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A thread idea shamelessly stolen from another forum. Simple idea: tell us about the last game(s) you played and what was good about them. No need to go too in depth, just a summary of what’s hot at your table, what you have tried for the first time etc.

To start: every year the company I work for gives us 1 working day as a “recreation day” as a perk.

This year, a bunch of us went to Thirsty Meeples board game cafe in Oxford and spent the day gaming. T’was Friday and we did:

No Thanks - a few quick hands to warm up.
Jupiter Rescue - a Pandemic-alike co-op of rescuing civvies from a space station being overrun by zombie-like aliens. It is pretty bad for the “one player organises everyone” problem, but I prefer the theme, and the changing powers and board compared with Pandemic. Still, not one I would be in a hurry to play again.
Revolution! - a Steve Jackson game where you bid to use certain abilities and grow influence on the board as a result. It got more interesting and tactical as it filled up but there were too many occasions when your collected resources become worthless because of tied bids so not something I’d be in a hurry to play again.
Anomia - this was quite fun… a speed of thought game, cards with symbols are turned over, and if you match the symbols you shout out something that is described by the other player’s card. Kinda breathless, especially as the cards are removed as points, revealing earlier cards and then, potentially, revealing new matches for different players. The chains were interesting and I found I quickly ran out of the mental energy to actually think of matches. Would play again, but only once in a blue moon. I didn’t recognise the name, but as soon as the deck appeared I realised that yes, I’d seen it on SUSD before.
Cash and Guns - finally got to try this and enjoyed it a lot. From reviews I wasn’t sure how it would play in practice but it just works - and there is something very satisfying about the physical pointing of foam guns at each other, even if I lost both games horrendously!
Trains - another game that has been on the radar for a while. Talked of in places like this as a potential Dominion-killer, I found it anything but. It was interesting enough I would play again - but I felt that there were a) new player traps (you must buy lots more lay rails) and b) not enough ways to get more cards into your hand to expand your possibilities. Admittedly it may get better with different supplies, but I also found that the interaction on the board was not sufficiently interesting to make it better than a good selection of attack cards in Dominion. Would play again, but I can’t see it becoming a favourite in the way Dominion has.


The Red Dragon Inn - A player elimination game based on the concept that everyone is a member of a D&D style adventuring party, after the adventure is over and they have all gone to the Inn to get drunk. You get knocked out by losing all your gold OR by having your fortitude counter and alcohol content counter meet (They start on different ends of the same track). I’ve played it before and had fun every time I’ve played it.
The Resistance - First time I ever played it and it was great fun. The game was fairly quick and easy, not a lot of table discussion went into things, and in the end the spies won. I was one of the spies. XD!
Zombicide - We played through two scenarios of that and that was a lot of fun and a lot of “OMG WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE” moments, especially in the second scenario.


Friedrich - Pure unadulterated Seven Years War goodness that could never be improved upon…until they published Maria - It’s about the War of the Austrian Succession. Need I say more? :wink:


Sushi Go! - Just got this the other day. This is basically a very light card drafting game that was originally Indiegogo’d and got picked up by Gamewright (publishers of Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert). Think 7 Wonders, but you’re trying to make sets of different cutesy sushi dishes to score points. Takes about 15 mins to play, depending on numbers. We only had two players though, and only played one game, so it wasn’t that exciting - but I can see it being really good with 3+. Tom Vassel seemed to love it anyway - it’ll be good to play with the kids.
Blueprints - Z-Man games recently reprinted this, also reviewed by SU&SD recently. Draw and roll dice representing building material, and choose dice from the rolled pool to secretly build your designated ‘blueprint’ construction. There’s lots to think about as different materials award points in different ways, but you’re also aiming for awards for different combinations of dice results or materials (1-6 straight, 5 dice of the same material, etc.). Played a couple games of this with my wife, it’s not too intense, it’s quite relaxing to just be stacking dice and building a little 3D construction.
Jaipur - Another game recently reviewed by SU&SD, this is a 2 player card game about set collecting, with the twist that sets decrease in value the more they are turned in for points - so it’s a nice little push your luck against the changing economy. My wife and I like this, but got a little burnt out on it as we had to keep playing until she won a game - that took a while, and we haven’t touched it since! I do really like it though.
Dominion: Seaside - The third(?) expansion for the popular deck building card game. My wife and I love Dominion, but I felt the base game was getting a little dry. Saw this at a discount price and picked it up. It’s breathed new life into the game! I believe the main theme to the cards are ‘cards that stick around for more than one turn’. So you get cards that do something on the turn it’s played, and then don’t get discarded until they’ve done something else on your next turn. Also, you get funky little player boards to keep things on, and little metal coins! The coins are really cool, they’re used with the Pirate Ship cards. When played, I think they do something like force the other players to reveal the top two cards of their deck - if a treasure is revealed, you can trash it and get a coin. Then on future turns, you can do that again, or use the amount of coins already owned as money for that turn. Anyway, it’s really good! If you’ve got Dominion, get Seaside.

