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Yelling on purpose

I’m not sure if this is a game, really. So I put it in Weather, not in the game thread.

Just talk about normal things, but end every sentence with a bunch of exclamation points!!! or a big interrobang?! (you don’t have to do the real ‽)
(the forum may try to auto-correct you, too, try to impose your will)

Inspired by a conversation with @Derelicte (I apologize it was all my fault, I’m so sorry.)

Anyway, just talk about regular stuff, but end every sentence with !!! or ??? or !? I have a feeling this will get really surreal.

(EDIT a week later: When I started this experiment, I still didn’t know how much of a toll it can take on someone. This has left me frankly breathless after every post I type.
If anyone wants to take a breather in-line in the thread, feel free to do it parenthetically, and I’d encourage italicizing it as well (like this). Even though this is weirdly funny, I think this is an interesting phenomenon worth discussion outside of the “rules” of this topic (basically, !!!, ???, ?!?!).
I also don’t want to get participants stressed even though this is just supposed to be about chit-chat while ending every sentence with stressful punctuation.)


Does everyone understand the rules?!?!?!?!?!?!?

(Please, everyone, just play along, this gets uncomfortable and weird after a while the more you commit to it?!!!?!?)

Yes, the rules are quite clear!!!

I hope that others join in, so we are not just yelling at EACHOTHER!!!

As this thread is posted in the Weather section, I thought I would point out that my local weather, has either been an outdoor sauna, or RAIN STORMS!!!

It’s quite frustrating!!?

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It’s a bit annoying!!!

I don’t know if any other people like @Benkyo, or @Boydesian, or @RogerBW, or @Tika, or @Gwathdring, or @VictorViper, really I could just list all the members here but that would take a thousand years!!!

So, what have you been up to today?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?

Not much myself!!!

My son is at his grandparents for the week, and my gal has been under the weather (which sucks, especially as I can’t really help), so I’ve been productively playing more video games and watching more television than usual!!!

How about yourself?!?!?!

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I’ve been watching over my son and doing tech support from home!!!

On my computer!!!

That sounds enjoyable!!!

At least you’re at home, with your boy!!! Even if you have to WORK!!!

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I know!!! But even though I work from home, it’s like I can’t go home after work!!! You know what I mean?!?!?!
We’ve mentioned this before in PMs, but I really need to walk the dog, now!!!

Yes, I can imagine not having that mental break when you “leave work”, must be difficult!!!

Enjoy the walk!!!

I will!!!

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This isn’t a joke for this topic right now, I really am leaving to walk my family’s dog!!! It’s raining, I’m going to get wet!!! It sucks, but I don’t want my dog to get uncomfortable and I don’t want to just let him outside in the rain by himself!!!

So I may be a little while before I’m back online!!! Hopefully I can round up the cats at the same time!!!

Try and stay dry!!! It’s late here so I will also be off soon!!!

Enjoy your evening!!!

God I hope someone else joins this thread!!! This is exhausting, somehow!!! We really need additional witnesses!!!

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Man, I hate shouting!!!

Even when things get really heated, my heart is pumping, adrenaline is flowing, I can’t bring myself to shout!!!

But here I am!!! Shouting!!!

My colleague, who always maintained I should have shouted at our useless ex-co-worker whenever she was horribly wrong, which was pretty much every day, would be happy to see this!!!

/run away from thread


Why you run?!?!?

This is just an experiment!!!

Does putting exclamation points or question marks or interobangs make you more stressed out when you write simple chatty sentences?!?!

It stresses me out!!!

My sister had to go to the doctor today, but she’s fine!!!
My son has to go to the dentist to check his fillings as a follow-up!!!
Hopefully, tomorrow if the weather is nice, we’re going to go swimming!!!

Oh, wait, are we all yelling now?!?!?!?! Okay!!!

I’m stuck indoors!!! Desperately fleeing the encroaching heat wave!!! With small children!!!

Do you realize that, on day two without a functional septic pump, I’m getting pretty rank without a shower?!?!?! In no small part because the plumber we trust had someone else with a more severe problem today?!?!?! And would you believe that I don’t mind plumbing on the clean water end, but I’ll just set up a f***ing tent in the back yard in a thunderstorm rather than deal with the post-toilet end?!?!?!?!

(Wait, I think I’m actually yelling now. I’m so sorry.)

But I still have to ration toilet flushes!!! And with - to repeat - with small children who have a limited grasp of personal hygiene!!!

I’m going to pour myself more whiskey!!!


I was out with my friend tonight and we had drinks and then hamburgers and on my way home I walked past the best game shop downtown and THEN the best shop on the east side and can you BELIEVE I passed them both over?!?

These are the weird choices you make when your sister is deep into labour 5000km away AND YOUR NIECE MIGHT HAVE THE HEAD OF HER FATHER!!!

Hard to enjoy the usual stuff, y’know?

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I think some of you are doing this wrong!

No one seems to be properly using the ‘proper’ interrobang‽

I am quite angered by this, as I have used the ‘‽’ properly many times before in the Pendragon thread!

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