower now this is actually cheating, as I’ve played several games since I played this, but this was the game of the UKGE for me. I played it 4 times after hours, and it’s solely responsible for me being late to the AirBnB both nights. The first night I played this whilst the SUASD folk played their ‘megagame’ and have never won ‘who’s played the better game’ moreso than that.
The main thing stopping me from backing it was a) the price and b) I would always be the GM running the show. But honestly, I’m willing to risk that being the case. It reminds me of the mafiascum games I used to run online, which is meant as a massive compliment, as I ran (and took part in) the best most craziest games of that imaginable. But this is even better as that unwritten rule that the moderator shall remain impartial is shot out the water. Meaning all those awesome thigs that nearly happened always happen.
The BOTC team kept on dropping by the stand, and they’re all lovely. I cannot wait to receive my copy and become an expert BOTC GM.
One other thing it revealed, and I know people play it here on a forum, but it’s a truly different beast in the flesh. You use your location- where you’re standing, who your sitting near, what’s in your hand, all to great effect. Superb game. Superb.

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Played Cthulhu Wars once again. Bought new factions: Windwalker, Sleeper, and Opener of the Way. We played with the latter two plus base factions: Cthulhu and Black Goat. I spent the game understanding the new factions rather than enjoying it fully. It didnt help when they had a bad time learning and I had a bad time teaching. They arent new to games and they are regulars in our group, so I cant help but be a bit annoyed when they asked me questions that they can find in the player aid beside them. But Im not angry with them because I love them :joy:

Played a pleasant game of Villagers with two first timers in our group. Im very happy that it’s so easy to teach and grasp and very pleasant to play. Race for the Galaxy and Fields of Green are still the best, but this one is still brilliant.

4 player game of Dominant Species. Still mean and ruthless as I remember it. Still in my top 5!


Yay I finally won a game of Arkwright! Heavy shipping and use of the Inventor proved key, but the pile of money I had leftover at the end means I still haven’t quite got the balance point right - I can do better!

A couple of games of Tiny Towns, which was OK. I was expecting more given the hype but it was a solid seven out of ten.

Finally a couple of games of Rise of Tribes which is a light but quick 4x game. A bit luck heavy for a 4x but it plays so quickly that you can just roll straight into another game :slight_smile:


After the rain drove me in from the garden this afternoon I thought I’d better learn how to play Wingspan so I can inflict it on share it with my gaming group later in the week. I was thrashed by the Automa, but I think I can remember the rules now…


Got to play Quacks with more than two (=three), and it’s so much better!
Only thing that I want to change next time is play without the raven skull from set one, which really seems overpowered.

Played Cthulhu Wars again, this time with 5 players. Picked Black Goat again after the abysmal performance last game, I did well this time, but got last place due to 3 players screwing me over, mid-game. Game is still epic tho and everyone had a great time.


I hadn’t heard of this, but, OMG, this hits all of my buttons. Shipping to the US is awful, but after watching a few videos in French (and German, I’m even worse at both of those than I am with English) I know I need this game. Thanks for bringing it up here!

(EDIT: Woah! I just discovered, at the moment, US Amazon has it as a pre-order for June 11 for only 28 bucks! I have 28 bucks! I don’t know why I’m so excited about this, it’s like a toy and a game and it’s co-op and has all those neat bits and it’s not really expensive…OK, nevermind, I just described exactly I’m so excited).


I know, right? I love stupid dexterity games, and coop ones are hard to find. Just dont do what I did and try and play with the insert still in the box, it doesnt really work that way. We had to watch a french video to figure that out.


Good tip! Thanks, it may have taken me a while to figure that out.

I just realized another reason I’m a bit in love this game’s concept: the age range.

I can play this with both of my kids (8 & 22) and their friends, my allegedly “grown-up” friends, and the “adults” (my mom’s friends)!

The limitation of up-to 4 players isn’t that big of a deal, either. It looks like, when it’s on the table, well… it’s like watching sports on TV, and if there is an actual game on TV, I suspect anyone in the house will be paying more attention to the table.

