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Wot are you playing?


I haven’t been able to finish with any of the characters, though I did reach the final boss just yesterday.

I’ve almost unlocked all of the cards, though.

I’ll keep trying, though!


I’ve been working my way slowly through Sekiro and have hit a wall (BIG sword and BIG spear) in each of the two directions I can proceed right now. I haven’t really figured out the combat system well enough to perform against the bosses, so I plan to really scour the opening areas for a bit while I hone my combat skills.

I’m also playing Stellaris (console edition) and coming to grips with all the systems in play. I’m very impressed with the adaptation to controller use. It’s not perfect but hasn’t felt much of a burden—it’s a really slow game anyway.


Decided to jump back into Breath of the Wild today for awhile. I forgot how wonderful that game is. I’ve done almost everything I want to, except upgrade the Guardian armor to Level 3, before going for the castle.

I watched the GiantBomb Quick Look of Days Gone, and I think I’m in. Not right now, as I rarely buy full priced games, plus it’s fairly glitchy right now, so hopefully that will be sorted when when it goes on sale.

I’m consider Spider-Man as it’s down to $50, but I might hold out a bit more. Nothing much has really grabbed me lately.

Has anyone played Dragon’s Dogma? It looked neat, and has a strong following, but I never played it. It’s on Switch now, but not a full revamp.

Beyond all of that, I’m thinking of renewing my PS+, and jumping back into Warframe and/or Destiny 2. Division 2 looks great, but I don’t play enough anymore (especially online) to justify the cost.


I’ve been playing Watchdogs 2 and it is JANKY! Trying to escape the police GTA style is pretty much impossible - all the voice overs state they can’t find you, yet they all make a B line straight for you regardless of how many left and rights you pull. Hiding out in alleyways once out of sight is simply impossible, and there’s nowhere to hide from the copter. There’s a lot of stealth, but the HUD doesn’t really help much with keeping hidden. It’s a hacking game so you’re really weak as a squidgy person, but there is shoot outs.

It’s just so so so odd! I know Unisoft don’t have the best track record, but this is still surprising me somehow.


It’s been awhile but I don’t recall having too much problems getting away from cops but I’m pretty sure I went down the tech tree where you can excessively mess with cars. It’s been awhile though so I might be mis-remembering.


It’s mainly the cash vans when you’re on full alert. I’m just annoying those for now. I wish I could turn off the online features too! They’re really intrusive when you just want to do standard missions


I am playing SERAPH event in Fate Grand Order. I am also reading Fate Hollow Ataraxia. I’ve recently read Fate Stay Night for the first and really enjoyed it. I like media that has a ton of varied characters in it.

Due to FGO, I haven’t been keeping my 775 plugin modded Skyrim SE current.

Maybe its time to replay all of the Sukiodens again.


I made the mistake of starting a new farm in Stardew Valley! I’ll be back in 100 hours.


Check out Matt’s review of Dragon’s Dogma here:

I’ve started the game at least 5 times, and never really make it past the first big city before getting completely lost and giving up… but it’s one I still have installed and any minute now I’m going to go back to it and get it done.


Oh, Dragon’s Dogma.

I tried. I really, really tried. I had some fun with it too… but I don’t think I ever really sank my teeth into it. It was just too dense, too much going on, not enough focus or direction.

I mean, the same can be said of Skyrim, sure, but Skyrim always hands you pointers. “Could you go into that dungeon and kill something?” “Maybe you should go kill that dragon that’s on that road over there.” There was always a thing to do in Skyrim, whereas DD kinda felt bereft of that.

ANYway, you’ve now made me miss Cool Ghosts, and so I’m sad.


The other week, I got tired of my previous gaming project, so I brushed off my Battletech project. I’ve already beaten the game once, sticking with the stock loadouts so I can get to know each mechs’ personality, so to speak. My project was some code to find loadouts that optimize Battle Value, maybe leading up to doing a campaign where I have company with 3 lances plus backups, one each for hot, moderate, and cold climates. The results were that the Battle Value formula are a bit wacky, leading to things like max armor with no weapons. So I set off to optimized a tweaked version of the Battle Value formula.

And that’s about when I got distracted with Stardew Valley. If someone sees something incongruous about going from figuring how to arm 100 ton stompy robots to growing parsnips, I do point out that I have a couple spreadsheets open for Stardew Valley as I play. For example, I found that the best rate of return in the spring is parsnips, where you can double your money in ~5 days, but only if you want to spend most of your energy per day watering parsnips.

Anyone have any tips for the mines? Every time I venture past level 10, I get swarmed by flying monsters.


Mines are always my focus in a new game so I can get enough ore to make sprinklers. Nothing like the freedom of not having to water every morning!

Maybe take some of those parsnips with you? Other than reviving your health there’s not much to be done about those flying bois. Mining on days when your luck is better can make the descent faster and less likely to get swarmed by them.

Every time I start a new farm I tell myself I’m going to play it to relax, take it easy, just have fun. And then I immediately fall back into min-maxing every second of my day, thing to reach the bottom of the mine by the end of the first season, and making sure I have the greenhouse by the first winter, AAAAAHHHHH!!!

I still have fun, but I may be incapable of change.

