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Wot are you playing?

Absolutely right about RDR2 - it gets so much better. The mission with Lenny is hands down my favourite mission in any computer game ever! Haha :smile:

Not many games I’ve bothered to complete but man, RDR2 is immense.

Also, I think someone mentioned Stellaris console edition; it’s great! Can’t wait to try out the multiplayer with friends. Forming a Galactic Federation (name pending, you can change it at any time) with with buddies will be awesome!

Space Fox people FTW! :fox_face:


That was awesome!

I’ve gotten to the so-called “Epilogue” and had to take a break, but am determined to play this thing way past the “end.”


Oh yeah it’s worth it. That games really brings on the feels! Haha

I’ve been online with it a while back but not since they updated it. Might have to check it out again.

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I’ve decided everything I’ve played recently has disappointed me, so I’ve just bought Dishonoured and Shadows over Mordor. Can’t wait to be disappointed all over again!


Hopefully you won’t be disappointed. I loved the game but haven’t got around to playing the DLC or moving on to Dishonored 2.

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I played it a bit on PC way back when, and felt it was very much a console game. Only got through the first level or so. I just find gaming on a laptop cumbersome and uninviting! Hoping it will be more fun on the PS.

I’ve bought the bundle with 1, 2 and 2.5. Should keep me busy for the while.

The second shadows is on my to play list. I think I’ll try the new Resident Evil 2 reboot first. I loved that game as a kid! Man!

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I’m just playing through the first Shadows now. It is all kinds of janky in the stealth, but it’s fun.

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Dang. Poor stealth? How so? I thought that would be an important aspect of the game, at least initially.

The AI for detecting the player isn’t very sensitive. It turns out Uruks have very poor peripheral vision. You can get away with a LOT without them noticing you, and it’s easy to escape and hide again. It’s better than overly sensitive mind reader AI, but it does feel like a bit of a doss.

I don’t know much about game design, but it feels like they cut corners on the design time by making the systems looser. If it isn’t tightened up, fewer things can go wrong. Prime example is the AC-like climbing. They get around the fine tuning of designing interesting climbing-scapes by letting you climb over every surface. Buildings, tents, cliff faces, brick walls. There’s no surface without auto-generated climb points. You can pretty much run in a straight line and climb up and over everything with hardly any deviation - much less than even AC where you sometimes have to hunt out climb points.

The combat is fun though, a more arcadey Arkham style. They forecast counters VERY heavily (triangle appearing on screen a good 2-3 seconds before the attack), but it’s fun in a loose goosy way.

The strength in the game is definitely in the Uruk Captain system and combat, it really does give it a LotR feel that’s much more than a plastered theme. Interested to play the second one to see what changes, but I’d like to finish the first one first. Generally not a fan of playing earlier games after the sequels - the jankiness feels less forgivable then and I usually just give up on it.


Thanks for the comprehensive answer. I’ll definitely give this a go then. I liked AC but haven’t played any since black flag (and even that I never finished).

I’ve just started RE2 and it’s wonderful. The jump scares had me and the wife really on edge!

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Dishonored? I didn’t feel that - It came across to me as one of the most Thief-like games out there - but my advise would be, don’t take the power that lets you see through walls if you like a challenging stealth game, it drastically changes the gameplay, and in my opinion, for the worse. It’s possible to ghost (Leave the level exactly as it was when you entered, no-one alerted or dead, except all the treasure which you have taken all of) the entire game without any powers at all, apart from literally only one door that you can’t shut behind you without using any powers at all - and that is fun (but not on a first playthrough)

I’m very much a casual PC gamer. I play on a laptop so the screen angle is odd and it feels a bit clunky and uncomfortable. As soon as I got a PS4 a few years back I dropped PC gaming entirely. Convenience is everything!


I love PC games but now I play exclusively PS4 because my PC is old (sorry girl). Ah well. At least Stellaris has made it to PS4 so far…

Currently enjoying Guild Wars 2. Anyone else play?

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@MrJackdaw Try starting a new join-up thread here in Cool Ghosts for GW2. I’m sure you’ll get a few takers and possibly guildies.

After 5 months of playing, I’m finally finished with Horizon: Zero Dawn. I can’t bring myself to play the New Game + right now, as I want to play something different for a while.

So I’ve just loaded up the remastered Batman: Arkham Asylum. Time for another trip to the madhouse.


Took a while to get going, but really loving Shadows of Mordor now. There are some quite essential skills locked behind the levelling up system so the first few hours aren’t very fun, and some of the systems aren’t well explained.

Fav moment so far was assassinating a target, then my nemesis turned up (who killed me three or four times when I was getting started, I killed him, and now he’s back). He’s level 20(!!) so I ran for it, then doubled back to see if I could score a stealth kill (fortunately he’s vulnerable to those!). So I was creeping up behind him, and just about to get a kill when my third strongest nemesis shows up! Total nightmare. Ran away like a little baby.


I really want to play this now! Great endorsement! :+1:

After sitting down and playing video games a bunch more than I used to, I can finally say that I’m almost done with Fallout 4.

Maybe 125 hours in? Wow, that takes dedication, I guess…

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