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Wot are you playing?


There’s an update coming tomorrow that, among roughly a quadrillion other changes, revamps the mission system. I’m in the console ghetto so I haven’t seen it myself but pretty much everyone in the beta seemed to give it a massive thumbs-up.

The “ships scattered hither and yon” thing is definitely a problem. I took my Vulture like 250ly to the arse-end of nowhere for the last Community Goal and it was SUCH a drag getting out there. Getting back I basically just stripped out all its internals for fuel tanks so I didn’t have to bother fuel-scooping each jump. Even so it was pretty painful.


I have mixed feelings about the Engineer update. The engineers just add more thematically stupid grind and I won’t trust the new mission system until I use it since they made such a hash out of Powerplay … it’s my own damn fault I gave them more money in the hopes they’d fix what was broken instead of just sitting tight and playing every now and then when a base-game update rolled around to see if things got better. :frowning:


Currently I am playing Uncharted 4 (obviously for the PS4), crowding the pinnacle of story-telling and stellar graphics. Before that, it was Game of Thrones Season 1…


Going on another unfocused jaunt through several Elder Scrolls games at once. A Winterhold mage in Skyrim, a Dunmer spellsword for Morrowind that I probably need to reroll, and a look at Redguard…despite the Daggerfall graphics, the game and art direction are rather charming so far.


I’ve finished The Wolf among us. I really liked it for the world and story. Otherwise it is a typical Telltale Adventure and I am not the biggest fan anymore.
Dreamfall Chapters! That’s how it should be done.


It was so much better than the comics. I bounced off them but loved Wolf Among us.


Started listening to the Daft Souls podcast and A Dark Room was mentioned in the first one, I think. Gave it a download. 2 and a half hours of my life sucked away by tapping.

Just tapping.

Need to go to sleep… but now I can make steel!

I guess I’ll explore once more, but what am I doing to the builder?

Why did the people in my village become slaves?!

What have I become!?!?!?


Why? Why did you have to mention this game? Another weekend in ruins…! :wink: (in all seriousness; strangely fascinating, soothing game! Really like it)


I’m continuing to sort of play Overwatch even though I’m not sure how much I really like it? I find myself mainly being frustrated at my own lack of ability, KB&M are not my jam for shooters. And yet I STILL PLAY. WHY.


I’m playing a bunch of things at the moment.

I’ve been playing a lot of Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright, but the down-right terrible plot and writing is really souring me on the game. The gameplay is really good, but the character interactions and motivations are so paper-thin that it is actually impairing my enjoyment of the game.

I’ve also messed around a bit with DOOM (the caps are important), which is really good! I did make the mistake of starting it on the hardest difficulty, which is actually a bit too hard for me. Think I might need to restart it on a lower difficulty.

And just today I started playing Pocket Solitaire Jockey and Steamworld Heist on the 3DS. Both are pretty great! PSJ is the oddest little game I’ve played in a while, and it is funny to boot. Recommended if you’ve got 7 dollars to spare.


Because Blizzard are very good at making games with an appealing gameplay loop. :smiley: I’ve spent way too much time playing Heartstone, for example, a game I literally can’t stand.


If you like A Dark Room, go back and play Candy Box.


It was the first of the idle games, and one of the secret-best games of all time.
The second was… not so good.


After finishing A Dark Room and unlocking the creator commentaries they mentioned Candy Box as inspiration. Sounds like something to check out.

Other than that I’ve been playing the Far Harbour expansion for Fallout 4. Which I’m enjoying more than Fallout 4…


Candy Box is probably the best of the “Clicker” games.

By the way… Is there anyone here who HASN’T played Frog Fractions yet?


Can anyone be truly sure they played Frog Fractions? I was a bit ill at the time. A fever is not out of the question.


I haven’t :no_mouth:


You should play Frog Fractions!


I have now played ½+½ of Frog Fractions! I am now very educated in a wide variety of things.


I’m pretty sure I have played Frog Fractions.

I have no idea if I have played Frog Fractions 2.


I desperately need to find a game to love, instead of the “meh, it’s okay” reaction everything seems to be getting from me at the moment.

A million years after everybody else, I’ve just started The Witcher III. It’s got janky combat, a lighting engine that makes it look like an excellent HD remaster of a PS3 game (I’m playing on PS4), and it seems to expect me to have hours to pour into it at a time. I want to like it - I do like it - but I am not in the right place for it right now.

I’m at the point in Ratchet & Clank where I’m ready for it to be over. This is partly my own fault, as I’ve gone back to rinse all of the earlier planets as I’ve gone along, which has dragged the length out just too long. It looks amazing and the moment-to-moment platforming and shooting is sillky smooth, but I’m starting to feel the slog.

I also jumped, briefly, into both Destiny and The Division for a few minutes each, which has only underlined how much I’m not the target market for those games and the sooner I realise this and stop buying them the better. The Division in particular is almost stunning in it’s grey okay-ness; it’s in desperate need of an overhaul to make it interesting again for lone players (especially since their own released stats indicate that over half of the player base solos the game).