Sorta how I can’t help but becoming a rogue kleptomaniac archer in every Elder Scrolls game when I swear I’ll try being a Fighter or Mage for once…


I also intended to use Stardew Valley as my relaxing, decompression game, but the call to optimize things is too strong.

I’m already only going into the mines when luck is above average, but I’m still getting swarmed. Maybe I’m just rubbish at anything with real-time controls, which is why I pretty much only play turn-based or real-time with pause strategy games.


Archery in those games is so powerful - it’s really interesting giving up bows and crossbows, it quite dramatically changes the dynamics of the game!


If you are able to play Skyrim on the PC, the the Wizard Warrior is the perfect incentive to play a Warrior / Mage in Skyrim https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14890.

The Wizard Warrior doesn’t sound like an amazing concept where all it does is that it lets you cast spells on weapons swings and blocks. But the script is responsive and it works well.

In play however the “The Wizard Warrior” completely changes the flow of the game as you no longer need to Favorite menu spam to switch between magic and swords.


So… I’ve hit a lull.

This is probably for the best. I have a tonne of work to get done (I sold a short story that I haven’t written yet… which I am all the excites about… but I have to actually write it, and then I have to sort out some voice actors for the story I wrote before that and then other voice actors for THIS story and then start editing my 4th Novel etc… etc… etc…), but all the same… just not excited about any of my massive collection of games.

I played a bit of Sunless Skies, and while I love the story the game itself is kinda… just… slow? And too many things can go wrong without much warning (like, say, running out of food just outside a town but the town doesn’t buy any of the cargo you’re carrying… that is super frustrating).

I played a bit of the new(est) Battlefleet Gothic II, and while it was fun… I dunno, it just strikes me as pretty shallow so far. I keep searching for something to replace the spectacular Sins of a Solar Empire, but nothing really does…

I tried a bunch of the new God of War, and it’s beautiful and Atreus is kinda neat but… again… just not moving me? A big part is I’m not a huge fan of the combat. Too fiddly. Oh, and I don’t like the way the Axe looks at all. Too chunky. I like Kratos’s shield… I just killed a dragon and was like… okay. That was okay. Pretty, but frustrating.

I played the first two hours of Red Dead Redemption II, and it wasn’t even okay. The horse riding controls are terrible. Aiming is terrible. Hunting is frustrating and annoying (I can kill ONE deer and then have to ride home before I get to hunt anything else? Or two rabbits? Come on) and I don’t care one lick about the protagonists. But damn is it pretty.

I kinda gave up on Destiny 2 because it feels like a grind and I just got burned out on playing against other humans who are all better than me… man, I just want Borderlands 3 to be a good playground but Gearbox is the worst, and I can’t bring myself to install Skyrim again because it’s the last really interesting RPG I played that I really enjoyed.


First world problems. Anyway, I guess I’ll just have to do work… I mean, it’s a good thing I love writing!
(I read “Ninefox Gambit” last week, and as much as I think I am a pretty half-decent sci-fi writer… holy hells, is it sometimes depressing to compare my best to that of others! That book was incredible)


It gets better. The controls aren’t intuitive, and I want to kick the menus in the fork, but once you get there, it’s fine, and by then you want to hate it again for story reasons instead, because of sadness.

It’s got a lot of problems, but the only regular VG I’ve been playing for weeks.


The joys of gaming! I think it’s worth having a break once in a while. Assassin’s Creed 3 Switch might pull me back into it, but at the moment I do a bit of Animal Crossing on mobile and call it a day.

Saying that I smashed my way through Umbrella Academy (excellent), Fleabag (Genius writing, and sharp as heck, but some people hate it), Star Trek Discovery (more Pike please) and, of course, Thrones. So i suspect I’m just getting my stories in different ways for now and it’ll all change at E3!


I don’t know why they chose to start the game in the mountains. I killed maybe 4 or 5 horses in the first 4 hours due to accidental falls. Then kept 1 horse for the rest of the game. The majority of the game is big and open, there are a few foibles but nothing frustrating. But that first few hours is horrific for horse riding.

Fortunately (or unfortunately?) a lot of the things that are annoying at the beginning of RDR2 can be completely ignored. Hunting for good condition pelts? Cold/hot weather clothing, and no clear indication of where is hot or cold? Eating enough food to build weight? Not enough places to buy food? Crafting better equipment? Different kinds of ammo? Buying weapons from stores? All far more difficult than they have any reason to be. All completely pointless. God knows how much crunch time was wasted on all the superfluous rubbish.


I am currently playing Fate Grand Order and Final Fantasy XIV.

I finished the BB event in Fate Grand Order. I spent 200 F2P Quartz and I pulled Meltryllis, Mordred and 3x Suzuka Gozen. I’m more a mechanical player over a Waifu player so I was trying to pull for Passionlip but getting other 2 event exclusives isn’t bad.

Final Fantasy XIV has been nice. Its relatively accessible for an online multiplayer game so I am looking forward to playing it casually with my partner.

My Skyrim SE is still unmaintained. I’m fairly unmotivated to fix it as the fundamentals of Skyrim are not strong so any overhaul / re-balance of Skyrim is easy to exploit / figure out.

I am looking towards playing a future patch of OpenMW, Elona Plus or Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead.

Maybe I’ll play Kingdom Hearts 2 Critical Mode Level 1 to understand my co-designer more, but I got whomped by 2 horse creeps my last try.