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Xbox Gamertags

Jumping on the bandwagon of the Steam Sign-ins thread thought I’d create one for those with Xbox’s too. Though I do most of my video gaming on the PC I do occasionally dabble with the occult of the console. Most of my friends have PS4s (I bought the Xbox one as I thought the kids would find the kinect fun… you can stop mocking me now) so I don’t have many folk to play with on my Xbox One.

When you add your Gamertag name it’s probably worth adding if you have an Xbox 360 or Xbox One as (as far as I’m aware) there aren’t any games which you can play across the two platforms.

My gamertag is Jubaal (Xbox One)

Kapitan24 on the Xbox 360, which I rarely play anymore. Alas, full time work plus 2 grad classes at a time doesn’t leave much time for video games anymore, and when I do it is typically PC.

Thanks Ian, I was going to edit the original post as people added their names to make it easier, but seems you can’t edit after a period of time :frowning:

I still love my XBOX although there are many advancements in gaming world