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Wot are you playing?


I think they’ll put in the time, I would more be worried that they consider a lot of the core systems settled enough that some of my issues are here to stay. Bioware is thinking of this as a long term support title that they continue to develop rather than another multiplayer game in the EA stable. They want this to be EA’s Destiny in that way more than even in how it plays. If it doesn’t sell well that may not happen, but I think putting the time in is the plan. If anything, they seem to have taken the potential to continue working on the game too much to heart and are over-eager to release.


Agreed. I think to many of the mechanics are set; they could easily lower the restrictions on flight, while improving the shooting mechanics may not be possible.

I agree Bioware and EA want Anthem to compete with Destiny. I’m more concerned with how quick EA pulls out if the sales aren’t great at launch.

Speaking of Destiny, I wonder what will happen with that, now that Bungie has split from Activision. They may have more freedom and control, but will they be able to fund development to the same level?

Edit: I’m also curious how long it will be before rumors of Epic looking at Bungle start to surface, lol.


Played Subnautica from start to finish.

Such an amazing game. I haven’t enjoyed exploring and crafting this much in… well, ever. The pacing is perfect, and the uncertainty and vulnerability you feel when pushing your boundaries are perfectly balanced against the freedom and safety you can enjoy indefinitely. Highly recommended.

PS: The one and only teeny tiny nitpick I have is that I wish they’d decided to do air tanks differently. Future-tech implants and blood filters that allow you to hold your breath for X seconds of energetic activity could have been made to make sense, while air tanks that instantly refill, contain tiny amounts of air, and function pretty much the same way at 1000 m as at 10 m, without inducing the bends, just can’t be made to make sense with any amount of “future tech” hand-waving. Still, it’s a game, and it works, and suspension of disbelief is possible =P


Subnautica in VR sold me a VR headset… and I don’t regret the purchase. Just simple things like seeing a creepvine for the first time and they are enormous and awe inspiring, it’s incredible! And the fish are so much bigger than you realise… and having a mask on your face is less jarring in a game about diving!

So nice to have a game which isn’t about fighting the alien environment, but learning it and becoming a part of it too.


I’m now on the quest to unlock every plane and upgrade in AC:7 and it’s a pleasant grind. I switched the chatter language to Japanese, so it doesn’t intrude on me anymore. Also, my Ace Combat nerd cred just vaulted skyward after receiving this patch:


Sounds like a smart way to avoid being bothered by the chatter. I haven’t heard anything about the game apart from people complaining that it won’t shut up!


Ace Combat has always been fairly verbose, but it was mostly in the background and you could mentally tune it out. This installment has everyone in the squadron telling you their life story while you’re trying to get a deflection shot without stalling, PLUS all of the background chatter (I’ve always wondered how my pilot can effortlessly eavesdrop on individual enemy ground troops complaining about…whatever), and it’s very distracting. It actually rivals Metal Gear Solid’s endless blathering, but at least that was only during cut scenes and Codex transmissions. :sunglasses:

The game itself is terrific. I’m actually considering getting the VR headset just to play it.


I downloaded Apex Legends but haven’t had time to actually boot it up. I’m a big fan of the Titanfall series so I’ve got big hopes.


It’s fun. I think I’m just not cut out for Battle Royale–I find not having any weapon to start with very frustrating, I find the difficulty in figuring out how many shields an opponent has until it’s too late very frustrating and in general trying to parse damage and defense on the run just seem unnecessarily complicated for a game that’s already about scrabbling for ammo and position on a large map with lots of people coming from lots of directions.

This one I think I’d like a lot more if I weren’t solo-queuing. I like the hide-and-seek bit and like the slow-until-it’s-not pacing most of these games share, but I wasn’t fond of the building in Fortnite. So far I like Apex enough to keep it installed and jump in occasionally with friends and more occasionally alone. The callout/ping system is very nicely implemented. The character classes are … it’s an interesting twist, I guess, but it makes it even harder to get into the feel of things when solo-queing. You don’t necessarily get to play with the same character every time if someone else picks it, some characters have more or less useful special abilities for beginners, and some characters do things that might be frustrating if you aren’t expecting it as an opponent. Once you know the core shtick of each character (and there aren’t many characters, to the game’s credit) it becomes less of a problem and none of the abilities feel mad powerful so far which is good by me.

Mostly I just don’t feel like I have a clean sense of who I can fight skill gap entirely aside which can be quite frustrating for me. I’m a terrible shot so my instinct is to avoid engagement, but when my team mates or the enemy engage for me I wish I had a better sense of when to get involved and when to try as hard as possible to safely disengage. It’s a hard enough thing to master when I have a better sense of how lethal my kit is against various opponents!


Took a break last night from AC:7 and went back to an old stand-by: Crimson Skies for the XBOX…One? No. Original? Well, whatever, you know what I mean. Anyway, I hadn’t played it in a long time and it was great fun. Still looks pretty good too. Super realistic flight sims are great, but sometimes one just wants to hop in and buzz around a subterranean Mayan temple in a mini-autogyro shooting rockets at Der Spinne. Boy, would I love a modern reboot of THAT!


I played a couple matches last night while I was working from home and I think I … Like it? After dealing with some PC Hijinx (maybe some graphic presets instead of defaulting to setting everything to 11?) I got into a good flow and even got a couple kills and a squad wipe.
My first match was a disaster since I wasn’t considering that ammo is a finite resource. By the end of the match (my squad was 3rd) I had 4 bullets and a plucky attitude.


I’ve been playing the VR missions in AC:7 and they’re amazing. There’s only three missions but my tolerance for 3D projection is very low. For me, three is just the right amount of head turning tomfoolery, but wow is the VR fun! Plus you get to play as my favorite Ace Combat alter ego: Mobius 1, so it’s worth the blinding headache afterwards. :sunglasses:


Currently playing Into the Breach, Celeste and Mudrunner all on the Switch. They seem to all scratch a different gaming itch that I have.


I just finished Owlboy. It was nice. Was maybe expecting a little more from it, but it didn’t outstay it’s welcome and i guess there’s a limit to what an indie dev team can make. The soundtrack and art is insanely good throughout!


My AC:7 VR headache has me decompressing with Hitman. I’m liking it a lot.


Hitman is just one of those games I cannot seem to get into, even though it is quite clearly a superb game. I find the assassinations just too difficult, and I think it’s because I try to ghost each mission, and never do anything suspicious until I am sure I have full awareness of the risks - while the way to play is probably to wing it a little, get things wrong and recover.


Played some Civilization 6 on the free 3(?) days, and I wasn’t all that impressed. The series just keeps getting more bloated, adding more “buckets” to fill, and it just feels like busywork. Also, the more complex it gets, the less the AI is able to keep up.

I honestly think Civ revolution may have been a high point of the series, for all its flaws. A tight, focused design that got a lot right, but got a ton of flak for not being a “real” civilization game. I think a Civ revolution “3” without transport units, using the embarkation rules of later games, would allow the AI to handle the seas better and make for a good entry in the series.


I think it peaked at Alpha Centuari myself, with Civ 4 being a highlight. I just got the new expansion and it’s OK, but nothing that makes me want to keep playing one more turn.

I’m really hoping a game comes out that more organically models human development, this idea of buying points in buckets feels so stagnant, and the game gives you far too much control. I’d love to see you have to manage factions, a difference between your people and the nations they live in… basically cope with human development, not control it!


I second Alpha centauri


Anyone checked out At the Gates at all as a Civ altrenative?