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Wot are you playing?


I’m playing Dirt: Rally. RACING SIM FANS SAY HEEEY!

(a void-like silence ensues)

Really love how this game handles, the cars feel real and the road textures and aggregates really effect how you drive. The tracks are the narrow, unpredictable tracks that one would race on in real life, and that’s a massive plus over other games. Also the navigator just gives directions slightly less enthusiastically when I flip the car rather than berating me, which is exactly the sort of unrealism I am looking for as well.

Sticking to driving the 1960’s classic cars. The others are too fast for me so far, this game is so frigging hard.

Also been playing DBZ FighterZ which also no-one here would probably care about. The child in me still loves DBZ, even if the adult couldn’t bear actually watching an episode of it without skipping through most of the boring parts.


Heeey! (Since Geoff Crammond found his code being run on my Amiga, and I subjected my family to what must have been painful replays of my greatest overtakes every week!)

Did you know that 2.0 will be out in a few days time, is this in preparation for that?


I have just tried Spellbreak as part of its alpha test. It is basically a mage battle royale where you sling elemental magic and zip around the map with magical abilities. It seems pretty good and all the elements interact with each other (for example launching fire at some acid creates an acidic explosion) so it feels really epic. However, I am pretty terrible at it so, my games are normally pretty short.


I looked up Geoff Crammond Grand Prix on youtube, looks pretty sweet for the era! My very first racing game was a DOS F1 game that I do not remember the name of, but I do remember always picking team McLaren because their colour scheme was ‘the coolest’. What really got me into racing games (other than my dad being a ‘car guy’) was Need for Speed, and what really got me into Sim games was NFS Porsche Unleashed. That game had incredible physics for the time, and turned me off of arcade racers forever.

I got Rally 1 on sale for very cheap, like $11… I still haven’t finished Dirt 2 or 3 which I also own, but the whole ‘Monster Energy/Ken Block Gymkhana’ feel of Dirt 2/3 really really turns me off. I’ll wait until I’ve finished Rally 1 before getting 2.0, hopefully on sale, which will be a while from now.


Just Cause 4 - Since there will never be another Mercenaries game, Just Cause slid into the gap. A physics-based romp with lots of explosions, it’s just straight fun. Steal a helicopter, call in a tank, attach balloons to a APC and drop it on a generator. It’s silly and unrealistic and I’m OK with that.

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate - Forget it Jake, It’s Smash. It’s like a celebration of all things Nintendo. Oh, and a fighting game, I guess.

The Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy - The old GC game reborn on the Switch (with virtually no changes). My wife LOVES this game and a version on the Switch? Yeah, that was a day one. My wife has played the game twice on the Gamecube, at least.

Spiderman - Just finished this on the PS4. The best game of 2018? A case could be made. I heard one person say that prior to ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ the PS4 game was his favorite Spider-Man movie. He wasn’t wrong, IMHO. (and I loved Homecoming, fwiw).


If you get a chance, Infinite was pretty enjoyable as well.


:smiley: I literally finished Infinite yesterday! Starting on the DLC today!


About Grand Prix by Geoff Crammond: it must have been my first pc game. My uncle gave it to me together with a clunky wheel controller. It was absolutely amazing!
I also played NFS Porsche Unleashed, it was super tough!

Unfortunately I don’t have the gear for recent racing sims. But my good old uncle has build himself a racing seat that is just ridicously cool and not cool at the same time XD
So whenever I visit him we drive some laps, mostly F1 Interlagos


Me too - that’s why I like Dirt Rally so much, it feels so much more like you’ve rocked up in some cold wet Welsh field somewhere, with this beautifully functional car on a trailer being towed by a 10 year old fiesta because you’ve spent every last penny on it…

I am greatly looking forward to rally 2


I don’t think I ever played the DLC. I heard they were pretty good.


It’s nice to be back in Rapture…


Well, that’s Bioshock Infinite and the DLC done! @Derelicte Definitely give Burial at Sea a go - ties the whole trilogy together well.

Now, onto Yakuza 0


Aww man, I don’t have Infinite anymore :frowning:

I should try Yakuza at some point, I think 0 (or Kiwami) was on PS Plus a few months ago, and I added it to my library. I haven’t been playing march, so slowly plugging away at Hit Man Season 1.

As my hopes for Anthem were smashed to pieces (for now…I hope), I may look at The Division 2 if my friends are game.


The Yakuza games are great - if you liked Shenmue back in the day but tried the remaster and thought that they didn’t hold up anymore, especially give them a go! The theme is what it is and might be a reason to not play, but other than that, they are fantastic!


I actually never played Shenmue, but I’ve heard that the mix of serious story, and crazy hi-jinks of the Yakuza series, it what makes it special.


Thanks for the PS Plus reminder! I almost forgot to grab all the February games.


Slowly making my way through Resident Evil 2. My first foray into the franchise and I’m loving it, though I’m terrible at playing horror games alone so I’ve only been playing with friends.

I also jumped back into Overwatch on a whim, and am enjoying the heck out of Wrecking Ball.


I made myself a promise that i wouldn’t buy anymore video games this year until i complete what i have (mostly as a scam to divert funds to more board games :wink: ).

Slay The Spire - if you haven’t played this then do try it. Great mashup of various genres with many board game elements such as deck building intertwined in a rogue like dungeon crawling turn based wonderful timesink.

MTG Arena - not much to say you either like Mtg or you hate it but it’s undeniable that this is a great digital implementation of a card game.

Civ 6 - I am trying the new expansion but for some reason this one just hasn’t pulled me in like previous Civs.


Did you end up getting Rally 2? I see the steam reviews are somewhat mixed…


I have it installed, but have only had enough time with it to play a single game of rallycross, which was excellent, but not enough to make a proper judgement of the game on.