I’m sorry for geeking out, but this looks really cool. I suppose that’s why I just kind of hang out here when I’m not working, playing, or watching videos (or, yes, I suppose sleeping. Whatever, sleep is for the weak! Except for when I have to take a 13 hour nap).

Everyone here is so awesome, and it’s always good to know someone who knows something you didn’t.

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If you haven’t had a chance to try it I would highly recommend Citadels. I really like Libertalia and Citadels, and used to own both. Ultimately, I came to the same conclusion, Libertalia is great but would need more regular play to really shine. I think Citadels provides the same type of fun but is a little more immediately accessible to new players. Since there are less total roles, it is much easier to see the fun ways they interact. Specifically, I recommend the classic edition of Citadels because it is super cheap and I think the limited roles is part of what makes it shine with semi-regular play. I also think it is a great game for players new to the hobby. I always play the shorter variant (play to seven building not 8), and I emphasize that bad things will regularly happen to you (the assassin, thief, warlord, magician). I ended up passing on my copy of Libertalia and keeping Citadels.

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Had six folks over this weekend for games. I proposed Not Alone, Ethnos, or Sub Terra as the main course, as half of the group had either never played modern games or had played only a couple. I have had great success with Sub Terra as a gateway game, and that’s what the group collectively chose. I have also played this more than just about anything in my collection apart from maybe Ticket to Ride, so I have a really good grasp on the rules (which aren’t that complicated to begin with).

After about a ten minute rules explanation, we got started, and everyone ended up having a lot of fun with it. We were making good time clearing tiles, and then a horror appeared on the map right near the Medic, who was on their own in a one-way corridor. For a few rounds after that, everything that could’ve gone wrong, did. The Medic escaped the horror with the help of the Bodyguard, and then had to decide which person to heal, as we were all battered from various hazards. We chose the “worst case scenario” contingency plan, which turned out to be exactly what was needed haha. When the Bodyguard got knocked unconscious after a run-in with another horror (which resulted in that horror’s disappearance as well), I was trying to figure out how I (as the Engineer) could blow through the walls and rescue him so we could all escape. My brother (playing as the Bodyguard) told everyone to leave him, because we could all escape if we didn’t try a rescue mission, and the game still considers all but one getting out a ‘silver’ victory. I was one spot away from the exit when it was unveiled, and most of my team had just escaped, leaving the Bodyguard behind. I was still theorizing aloud how I could run back and get him, despite the horrors still in the cave. The player acting as the Leader used his ability to force me out of the cave so that we could win, leaving the Bodyguard behind for the silver victory. Everyone was really into it thematically, and the game included plenty of dramatic scenes. To name just a few: 1) the Leader had been knocked unconscious from a cave-in, so I blew a hole through the nearby cave wall to get to him and heal him. This triggered another cave-in, which knocked me out, but the Medic was able to come in quickly to save me, 2) the Diver swimming from one end of the cave to the other to rescue me (I sense a theme here…), 3) the Bodyguard running back to save the Medic from the pursuing horror, only to fall victim to a different one, and 4) the Leader deciding to leave the Bodyguard behind and forcing me out of the cave for the good of the team. Overall, it was a huge hit for the 3rd or 4th time, so this one has probably earned a permanent spot in my collection.

We closed it out with two quick games of Skull, which was a perfect wind-down game. All in all, a really fun day!


Tried out a new (to me) games night in the local city. It”s at an FLGSand they share the night with the Warhammerer lot.

Couple of faces I’ve seen before either through selling or playing at another games night.

Onto the games

Power Grid: Recharged game goes along at a fair clip with the discard rules and discount token. I’d say there’s at least 30 minutes off the game now as the market never stalls. Pretty easy to retrofit into an existing copy too.

Villagers. The latest KS pile of low interaction meh, Draft cards, play cards and get some small combos going. There’s an element where you hand victory points to other players to force a little more interaction. It’s alright I guess

Last night my lady and I had another game of Raiders of the North Sea. It was fun as always, and as often happens, I was trounced!

I’ve had Hall of Heroes for awhile, but need to get it punched. Seems like it will add a nice additional element to the game. I can say the player boards are very nice!