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Wot are you playing?


I actually bought some “new” games recently and might even play them :open_mouth:

Picked up Sims 4 and Monster Hunter World as they’re my favourite genre: character creator. And finally picked up Okami for the PS4 to replace the Wii version because we never use the Wii anymore.


I had to work an overnight shift from home to supervise generator maintenance being done at our office so I had a lot of downtime between tasks. I saw that Minecraft was available on Xbox Game Pass so I gave it a whirl (never had before).
5 hours later and WOW I can see why this game is so addictive.
It’s probably cliche but the best part was when I got lost in a very deep cave and after an hour of trying to get our decided to just go up. That worked pretty well until I hit the bottom of the lake and had to fight to keep from drowning. By the end the lake was almost completely drained and I found myself in a mysterious new land. After another hour of drudging around I saw the little cabin I made in the first hour and nearly wept (ok I gave a muted 'Yay!) with joy.


Minecraft is an oddly beautiful game and the story you end up creating is half of the fun.

I remember building a farmhouse, complete with animals and crops, and my wife asked when we could move in!


I love minecraft so much - I don’t really play anymore, the mods I used haven’t been updated, and I know I can roll back the game, but…

I used to play with Better than wolves before it went too hardcore, a mod which made water to act more like water and a mod which made saplings automatically grow new trees, and old trees to die, so I would have ever thickening forests which constantly threatened to give the mobs a nice route over your defences, rain which would fill up with water where it couldn’t escape, meaning you had to plan drainage and could easily get flooded in a cave if you weren’t careful and had windmills to help automate the more mundane tasks… happy times!


Nope. Nope nope nope.

I loaded one of the free alpha versions way back when that’s all there was, in the rear-room of the shop I was working at on a slow night, at around 6:30. We had no customers, it was pretty dead (off-season on a Sunday).

I thought it was ridiculously stupid and insipid.

We were supposed to close at 8.

I forgot I had to lock the door until well after midnight.

NOPE. No more Minecraft for me.


I reckon Minecraft is my all time most played game, and I reckon it outstrips my second most played game by at least a thousand hours… which would probably be space engineers, the game I replaced minecraft with.

Guess I really like voxel based digital lego!


Have to break a lance for The Banner Saga. I really like the combat system, I love turn based strategy without any RNG and TBS does that very well. Yes, there are a lot of battles and for someone who doesn’t enjoy them I can imagine it getting a little tedious. But I am on the other side. The world building is really nice but I am in for the battles :slight_smile:

Beside that I have to say that I haven’t found any good Android game. Never really play anything on the tablet because it feels not that satisfying.


whew, so I am not the only one enjoying the turn based combat system ^^

And to add something to the list of recommendations: I really enjoyed playing 80 Days on my Tablet


Well, I’m on chapter 5 of the Banner Saga and so far it’s definitely the story keeping me going. The fights all go the same way and are too easy. I can see some potential there, and I can see some attempts to make positioning skills interesting, but you don’t need them, and it doesn’t hang together in a way that makes me feel that I’m playing smart, or making any mistakes. Chapter 2, wow, that was dull. I honestly thought the wars were bugged when every war had 0 casualties.

I also installed Battle for Wesnoth, but I had forgotten how much I hated the 40% misses and the way it carries gold/units between scenarios.


If it doesn’t feel like a challenge you can change difficulty during the campaign. Maybe that helps to improve your experience.

In Banner Saga 1 the meta game with food, population and warriors wasn’t the best. They improved on that a little bit in later games IIRC (has been some years till I played them).


Good gracious, what a lovely game. It has beautiful art, solid combat, and those decision trees that actually mean something. There could be a little more drilled-down stuff on the battlefield, but it’s a wonderful indie.


I’ve been completely obsessed with Civilization VI. I’ve played several of them in the past but this one I’ve been playing on Switch and the portability has made it far too easy to bury myself in the game for multiple hours at a time. Like most pc to console ports it’s missing a bit, but it’s still addictive and fun.


For whatever reason I’ve been playing a lot of MtG:Arena and … Well, sucking mightily at it. It’s still enjoyable but for whatever reason.


Been playing Bethesda’s mobile game Blades lately. It’s like a bad Infinity Blade with a town building mechanic. They’ve tweaked the monetization a bit, as the main loot system is unlocking treasure chests that are locked behind timers. I’ve found the game generous enough to not need to spend any real world money.

I have a cycle with these free to play games and I’ll eventually tire of it, but for now I’m enjoying upgrading my town and getting closer to that ebony, or daedric armour!


Satisfactory, in early access on the Epic Store.

It’s like a simplified Factorio in 3D. Lovely graphics, and building HUGE factories is so simple. There’s nothing quite so satisfying as planning out an assembly line, constructing it, getting it all perfect, and then hooking up the power and watching the affront to nature you just created whirr into life.

There’s a distinct lack of “end game” at the moment, once you reach the current tier limit for early access, but more content is on the way.

If you enjoy Factory Automation games, it’s definitely one to check out.


I recently “finished” Slay the Spire (completed the 3 levels with each of the 3 characters… the Silent took me damn near five times as long as the other two), and so I have returned to the warm, familiar embrace… of Battletech.

What a game. Cruel at times, brilliant throughout. I am waffling on getting the Season Pass thing because I have an allergic reaction to Season Passes… but if the main game is this good, and if there is any force on Earth that will get me one of my beloved Marauders…

Gah! I dunno if I can pull the trigger on that. But I am thinking about it REAL HARD…


You can’t say you’ve finished it without having even seen Act 4! Even with air quotes!

I agree ascension is purely for the masochistic, but I’m like, almost two hundred hours in.

I have half the number of deaths with the Silent as either of the other two though. Funny how everyone seems to fare differently. There are roughly the same number of “class X is terrible” threads for each character.

FWIW, I totally abandoned Battletech after finishing the campaign. I don’t think it has legs, (this was going to be more punny, but I’m tired). It was great until it wasn’t any more.


Justed started Moonlighter since I was tired of playing Rocket League everytime I got hold of the gamepad recently.

It’s alright but it feels like a grind instantly. I guess I’ll be back at sucking at Rocket League soon…


I played through Gorogoa which is short and excellent, and on Android @Benkyo . I had a go at playing Assassin’s Creed Unity after it was free last week, but all of the “content” annoyed me. It was frustrating that the game expects you to follow specific beats and waste time grabbing collectibles when all I wanted to do was sneak around and be an assassin. After about 2 hours and three separate time skips in the narrative(!) I finally escaped the tutorial and got access to the open world. By that point it was time to stop, I’m not sure if I’ll go back to it.

I also had another go at Thumper, and if anyone missed it when it came out I think it might be one of my favourite games of the decade. If only because it’s pure and simple and does what it does impressively well. It’s always strangely exciting whenever I play, it does a great job of getting your adrenaline up.


Thumper is a fantastic game!