That’s about all I’ve been playing recently, though I did just get Flashpoint: Fire Rescue from Indie Boards and Cards today. It’s a co-op game where you play firemen and women going into a burning building to rescue people, as the building burns and collapses around you. Looking forward to playing it :slight_smile:


This weekend I played Robinson Crusoe on Friday Night (enjoyed it, but wasn’t over-awed, all felt very random in a non-pleasing way, which is pretty waftily defined for me), then managed four games of Dead of Winter (!!) with three different groups on Saturday Night, Sunday Day and Sunday Evening. (I have no idea why I am capitalising too much, it must be late.

Anyway, I’m loving DoW, despite it being just as random (if not more so) than Robinson Crusoe. It seems to make that randomness tell such a better story. Even the game that was over after a turn and a half due to horrible dice rolls was delightful (and meant everyone felt confident in the second game, so it played very smoothly). I love a game where assured victories, slow defeats, last minute turn arounds all feel pleasing.

I also tried Sushi Go for the first time, which was a very pleasing filler. I doubt I want if for my collection, but am tempted to buy a copy for a friend. Simple as anything, but a nice, quick, visually adorable little game.

In short. A good weekend.


Chess this afternoon. :slight_smile: Not counting Alice Chess, that’s just the third victory over my opponent I can claim in the decade or so we’ve been playing. It was an interesting game; unusual board states and a LOT of even trades that whittled things down to a very finicky, nail-bitingly precise finish.


Pandemic. I bought it months ago but only got round to playing it at the weekend. The first game was a spectacular 3-player failure in which we barely managed two turns each before a cascade of outbreaks brought humanity to its knees. My sister and I have since managed a couple of narrow 2-player victories and I think it may be time to bump up the difficulty. Somehow winning feels like cheating. Anyway, I’m hooked.


Trivial Pursuit. Yes, I know! I’m sorry! But we were all tired and some of us were drunk. Under these circumstances Trivial Pursuit can actually be a lot of fun. Especially when you play an edition from 1984 that was either a) Poorly translated from English or b) Had questions written by insane people. Like this one:

Q: Which is the only animal that can’t fly but has learned how to.

The Crocodile.

That’s an actual, honest to God Trivial Pursuit question.


Started with Avalon last night. This went surprisingly quickly for us, with the good guys getting three quick missions in a row. I was the Assassin and picked Percival instead of Merlin, so a fun, quick loss to start the night. That was 8 players but we split into two groups.

I was in the four player group playing Study in Emerald, which was as awesome as ever. Every game is different and I must have now played about a dozen times and never won. Importantly, a good proportion of the group like it too.

The other four played Istanbul. Talking afterwards, one of the new players thought the strategy of bouncing backwards and forwards between the tea house and the gem dealer (where you can buy rubies) was too strong. I’m keen to get some more games in myself.


Agricola - All Creatures Big And Small: Picked this up on Erik’s recommendation as a game I can play with my wife on weekday evenings when neither of us feels like thinking too hard. It’s lovely! Nice and gentle, enough competition for resources that you’re not playing multiplayer solitaire but not so much that the game’s too cut-throat. The animal meeples are super cute. Buoyed by my success in this, I was inspired to go and try its big brother on the iPad again. That game is… considerably more difficult. :grinning:

Pandemic - In The Lab: The more I play In The Lab the more I think I might prefer regular Pandemic. I just don’t think what you gain in stronger theme is worth the tradeoff of losing the tension that’s inherent in base game every time you have to play a city card. Hmmm. The awesomeness of the city cards in Pandemic probably deserves its own thread. MORE LATER!

Diamonds: My regular Monday night group never has fewer than four people and now my two oldest sons want to play whenever they’re not at work it frequently has six. Finding games that everyone will play is a bit of an ordeal. 7 Wonders has been our “hour left at the end of the evening” game forever and I still love it, but I want some other options for that slot. Hence: Diamonds, a smart, simple little trick-taking game with a couple of cool twists. You’re trying to accumulate diamonds behind your cardboard-screen “vault”, and each time you win a trick you get to carry out an action that helps you do that, depending on the suit you led. HOWEVER! You also get to do an action if you can’t follow the suit that someone else led! It demands a bit of a change in mindset from most trick-taking games and I’m not convinced that I’ve got my head around it yet or that 6 players is its sweet spot, but it’s fun for what it is and fills an empty slot in my collection so that’s enough to be going along with.

Shadow Hunters: I’ve had this hidden-role social deduction game on my shelf for a little while after grabbing it cheap, and finally got it to the table last night. It was a big hit, after one game there was pretty universal demand to reload it and go again. In the second round, I pulled off some really top-class lying which… hmmm, that might need its own thread too. Shadow Hunters! If you like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing you’ll like.


All I have been getting into are solo games of VivaJava Dice. So far, I’ve been able to sneak in one game per night, for the past few days. It’s a relatively quick game that has a healthy dose of push-your-luck, while managing your dice values as resources as an alternative.

I’ve yet to lose, though, but the harder modes are really testing my choices.


Managed an (incomplete) game of Labyrinth on Saturday with my wife, her first time playing. I’ve played a couple of solo games previously, so was able to do a fairly good job of the rules. Things were pretty even when we had to pack up, and I’m looking forward to trying it again.

Also managed a solo run through of Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage which seems really slick. Looking forward to trying a proper game soon.


Terra Mystica was my last game. It was a 2 player game where I played Swarmlings and my partner played Darklings. The game was very close ending with a score of 144 to 142 in favor of the the Swarmlings. My partner called me various not-so-pleasant things as we were both pretty sure going into the final round she had me beat. Unfortunately for her I was able to score a great deal on my trading posts in that final round.

I can’t wait for the Terra Mystica expansion due out October 16th. Hear that Quinns? Expansionssssssesssss.


Game night tonight!

Cosmic Encounter - Third time I play CC now and I’m starting to get the hang of it! I was playing as The Sorcerer, which meant I could switch encounter cards with my opponent before they were revealed. Really fun ability! I do have a small problem with Cosmic in that it can run a bit too long, and if you’re stuck with a boring alien the game really isn’t that much fun.

Rokoko - Is this game well known? It’s a pretty brain burny game about making pretty dresses in the 18th Century. A really interesting euro-style game with plenty of different ways to earn victory points. Perhaps a few too many, actually - I felt pretty overwhelmed with all the options on offer every single turn. Eager to play it again, though, now that I understand how the different systems interlock.


Mystery of the Abbey yesterday with the kids (6 &7) …they beat me
Incan Gold and Ticket to Ride today with my daughter…she beat me by 2 points in both games


carcassone - iOS version on an iPad. I think enough has probably been said about Carcassone itself, but on this occasion it was being played on a rooftop bar in a slightly drizzly Ho Chi Minh City (which, amusingly, Safari wants to autocorrect to Ho Chihuahua Min City), which was an odd ambiance. In a strange way we really blended in - the young Vietnamese there were all pouring over their various tablets, smartphones and laptops with the abundant wifi. I like to think they were also all playing board games, but I doubt it.


Chess against my long-time opponent. I won again! That’s like the fifth time in a decade, second in a week. Now that I’m finally winning more consistently, the poor guy will actually start to learn; I feel bad because since our very first game I’ve been learning a lot about how to play chess. But he started out so much better than me, he can’t have been getting nearly as much out of it as I have. Now we’re on a more even footing. :smiley: It only took 10 years … and many more to come!

Also Quantum. Quantum is a blast! I tend to win because I’m really good at seeing the kinds of patterns that develop in Quantum. My younger sister is way better at it than me though. She also shares my skill of playing other players off of each other leaving her to do her own thing; when we’re both at the table, it’s this lovely under-the-surface battle of political wills. I miss living with her. :frowning:

I have this horrible habit, though, of helping people pull off moves that screw me because I see them and I think “OOH! That’s so cool!” >.< I’m definitely a Loud player. I’m just also not conventionally competitive. Makes for some interesting games of Descent like the time I screwed over the party by telling them exactly why I would have chosen one door over the other if I were in their position when they hit a fork. I was being honest about a pattern I had noticed and it turns out that level followed the patterns that (most) of the levels did and thus it was the right door to go through (which I already knew anyway, of course). They took this to be a bluff and went through the other door just as I planned. BAM! I felt properly evil. I proved I was untrustworthy by being entirely honest. :smiley:


2 games of Kings of Mithril which I would suggest is (by modern standards) a terrible game. Too much randomness, too little choice. We played twice - once by the rules as written and once with a house rule to try and increase player agency. I won both games and whilst the house rule we tried (adding a third dice and choice to the resulting number) made it more interesting it was still bland and dull.

We followed this with The Setters of Catan Card Game with the politics and intrigue expansion. This was - as it always is - a reasonable start that all too soon bogs down and drags out too long. I don’t mind it once in a blue moon, but neither is it a favourite.


Gwathdring, you and I sound like the same kind of player. That last paragraph could have been written by me. I even have a long-term one-sided chess duel. Not so long as a decade though.

My last game was Noir. I played in London with some colleagues, one of whom hadn’t board-gamed before. We played spy-vs-spy-vs-spy in a cafe and it was a cut-throat bloodbath. Good times.


Played a few two-player games with my wife last night. Kept it light since there was a significant amount of beer and wine involved.

Alhambra - This is new to us and we really enjoy it.
7 Wonder - A favorite of my wife. I have always liked it, but dig it more and more with every play.
Smash Up - Definitely not a favorite. I mentioned trading it away once, but my wife nixed the idea. It’s good to play with a group that’s not heavily into games, so it has its place.